How to Heal Yourself (Free!) with Your Astounding Voice 

A hundred years ago when I was a young nurse in the hospital, one leathery old man would not stop moaning. “Ohhhhhhh.”
“Do you need some pain medicine?”
“Nooooooooooo.” He wouldn’t look at me.
A fly lit on his ear. It was the only fly I ever saw on our airtight 7th floor.
He kept moaning, his eyes half closed.
“Should we move your leg to a different position?”
Good thing he didn’t have a roommate. I shut the door and brought his pain medicine.
He accepted it, groaning.
“Why do you keep moaning?”
“It helps… Ohhhhhhhh.”

Years later I learned about a self-healing method called Toning.
By gum that man was right. Toning and moaning do help.
All the world is vibration.
Your body may look solid, but all matter is vibrational.
Different densities vibrate at different rates, each with its signature vibration.

Disturbed areas of the body hold not only illness and pain, but suppressed emotions, stress and tension.
Those areas will resonate or vibrate in response to your vocal vibration.
voice vibrations from pixabay

Yes, the vibration of your own voice can release stagnant energies, pain, illness, emotional turmoil, and mental stress. depositphotos_subwoofer-audio-speaker-vibrations.jpg
In the same way that glitter dances on a speaker or a vibrating tool loosens its object, so too the sound waves of your own voice can loosen up and release all manner of troubles.
Don’t knock it till you try it.

Relax, breathe deeply, focus on the problem.
Where do you feel this problem in your body? Tune in. Feel the sensations in that area.
Let these sensations be vocalized.
Allow whatever sound wants to come out of your mouth.
Let the sound flow loud and long with every exhale.

Yes it is like moaning.
It is like chanting but unrefined, without words.
It is Toning.
Use any sounds that arise.
Let your feelings pour out through sound.

Your voice is loosening and releasing the problem.
Keep going, take your time, until you naturally peter out, until your feelings are finished, and the urge to tone (or moan) dissolves.

See what happens. You may be surprised at the good effects.
(I feel a whole lot better after toning awhile. I’ve used it for pain, colds, flu, fatigue, stress, and all sorts of negative emotions.)

Imagine if you had a stressful day at work, you could release all that stress on your drive home by toning it out of you. Let your voice handle it. Express the way you really feel.
Give voice to stagnation, frustration, conflict, resistance. Let it dissipate.

When we suppress a stressful emotion, as we often do, it gets pushed down into our cellular fields and creates unhealthy tension. Stress hormones compound the problem and deteriorate our health.
(In childhood we cry, yell, scream, and blow off stress. Then we grow up and suppress everything.)

This style of self healing can be done in a purely secular way, treating it as simple vibration and sound waves.

Or you can use toning as a divine healing meditation to open up and commune with Spirit. This is the approach taken by Beverly Scott in her free book and mp3 set called Toning: Channeling the Light Within. Enjoy it!
Much gratitude to Beverly Scott.

Another way to use toning is to reset your vibration anytime you like.
First meditate into a deep sense of peace. Bask in peace.
Then allow yourself to make whatever “peace sound” wants to emerge.
Practice this sound and remember it.
Sometime when you are under stress you can make this sound to bring yourself back to peace.
This works even if you tone softly.

Have you tried toning?
Did it work for you?
How do you like it?

Float to Big Mind, Relax into Spaciousness
If you feel like you can’t release enough, come see me for an energy balancing session in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.See these same links for our weekly meditation classes.
(Check out this Daily Mail UK photo of a few millimeters of paint responding to sound waves from a speaker.)
paint vibrations Daily Mail UK

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How to Get the Edge when Your Stress Sparks Up 

What am I Resisting?
Ask this question to handle stress or pain or ailment.

Trouble inside boils down to stress, and
stress boils down to resistance against what-is.

Recently I received an insult, or perceived it that way. (Don’t we all?)
My downward spiral took me straight into trouble and injury. (Because the Universe talks to me always, like it talks to you, right?)
That spiral feels like falling off a cliff onto the jagged rocks. (Exaggeration, yes, but how do you feel when your mellow vibe suddenly dives into conflict and pain?)
It happens so fast, I hardly know what hits me.

Looking under the microscope, what really happened?
1 – I rejected the insult (veiled as a joke) and judged the other person’s faults.
2 – I seethed with the insult (and held my breath, as we do in a difficulty).
3 – Felt overwhelmed with resentment from old stuff with the person.
4 – Resentment flowed upward in my body. (Blocked by holding the breath.)
5 – I automatically stifled it (which is my perfectionist pattern, although many of us stifle our emotions).
6 – I replied with a mild statement (conveying 2% of my anger).
7 – I did not want an argument. It wasn’t worth it. (A big spew is a bad idea.)
8 – My volcano released a tiny bit of steam. The rest of that resentment stayed in my body, in my field. Burning lava with no place to go. I held it down. (Welcome to my perfectionist world.)
I wanted to forget it, not deal with it. It was not convenient.

9 – I resisted the interaction, the anger, the grief and emotional pain.
Lava pushed upward with great pressure against chronic resistance.
The lava had nowhere to go. So it expressed itself in my determined steps through the misty rain across the asphalt. I distracted myself by inspecting the umbrella around my head. Boy, was I up in my head, making other plans.
But lava exploded in a fall and a sprained ankle, telling me, “You just cannot step forward anymore with this resentment.”

(Full disclosure – in hindsight I know the “insult” was unintentional. It was supposed to be a joke. But.)

Okay. Next time? I need a plan (without spewing).

1 – NOTICE what’s happening. (Inner voice says, “That hurts” or “What’s this,” etc.)
2 – BREATHE deeply. (Don’t hold the breath, but consciously take full breaths.)
3 – ALLOW the energy of this emotion to rise up inside – keep breathing with it.
4 – FEEL the bodily sensations of this emotional energy. Name the sensations. Name the emotions.
5 – Don’t wallow, just OBSERVE. Note which parts of your body feel fine. Keep breathing.
6 – E-motion is energy in motion. Let this force pour through. Let your breath carry it.

Let it be embodied. Let it tell you exactly how you feel.
You don’t have to react or think or decide anything at all.
You only have to let yourself feel the emotion.
It will dissipate in two minutes, leaving no ill effects, if you keep breathing it out.
Later you can decide how to handle what needs handling.
Slow down. Be with the moment.
(All this advice to myself . . . hope I can do it . . .)

How about you? Any ideas to share?
I would also do meridian tapping and other self-care energy methods to calm down and relax.

Resistance creates stress and
stress creates pain / illness.

We all tend to block emotional energy in our own ways and circumstances.
What are you resisting?
Which emotions do you avoid? Or ramp up overmuch?
What situations trigger you?
Why? What’s going on inside?

Check out Enneagram types of personality and their habits of mind.
Check out Byron Katie to appreciate what-is.

(Thanks to Pixnio for this pic.)
sparkler with hand Pixnio

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Be Smart, Beware of Hidden Food Allergens

On my recent trip to Ireland I saw restaurant menu notes on food sensitivities. Every dish has a number code for allergens such as gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, and such, so the ingredients are more fully revealed.
About 4 years ago the EU mandated restaurants to use this list of 14 allergens. See the picture below (zoom in ;-).
EU food allergens menu
How cool is this, for those of us who want to feel good all day with no surprise ingredients?
How sobering is this, to realize food sensitivities are rampant all over the globe?

A person might have a classic food allergy, an immediate reaction where they go into anaphylactic shock and cannot breathe.
Or they may have a food intolerance where they lack the enzymes needed to digest that food.
Or they may have a food sensitivity, also known as a subtle food allergy, with a delayed reaction hours later or even three days later.

These food sensitivities begin with leaky gut which affects 80% of the population.
The microbiome (the bacteria in your gut) is unbalanced; the intestinal membrane gets weakened,  and this allows large food molecules to slip into the bloodstream.
The immune system forms antibodies against these large food molecules.
A subtle battle of inflammation begins.
Now the person is sensitive to gluten or dairy or whatever.
They may not know it. Maybe they feel only a little itching or phlegm in their throat.
Then the phlegm (or some other tiny symptom) becomes chronic.
Then more inflammatory troubles arise such as joint pain, arthritis, heart palpitations, SVT, asthma, weight gain, acne, eczema, rashes, autoimmune diseases like lupus and fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, headaches and more.

Yes, a ton of illnesses have their root cause in food sensitivities. This is worth investigating! Before you go running to the medical doctor for pharmaceuticals, look at your digestive health and food sensitivities.

To do-it-yourself without spending a ton of money, you can avoid the “sensitive 7 foods” for three weeks.

  • wheat
  • corn
  • milk (all dairy, ice cream, cheese)
  • sugar
  • soy
  • peanuts
  • eggs

You are likely to feel better, more energetic, just by holding off those 7 foods.

After three weeks add one item into your diet for a couple of days and see how you feel.
Take your time, testing each one.
This is the method used in Britain to pinpoint food sensitivities.
If you like, you could test yourself on the 14 foods listed by the EU in the photo.

(In the USA we spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on blood work and/or samples of saliva and stool to figure out one person’s food sensitivities. But you don’t have to spend like that.)

Now – food is not the entire story because many of us unwittingly carry mold, fungus, yeast and all kinds of unwelcome bugs in our digestive system. To figure that out, you might find a naturopath who does Applied Kinesiology, muscle testing. Or a regular naturopath who will do lots of lab work.
Whatever approach you take, it is totally worth it to heal your digestive system.

Never underestimate the power of eating healthy food!
As a friend told me recently, “I didn’t know I was feeling bad until I felt so much better.”

Soon you’ll be saying, “I didn’t know I could feel this good.”


Get a Clue Subtle Food Allergies

(Thanks to pixabay for this pic.)
lazy-unaus-eats pixabay

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A Love Like That

We are called to keep on loving.
Allow, allow, allow people to be themselves.
They may not reciprocate.
But at some level, they hear you.
Like water, love wears away the roughness, little by little.

If you’re tired, take a break. Go away for awhile.
Most important, love yourself.
Be soft and kind to you. (Try this quick tip.)

Don’t lose faith in love.
Fill up on Source Love.
Open your crown and connect.
Light is always pouring.
Love is the very air we breathe.

Stand in the Love
Revolutionary Shift –  Diversity is Our Strength

Sun says to the Earth

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The Curious Energy on Money

Here’s a cool snippet from Lyall Watson’s The Secret Life Of Inanimate Objects.
Would paper money have a “secret life” or hold onto energy?
(We’ve heard that a money exchange is an energy exchange, but we’re talking about a different energy aspect here.)

Watson conducted a few experiments with paper money, exploring the idea that money picks up energy from all the people who handle it.
He asked a group of psychometrists to handle three varieties of sealed envelopes: brand new banknotes, used banknotes, and blank slips of paper. (Psychometrists do readings on objects to gain information about their history, their owner and such.)

The psychometrists easily identified the used notes as money.
However they could feel no difference between the envelopes of brand new bills and the blank slips of paper. The new bills had apparently not picked up any energy.

This energy accumulates on paper money from being handled and circulated among people who value it.

Watson also worked with a couple of Europeans who were blind. Both of them were dismayed to hear that all paper currency in the USA is the same size. How would a blind person deal with that, they wondered.

However Watson asked them to sort out some used US currency.

Just by feeling the bills they were able to easily recognize the $1 bills and the $100 bills. They made no mistakes because the bills carried distinctively different tones.
The $5 and $10 bills felt about the same and wound up in the same pile.
But 20s and 50s felt more valuable, somehow reflecting the esteem placed on them through years of use.
And of course the $100 bills felt particularly valued.
Brand new bills remained confusing, apparently because they had not yet been instilled with people’s energy.

Watson went on to interview several blind people in the USA to find out how they deal with currency that’s all one size. They said they tend to rely on fairness in their transactions with others. But at the same time most of them said they have a good feel for the value of the paper money they handle.

Certainly we do handle a $100 bill in a more respectful way than a $1 bill. We might feel free to crumple up lesser bills. When given a $100 bill we feel more impressed. (I do, anyhow.)
Apparently our attitude clings to this paper money.

This shines a new angle on the idea that money is energy.
Psychometry also gains some validity, and it appears we all may be more psychic than we realize.

It might be fun to do your own experiment with different denominations of well circulated paper money.
Close your eyes, mix them up, and sort them out according to how much value you feel in them.
See what you come up with.
And tell us how you fared!

Just a little summer fun from Joystream.
(Yikes, I managed only about 50% accuracy in my small, medium, large denomination piles. You can do better!)

(Thanks to pxhere for this photo, to which I applied a little garnish.)
fifty bucks wave pxhere w flare





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Watch Out for Thin Skin, How to Handle It 

Ouchie, skin tears are no fun. As we age we tend to get thinner skin, especially on the arms. We casually bump into something, and it rips. What’s up with that?
Skin thins out from age, dehydration, sun exposure, and sometimes from corticosteroids (like Prednisone).
As we weather the years, without special care our skin loses hydration, collagen fibers, and natural oils. (So be proactive, care for your skin and reduce the odds!)

Here is the care you need for strong healthy skin.

  • Great hydration. (Add celtic sea salt to your water – see Watercure for best hydration.)
  • Shade yourself from the sun. Wear long-sleeved shirts and hats. Or use good sunscreen (but avoid sunscreen with parabens, which cause multiple health problems).
  • Moisturize your skin a lot. Dry skin leads to thin skin. And dry skin tears easier. Good choices are Jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and vitamin C cream. You might try medical grade moisturizers such as Vanicream. (Some recommend Cetaphil and CeraVe – however for any topical product, check its safety at EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetics database.)
  • To boost the health of your skin, eat nuts, fatty fish, tomatoes, and spinach. If you like you can take flax oil or fish oil. (Be aware that fish oil also thins the blood.)

    (In the past couple years, needle rollers are all the rage for building collagen. I researched them but apparently they cause skin infections so I’m not going to recommend them.)

If you already have thin skin and frequent tears, it is even more important to use moisturizers and to drink plenty of water, along with healthy sea salt.
In addition ask your doctor about topical vitamin A (retinol, Retin-A cream).
Protective arm sleeves are a good idea.

How to treat a skin tear like the one in the picture:
1  Wash the wound with saline water.
2  Gently move the flap back into place and spread it down as well as you can.
3  Pat dry the area around the wound.
4  Use a nonstick petroleum gauze on the wound and bandage it (without putting tape directly on skin). If you don’t have access to petroleum gauze, and the wound is small, you might try leaving it open to the air and dabbing a little antibiotic ointment or petroleum on the raw areas. (Of course you want to protect it with a bandage, but if that wound to sticks to the bandage it will tear again.)

Our bodies last longer now than ever before, but the aggravations of age can be challenging.

As one of my favorite ladies of all time said, “Getting old is not for sissies.”

Shine on.

Thanks to Pixabay for this pic.
hand skin tear Pixabay

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5 Places the Mind Goes – a Meditation

A busy mind can drive us crazy. To get a handle on it, notice how the mind goes to only five places. Sorting your mental stuff into these five categories helps you
– find the quiet space
– become fully present to this moment
– sharpens your intuition.

Helen Palmer developed this meditation on the five categories of busy-mind. The categories are

  • thoughts
  • memories
  • plans
  • fantasies
  • feelings (emotion or physical sensation)

Helen Palmer uses two stages in this approach.
First you go “In and Down” into yourself, into your quiet belly.
Secondly you engage in “Loosening and Letting Go” each of the five mental categories.

Start by going within.
Take a comfortable seat with your spine straight but relaxed. Breathe deeply into your belly. Allow all your muscles to soften.

Place your attention on the far wall – whichever wall is furthest from you.
Now place your attention on the wall behind you.
Place your attention on the floor in front of you.
Bring your attention to book reading distance, as if a book is floating in front of you.
Notice that you have charge of your attention, and your attention goes wherever you ask it to go.
This is no small thing, taking charge of the focus of your attention.

With the next in-breath, place your attention on the air itself as it flows into your nose, down your throat, into your lungs, down deep even further to the belly.
The belly is dark and soft. Let your attention rest in your belly.
Watch your belly stretch horizontally with every breath.
Allow the natural pace of your breath.
Observe your abdomen expanding and relaxing.
Stay down here in the belly, calm and comfortable.

For the second stage, Loosen and Let Go of each thing arising in your mind by naming it as one of the five categories.

Bring in a thought, any generic thought, like the weather or news. Notice it, then say, “This is a thought, and now I let it go.” Return to your belly, that soft place, and observe your breath.

Next bring in a memory – from childhood or from last week. See yourself in this memory, see the whole situation, the people, what you were wearing, the sensations, the smells.
Then step back and say, “This is a memory, and I release it now.” Breathe and return to your belly.

Call up a plan – maybe your grocery list, your vacation plan, or career path. See it, explore it a moment. But label it “Plan – this is a plan, and I put it away. I return to my breath and my belly.”

Bring in a fantasy, like winning the lottery or a trip to some exotic place you’ve never been. Any kind of fantasy. It’s yours. Let this fantasy dream take shape and gain sensory details.
Then mentally step back and remind yourself, “This is a fantasy, and I let it go.” Again return to your belly. Watch as the belly stretches with every breath.

Finally call up a feeling. It can be an emotion, like that sadness or anger you felt earlier today. It can be a physical feeling, a tight or sore spot in your body. Go into it for a moment. Let it be whatever it is.
Then say, “This is a feeling. Now I release it.” Return to your breath and your belly.

Return to the quiet soft space each time.
Returning in this way builds your Inner Observer.
Your Inner Observer shows you true awareness and broad perspective beyond ordinary busy life.

Anytime you meditate, allow the categories to arise spontaneously. Name each one and set it aside. Do not jump on and ride it into an illusion.

You have charge of your attention.

Here’s a cool benefit.
If something arises that does not fit any category, it may be your intuition talking.

This meditation habit leads to increased energy, peace, contentment, discernment, and clearer communication with your Source.

We send tons of gratitude to Helen Palmer for teaching this method to millions throughout the world in her decades of teaching meditation and the enneagram.

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix
Thanks to pixabay for this fun pic.
psychology-mind underwater pixabay


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