Learn How to Expand Your Constriction and Feel Better 

It’s remarkable how our personality type offers clues for the locations of stress and blocked energy in our body.
If energies are blocked long enough, they may become health issues.
Each type tends to constrict with their habitual theme, and relax with the antidote to that theme.
But the body is intelligent and can help us heal ourselves.

Tuesday August 29th, we’ll listen to our body, find our constriction and calibrate it with expansion. Somatic release.
It’s a delicious feeling.
It’s a healing for us.

You’ll get a one-page chart showing how to do this for each of the nine personality types. I’m excited to share this material.

Anybody can participate, even if they don’t know their personality type.
If you’re curious to investigate the topic, go to my blog for several posts about the enneagram system of types.
Here’s a free personality-type quiz on the web.
Check out the Arizona Enneagram Association.

Come have fun with us on

  • Tuesday August 29th
  • 7:00 – 8:00 pm at And Breathe
  • 3201 N. 3rd St, Phoenix 85012
  • $10 donation at the event

Please RSVP:
Call or email Diane  480 246 2783   diane@joystream.net

I’ll present this again at the Arizona Enneagram Association meetup on Sept 21


Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills

(Thanks, public domain pics, for this sprout: AS LONG AS YOU ARE GREEN, YOU CAN GROW!)
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Alert! Natural Cure for Tremors and Parkinsons  

Big news for those who have not taken dopamine-enhancing meds for more than a few weeks. Tremors and idiopathic Parkinson’s disease can be resolved without medication!
Yes. This supposedly incurable disease can be cured, if you’re willing to try something different, without pills.

Dr. Janice Walton Hadlock, professor of acupuncture and psychology, has made a huge pdrecovery coverimpact for people with Parkinson’s since the 1990s. She is the founder of the Parkinson’s Recovery Project, pdrecovery.org. With five e-books, she teaches people how to heal themselves of this disease. (No acupuncture needed, and the books are free – donations accepted.)

Hadlock and her treatment team found that in people with Parkinson’s, some electrical currents ran backward (i.e. acupuncture meridian streams had reversed flows).
They verified two common factors which need to be cleared for full healing to occur.
– an energy block in a foot or feet, often from an old injury in childhood
– a neurological state that shifted the parasympathetic system into “near-death shock”

It’s not hard to repair the energy blockages in the feet. Even if you don’t have professional help, Hadlock’s books show how to do hands-on healing for the feet.

The bigger issue is the parasympathetic “near-death shock.” This occurs when the person encounters mortal danger, physically or psychologically. They go into biological dissociation, where they collapse inwardly, stop showing emotion, and stop feeling pain.
Some people remember a specific incident, severe injury, gigantic threat. Some remember dissociating and feeling like they were outside of their own body.

Others remember, as a child, it was dangerously unsafe to show their feelings. They made a choice to block their emotions, a self-numbing defense against extreme situations.

Let’s remember, in typical fight-or-flight, we use our sympathetic branch of the nervous system. The parasympathetic is our relaxed restful side. And yet threat-of-death and self-numbing can impair the parasympathetic. This condition turns off the brain’s ability to use dopamine even though plenty of dopamine is available.

In order to shift this chronic condition back to normal, the person must open up the striatum of the brain, says Hadlock. To do this, they need to feel deeply safe, deeply trusting, confident that they are loved by the universe. Then their brain repairs and their symptoms stop.

Through the decades Hadlock has tried many approaches to help people gain this sense of safety. Only one method has activated the striatum and brought full relief. This method is not easy for most people with Parkinson’s, because of their constant sense of danger and risk.

Here’s the method. Develop real communication with the higher non-physical realm. Speak silently or out loud, but gain a true relationship with something or someone who is totally loving, tender to you, dear to you, protective and powerful. They might be your late grandmother, or a saint, a totem animal, or your idea of God, highest Source. Whatever works for you.
Even if you don’t believe in it, persist, because eventually you’ll feel more safe, more beloved.
It is the sensory awareness of being safe, protected, beloved, which changes  the brain. This stops the numbness and shifts the parasympathetic system to normal.

This renewed sense of deep safety, along with energy repairs in the feet, has brought recovery to hundreds of people, documented  by the Parkinson’s Recovery Project.

However, DO NOT try any of this if you have been on antiparkinson’s dopamine-enhancing medications longer than 3 weeks, says Hadlock.
Because when the brain normalizes, these medications suddenly become extremely dangerous. Tremendous care must be taken to avoid insanity or death. Dr. Janice Walton Hadlock has written reams about this in her book, Once Upon a Pill.

In recent years special exercise programs designed for Parkinson’s have dramatically improved quality of life for people, whether or not they’re taking medication. These special programs help create new neural pathways. Five years of research data shows symptoms did not worsen, and in some cases improved immensely with these exercises.

Check out Conundrum of Parkinson’s yoga exercise program in Fountain Hills. It includes rhythmic drumming, stretching, strengthening, coordination, balance, voice strengthening and brain stimulation. Participants are singing its praises several times a week.
Share your feedback with us here!

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills (Thanks to pixabay for the pic.)
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Bad vibes? Distress? Unlock fresh Energy and Freedom

We have not been taught and most of us don’t realize we are tremendous empaths. We take on the emotions of others.  We feel for each other literally. We do it all the time.

It’s estimated that 98% of your thoughts and feelings do not belong to you. They may belong to someone else. They may belong to the Earth itself. They may belong to someone you saw on the nightly news, halfway around the world.

You may not notice this happening, or you may feel it a lot. Our sensitivity depends on many factors, such as the strength of our boundaries, the depth of our traumas, or the capacity to feel our emotions.

E-motion is energy in motion, as we know. It is vibrational energy.

If I walk into a situation that carries strong emotional energy, it pulls at me. The stress I encounter, the anger, fear, frustration, distress around me draws forth those same emotions within me. Especially if I have unresolved pockets of stuck emotions from specific events throughout my life.
These are memories I have not yet resolved or accepted – conscious or subconscious memories. We do carry cellular memories, and they do affect us, whether we know it or not.

Those who seem unaffected  may yet be impacted in subtle ways of which they are not aware. Maybe they think being slightly depressed, slightly bored, slightly stressed, slightly uncomfortable is their “normal.”

Yet the more we’ve healed our old traumas, the more we’ve made peace with the past, the less “sticky” we are in picking up and holding onto bad vibrations.

This is one of the big benefits of energy healing, which can clear out these blockages, stuck emotions, cellular memories, traumas, no matter how old they are or how many lifetimes we’ve held onto them.

Our world continues to ramp up with distress and misery. We need to understand we are living in temporary bodies in the world of duality — light and dark, yin and yang, sadness and joy. In earth-school we work with these opposites, these waves, up and down.

But here’s a key to help open the gate from duality to Unity, where all is One, where all is perfect as it is, where All Comfort abounds. Where nothing is wrong, nothing is lacking.
This key breaks the illusion of this world we live in.
Here it is:
There Is No Death.

Whatever happens to your body, it doesn’t matter. Your body is not you.
You cannot die, you cannot be extinguished.
We go on to higher realms. We don’t need to stress out over this physical realm.
Yes, here we have trouble. More and more arises every day, especially during these years when Earth Consciousness is shifting.
It will resolve eventually.
What you need to remember is, the body is not who you are.

Here’s another key, a practical approach for bad vibes today.
Access Consciousness suggests, when you’re feeling low, ask yourself:
“Is this my emotion or someone else’s?”
Tune in to feel the answer. If you feel lighter, more spacious, then it is not yours.
If it does not belong to you, say:
“Return to sender with consciousness attached.”

Delete it like an unwanted email, and let it drop. Don’t chew on it. It’s not worth it. Drop it.

If it does belong to you, and it’s persistent, come see Diane at Joystream Health.

Tell us, what is your take on bad vibes and how to release them?

I Feel You, but How to Restore my Good Vibes?
“Protection” from bad vibes
How to Feel Good Now:  Energy Psychology!
Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills
(Thanks to pixabay for these pics, combined.)
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Go Out of Your Mind for Happiness

Every time I sink into a lower vibration, it’s my head. It’s my head full of stuff.
How about you?
What’s happening when you feel burdened?

Busy mind drags us down.
But we can transform.

It takes practice to get out of our head and into our heart.
To be alert to our own shtick and make a fresh choice.
To take a deep breath and allow life to be what it is.
To take a deep breath and step back.
To take a deep breath and let it go.
Refocus. Put attention on breath or heart or appreciation, gratitude.
Shift attention and notice the good stuff.

This picture says it all. Mindfulness. Being here now.
The happiness we feel when we’re staying in the present moment.
Become as little children . . .

. . .
Want a boost to empty your mind?
Come join us for meditation Tuesday nights 7pm at And Breathe in Phoenix or
Thursday afternoons 5pm at TruFit studio in Fountain Hills.
. . .
Feel Better: use your vibes
Grounded and Present Meditation
How to Brighten Up with Your Wonderful Heart Energy 

(Many thanks to flickr for this picture!)
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Sure Fire Way to Avert Disease, Make Your pH Happy

Would you pour the wrong fuel into your car and damage the engine? I’m not suggesting it. Just wondering. Most of us avoid doing that.
But man oh man, we often pour too much acid into our own body and wreck our own engine.
Sugar, a huge acid, is our biggest downfall to ruin our health. Studies say excess refined sugar leads to most diseases, even cancer and Alzheimer’s.
Most of the Western diet, which is heavy on carbohydrates and meats, throws in far too much acid.

Our body is supposed to be slightly alkaline for good health.
The more acid foods we eat, the more we suffer inflammation, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and all the chronic diseases of age.

Did you know that most cancers thrive in an acidic environment?

Did you know the body often uses minerals to neutralize acid, and this process weakens your bones and wreaks havoc in many other ways?

Did you know your body tries to protect your internal organs by shoving the acid into your fat, away from vital organs?

Did you know how hard it is to get rid of toxic acidic fat? Basically we need to detox before we can lose weight (especially later in life). We need to move to an alkaline diet.

Here’s a challenge: today and for the rest of this week,
– double the amount of veggies you eat,
– reduce sugar intake to half (tiny portions),
and let me know how you feel.

On a more alkaline diet your body will be happier, younger, with more energy. Choose alkaline veggies for 80% of your intake. See the alkaline acid food chart, below (many more charts available on the web).

Right – we’ve hinted at veggies before, but it’s such a big deal for good health.

Food Sloth – Granny’s Hot Tips
Drinking Acid?
We’re not fat; we’re Toxic
Lose Toxins, Lose Fat, Relieve Pain
Knockout Cancer

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills
(I am grateful to share this pinterest food chart, which I modified slightly.)
pH food chart pinterest modified DS

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Superb Energy Healing You Can Do with Your Heart

Do-it-yourself energy healing – yes!
Because we are 99% nothing-but energy! Certainly you can heal yourself.
As Spirit, wearing a human body, you have charge of your health.

Body pain often shows us our own issues and concerns.
As in, “Oh boy I don’t like this – I cannot step into this.” (sore foot)
“My foundation feels shaky.” (hips, sacrum, tailbone)
“That situation / person is so wrong, it galls me to see it.” (gall bladder)

Not to worry, it’s just the human condition.
Our underlying conflicts scramble the energy pathways, the fine streams of light within our body.

A friend gave me this self healing method. I’m excited because it resonates with what we know already.
We know our head gets in our way.
We know our head often disagrees with our heart.
We know our heart has a huge energy field and healing power.

Begin by fully accepting yourself where you are right now, warts, troubles, and all.
Accept your body exactly the way it is.
Know that you chose this body’s size, shape, and idiosyncrasies for good reasons.
Know that your body is fine as it is.
Know and embrace the fact that it’s a beautiful body. It serves you so well. It’s a vehicle for your radiant soul.

Breathe deeply.
Look into the area of pain or problem.
You’ll see the lines of energy there as a tangled mess of threads. A knot of distress. It’s a form of resistance and miscommunication between the head and the heart.

Close your eyes, breathe into your spine, and place your hand upon your heart. Feel the serenity between your head and your heart.
The heart energy expands as you breathe.
A peaceful river flows between your heart and head.
Feel a clear line of communication between the two.
Relax into this.

Breathe deeply.
Let your attention rest with curiosity on the tangled knot of blocked energy.
Consider it. Gently question it. What is going on here?
Allow whatever comes up. You may learn something. Or not. No matter.
Keep breathing, observing, staying with the peace you feel between your heart and your head.

Ask for this knot of energy to relax.
Keep that clear and loving current between heart and head.
Watch the tangled knot release, unfold, surrender into easy flowing lines of light.

You have the natural ability to move energy inside yourself.
Your attention is a powerful thing.
Your imagination is a powerful thing.
Your vibration is a powerful thing.
Your inner tone of peace and love for yourself carries great impact.

Suspend your doubt. Spend 10 minutes of contentment on this.
You may be pleasantly surprised with the result.
Or perhaps your issue, and your doubt, might feel a little stuck.
The problem might improve only 20% so you say, ‘That feels like nothing.’
It is not nothing.
Try it a couple times a day for awhile. See how it goes.

Tone is everything.
Your mood colors every thing.
Your attention enlarges every thing.
Your Spirit infuses your body.

Many Thanks to my friend Dr Peebles for this self-healing method.
As he says, “through your choices and perceptions, you do indeed create your own reality.”

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“Protection” from bad vibes
Healing Code you can do yourself

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills
(Thanks to pixabay for this heart – and allowing its modification.)fire-heart-pixabay cropped green yellow


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Energy healing, not as crazy as you think?

Around the world people are loving the benefits of energy healing. They use it for everything from pain to skin conditions to hormonal dysfunctions to fertility to depression, anxiety, asthma, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, cancer, and more.

How does this work so well? We are energy. The body is energy. Our biofield, electromagnetic field, surrounds and saturates us.
The leading edge of science tells us our bodies are literally filled with light and information.
Energy healing accesses this light and information, removing blockages, restoring natural streams of energy right down to the cellular level.

In his 2007 book, The Energy Healing Experiments, Dr. Gary Schwartz PhD said the leading theory at that time to explain energy healing was the concept of resonance. Sympathetic resonance and harmonic resonance.

For sympathetic resonance think of guitar strings or tuning forks.  With two same-tone tuning forks, if you strike one, the other will spontaneously start to vibrate.
If you have two guitars next to each other, pluck one string and see how the same string on the quiet guitar responds. (This will blow your mind.)
This sympathetic resonance is what many healers feel when they channel a higher vibration to the client. The client finds resonance with it and gets tuned to that higher vibration.
With harmonic resonance, vibrations resonate through multiple frequencies, harmonic tones. (Some people feel this too.)

Resonance is the basis of energy communication. This same process of vibration and resonance operates antennas and cell phones. Across the continents.
Schwartz writes, “Resonance is the quantum-field mechanism underlying life, growth, evolution, and health.”

In the past 10 years alone, styles of energy healing have multiplied and expanded tremendously.
Because so many people regain their health  from it.
Because so many scientists confirm its validity.
Because it is aligned with the quantum way of looking at ourselves and our world.
Because it is holistic, treating the whole person (not compartmentalized medicine).
Because it is non-invasive and non-toxic, economical and safe (not pharmaceutical).
Because it unblocks energy, stress, and pain – physically, mentally, emotionally.
Because it doesn’t just treat symptoms, but releases the root cause of limitation.
Because belief in it is not needed. It works on your energy system. All you need is an open mind to give it a chance.
Because almost anyone can tune in and feel energy in their own hands. It is a skill to be developed.

Research studies have confirmed the advantage of energy healing for pain, even chronic pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, immune function, stress, autoimmune diseases, better recovery after surgery, reducing fatigue and increasing energy.
Searching the web for “cancer support groups who recommend energy healing,” we find over nine million entries.
I like the Reiki and Chakra Healing articles written by Virgil Anderson at mesothelioma.net, which offers resources for this type of cancer.

I see a time ahead when most of us will use natural energy for ourselves and others.
Using energy, we encourage the body, heart, and mind back to a natural healthy state.
We don’t make claims nor predict a prognosis. Each person’s healing is unique to them.
If you take this path, relax and be kind to yourself.
Be ready to release old patterns.
Be ready to receive and refresh.
Be ready to lighten up.

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Energy Medicine Research to Give You New Hope 

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills

reiki at forehead

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