Radical Awesome Love in the New 5D, Can You Dig It?

Yes indeed, the Earth and humanity are gradually ascending into 5D Perspective, a harmonious point-of-view where it makes no sense to hate anybody anymore.
The only thing that does make sense in 5D is love and allowance for all things to be.
For all people to be.

Can you imagine how refreshing it will feel, to allow everyone to be themselves without hassles, without pushing our opinion on them?

This will become so clear to us that we’ll wonder why we ever fought over differing beliefs.

Wasn’t that silly of us, to demand that they should believe exactly what we believe? Or they should adopt our opinions?

Who wants a bland existence where everybody is the same?
Where’s the fun in that?

Doesn’t it feel better to enjoy an assortment of characters, and simply agree to disagree?
No need to agree, but only to allow.
Allow the whole circus of colorful contrast, and party on together.

As we shift into 5D, we have a little homework to do.
Like, now.

Let go of the urge to fight and push against things.
Let go of the idea that I’m right and everybody must get on board.
Let go of disrespecting those whom I don’t like.

(But that’s impossible, because I don’t like them!
Ah, Grasshopper, take a breath and listen . . .)

This week (Feb. 24) our amazing friend Dr. James Martin Peebles gave us a beautiful approach which I’ll summarize here, including some direct quotes.
(His presentation was so juicy, you may want to pick up an audio copy for yourself.)

In brief Peebles says:
Take a moment now.
“Relax, release, surrender.” Breathe.
“Release any need to control anything.”
“Love is steering your life” (whether you know it or not).

“Surrender into the greater love that you are.”

“How loving are you?”
Sure, you are tremendously loving.

But Now –
We want you to “love somebody that you don’t particularly like.”
Think of a person, a place, a thing, anything at all, that you do not like.
Something that is super-difficult for you to love.
“Don’t make it easy on yourself.”
“Push yourself a little.”

Stretch yourself to hold in mind something (or somebody) that you don’t like, and give it love.
“Simply love.”

Don’t think about its characteristics, qualities or behaviors. You are not endorsing it. You don’t have to agree with it.
You are only giving it love.

Feel into your resistance against loving that person, place, or thing.
“Dig deeper inside of yourself and find a Greater Love.”

“You are transforming yourself by loving. By digging deeper inside of yourself and learning how to love the unlovable, that which is unlovable to you, you are learning about yourself. You are bringing more of yourself to life. You are bringing more of your light to the surface.”

You are doing this for you.
You are “creating your life, your world, from the inside out.”

“Feel the freedom [of] loving someone that you think is not lovable.”
“Feel the freedom that comes with feeling love freely, without putting conditions on it. Without having to say, ‘you need to be and act and do and think and express yourself in this way for me to love you.’
I just love you.”

When you practice this, it becomes a way of life, and it brings you to your enlightenment.
Peebles says, in loving like this, you are “accessing the Christ within. That is truly the second coming of Christ.”

This practice “will create magic in your world.”
Your life will transform.
Every area of your life will feel better, the whole dance of life.

You will naturally fall in love with your own life. You’ll feel great love for ordinary things that you hardly noticed before.

In expanding your love, you will also enhance your communication with higher realms. You will gain stronger clarity and intuition.
You will gain 5D perception.

Yes, your life can and will feel magical to you.

(To challenge myself today I tried to give love to the most putrid smelliest thing I ever saw. Tomorrow I’ll try to give love to the largest cockroaches.
What yucky stuff or difficult people can we put on our list?
Let me know. 
I want to try all the hard ones, and see if my heart can relax upon them.)

In the above February 24th mp3 from Summer Bacon, Dr. Peebles also answers questions about the vaccine and the virus, politicians, karma, human trafficking, the evolution of DNA, race relations, suicide, Alzheimer’s and dementia, the power of prayer and much more. 
Check it out!

family humans heart rainbow Pixabay Gordon Johnson(Thanks to Gordon Johnson of Pixabay for this brilliant image.)

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Try Wim’s Quick Powerful Breath for Stress and Strong Energy

You’ve heard of Wim Hof, “The Iceman” athlete, whose methods are gaining more support from laboratory research.

His breathing method is demonstrated to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase endorphins (happiness hormones)
  • Increase mental clarity and focus
  • Improve the immune system; reduce bacteria and viruses
  • Drop acidic toxins and develop stronger health

One round of this power breath takes only two minutes.

Each breath is deep and extra full, starting with the belly expanding, then the lungs, and up into the head.
Inhaling fully is the main effort – that is, inhaling fast, 30 times in a row.
Exhale through the mouth, just let go without effort.
(Volume of inhale is more than exhale.)

How to do Wim’s Power Breath

1 – Be seated or lying down, relaxing. (Have access to a clock or timer.)

2 – Close your eyes, connect with your breath. Inhale through your nose or mouth, full big breaths from belly up to head, and exhale through your mouth, for 30 full quick breaths.
Focus on the inhale as your body tanks up with oxygen.
(Don’t worry if you feel tingly or lightheaded. That indicates your blood is briefly shifting into a cleansing alkaline state of low carbon dioxide.)

3 – After 30 breaths, stop and be empty, don’t breathe. Stay quiet for 90 seconds.
Feel relaxation spread through the body.
(Wim says, you have shifted your biochemistry and your adrenal axis.)

Your brain may tell you to take a breath, but your body doesn’t need one yet.
Just wait and relax for 90 seconds. (Or accommodate yourself, if needed.)

4 – Take a big recovery breath, belly-lungs-head, fully in. Hold that breath for 10 to 15 seconds. Let it go.

5 – You have the option to go immediately into the next round, or relax and experience the change in your body and mind.
Feel the calm and tranquility flowing through you. (Awesome moment for meditation.)

Wim suggests building your stamina and health with several rounds of this breath.
On round two, go empty without breath for 2 minutes.
Round three, go 2.5 minutes.
Round four would be 3 minutes (you may want to develop your skill first).

After the exercise, take time to soak up the natural bliss.
Your body and mind are rejuvenated.

Wim says, “You will be high on your own supply.”

Have you tried his method?
What do you think?
How do you feel?

Thanks to the friend who passed this along to me.
I have been using this power breath to take me into a deeper meditation.
Let me know how it goes for you.

Get More Natural Energy through Your Breath
Get Your Good Sleep with this Simple Breath Count
Powerful Breath to Give You Delicious Energy

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

Lungs by kalhh on Pixabay

(Thanks to kalhh of Pixabay for these lungs.)

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Pulling Shadow in this web of Light and Love

Enjoy this enlightening guest post from my amazing friend and holistic practitioner, Rose Carey.

Pulling Shadow

We are all connected through consciousness and light, and maybe also in shadow. Shadows seem to go along with being alive. As souls we incarnate with a pathway to follow, a plan for our lives. At times it may seem that the path is more than we can bear. Perhaps we have created a plan that is so incredibly challenging that we sway under the weight of it. Those challenges are the dark places or shadows which we hold within and which, at times, hold onto us.

We know that LOVE is the greatest power in the universe. More and more now our consciousness is filled with our connections to each other. Those that are near to us and those connections that may be around the world. It is the new consciousness, emerging from the heart. It is the consciousness of an open heart and of thinking from the heart. And as we become more and more familiar with this new way of being and the connections we have and make, we grow the web of light.

This is particularly true of family, mothers and daughters, grandchildren, and your partners. But it is also true for your soul family, those people whom you have pulled close to you throughout your life. More than this, it is true for everyone you love.

Our hearts have the capacity to pull to us the shadows that cling to those we love. And in the vacuum of that shadow, we give them light. The light of love, clarity, and consciousness. This act of “pulling shadow” is only limited by your capacity to love.

The act of “pulling shadow” is the best description for energy healing I have ever found. Whether in-person or long-distance. It makes so much sense to me because it clarifies the importance of LOVE and having an open heart. Energy healing, in fact all healing, relies on the exchange of energy between two things. Sometimes it is two people; sometimes it is medicine and a person. It is the way the body knows to heal. The body needs the new energy and uses the new energy to mend itself. As you transform, I transform.

When we use our hearts to heal each other, often we are pulling the shadows of our loved ones. I can feel those shadows merge with me momentarily as they transform into light. When we “pull the shadow”, we mitigate the challenge. We use the power of our heart to create change, to change what is, to what can be. Energy is vibrational medicine, and it goes everywhere.

When our children, or our loved ones hurt, we hurt. When our neighbors suffer, we suffer. Suffering alone is hard, but shared it becomes less so. We now have a new understanding of just how quickly what I do affects you and what you do affects me. I hope this understanding moves you to the next step and empowers you to create change.

We as a people are now experiencing waves of energy that lift our consciousness to mature. We are seeing things with greater clarity and becoming responsible to each other and to the whole. We are growing through the hard lessons and leaving behind a world of singular, individual importance. We are engaged in a new vision.

All people connected through love is not a future-scape, but the here and now. It begins with you, each individual, one heart at a time. We want the world to be this way, and we create it this way with the power of our heart consciousness. As we come to heal each other, we connect one heart to another heart, which creates a web of love and light. Families connected to families, children, and grandchildren, creating communities webbed together with love and light. It is growing now. And it does not stop with just the incarnate.

All souls, incarnate or discarnate, are connected through this web of light and love. These are among the lessons of spirit that accompany the new age of light into which we have moved.

These thoughts really began with a dear person living halfway around the globe from me. Someone who is very much a healer himself. He is a man who lives from his heart. He sent me his insights about “pulling shadow.”
“And so, the shadow and the light, the love and gratitude, go back and forth until they pass beyond our limited visions.”


If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, check out “Souls in Transformation” at www.lifelightcenterllc.com  Rose Carey is the founder of LifeLight Center at 206 Washington Street in Keene, NH. She has 30 years of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies. She can be reached at 603-852-8300.

This article is printed with permission from the author. It is also published in Monadnock Shopper News.

heart and shadow 96dpi

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How Big was that Free Energy Surge for You? How is your Sleep?

My friends who are energy-sensitive empaths did feel the February 17th energy surge.
Some had ringing in the ears, electrical tingling in the body, feeling edgy, wired, restless sleep, extra energy, hyperactivity, or fatigue.
Others said their pets got quiet and stayed very close to them.
We had reports of hyperactive school kids that day.
A migraine headache all day disappeared immediately afterward.
Extra good energy and productiveness was reported.
One woman enjoyed good sleep without night sweats for the first time in two years.
Some felt foggy, light-headed or tranced at times.
Many were enveloped in a sense of peacefulness.

For me, it was a high-pitched humming in the ears, occasional floating feelings verging on slight dizziness, and deep peace.

Possibly most humans didn’t notice it much, except for a little fatigue. Hard to say. Everybody’s different.
How was it for you?

Yet some people do feel these energies strongly. Several thanked me for sharing the news because hearing about it ahead of time made their symptoms easier (as you can imagine, if you suddenly felt strange out of the blue).

It was more than full-moon energy.
I think it’s still reverberating for some days yet.

Interesting to note, Feb. 17th was the next-to-last day of several planets closely aligned in Aquarius – a.k.a. “Stellium in Aquarius.” Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Aquarius, and Astrologers expected an impact.

If you’re as old as I am, you might remember the excitement leading up to the Harmonic Convergence, August of 1987, a time when many planets aligned in a Grand Trine (triangle). The buzz was all about ushering in a time of deeper peacefulness.
In 1987 I had not yet picked up the meditation habit. I was a curious onlooker. I felt like this Harmonic Convergence came and went without a ripple in my life. (Much later I heard that we humans did come to an agreement of peace, possibly in the dream world, although we weren’t consciously aware of it.)

For most of us, these things are so subtle, who can say for sure?
However I can’t deny that within the past four decades, humanity generally has become more respectful of each other, less inclined to insult each other.
The notion of “political correctness” in our speech began to spread through our population in the 1980s, as I remember. (To me that term/idea is a way of respecting all peoples.)

In my view the world is always moving toward more peacefulness. Even when it’s subtle. Even when we’re doing it subconsciously, perhaps in our sleep

Which brings me back to Doctor Peebles. He always brings love and peacefulness.
This week he takes us into several refreshing meditations.
Here is part of his message from the February 17th audio.

(at 31:50 – -)

You are a beautiful spirit.
You know something my dear friends? You need rest.
You really do, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Rest is a very active time. When you are in a resting state, when you are asleep for example, you might be out of the body collecting and gathering information that you might need for your next day. Or you might be getting counseling from your guides. You may also, my dear friends, just be resting.
You might be leaving the body so you don’t have to feel the body for a while.

Just being and being and being, as you are, in the universe, the light that you are.

So, rest is essential. We want you to make certain that you get rest.
This can be without sleep.
It can mean simply saying, “I’m a little tired right now.” So, you listen to your heart that says you’re tired right now. There’s nothing wrong with it. You don’t have to push through it.

Instead, close your eyes, acknowledge it. “I’m a little tired right now. I’m just going to rest my eyes for a moment.” And you might feel as if two hours have passed when you open your eyes, but it will only have been a few seconds. You will feel revitalized by this, by acknowledging what is happening inside of you.

Hear what your soul is saying. “Hey, you’re a little tired right now. close your eyes for a moment, acknowledge it. Breathe, relax, release, surrender.”
And open your eyes feeling greatly refreshed, rather than barreling through, pushing yourselves so very hard, God bless you indeed.
So, my dear friends, as it is for everybody on the planet, rest is essential.

A bonus on this Feb. 17th MP3 is the gift of healing energy, a wave of love saturating the listener in the last two minutes.

Please let us know in the comments below, how you are doing this week?

Get the Feb 17th MP3 from Summer Bacon.


Peebles w cool blue scene


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Awful Day? Try this Easy Tapping Self Care, Feel Better

When I have a rough day – physically or emotionally – some quick Meridian Tapping always brings relief, balance, and helps me feel good again.

It can bring you out of pain, stress, anxiety, anger, upsets, obsessions, and more, within just a few minutes in some cases.
Have you used it?

We call it Meridian Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). It began in the 1990s and it’s gaining popularity all the time.

Find great how-to notes on it here How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

Don’t miss this Free Easy opportunity – Tapping World Summit 
Now you get to use EFT tapping with the top experts, in online videos, free!
This Summit brings powerful sessions straight to you, February 22 through March 3rd.

This is the 13th annual Tapping World Summit (2021).
Two million have attended previous summits, professionals in every field.

More people from all walks of life are learning this self-care method which is scientifically proven to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD, traumas, chronic pain, fears, addictions, and all kinds of limiting issues.

Tapping improves athletic performance. You’ll see Olympic athletes tapping.
It can help you lose weight, attain your goals, improve your relationships, attract abundance, gain inner balance and peace.

This event will open your mind to new levels of health and well-being in every way. Even if you are experienced with Tapping, these experts bring new understanding to multiple topics and approaches.

You owe it to your well-being to sign up for this free opportunity.

Each day from Monday February 22 through Wednesday March 3, two expert presentations will be held (each session available, free, for 24 hours).
Plus you’ll receive bonus events and Tapping Meditations.

Tap with the experts and enjoy your life more than you thought possible!

 Why Should I Care About Meridian Tapping? 


Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Tapping Summit 2021(Thanks to Nick Ortner and friends for this image.)

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Free Awesome Energy Surge will Boost Your Body and Soul, Feb 17th

Hey, you’re already signed up for this one.
It’s a cosmic bonus for all of humanity, the whole planet, this Wednesday.

(Dare I sound a little odd? Perhaps, according to old paradigms.)

My friends and I have been feeling shifts of energy in ourselves for months if not years. Sometimes electrical tingling sensations, or a tremor in one ear or elsewhere, or a high-pitched hum, a fatigue when there’s no good reason for it, or feeling spacy, altered in a new way.
We have felt any number of new vibrations.
Maybe you have, too?

Certainly hospital nurses, EMTs,  policemen and women have always observed the way behaviors are heightened and challenges are amplified during the full moon energy.
These shifts of energy are not brand new to us.
Some of us feel them more than others.

If Wednesday February 17th 2021 feels odd, different, extra emotional or amazingly peaceful, you will know it is simply an energy adjustment.
For we are electrical beings, and the whole universe is electrical.

I heard about this upcoming event from my friend Dr. James Martin Peebles, who says:

You are one big beautiful family upon the earth, God bless you indeed.
We love you so very much.
There is coming upon the earth in this year of 2021 on the day of February 17th an electrical charge of energy that is going to drive the planet in a new direction.
It’s going to be a surge of energy that is going to be quite powerful.

And it may have you feeling giddy and happy and laughing hysterically, or you may find that you are, if you will, getting angry or upset about things that you never would have been upset about before.
It will be a drive of energy that is coming to the earth that will bring you, if you will, to the surface of yourself.

Pay attention on that particular day.
It is not something that is, if you will, a bad time at all.
It’s going to be intense but not bad.
And it’s going to sometimes, for some of you, feel as if you’ve just stuck your finger into an electric socket or something like that.
But for others it’s going to be a time period of absolute stillness and peace. And you’re going to wonder why it’s so quiet, is this the calm before the storm?

You’re going to experience it in a wide variety of ways, but all of you are going to experience it on an intense level. And if you are aware of it, then it won’t have to be so, if you will, difficult to go through.

Take a nice deep breath and especially on that particular day.
On February 17th you awaken and you certainly sit in your bed and just say, “Good morning February 17th. I invite the energy in. I’m excited to learn from it. I want to find my freedom and flight of soul.”
And you relax, release, and surrender into the day, and take it slowly.

Walk through your day carefully, paying attention to the little, if you will, bits and pieces and guidance that you get.
If you are to turn left or eat an egg or do something different, go ahead and follow that guidance, my dear friends. That is the universe saying it’s time for a shift here.
It’s going to feel a little awkward. It’s going to be like learning to walk for the first time, in many respects.

So remember also to walk and traipse carefully upon the earth. Be aware of your feet, be aware of your surroundings, be aware and wake up in that moment.

In that moment, my dear friends, always remember to shine your light brightly.
Bring your light to the surface.

Feel it there in your gut. That is where you incarnate, there in your solar plexus.
Then you rise up into the heart with your truth and then it comes up into the area of your brain which then drives your mouth and your arms and legs to do the things that it does to bring your truth out into the world, to express it in a wide variety of ways, through words, through tasks, through vibrations that you bring to the surface on behalf of yourself and others.

Remember that what you want to bring now is just pure light to the surface.
You are white light my dear friends, that’s what you are. You just forgot.

Bring that light to the surface.
Allow it to pour out from you, from your heart.
Allow it to be the current upon which every word out of your mouth rides.
Feel it coming out of every pore of your body.
Feel the largeness of yourself.   

You are beyond the surface of your skin. You are indeed.
You are connected to the universe.
You are white light.
Bring that light into your body, to the surface.
Let it pour out of your hands.

Be aware of that very fact, especially on February 17th, my dear friends.
Be aware of the fact that you are pure light.

As you do this you will help to raise the vibration of the planet Earth.
You will be turning on the light very, very, brightly.
And the planet Earth will make its transition to this new place of understanding much more easily.

There will be some turbulence in the oceans as the planet shifts.
Because there’s really going to be a physical transformation on the earth, within humanity, within the planet herself.
She’s starting to feel much more comfortable and she wants to thank you all so very much for the things that you do, the little acts of kindness that make her feel more, if you will, whole.
She’s settling in.
So there will be some shifts energetically upon the Earth.
There will be little tremors in the Earth itself, but it’s her, settling in, getting more comfortable.

The above is a continuous transcript from Dr. Peebles Speaks – February 10, 2021 (26:40 to 31:28 of this hour-long MP3, which includes meditations and insights).

He also says:
Following your heart is the only way to go in these coming days, weeks, months, years … coming from your heart, speaking your truth if you know it, and speaking it with love, God bless you.

He recommends during the next two weeks, spend some time barefoot on the Earth to discharge excess static energies from our feet and hands, to help us get through this high-energy adjustment.
(Stay well-hydrated, I’d like to add. If you can’t put your feet outdoors, plain cement on the ground floor is a good choice.)

He goes on to discuss the economy and other changes in the coming months and years.
We have a fresh opportunity to put our fondest wishes and goals into action this Spring.
What does our world look like on the other side of this pandemic?
Bright and loving.

For this week’s material and all of Dr. Peebles’ wise and loving messages, I send deepest gratitude to him and to Summer Bacon, who is one of the most accurate and clear trance mediums in the world.

I’ve been listening, learning, and appreciating both of them since 2004.

Let’s talk about it. Feel free to comment below.

Check out the MP3 Dr. Peebles Speaks – February 10, 2021

Hang in There, Relax, Release, and Love, says Dr. Peebles
More Beautiful Calm Inspiration from Brilliant Dr. Peebles
Get More Free Insights from Peebles, Feel Good Now
On this blog, search “self healing” and/or “meridian tapping” to relieve discomforts.

asteroid to earth Pixabay cosmic energy(Thanks to Pixabay for the main part of this image.)

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When Your Hidden Belief Punches You Out

There I was, in the Garden of the Gods (Colorado), happily hiking with my sister, when suddenly a thought form, a subconscious belief, threw me face-down, belly-flopped me on the trail.

Forty seconds before that, we’d met a cluster of young people who looked at their phone GPS to decide if they would continue.
I told them, “Yes, it’s only a couple more miles – you’re halfway there. We hiked it, and we’re over sixty.” (My proud inner voice said, “We’re amazing, young and strong.”)

Next, I slipped on fine gravel, sprayed my flesh on the rocks, and sprained my ankle.
The youngsters were only 50 feet behind us. Geez. I was so glad they didn’t run to help me up.

Pride goes before a fall?
More accurately, part of me did not buy the idea that I was amazing, young and strong.

In my world there are no accidents. I play an important role in whatever happens to me. The Universe loves me more than I know, and it would never punish me. Only I punish myself.

In the moment that I slipped and fell, maybe I was distracted, not attuned to the trail under my feet.
Yet there was an inner snag inside me, a judgement, a belief or thought-form that the over-60 crowd is weak and cannot be strong.
A dim and sneaky corner of my mind whispered, “I don’t know, Diane, older people are weak, they can’t be strong. The body deteriorates, and gosh you’re over 60, hope you don’t hurt yourself…”

Limping down the trail, I knew this was the truth of it.
I knew I had to align my mind, my beliefs.

Often we hold contradictory beliefs. (I feel young and strong/ but people my age are not that.)

Often we have swallowed a collective belief or thought form just because “everybody knows that.”
Do they?
Or did they swallow it too?
We don’t have to think what everybody thinks just because they think it.

We probably hold thousands of opinions that we have never examined, but they shape our reality. You get what you expect to see.

We each get to decide what is true for us.
We each get to choose our beliefs.
We each get to run our life, despite what everybody else is doing or thinking or believing.

It may sound wild, but thought forms do float through the air just like radio waves. We catch the thought-forms of others all the time. We easily mistake other people’s thought-forms for our own.
We need to get clarity and discernment to know what is mine and what is not mine.
What I choose and what I do not choose today.

Keep an eye on your own radio dial. If you find yourself feeling bad, slipping down the drain, then stop, breathe and ask: are these my feelings or someone else’s? Are these my thoughts or someone else’s?
I return them to the sender with awareness.

Especially be aware of group fears. What is everybody afraid of? What is everybody worried about right now?
Breathe, relax, and understand that you don’t have to buy it.
Otherwise fear will shape your days.
Don’t let that happen.

You are a divine being having a human experience.
It’s up to you what you will experience.

Has your hidden belief punched you out lately?
Do tell, in the comments below.

Why should I Care about my Powerful Thought Forms?
How Bad Energy Gets Stuck, How to Drop It
I Feel You, but How to Restore my Good Vibes?

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

(Here’s a photo of that hike in July.)
Garden of Gods hike July2020

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Drop Chaos Feel Better Now with this Calm e-Book

Turn away from chaos and find your peace within.
Humans have faced difficult times through all the ages.
The wise ones have always used methods to find peace and comfort in the ground of our Being.

We know that our mental habits, our moods and attitudes directly affect our life.
When we relax and re-balance, things get better.

How to calm down?
Calm Comfort Meditations e-book shares many ways to align yourself, heal yourself, and find your inner happiness.

“Meditation” is a mouthful of a word, but it only means breathing, relaxing and letting go for a little while. Even 1 to 3 minutes a day can make a difference.

In releasing everything and breathing for a while,
you will observe the bigger picture
and reset your mood, your vibration, toward calm and contentment,
which will enhance the way you function in every area of your life.

Calm Comfort Meditations” shows how to reset your day, week, year – Your Life.
Check out these 44 chapters of inspiration, light, and love.

Most of this book has appeared on this blog, but is now revised and improved.

You have my best meditations and self-healing energy methods in one spot, with this book.
You can download it for only $1.99.

The paperback version is also available here. (Print pages and pics are grayscale.)

Here’s to bringing more peace and happiness into your life, your neighborhood, and all the world!

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

ebook cover 72dpi small

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Increase Your Good Energy with the amazing “Electric Body Electric Health”

Say what, your body is electric?
My friend and mentor Eileen Day McKusick, pioneer in biofield science and founder of Biofield Tuning, has written a new book: Electric Body, Electric Health, available January 26th 2021. (Pre-order  before the 26th to get exclusive access to complimentary bonuses.) 

We have an entire electrical system inside and around our body.
Natural electricity flows through the nervous system, the heartbeat, the brain waves, and even the bones.
Your bones are crystalline structures that create electricity when they are compressed. Jumping, walking, dancing, any compression adds electricity, which radiates more energy into the body.
Even our trillions of cell membranes transfer electrical charges to produce energy for us.
Streams of energy pour through our whole meridian system as well.

We are basically “electric organisms in an electrically connected universe,” says Eileen.
Everything and everybody has their own electromagnetic biofield, which is a toroidal structure.toroid of earth NounProject 96 dpi
Your toroid is like a bubble with a spiral down the middle.
Energy flows up and down your vertical core and throughout your biofield, 360 degrees around you.

Earth and all planets have this toroidal structure, as do the tiniest living things.

Pain, inflammation, or disease in our body indicates a place where electricity is blocked.
When we remove energy blockage, understand and release that resistance, then good health returns. (How does that work? See Biofield Tuning: the Next Great Thing for You)

Electric Body, Electric Health teaches you how to access sources of natural electricity and increase your voltage for better energy and health.

In the Energy Medicine and Healing Summit this past November, Eileen shared some great personal energy tips from her upcoming book:

  • Biting back our words and holding back our authentic self will diminish our energy and decrease our voltage.
  • Telling untruths lowers voltage and weakens our electromagnetic field.
  • A family history of depression can lower your voltage, but you can release that ancestral burden and free yourself.
  • Drama – getting over-excited and ramping up emotions will drain our energy.
    Managing emotions is important. You don’t want to bury them, resist them, or judge them. You want to allow emotions to flow through you.
  • Heavily refined foods are devoid of electrical juice. Refined sugar has no electrons to give you more life. Sugar is a “negative energy input into the body” says Eileen, because it must pull electrons out of your system in order digest.
    (Fresh organic vegetables bring in photons and electrical juice.)
  • Some people are a drag on us, pulling energy from us. (Usually, they are needy and don’t have self-management skills.) They are “electron stealers.”
    In dealing with them, be aware of this dynamic. Set boundaries with them.
  • Juicy people who are playful and light-hearted with good self-care practices are “electron donors” because they give us energy. Spending time with them restores and nurtures us.
  • Chanting, toning, humming, singing, are all good ways to increase your energy and raise your voltage.
  • Air is our main source of energy. We raise our voltage with the breath. Full relaxed breathing energizes us.
    The oxygen molecule has four free electrons. Those electrons flow through the bloodstream to all your cells.
    (Have you caught yourself holding your breath in a stressful moment? We tend to do that, and it chokes off the energy of oxygen.)
    Open your breathing, open your chest, and be energized.

As Eileen says, “Follow your ahs.”
If something sounds and feels good to you, follow it. As in, “Ah, yes, I’d like to do that.”

If it feels like “Ugh, I don’t want to do that,” then put it off awhile or delegate it.

Love is an energizer. Do what you love in the moment.
Do what you enjoy, as often as possible.

Upgrade your appreciation for all the good parts of your life.
Fall in love with your life.

Read Eileen’s Electric Body, Electric Health for many more new perspectives on your good health.
If you pre-order the book now (print or digital version) and check in here, you will also receive free bonuses.

“Eileen McKusick is a true pioneer in the field of energy medicine. With Electric Body, Electric Health, she has written the definitive primer on the electric nature of the human body, emotions and life itself. Empowering, easy-to-understand, and at times mind-blowing, this book will change the way you see yourself and the world.”       

~ Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™

Enjoy this Free Infusion of Light, Love and Energy
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Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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10 Quick Prompts to Stabilize and Cheer You Up this Minute

Yes, the world is bonkers at the moment.
However – don’t panic.
Let go of all the stuff you cannot control.
(That stuff can drive you crazy. Drop it.)

It is now more important than ever to breathe and relax and
look at the parts of your life that you enjoy.

Your gratitude amplifies the good and paves the way for more.
Your gratitude nurtures not only yourself, but your whole world.

Our mood matters – to our household, our neighborhood, our town.
Your vibration (mood) does impact your community at large.

What are you feeding the field?
Are you dragging us down or uplifting us?

Step out of anxiety, fear, and all that stuff.
Things will get better, and you can help.

Lighten up, (don’t tighten up)!
Life is short.
There is much to enjoy right now!

(Such as – Are you able to use your hands and/or feet? Do you have shelter? Friends or pets? Can you connect with the natural world outdoors or indoors?)

You can count on it to cheer you up this minute, now.

Remember the twin birthday brothers who each received a sack of manure?
The first one saw the obvious and rejected that smelly sack.
The second one excitedly said, “There must be a horse around here somewhere!”

When you’re looking at the muck, use these phrases to shift your attention:

At least I can still__________________________________________________

Anyhow I have my _____________________________________________

It would be worse if ___________________________________________

I’m glad I didn’t __________________________________________________

I can count on _________________________________________

It’s cool that ____________________________________________________

I’m glad that ________________________________________________

I appreciate ___________________________________________

One real sweetness in my life is _______________________________________

I’m grateful for _______________________________________________

Reach for a better feeling, and it will pull you out of the ditch.
No matter what the ditch is.

When you are basking in good feelings, send the overflow out into the world.
Simply intend sharing the happy vibe, sending to all places in need or strife.
Send to all people in need or strife.
Send to our Mother Earth herself.
Thank you.

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Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

colors painted face Alexandr Ivanov PixabayMany Thanks to Alexandr Ivanov of Pixabay for this image.

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