Heads Up, Aggression and Revenge Will Fail From Now On

It’s still hard for us to grasp that we are all One.
We are connected like the fingers of one hand.
We are One Organism.
Every thing on the planet is connected.
When we attack others, we hurt ourselves. Literally.

I heard about a certain truck driver who was easily offended. His life was all about fist fights, until one day, bandaging his wounds, he realized he was mindlessly hurting himself over and over again.
This realization led to his enlightenment.
He began to simply talk with people, to accept them as they were, and to help them if he could.

Back in the early 1980s in Phoenix, a guy went out to the desert to shoot at things, as some people did. He targeted a saguaro, one of these beautiful stately beings that require 75 to 100 years just to grow their first arm. These are the unique treasures found only here in the Sonoran desert (Arizona into Mexico).
This fellow kept shooting at the same spot in the trunk of the saguaro. It weakened, tilted, and fell, as he yelled, “Timber!” and watched it collapse to its death.
Then he started shooting the next saguaro. After all, there were so many big juicy ones standing around him.
Eventually one of his triumphant shouts of “Timber!” brought the smack of a saguaro directly upon this man, killing him.

Now we have this week’s wacky news item, where a woman and her neighbor had some fierce arguments (repeatedly, I’d imagine).
In the morning she went out to find her tire slashed . . . and a hefty half of a finger next to it, with a trail of blood leading to the neighbor’s house.

Doesn’t this episode scream that when you hurt others, you hurt yourself?
And that doesn’t make you “bad” – it just makes you a student in the school of hard knocks. (God bless that suffering neighbor, trying to stanch the bleeding arteries.)

Such are the stories of karma.

The vibration of our planet is shifting into 5D (fifth dimension), into more love and unity.
We are One.

Outmoded thought forms will not survive this (although it may take longer than one generation, I suppose).

Are we ready to drop our outdated
Standing against?
Sense of being offended?
Our need to be “good” and right?
The Divide between us and them?
(We are them.)

We do as much damage when we take offense as when we give offense.

Whom do you find offensive?

Say goodbye to righteous indignation.
Kiss it on the forehead and put it to bed.

(These are reminders to myself!)

Can we truly drop our guard and allow everybody to Be? Like, everybody?

Can the so-called “good” and “bad” be accepted together?

Can we appreciate the contrast within the fruity mix of our dear planet?

I’m just wondering.
What do you think? Feel?
Please share in the comments below.


Radical Awesome Love in the New 5D, Can You Dig It?

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Saguaro-national-park sunset Wikimedia Commons 96d

(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for this image.)

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How to Uplift your Journey and Trust Your Heart, says Dr. Peebles

In his next awesome message, Dr. Peebles tells us,

“We need you as much as you need us.”

Here’s a small slice of the terrific April 14th mp3 from Summer Bacon:

It’s a time for everybody to just sit still, to just trust.
To find something creative to do. Plant a plant. Pick a flower and give it to somebody.
Do something fun.

Create a reality that has joy within it.
Do it with intention.

Time for everybody just to stop trying to figure everything out and surrender into the given day.

If you can do that for one day, one hour, one minute, it will alter your journey through life. It will point you in a direction that heads straight to your heart. By choosing in a moment here, to allow for yourself to do and be what you want to do and be.

Perhaps you will simply say, “I just feel like I would like to have a piece of chewing gum, but I don’t know that I should have chewing gum.”
Why not just surrender to it? Give yourself that piece of chewing gum and enjoy it, to the hilt!
“This is so wonderful, the flavor, the feeling, the texture, the sensation of it. How I love it so very much, in this given moment here.”

Stop putting so many conditions on your life in every little action that you take. For every forkful of food that you put into your mouth.

Stop putting so much pretense on existence. And just listen to your heart.
Stop. Surrender. Be still.
What is it you really want in this given moment here?
And follow and trust your heart.

There is really truly no superior and no subordinate. Oftentimes in your world there is a belief in this sort of thing, within economics structuring, social standing, and professional standing as well. That there is somebody superior and somebody subordinate, and that is the way it’s supposed to be. But that’s an illusion. Those are human concepts.

You put somebody on a pedestal ’cause you choose to do so.
But if you can see, if you are for example, the clerk in the store, you are no different than the guy at the top of the corporation. You’re both necessary. The store would not be the store without either one of you.
Perhaps they make more money than you do. That’s all right. That’s their choice.  That’s what they do. And you choose what you choose. And you are no less a person because of that.

Your worth in life doesn’t come by the size of your house. It doesn’t come by how many years you worked in a corporation or a gold watch or whatever you receive at the end of that time tenure.

It is truly just a journey that you choose.
Embrace who you are. Be okay with that.
Love yourself.
Look in the mirror and know that you are enough as you are.
You are a beautiful spirit.
God bless you, indeed.

– Dr. James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon

Some of the topics in this wonderful April 14th mp3 include:

  • How hierarchy is bondage
  • How to break the paradigm of hierarchy
  • The fascinating story of Mack the truck driver and his enlightenment
  • How to handle a job interview with your own wisdom
  • How divine helpers assist us
  • A delicious meditation upon your heart, your connection to the universe
  • How to make your journey to your heart
  • A prayer for you. You are a Beautiful Spirit. You are Love.

Dr. Peebles never fails to refresh us!

Get the April 14th mp3 – you’ll love it.

heart-love knot Pxfuel

(Thanks to Pxfuel for this image.)

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4 Ways to Calm Your Vagus Nerve and Your Stress

The vagus nerve is a hot topic because it reflects our level of stress, and stress degrades our health.
To take care of your vagus nerve, the bottom line is to reduce your stress and take care of yourself, your spirit.

An “impaired vagus nerve” (i.e., stressed parasympathetic system) brings chronic inflammation, anxiety, peptic ulcers, digestive diseases, diabetes, obesity, mood disorders, fainting, and more.

The vagus nerve is a remarkable network, extending down from the brain stem, branching out around the face (mouth, eyes, ears), the neck, down into the chest, the heart and lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, the stomach and throughout the intestines. It is a major player in the parasympathetic processes behind the scenes – digestion, metabolism, respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, immune system – all the supportive functions that keep us alive.

This multi-branched nerve is indeed awesome, but it’s not running the show – you are.

Master energy healer Donna Eden (at the Energy Medicine and Healing Summit Nov.2020) says that your vagus nerve reflects whether you feel safe or not.

It begins with the expression on your face, (innervated by the vagus).
When you are relaxed and smiling, you feel safe. Your face reveals whether you feel safe.

From there your sense of safety goes (down the vagus) into your relaxed neck, then to your steady heartbeat and your calm breathing, your easy function of all the organs in harmony, and your healthy balanced chakras.

Your vagus nerve affects everything in your body.
It also brings all the body’s information back upstream to your brain.
It brings messages from your heart to your head.
It brings your “gut feeling” signals from your belly to your brain.

Donna says, if we tend to pick up negative energies and need to isolate ourselves away from all that negativity, it means the vagus nerve has a “low tone.” We have chronic underlying stress, and we don’t feel safe.

And when your immune system is challenged (as it is under stress and/or auto-immune issues), your vagus nerve is also challenged. It’s hard to feel safe or to trust in your own safety.

When we go into “fight or flight” but we can’t do either one, we freeze. Freezing is the vasovagal response, where you shut down, faint, “play dead” (so to speak), until the danger or the predator goes away.

The key is to build a feeling of trust and safety, says Donna.
Create a good, stable, relaxed atmosphere inside of yourself, which makes a happy vagus and harmonious health.

Donna Eden offers many anti-stress methods, but for now, try these
4 Ways to Calm Your Vagus Nerve

  • Take some time to breathe into your nose and out through your mouth, with long slow exhales. This style of breathing plus long exhalations turn on your relaxation hormones.
  • Hold both the back of your neck and your heart. This aligns Governing Meridian and Central Meridian so their energy can flow better (around your body in the microcosmic orbit, up the spine and down the front of the body).
  • Hook up – Place your middle finger in your belly button and your other middle finger between your eyebrows at the third eye. At both places, push into the body and pull upward. This not only hooks up the energy flow at the back of your throat and gives a boost to the microcosmic orbit, but it also protects you from negativity around you.
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie – Triple Warmer Meridian governs the fight or flight response. It is situated next to the vagus nerve, and they work together in tandem. When you relax triple warmer, you also strengthen vagal tone.
    For Triple Warmer Smoothie place your fingertips horizontally over your eyelids, and inhale into your nose. As you exhale, gently pull your fingers to your temples. Inhale again and bring the fingers around the backs of your ears and down the posterior sides of your neck. Hang your fingertips on the backs of your shoulders (the large muscle between neck and shoulder). Take another deep breath in. As you exhale, pull forward over the shoulders like a massage, and let the hands rest upon your heart.
    This helps you shift from stress to calm.
  • Bonus tip – The first two steps mentioned above have been known to curb hunger and reduce overeating.

As Donna says, “When you feel safe, you can heal. You can heal. That’s the way you heal. You’ve got to feel safe.”

Donna Eden has always been one of my big heroes.
Have you tried her methods?
They work well for me.

8 Quick Energy Moves for Health and Happiness
Fantastic Immune Boost Self-care from Donna Eden
Enjoy Free Natural Simple Stress Healing with Your Hands

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Pulling My Hair drawing image in Vector cliparts category at pixy.org

Free image/jpeg, Resolution: 2000×2736, File size: 672Kb, Pulling My Hair drawing

(Thanks to Pixy for this image.)

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Light, Love, Inspiration, and Truth from Dr. Peebles

Have you heard the latest from Dr. Peebles, on the April 7th mp3?
If you want refreshment, if you want to feel more light, love, inspiration and truth, it’s ready to download.

Here is an excerpt:

During this time period upon your planet earth, during this exciting period of time, how has your life changed for the better?
Some of you may need to dig very deep for this information.

How has your life changed for the better?
Even if you’ve lost your job, a business, a friend, family member.
How has your life changed for the better during this time?
Even in the smallest of ways?

What you are going to find, for many of you, is that it’s not going to look better in terms of things. You’re going to find that it’s better in terms of feelings about yourself. About the learnings that are happening inside of you, where you are engaging with yourself in a more honest way, where you’re living your life even more so, in integrity with yourself.

That you have a deeper knowing of self at this given time because that is what the world has been doing.
All of these changes, all of this control, all of this lack of freedom is forcing those of you who have not done it before to go inside of self and find your freedom there.
You’ve been forced to look inside of yourself and see what is of value there.
And you can’t turn to the world anymore to fix it. You can’t go have ice cream when you’re feeling sad. So you’ve got to go inside and face the sadness.
You’ve got to learn from it and not mask it.

There are so many ways in which this time period on the earth is a real grace upon your heart. Because you’re going to find that if all else should disappear, the world and all of existence around you should disappear in the physical, you would still remain with your heart.
You would still be around.
You would still have life.

You can’t take life away from anyone. You can get rid of a body but you can’t get rid of the spirit. It doesn’t work that way.
The body is temporary.
So you can’t really lose yourself.

In this time period you are really finding yourself, aren’t you?
Who you are, getting stronger in your spirit. that’s what we desire for you all.
Trusting in your intuition.
Trusting your gut.
Trusting your heart.
Trusting that inner knowing that comes from God, the little whispers of truth.         

                             – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, 4-7-21

On this April 7th mp3, I especially enjoyed Summer’s introduction, where she describes how we can communicate with a tree or an insect or anything at all.

As always Dr. Peebles provides insight, solace, and meditative healing for you.
Among many topics, he discusses:

  • How you create your reality from your inside out
  • Allow life to teach you
  • Four questions to ask your soul for greater understanding
  • How everything is moving our planet into the new dimension of love
  • What kinds of divine support literally surround us right now
  • Behind the scenes many are working to benefit all toward love and light
  • There is more goodness than adversity, more light than darkness
  • How to connect with your heart
  • Why you chose to be on earth now 
  • and more …

Treat yourself to this insightful April 7th mp3 – many thanks to Summer Bacon.

J.M. Peebles younger 1872

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Just for Fun See the Cosmic Energy in the Heavens

Have you ever seen the swirling energies, the Chi, in the blue sky?
It’s easy to do.
I have never met anybody who couldn’t see it, although some skeptics pass it off as nothing.

I don’t think it’s nothing.
I think it is life force energy always pouring, always filling the world, always available to us.

An elder Qigong Master taught a friend of mine how to see this Chi years ago; she taught it to me, and I’ve been showing people ever since.

How to See the Chi in the Sky

  • Look at a patch of blue sky (easy on your eyes, not looking toward the sun).
  • Breathing deeply, relax and let your eyes take in lots of sky, out to your peripheral vision. See the whole field of sky.
  • Soften your gaze. Relax the eyelids a little.
  • Look at the air between yourself and the far distance of the sky.
  • Soon you will see tiny bright spots swirling around. They swirl so fast, they appear to have tails.

If you look at the sky near a tree, you may be able to discern extra sparks coming and going from the tree.

Whenever I look at these millions of brilliant energy sparks, I feel awed, inspired, supported by the Universe.
This energy is flowing 24/7.
It just blows me away.

How about you?

(Yes, these sparks might remind you of something else, other tiny swirly things, filled with the great potential of life.)

I tried to imitate the concept in the picture below, but I couldn’t do it justice.

Oh, that jet plane with the bubble around it?
Soften your gaze and look at any airplane in the sky. You will see a bubble of energy around it that likely belongs to the lifeforms inside the plane. (The bubble around a cargo plane tends to be smaller than the bubble around a passenger jet.)

You can also relax your eyes and see the aura around trees, or even around the trunks of trees. The air closest to them looks different, a transparent layer of air that is a slightly different shade.
(Some people find it easier to see tree auras in the late afternoon toward evening.)

Try it and let me know how it goes.

How to Feel Your Invisible Energy in 2 minutes
Free Magic Energy Helps You Thrive
27 Blockbuster Insights that You are Made of Energy
Enjoy Free Natural Simple Stress Healing with Your Hands

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

trees n chi w jet 96d

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Enjoy and Embrace the fact that You Are Everything, says Dr. Peebles

It’s time to move “beyond the confines of the earth, the body, and the mind,” as Dr. Peebles says.

Take a listen to his inspiring mp3 of March 31st.
Parts of it charmed me; other parts blew my mind; all of it inspired me.

Here is an excerpt of this week’s message from Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon.

You’re not just one thing or another thing.
You’re not just this or that.
You’re everything that you see, hear, taste, touch, feel, and smell.

Embrace it, enjoy it, learn from it.

It’s a time to learn from the other perspectives upon his school called Planet Earth.
It is going to be a time period of great clashing of wills, as has already begun. It’s going to continue. It’s going to be even more accelerated, but eventually human beings will come to the awareness that it is not necessary to constantly clash, but rather to learn from one another.

It’s not about trying to get others to believe what you believe, but rather to listen to them and to learn from them. And to allow for them to listen and learn from you.

Not to bash each other, not to try to force everybody to have the same dinner tonight, but rather to enjoy the celebration of the smorgasbord of life.
Enjoying each and every one upon this school called Planet Earth.  

Enjoying the awareness that you have within yourself, especially.
Learning from you, looking deeper inside of your own heart and embracing what is there.
Enjoy it, embrace it, see the opportunities that are there, in terms of everything that you are.

Have you really taken the opportunity to enjoy, to stop and smell the roses, for example?
That’s not just an expression, it’s a truth, my dear friends.

Have you really stopped to enjoy the sense of smell that you have?
Have you really stopped to enjoy the sense of taste?
Have you really stopped to enjoy the senses that you have of  touch? 

Have you ever stopped to enjoy the sense that you have of really reaching out into eternity? Listening to God?
Loving and releasing the love from yourself towards God as well?

Seeing that life is a dance, you need the perspectives, you need the contrast in order for the dance to happen.  You need someone who is there to lead the way and to sometimes be the one who is following as well, God bless you indeed.

Just simply because it makes the dance a lot more fun when you’re not battling your will against one another. You’re allowing for each other to be who they are, dancing together and enjoying the natural rhythms of life.

Realize this, and you won’t be so scared about what’s coming up, what’s next, what’s going to happen in the world.

                                    — Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

On this juicy mp3 of March 31st, Dr. Peebles answers 25 questions from his listeners, including (paraphrased here) –

  • How and why do pets get cancer?
  • What is the future of meat eating?
  • Do terrorized children and other victims suffer lasting effects, after they transition?
  • Is the U.S. government going bankrupt?
  • What is the future security of the voting system in the U.S.?
  • Will good defeat evil, and if so, when?
  • Why do animals have a short life?
  • Say more about the many gods in the universe?
  • What is the safety of the current vaccines and/or how to receive them safely?
  • When will this Covid virus be eliminated from the earth?
  • Will CRISPR genetic technology  be effective for diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc?
  • What is the experience after death, especially if a person has harmed others?
  • Please update us on the strong energy that came in on February 17th?
  • How can we handle physical symptoms that arise from the new energies?
  • How does life on other planets differ from our experience on earth?
  • How can we see a past life? (Whereupon Dr. Peebles gives a cool guided meditation to discover a past life.)

To enjoy these insights and more, get the mp3 of March 31st

night-stars n Peebles

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How to be Free of Fear and Panic, Rest Your Beautiful Weary Mind

“It’s time to remember who you are – a spirit in a body with access to whatever you need.” – Dr. James Martin Peebles.

In this week’s message (mp3 of March 24) find out:

  • What your soul is really telling you
  • Should you engage with world pain?
  • What to do when turbulence, violence and earthly stress increases
  • Dark difficult things will be exposed on the planet
  • How to be free of worry
  • How to create prosperity within yourself
  • The big effects of micro movements, how they revitalize you
  • How to take a chance for your heart’s desire
  • What to do with the energy in your hands
  • A simple sacred way to instantly connect with all of humanity and with the Divine
  • Extraordinary meditations, guided by the soothing voice of Dr. Peebles

Dr. Peebles shares the most important thing you can do for yourself in these next six weeks:

It is a time upon this planet Earth where everything is upside down, inside out. There’s so much conflict, so much pain, so much sorrow, so much fear, and at the very same time a lot of joy, a lot of happiness, a lot of light, love, inspiration, and truth.

You are moving into a grand and glorious new understanding upon the planet Earth.
You’re going to find that more and more, because so many things are going to be exposed upon the Earth. Things that are not necessarily easy to see or to discover, or to know about, but are going to be exposed to the world.

Now you have a chance to really look at your world, your planet, your human nature and start to resolve some of these issues between each other. And to, as well, educate others about love, light, inspiration, and truth, and to bring more and more of that to the surface as you are moving into the fifth dimension of understanding of love.

Your planet Earth is in a great process right now, and not an easy one.

Right now, what we would like for you to focus upon for at least the next week or so, and if not the next six weeks to a degree, is simply take time to rest. It’s a time of rest right now. We don’t mean sleep. We don’t mean necessarily inactivity either.

What we mean is that it is a time to rest from trying to figure things out. Stop trying to think about how to fix things right now, and just relax, release, and surrender into your days.
Strive not to get caught up in the dialogue that is out there in terms of trying to figure things out, how to fix things, what to do about things, etc.

Right now it’s a tilling of the soil. When you’re tilling the soil it’s best not to really think too hard about what you’re doing, but rather just to till it. To make it so that it is nice and soft and pliable, to bring all the little worms to the surface, all little critters there, to make the soil as prepared and ready for the planting as possible.

Because this is the time period upon the Earth where you’re going to find, soon, new ideas will be coming into the picture. People will be planting seeds of great hope, of great wonder, of great joy, of great prosperity, of great unification, a coming-together of humanity rather than the incredible discordance that has been happening upon the planet.

It is going to be a great time where human beings are going to want to feel their lives again, to feel the motion and rhythm of existence once again. Whereas it has felt for so many to be very stagnant.

There are those who are working diligently upon bringing to the world beauty, and great beautiful instruments for human beings to have contact once again in a wonderful way that will be very inspiring and enlightening.

So right now it is best not to think too much about life, not to worry about life, not to fear what is happening, but to simply allow for it to all come to the surface. Allow for the tilling of the soil. Allow for the things that are happening in your world that you don’t want to see, to happen, because that’s what’s going to happen anyway.


You are the hope and the comfort for the world.

Find out how, on this remarkable mp3 from Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon


brain n landscape 96d Gerd Altmann Pixabay

(Thanks to Gerd Altmann of Pixabay for this image.)

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From Frozen Fright to Warm and True Love, Let’s Dance

Saturday night they woulda’ coulda’ shoulda’ been dancing, but they did not, because all the world was afraid of each other, frightened of the tiniest thing, a germ.

Fear of a germ froze the entire planet and imprisoned everybody, isolated everyone to stew and ruminate upon their own blockages, illusions, frights, monsters.

In better moments they latched onto rare hopes that fluttered by – hard to catch and
hard to catch a ride on such hopes,
because heavy hearts bogged them down.

Many passed their months stuck in a sludge of grumpy bile.

Yet through this dark season, humans awakened.

It looked invisible at the time,
but the germ served a higher purpose.

Love never dies.
It always grows, even now.

And You are not your body.
You are a beautiful Soul, an Eternal Being of Light and Love.

May I have this dance with you?


(I’m not suggesting that we immediately hit the dance halls and stir up that germ. But soon, what fun it will be to dance again …)

sunset-silhouette-dancers PickPik

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Here is Your Big Chance to Try Sound Healing, Free!

The reason sound healing works so amazingly well is because you and your world are composed of vibration. At the quantum level everything is vibration.
You are an electrical being, and you can raise your voltage for greater health and wellbeing.

In the past few years, I have been massively impressed with the tuning fork method and excellent results of Biofield Tuning, brought to us by Eileen McKusick. Eileen is a thought leader and researcher in electric health and biofield science.

Many of us carry negatively charged energy and stagnant patterns in our biofield which prevent us from manifesting the life we desire.

The baggage of our past hinders our present fulfillment and dim our natural light and energy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can release those blockages and lighten up.

On Wednesday March 31st, Eileen McKusick offers a free 60-minute workshop online, including a 15-minute Biofield Tuning session to calm your adrenals and balance your energy.
(Our adrenals constantly cope with the ups and downs of stress, and they will love this treatment.)

This free presentation will pave the way for you to release stagnant energies and drop inner barriers to self-love, self-empowerment, and creating a life you love.

Eileen will also speak about her new Shift Network course which starts in April.

Take this step to become more radiant, self-embodied and self-empowered.

Register for this free session.
You can watch it live or see the recording later.
Either way, the treatment will be just as effective.

Thousands of us in the Biofield Tuning community have experienced the strong effect of the recordings.

On a side-note, I have been blown away by phone sessions of Biofield Tuning that I have both given and received. This method has helped me clear out lifelong limitations and baggage, even limitations that have been subtle and halfway hidden from my conscious awareness.
This stuff is remarkable.

Have you experienced Biofield Tuning?
Tell us about it in the comments below.

Sign up for the March 31st event.
You can always catch the replay, but sign up NOW to get in!

Go to https://electrichealth.com/ and get a free “Raise Your Voltage” 30-min session!
And another generous 30-min session from Eileen: Free Infusion of Light, Love and Energy

For more quick info, see:
Biofield Tuning: Amazing, Remarkable, the Next Great Thing for You
Benefits of Biofield Tuning, Surprisingly Awesome Energy
Special Key to Freedom from Burdens of Ancestral “Destiny”
Increase Your Good Energy – Read “Electric Body Electric Health”

March 31 free w Eileen

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How to Lighten Up Now with Your Powerful Heart Energy

The biggest hurdle is to remember to focus upon our heart.
We are so accustomed to staying in our heads, staying on automatic pilot.
How will I remember to remember?
Naturally I had to draw a heart where I would see it all through the day.

Your heart has better vision than any other part of you.
Your heart sees you and your life with great clarity.

Why don’t we let the heart run the show?
It’s only our logical left-brain habit that blocks us.

I find that my heart does lead me toward good lively choices.
But it constantly takes a back seat to my head, who has been in the driver’s seat for decades.
It’s an old habit, that’s all.

Our heart always leads us toward what we are seeking (whether we know the next steps or not).
When we listen to our heart, the path begins to open.
Then we can engage our skills, mind, and muscle to manifest our heart’s desire.

Everything starts on the inside, before it goes external.

Place your focus down into the center of your chest.
Tune into your heart.
What do you find there?
Hello, Heart – how do you feel, this moment?
Whatever comes up, allow it and breathe into it.
Stay with it. Let it unfold.

If there’s grief in your heart,
allow the energy of grief to flow, to eventually release.

Beyond the sadness, remember.
Your heart energy radiates six feet out (to miles out) in every direction.
Your heart is powerful.
Your heart is the key in these tough years.

This world is vibration, from the deep ditch of hopelessness to breezy contentment.
Fear sits low on the scale and blocks our view of better feelings.
Fear makes us think fear is truth. But it is not. It’s just another view.

We each operate our own elevator up and down through these vibrations.

Our Attention is our most powerful tool.
Place your attention on a better-feeling thought. Anything you like.
What do you like?
Bring it to mind.

Where are the good sweet places in your life?
Focus upon these.
(Can’t find them? Look at the fact that you can breathe or walk or read or see the sky.)

Close your eyes, take a deep breath down your spine and say,
“I open myself up to receive light, love, inspiration, and truth.” (- Dr. Peebles)
Relax into that.
Let it work on you.

Imagine breathing straight into the front your chest, straight into your heart.
Feel the sensation arising there, in your heart.
Ponder something you feel grateful for – a place, a pet, friend, situation, sunny day.
Breathe into that.
Let your chest expand.
Ponder something you love.
Dwell upon that love.
Keep inhaling light and love straight into your heart.

After you fill yourself up, then overflow –
send this light and love out to humankind, and to all the Earth.

This is not an escape.
This brings circulation and light all the way to the extremities of pain on our planet.

We’ve been in the soup for years.
We’re not nearly done.
That’s why we need you.
We need not only your actions and your prayers, but your tone, in your heart.

Focus upon your heart.
Listen to your heart.
Follow the nudges of your heart.

What is your heart telling you?
How does that play out in your life?
I would love to hear it, if you’ll comment below.

(Some of this post appeared in 2017 – who knew things would get tougher in 20-21?)

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