Quick Fairy Tale Romp to the Rescue

Call me Razz. I tend to razz myself, alone in this tower. Rumination is not always a good thing. Thank goodness my angel hangs out with me. She’s my best friend.

She says, “Ah Rapunzel, all you wanna do is have some fun.”

“Right? My own vibe is comfy, and here in the tower I can blend with the bird songs.”

“Sweetness and light,” Angel agrees.

“Singing is enough for me.”

“It has to be,” says Angel. “There’s nothing else to do up here. But a change is coming.”

“Singing lightens my heart. I sing-talk with the birds. I make up new songs. Laaaaaaaaaa!”

“Halloo! What a beautiful voice you have, Milady!”

“Oh?” I hide at the edge of my window.  “There’s a man on a horse, Angel!”

“We’ve been expecting him.”

“Who are you, Man?”

“Milady – I am Roger. If you let me, I will take care of you. You’re so alone and so beautiful.”

“You can’t even see me yet. How am I beautiful?”

“Your voice is enough. Through your voice, I know you. I want to be your knight.”

“Do I need a knight? I don’t think I need one.”

“You don’t feel lonely?”

“Sometimes, yes, but angels and birds keep me company.” I lean on the windowsill to look at his handsome form.

“Ah, see? You are gorgeous! But there’s so much more to life than your tower. There’s so much more than you, alone, by yourself.”

“Says you.”

“Don’t you look out and wonder?”

“Okay, I do wonder.”

“And you want babies?”

“Oh, yes – babies!!”

“N’kay – if you want babies, I’m gonna have to come up there.”

“In your dreams. Nobody’s been able to get up here.”

“I can get up.”

“Cocky, aren’t you?”

“I’m a good climber.”

“Ha. Do you see any toe-holds on these smooth stones?”

“I don’t need no toe-holds. Not if I have you, my Sweet.”

“Whaddaya mean? You don’t have me.”

“If you’re willing to take my hand -”

“How long is your arm?”

“I mean, if you’re willing to invest in us, in me-and-you together, invest in our future, our happily-ever-after, then I can get up there to you.”

“How so?”

“You have super long hair. It’s all the talk in the village.”

“No kidding. What of it?”

“Rapunzel, let me climb up on your hair.”

“Eww. That sounds painful.”

“Yeah, but – it will be worth it. You’re gonna like me a lot. And you want babies.”

“Psst – Razz?” Angel whispers. “Razz, face it. Earth life hinges on your relationships to everything – not only to yourself but to other people. You gotta grow. You’ve been too isolated.”

“You think?”

“I do!” he shouts.

“Not you – I’m talking to my angel.”


“Razz, your beauty allows him to ascend and lifts his heart up to the tower, up to where you are.”

“Oh, that’s sorta sweet.”

“When I say uh-oh?” Roger asks.

“Razz, understand your life will be drastically different. But you need a change. He rescues you from your own aloofness. He is your destiny. You will no longer be separate and isolated.”

“I won’t?”

“You won’t?” he yells, looking confused.

“Don’t rush me. I gotta hear my angel and figure this out.”

“How do you know it’s angels, not devils? Maybe you’ve gone crazy up there.”

“Look, Roger, I’m willing to meet you, but I’m not keen on the hair climbing idea.”

“Well I’m not keen on long engagements, and you’re talking to devils.”


“Can you cook?”

“Listen, what if you climb this hillock next to my tower and jump to the window?”

“Yeah, I thought of that, but it looks dangerous. If you throw your hair to me over there, I could use it for a tight rope?”

“See, that puts so much weight on my scalp. You don’t seem to realize my golden hair is attached to my head.”

“Oh. What if I go find an actual rope?”

“What if you do?” I am on the brink of something here, not sure what. Wish me luck.


When not playing with fairy tales, Diane does Biofield Tuning, Chakra Balancing, energy healing, health coaching, and enhances  your wellbeing.  Make a appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix, and free meditation classes on Mondays in Fountain Hills.
(Recognize this place? It’s on Laguna beach, where I strolled some years ago.)
seaside tower Laguna by DS

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Secret Super Powers Of Veggies, How They Make You Strong

Popeye was a funky-looking guy with massive forearms and a skinny body, but damn, he was right! He’s “strong to the finish when he eats his spinach” – and so are you.
The rare 10% of Americans who get their daily 3 cups of plants/veggies/fruit are the strongest healthy people.

Catch the habit of filling HALF of your plate with plants at every meal.
Your body will absolutely love you for this! You will love how you feel.

What are the superpowers of  veggies?

  • Fruits and veggies provide vitamin A and vitamin C which give your body the super powers to resist infections, heal wounds, keep your gums healthy, nurture your skin and your eyes.
  • Eating plenty of plants could drop your blood pressure up to 14 points. In many cases a heavy plant diet is as effective as a pharmaceutical to lower blood pressure. Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
  • Raw veggies are prebiotics: they support good digestion and a strong immune system. They provide fiber which  is vital for a healthy colon and good elimination Veggies help your microbiota thrive, which keeps you healthy in tons of ways.
    Artichokes, peas, avocados, lima beans and jicama are especially high in fiber.
  • Veggies keep your blood vessels strong and reduce the risk of strokes and heart disease by about 30% (according to 20 studies done on people who ate three cups of veggies per day). This is a BIG DEAL. Reduce your risk by 30%!
  • Magnesium, found in the chlorophyll of leafy greens, helps manage our blood sugar. Some studies have credited greens with reducing the incidence of type 2 diabetes. (Most of us are depleted in magnesium and overloaded on its antagonist, calcium – see info here. We are over-calcified.)
  • Leafy greens contain lutein and zeaxanthin which are needed in the  retinas and lenses of our eyes. Studies show that eating plenty of greens gives you a 40% lower risk of macular degeneration and 18% lower risk of cataracts.
  • Veggies help your bones. In an international study elders who ate several servings of veggies a day had fewer hip fractures (by 12%) than those who ate only one veggie a day.
  • Veggies reduce the risk of estrogen-negative breast cancer by about 15%.
    (This is the less common breast cancer but it has low survival rates. Eat veggies and reduce your risk.)
  • An abundance of Potassium is essential for good health and strength in every cell of your body! Potassium is found in all veggies but especially sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, coconut water, tomato juice, and yes, spinach! Thank you, Popeye!
  • Fruits and veggies are alkaline foods, which are important to balance out all the acidity in our diet and in our stressful life.
  • Veggies have almost no calories (compared to other foods – provided you don’t smother them in sauces) – so they keep your weight down!

Yet they are super high in vitamins and nutrients!
What’s not to love??
Your body THRIVES on plants.
Cover half your plate with plants!

Some of the most nutrient dense veggies are:
mustard greens
Swiss chard
collard greens
sweet potato
romaine lettuce
butternut squash
Brussels sprouts

How to get more veggies?
*Try cauliflower “pizza crust,” cauliflower “rice,” and grilled cauliflower steaks.
*In place of pasta, shred zucchini or use spaghetti squash (it is “noodles” already).
*Use lettuce wraps instead of tortillas.
*For a snack, grab your veggie tray!
*Drink a little green smoothie each day. (with a caveat)

What’s your favorite way to get more veggies?


Thanks to “Center For Science in the Public Interest” for many of the above notes.

Diane does Biofield Tuning, Chakra Balancing, energy healing, health coaching, and gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make a appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix, and free meditation classes on Mondays in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to Flickr for this image – brings me back to my youth.)
Popeye w spinach Flickr


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How to Drop That Burden, Fresh Start Now

Refresh for 3 minutes: breathe into your belly. Sink into the earth with gratitude. Let the earth hold you, and feel her energy rising up into you. Inhale light into your crown and down through your body. Breathe. Go loose and limp.

Choose one burden you want to drop.
What old baggage would you release? Which old story?
A chronic complaint, an injustice that was never repaired?
A trauma or painful memory that you’re tired of carrying?

The pain worsens when you dwell on it.
It worsens when you repeat the emotional story about it.
You have carried it like a heavy stone.

Breathe and acknowledge it. This story has bothered you a long time.
Breathe without fighting it or fleeing from it.
Keep breathing, relaxing, loose and limp.

If it feels too tough to look at this story, then take a bird’s-eye view of it.
If it was traumatic, tell yourself: “Yes, it happened, it was rough. Who knows why it happened. But in spite of it, I survived. I am resilient. Now I breathe through it.”

Breathe deeply and allow the emotional charge on it to go neutral.
You are tired of this story pulling on you.
You are tired of pushing against it.
You no longer want to spend your energy on it. It’s not worth it.

Tell it, “I quit.” You quit fighting it. You quit carrying it.
It is going neutral. It is losing its power.
Keep breathing and seeing it.
There it is. Yes it is part of the world, but it does not have power over you.
Let it be neutralized.
Let it shrink into a tiny part of your gigantic world.

Did this burden bring you any sort of lesson, insight, or strength?
If so, just notice and acknowledge that.
If you like, thank it for what you learned. (Or not.)

Breathe and let go. Let this old story dissolve.
Imagine it floating away, dwindling, crumbling or pixelating into nothing.
The emotional charge of it evaporates.

Breathe and let yourself melt. Soften.
Every Breath feeds you like the proverbial milk and honey.


How about your Fresh Start now?
(Option: consider a new approach on the same issue – or just leave it.)

Imagine any fresh start you would enjoy.
If anything were possible, anything at all, imagine yourself 5 years from now in a bright, breezy, comfortable situation.
(You don’t need to decide how to get there – jump over all the steps and just be there.)

Five years from now. Life has changed. Life has improved.
What is it that you so enjoy in your new situation?
Whether the focus is your material life or social life or health or anything that brings more happiness, bask in these good feelings.

Look around at your new situation. See it in detail.
Are there any particular sights, sounds, smells or sensations?
Go into those.
Breathe and allow yourself to enjoy this.

Soak in the mood of gratitude and appreciation for this new chapter of your life.

Now that everything has shifted in beautiful directions, how good does this feel?

Take a slow deep breath, and sigh with contentment: “Ahhh.” . . . and sigh again.

(Sigh your contentment aloud as in toning.)

Let me know how this vision went for you, and whether it helped? Thanks.


Grounded and Present Meditation
Why Is That Big Aggravation Stuck on You? 
Disturbed? Attacked? Don’t Collapse into Victim World
How to Lighten Up and Drop the Droop
Wake Up, Give it Up, Love is Now

Diane Stallings RN does energy healing, biofield tuning, health coaching, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our healing class Tuesday evenings in Phoenix. Free meditation classes in Fountain Hills on Mondays.
(Thanks to pixabay for this image.)
liberated jump sunset pixabay

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Why Should I Care About My Chakras?

A friend said, “Okay I’ve heard of them, but why should I care about my chakras? What’s the application? Who cares?”

  • Chakras are described as wheels of light, vortices of energy, and ‘flowers’ that receive and transmit energies.
  • Chakras interface with the energy streams of our meridians  (used in acupuncture for thousands of years).
  • Chakras support us and process the frequencies we take in and send out.
  • Each chakra relates to a different area of life, from our physical strength and security to our vision and intuition.
  • Likewise each chakra assists its nearby glands and organs.
  • Illness, whether hidden or obvious, is also reflected in the chakra.
  • Repairing the chakra often leads to physical, emotional, and mental healing.

Ancient peoples all over the world spontaneously discovered chakras eons ago.
The physical existence of chakras was confirmed scientifically in the 1970s by Dr. Valerie Hunt and healer Rosalyn Bruyere.

Each chakra is located at a nerve plexus (see image). The theory is that chakras help bring subtle energy and light into the nervous system.
The latest science shows that we are flowing with light, a.k.a. biophotons.

If you have a specific health problem, the corresponding chakra will show disturbance, and an energy repair may bring relief. (No guarantees but I have seen many remarkable outcomes in the past 15 years.)

Sometimes assessment of your energy system tells us early warning signs of an impending health problem. (Early correction is so much easier than waiting till late stage.)
To my mind, chakra care is preventive health.

When a person is depressed, an energy session invariably helps them feel better. It raises their vibration.

Receiving treatment on my chakras and energy body sends me into blissful feelings of expansion. It literally expands the aura, and that is measurable.
Usually my clients become expanded, happy and glowing after our sessions.

The condition of your chakras reflects the condition of your soul, in a way.
When chakras are in good balance, so is the soul.
Sometimes getting work on your chakras is exactly what you need for a new lease on life, a fresh sense of well-being.

In the holistic whole-body paradigm, the true root of a problem is not what it looks like in compartmentalized medicine.
It’s not just physical misalignment or inflammation or microscopic cellular interactions.

Rather it’s a misalignment in you, in your being, in your soul, in the way you feel about things, your thwarted efforts, your chronic axe to grind, in the chronic chip on your shoulder. That’s what it’s really about because everything, everything, begins with your spirit and then manifests in the body.
If the spirit ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy.

We tend to think that we are a physical body, but we are so much (so much!) more than that.
We are electromagnetic energy beings.
We are spirits who live before, during, and after our earth visit.
We are souls taking a human holiday, learning whatever we can in this school called planet Earth.

Our chakras (and our body ailments) can help us learn.
Each chakra holds a question for us.

1st chakra at tailbone: Do I feel like I have a right to be here?
2nd chakra: Do I have a right to feel, to want things or situations?
3rd chakra: A right to take action?
4th chakra, heart:  A right to love and be loved?
5th chakra: A right to speak and be heard?
6th chakra: A right to see and envision?
7th chakra: A right to know and a right to divine connection?

How awesome would it feel to fully inhabit all of the above?
(Click those chakra links for self-care tips on each.)

Practical application?
I use this for diagnosis (casual, not medical), for my clients’ care, for self-care, for healing, for balance, for smoothing out troubles.
I like to get relief.
I like to mellow out.
I like to get insight.
I like to learn about myself.
I like to get better balance and happiness,
and darn it all, I like school!

Share with us – why do You care about your chakras?


What is that Awesome Light in You?

Diane does Biofield Tuning, Chakra Repair and Balancing, energy healing, health coaching, and gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make a appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix, and free meditation classes on Mondays in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to pixabay and wikimedia for these chakra images we re-adjusted.)
chakras n nerves pixabay n wikimedia n DS

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WTF Breakthrough Frequencies Challenge and Surprise

WTF, wanna hear about my day?
Late bedtime when my exhausted body nearly drifted to sleep, my husband asked me to help his aggravating but benign health issue. With my old nursing skills I tried to repair his situation. It was not enough. I took him to the ER.
In the brightly lit ER with two ambulances coming in, he was able to drift to sleep.
I was not able.
With each creeping hour his confusing fuzzy diagnosis and discomfort slightly improved.

By 2 a.m. we were homeward bound in the empty dark. I struggled to keep my eyes open and stay in the center lane.
Hubby gave me thanks and apology, but I could not open my tight mouth.

Deeply fatigued, I did not sleep because of my irritation, anger, blame.
Part of me said, That’s life, it’s nobody’s  fault.
(The other part replied, Decades ago we promised each other we would stay physically fit, and he dropped that ball! Argh – it’s his life, his choice.)

My mind was on my alarm clock because the cable man was coming first thing in the morning. I had promised to cover that so my husband could go to his coffee group. (We had to fix his TV and Wi-Fi because it kept dropping out. Although personally it did not hinder me much. )

No sleep.
Anger, anger, anger my old friend, my fallback.

I tried some soothing  energy methods, but I was deep down in the ditch of churning mind and simmering body.
At these times I go helpless. “Dear God I surrender, please take care of me.”
I couldn’t get out of my hamster wheel in the ditch.
Time crawled. Somehow I was given three hours of sleep.

I woke up with pain in my head and neck, sheer spitefulness in those muscles.
But there it was.
I dragged myself around.
My politeness arrived when the cable guy appeared.

In the image below, WTF means “Where’s The Food.”
I ask that question: where’s the food, the nourishment, the meaning* in all this?

*I’m always receiving energy work and this week’s theme is “releasing blame.” Yay – here’s the chance to chew on the vibe of blame. (Release it? Who knows?)

*Anger is my ongoing lesson, my fallback frequency, my dharma to digest. (Goodie, more practice.)

*Prior to this wacky night I had several nights of 9-hour sleeps for no apparent reason. Now I see that prepped me for the short night. (Thanks, invisible Helpers.)

*The Gift was Kyle the cable guy – his wisdom and youth.
He said the “slope of frequency” coming to our house was tilted in the wrong direction, dropping into negative. (Geez a big fat metaphor, huh?)

I could not grok his Tech phrase, “slope of frequency.”
I said, “Like it’s not enough juice coming through the cable?”

“No, no, it’s really frequency. It’s the slope.”

“Huh. I hear you, sort of. Everything is frequency, isn’t it? Everything is vibration.”

“Oh yeah, it is. It’s all around us and inside us,” he said, winning my admiration and boosting my hope for future generations. “Tons of frequencies are coming and going all the time.”

“Yes!” I grinned. “Tons of frequencies flowing even before we had all this technology. I use frequency for energy healing.”

“No kidding? My mom does energy work. Oh yeah I see your crystal – er – salt lamp here.”

“Right, that neutralizes Wi-Fi frequencies for my body. A live computer or smart-phone makes people muscle-test weak. When we add the salt lamp they test strong.”


He and his mom left me in a reverie of appreciation that turned my day around.
I pondered this wondrous web of humans.

Yet again I hope to understand how frequency is everything.
From Wi-Fi to moods (and from blame to better),
frequency informs us and feeds us.

Where’s The Food . . .?
A message every minute.

What an amazing time to be alive.

(FYI this was written Wednesday morning, so you don’t need to call or text. I’m doing fine now. Likewise for my old man.)

Care to share your WTF moment with us?
We’d love to hear it.


See What you can do to Protect your Energy
Inhale the Frequencies You Like – It’s All You  
Powerful Breath to Give You Delicious Energy
Have you been Amazingly Energetic all this time?

In her better moments Diane does Biofield Tuning, energy healing, health coaching, and gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make a appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix, and free meditation classes Mondays in Fountain Hills.
Thanks to Diane for this photo from the south shore of Hong Kong island . . .
WTF spark


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How to Eat Flexitarian Now, Save your Grandkids from Starving

I don’t want to panic, and you don’t want to panic, but Please:
can we eat more veggies, beans, nuts, and whole grains to help save the planet and our grandkids?

In the past 60 years (yikes my whole lifetime), we’ve been polluting the planet like maniacs, disrupting the climate system, destroying forests, polluting soil, water and air.
We are depleting the oceans of fish , killing our bees, pollinators, and thousands of assorted species.
We are filling our air with carbon dioxide emissions.
The large animals we eat contribute to that carbon dioxide level, plus they consume half of our grain and tons of our fresh water.

Our food choices and food production damage the earth and our health.
The situation could get extreme by 2050 when our earth population will be 10 billion human mouths to feed.

The EAT-Lancet Commission on food, planet and health came together to analyze all this.
Some of the main points?
→ Beef and lamb produce 6 times more greenhouse gases than smaller-animal meats.
→ For years we have known that eating red meat gives us more heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
→ Modern fertilizers pollute the land and sea with too much nitrogen and phosphorus.

→ In the USA humans eat only 10% of the grain we grow. About 45% of it feeds livestock (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens); 30% makes ethanol fuel for cars; and 15% produces high fructose corn syrup.
(Like anybody in their right mind wants to ingest high fructose corn syrup??)

→ Meanwhile about half of our calorie intake is still unhealthy carbohydrates, refined starches, and sugars. (We gotta eat our whole grains instead of all that cr*p.)

We must eat wisely now in order to feed everybody in 2050, feed our grandkids (30 short years from now).

In 2013 the Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard School of Public Health created “Menus of Change” (see pic below), stressing plant-based food for restaurants and everybody. The “Plant-Forward Global 50” top chefs support this approach internationally.
This year (2019) the EAT-Lancet Commission put together the new “planetary health diet” to help earth and humans thrive together.
What is this new diet?

They call it a Flexitarian diet, meaning that you still eat everything but much less meat.
This menu is heavy in plants, vegetables, fruit, legumes like beans and nuts, plus whole grains.
Breakfast might be fruit, nuts, quinoa, oatmeal, or whole-grain seeded bread.
Lunch might be a big salad, veggies, and bean stew. With cornbread or a chewy whole grain item. (Maybe one serving of meat now instead of later.)
Supper could be a vegetarian feast and/or could include your animal meat for the day.
Each day brings the optional one serving of dairy and
one 3-ounce cooked serving of small-animal protein (poultry, fish, seafood or an egg).
Once a week you can choose red meat as your animal protein (3 oz). Or have a larger hunk of red meat once a month, for instance.

Now don’t go crying “Soylent Green!” on me. (1973 sci-fi movie, set in 2022 – yikes. )
Nobody will force you to do this. (And nobody’s going to recycle human flesh, right??)

Flexitarian may sound extreme compared to what we eat these days.
Or maybe it’s close to what you already eat? (Show of hands? Reply below.)
Did you know, the more veggies you eat, the more you enjoy them?  (Raise hands if you agree!)

It’s definitely worth a shot to start now, if you haven’t already, to eat more plants.
It’s healthy for you, better for the planet, good for the climate.
Think of your grandkids. And their grandkids.

BTW be sure to eat your pumpkin seeds so you will get your zinc (which is also found in red meat).
You might like to check out some of the meatless “meat” products available these days (made of beans, tofu, etc – “grillers,” “beefless strips” and such).

And yes, okay, this post contradicts some of my past notes. I’m still not a big fan of dairy. But I wanted to share this proclamation from the EAT-Lancet Commission. After all, a lotta smart people put their brains together for us – let’s hear them.

Opinions??? Please share below.
Please share this post, too. (Let’s avoid soylent green in 2022.)


Diane Stallings RN does Biofield Tuning, energy healing, health coaching, and gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make a appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix, and free meditation classes in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to rutgers.edu for this image, and also to Harvard and Culinary Institute of America.)
Menu of Change 2019 thx to rutgers.edu



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Sensational Sound Healing Summit, Amazing Bargain, Free Now This Week

Sound healing is the new frontier you’re gonna love!
Everything on Earth (and off Earth) is made of vibration and is responsive to sound, including You!
From music to drums to crystal bowls to tuning forks to the power of your own voice, vibrational medicine is awesome.
The Sound Healing Summit  online FREE THIS WEEK is an excellent bridge between the crumbling old ways of healing and the new ways of healing.

You will want to hear from 30+ experts this coming week on:

  • music therapy in integrative medicine – including the importance of pattern, tempo, tone
  • music prescriptions for health
  • the science of how sound/vibration uplifts and heals your body, mind, spirit,
  • the power of drumming and how it heals you
  • the gift of toning and using your own voice for healing
  • how sound heals you at the cellular level
  • how to tune your nervous system daily
  • how tuning your biofield clears old baggage and revitalizes you
  • sacred medicine mantras, chants, and meditations
  • crystal singing bowls and more

For thousands of years people have used music, drums, and sound to drop disease and stress, restore harmony and balance.
You can too!
Check out the Sound Healing Summit FREE now – online event Sept 9-13!
(Replays available up to 48 hours after each presentation.)

How to Heal Yourself (Free!) with Your Astounding Voice 

(Thanks to Shift Network for this pic.)
sound summit

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