Look Inside for the Vast and Wondrous Adventure of Love, says Dr. Peebles

Hey, did you hear the latest from Summer Bacon and Dr. Peebles?

Dr. Peebles Speaks July 29th 2022 is available now!

Everything that happens in your life happens inside first, and is then expressed in the world. You make a decision internally …     – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, July 29, 2022

Here is a lovely long excerpt from this July 29 mp3.

Dig deep inside, my dear friends, for the love in your heart.
For a moment here, just simply close your eyes and look for the love that you are.
“What? Where? Dr. Peebles, what are you saying here? I have no idea what that means.”

Close your eyes.
Relax. release, surrender.
And dig deep.
I can’t tell you where it is inside of you, but it’s there.
You might see it as a little kernel deep inside of you. A little kernel of love – self-love.
Did you know that self-love means that you love God as well?
Because you are that which you are seeking.

Look inside of yourself, my dear friends. Work at it a little bit. It’s all right. It takes focus, perhaps. You don’t have that very good focus right now.

Make it your priority to find that love within your heart, within your solar plexus, within your big toe, within the arch of your foot, maybe under your armpit.
Yes, my dear friends, it is there everywhere. There is love within all things, all creatures, all creation.

You don’t really have to conjure it up, once you understand it’s already there. You just have to identify it, be with it, and it begins to expand.
Because it’s not only there inside of you, it’s within everything, my dear friends.
That love grows larger and larger and larger, still.

It extends into the room around you or the trees where you are sitting in the forest. Wherever it might be that your body is right now, in which you are residing.
That love is within you and within everything around you.
It’s even there if you are in a smoggy city. It’s in that dirty air. It is even within that can of trash that you might smell that you should have taken out yesterday, you say. It’s there.

It’s all love at work.
All a big dance.
Love working to be expressed through everything and everyone, in a wide diverse variety of ways.
As that love expands organically through you, without you having to try anymore, realize that it is connected to all of life.

That means that which you cannot see, as well as that which you can.
It is connected to us, my dear friends, to your guardian angels, to your parents and friends and others on the other side, your animals, your pets, who might have left their bodies recently or many decades ago.

You are connected to everything.
Never separate from any of it.
And you have this incredible ability to feel that deep connection without having to move your fanny off your chair.

You do it through love, through the energy of love.
Because that is what you’re made of.
You’re not just in this body.
You are everywhere within everything.
Whether you are aware of it or not.
You are within the tree outside of your house.
Can you feel that?
You are within your puppy dog or your kitty cat sitting next to you, whilst you are feeling the love.

Now, if you can understand this and employ it – for example if your kitty cat isn’t feeling well today – you can expand your consciousness to the awareness that you are within that kitty cat.
And just simply be inside of the kitty cat as an observer of what’s going on there.
“Oh, I see they’ve got a little blockage there in their tummy. And I can see that if I just take my two fingers, and I massage it a little bit, I can loosen it up for them.”

You can learn about things, about other beings, about creatures and plants, the oceans, the creatures down in the depths of the oceans, by simply being willing to take your consciousness and put it there.

And you can, because you are interconnected.
You are within everything.
Everything is within you.

                                               – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, July 29, 2022

Peebles then leads us into getting acquainted with our personal Guides, and much more.

Summer shares the following scoop about this recording:

Life is a dance, and it’s all about relationships!

  • This is a “relationship planet”
  • Learn how to live life as a demonstration to others of how life can be lived
  • You cannot change someone’s mind for them
  • Learning through the contrasts of the world
  • There are no limitations; no true barriers, borders or boundaries
  • Learn how to use your consciousness to communicate with your pets, things, people around you
  • If the planet earth blew up…
  • Learning to love the unlovable
  • Why life is so difficult for some, and easy for others
  • Forced compliance with the government, and why it won’t work
  • Every person needs a different environment in which to grow
  • You cannot be upon the earth, or take a single breath without having love within you
  • Digging deep for love
  • Peebles takes us on a journey into the unlimited universe where the possibilities are endless
  • Meet your guides; learn how to let them speak through you
  • And more!

In listening to Dr. Peebles, I get so much inspiration and insight.
The learning never ends, as he says.

Many Thanks to Summer Bacon for this wonderful July 29th mp3 – don’t miss it!

If you’ve listened to it, tell us your favorite part in the comments below.

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(Image of Dr. James Martin Peebles in his prime.)

Peebles in a heart 96 dpi

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Now It’s Time to Drop the Painful Crap that Drags You Down

It’s time to jump into self-healing, right here and now.
Energetically speaking, the second half of this year is a special opportunity to drop old pains, trauma, and baggage. (Yes, we’re receiving extra Help to do so.)

This would be the time to investigate that crick in my neck, to discover the root cause and allow it to dissolve.
This would be the time to find out what’s with those sore bumps on my feet. What could I do to understand them and resolve them?
This would be the time to use reliable self-care energy work.

Then put it in your back pocket for whenever you need it, anytime, anywhere.

Have you noticed how your body is always talking to you?
How emotions, beliefs, and frustrations play out in the physical body?
As a friend of mine was saying, “This pain in my hips and low back seemed to start with my frustration with my partner.”
Yup. That’s how it goes.
You can watch it happen.
(I have a history of getting “bent out of shape” by horrendous world news, and my spine literally twangs into a crooked painful situation. BTW – We want to be careful that we are not holding onto other people’s emotions, too.)

Traditional Chinese medicine and many age-old practices have observed that our emotions also get stuck in our organs. Fear goes to the kidneys. Worry hangs in the spleen. Anger lodges in the liver. Grief fills the lungs.

Often a physical ailment arises from a problem in the corresponding chakra (see a heap more on chakras).

So, about that issue you’ve been carrying . . .?

If you’re wondering about the root cause of your symptoms, you could:

  • meditate and observe deeply what’s going on with you
  • do a sway test to discern your body’s truth, using yes/no questions
  • check out Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body, for ideas on the possible meaning of your symptoms (and affirmations to resolve them)

Find self-healing techniques in our Calm Comfort Meditations book,
which will relaunch on August 14th.
(Free eBook that day – put it on your calendar!)

AND check out the plethora of valuable self-healing energy methods on this blog:

Strong Intention plus Divine Love – ultimate strong healing
Heal Yourself by Toning (strong stuff)
Energy Healing You Can Do with Your Heart
Ho’ oponopono – in “6 ways to stop grumping”

Strong Healing via Peacemaking – in 3 quick steps
How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

Healing Code You Can Do Yourself
You Run Powerful Natural Energy

Strengthen First and Second Chakras

Calm Anxiety in Seconds
3 easy ways to Drop Bad Energies
Energize in 90 seconds

One Quick Easy Still Point to Drop Stress, Pain, Headache, and Boost the Immune System

Here’s one more healing method that might seem too easy, but it works:
place one hand on the pain, the other hand on your heart, and simply breathe.
Allow the release to unfold. Listen and watch as the pain fades.

You are an energy being.
Your intention combines with the Universal love energy running through you, to produce wonderful results.

Mother Earth is shifting, changing, and rebirthing herself, and so are we.
Institutions are crumbling in order to be built back stronger.
The same goes for every human on the planet.

Nurture yourself.
Restore yourself.
Revive yourself.
Release the old crap. No sense in hauling it around anymore.
Now is the time.

Let me know how it goes for you.

If you want help dropping that baggage, give me a call.
Energy work, Emotion Code, EFT, and Biofield Tuning are great options to try.

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

rainbow Wallpaperflare n FreeSVG balloon garbage(Thanks to Wallpaperflare and FreeSVG for these images we combined.)

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One Quick Easy Still Point to Drop Stress, Pain, Headache, and Boost the Immune System

Here’s a self-care quickie that helps your entire body relax and feel better: a Still Point.
It comes from CranioSacral therapy founded by Dr. John E. Upledger.
You may have received this Still Point induction method from a CranioSacral therapist, massage therapist or chiropractor. It’s been in use for nearly a century.

It’s that moment when they place both hands underneath the base of the skull.
It feels soooo good. (Riiight?)
It makes your whole body melt.
It can bring deep inner peace within seconds.
(We’ll talk about why in a moment.)

Still Point induction has been known to relieve headaches, chronic musculoskeletal pain, fascia restrictions, and generalized stress.
It makes the immune system stronger.
It enhances the functioning of several structures in the brain.
It encourages the body’s self-healing ability and promotes a sense of well-being.

You can easily induce a Still Point on yourself.
You will need:
– two tennis balls in a stocking, knotted to keep them tight against each other (i.e., a homemade Still Point Inducer)
– a comfortable firm surface to lie down upon (floor, firm sofa, firm bed)

How to DIY a Still Point and feel better
• Lie on your back on a firm surface
• Put your fingertips at the base of your skull and slide them up to a bony ridge. Just above the ridge, feel a central bump/point called the occipital protuberance.
• Place the sheathed tennis balls underneath the bony ridge, with the occipital protuberance between the balls. (As shown in the photo, the top edge of the ball would be about in line with the top of the ear. But the protuberance is the most accurate landmark for placement.)
• Relax and let the weight of your head sink into the support of the balls. Breathe deeply and notice the effect unfolding.
• You may feel relief and balance within just a couple of minutes, or you might enjoy staying there for 5 or 10 minutes.
• If needed, you can do this a few times a day, up to 15 minutes at a time. Or simply use it when you’re stressed. It’s a great practice to drop stress at the end of the day, before bed.

A regular practice of Still Point can balance the autonomic nervous system in a beautiful way.
It brings the sympathetic and the parasympathetic into equilibrium.
Thus it has the potential to enhance good health by many varied routes, through the nervous system.

How does Still Point work?
Why does this gentle pressure on the occipital bones have such a beneficial effect?

CranioSacral therapists work with the craniosacral fluid (CSF) which flows through the skull, spinal cord, and sacrum. CSF circulates in a rhythmic flow that can be felt (with training).
The plates of the skull move gently and rhythmically with the fluid. (They slightly rotate: internal and external rotation.)
Holding light pressure on the occipital bones prevents external rotation. This creates a gentle barrier to the flow.
The fluid and the body respond by going into a Still Point, which can last a few seconds or a few minutes.

Still Point is thought to increase fluid movement within the entire craniosacral structure.
(However, researchers still debate the precise why and how of this mechanism.)

Over many decades now, practitioners observe that this method brings relief of tension and pain, as well as an upgrade in the body’s natural healing.

For me and tons of other people, the Still Point takes us into deep stillness and refreshment.
I know that it goes deep, deep into my body to dissolve long-held tensions and restrictions.
I melt into it.
I bet you will, too.

You can purchase a patented Still Point Inducer from Upledger.
(I find it a little too tall for me.)
Personally I have found it more comfortable to cut a tennis ball in half and use the two halves in a sock.
(I have also used an extra thick weighted eye pillow underneath my occiput.)

Do you already use this method?
What do you think?
Give it a try, and please let us know how it goes for you.

CAUTIONS for using a Still Point Inducer (ask your doctor first), in the following conditions: 
trauma of the cranium, face, or spine / brain stem tumor / active stroke, bleeding, blood clots, thrombosis, blood obstructions or serious circulation restrictions / carotid stenosis / inflammatory conditions / cardiac conditions / pregnancy

More great ways to drop stress at the end of the day (or whenever):

Easy Self Care – Drop Chaos, Feel Better Now with this Calm Comfort e-Book

Quick Easy DIY Way to Calm Anxiety and Stress in Seconds Now

How Bad Energy Gets Stuck, How to Drop It

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

still point w tennis ball explained
(We created this image of Still Point with tennis balls explained.)

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No Matter How Crazy Life Is Now, It Is Getting Better, says Peebles

These crazy times are pushing us through the wringer, right? (My grandma’s wringer smashed fingers, arms, everything it could snag and flatten.)
Dr. Peebles brings us fresh appreciation for ourselves and our planet, just the way it is right now.
He brings us a peaceful heart and a love of life on this planet Earth and “all the pleasures treasures and wonders within it.”

On Summer Bacon’s July 12th recording, Dr. Peebles says:
This is a time when more and more of us are speaking our truth and “letting it jostle whom it may.” This is a positive and growthful attitude. It’s time to reveal who we really are, to stand in our authenticity and truth of what we feel, as a unique individual on the planet.

Everybody is speaking their truth, more than ever before. Although this leads to battles right now, eventually we will relax and let people be who they are, without pushing against them.
What a blessing that will be for this planet.

He reminds us that even though people are using many approaches to try to live forever on the earth, there’s no sense in that, because we already live forever as spirits.

He reminds us that every human is searching for learning and balance, trying to see the face of God in themselves. Even dark and violent actions are part of this learning process.

He reminds us (as he has done before) that these random violent gunmen are also in a learning process, and that sometimes these tragic events are playing out old karma.
“Eventually these individuals do learn their lesson” and
“They come over here and we educate them about what they’ve done and how they’ve gone about their business, and we suggest kindly that they go back to the planet earth and then give it a try again.”

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Peebles Speaks July 12, 2022

… in the next couple of years – some of the so-called world leaders and such will be perishing, and they will be coming over here, being counseled, etc.

They will reincarnate. They will come back to the earth and they will strive to rectify what they have done upon the planet Earth, in controlling people, killing people en masse, etc. And they will strive to even out the playing field, so to speak, in terms of their heart and the way in which they have engaged with the world. They want to become more compassionate. They will be bringing more compassion to the world.

So there’s going to be in the next several years an influx of individuals, young people who will come to the planet Earth, and they will be giving of their hearts and their work and their beautiful loving spirit to the world. They’re going to want to get started young.

More and more children creating corporations and such. Coming in with an unusual intellect, wherein they will say, “I don’t really need to go to school here [Earth School]. What I want to do is, I want to share what’s in my heart, because I know that it is what is in the heart that works.”

And that, my dear friends, is a great salvation for your planet Earth.
There will be a changing of the guards, shall we say.

These will be individuals who are going to be very kind and compassionate, good Samaritans, who will be more than willing to help a stranger and set aside their needs for accumulating power and wealth, etc. They will have it by default, because of the way in which they will be engaging with the world, but they won’t care about it. They will just want to shovel it back into the world and generate even more good energy upon the planet Earth, and more and more love.

So eventually all of this chaos is going to calm down, even out.
People will start to engage with each other, become more community-minded, more community engaged, shall we say. Looking towards the things that are immediately in their life, knowing that it is time now to first and foremost take care of family. And to put your efforts there. To become more loving within family relationships and such.

And putting your energy into your immediate world, inside of your own home, being kinder, gentler even with your own pets.
Kinder and gentler with your family members.
Kinder and gentler with your friends.

Then you start to spiral out into the world.
Kinder and gentler and more honest and caring of every human being that you meet during the day. Whether it is a store clerk or somebody at the gas station that you say hello to.
These are beautiful relationships that have magnificent energy within them.

And your engagement with life around you in your immediate world really does matter.
It has a tremendous amount of power.

That is where you start to say, “You know something, I’m gonna bring the roots back a little closer to the center of the tree, so that I can use that energy in my life. In my more immediate moment here, in my life, in my house, with my family, etc.”

You will discover, my dear friends, if you do it in this fashion, you will start to even out the energy of your life. You won’t have so many scuffles. You won’t have so much contentious behavior around you, because you’ll be working upon nurturing that which is around you here and now.
The breath which you breathe in this given moment, for example …

– Dr Peebles through Summer Bacon on July 12, 2022

Next he goes into a wonderful meditative moment for us, speaking about the beauty of the breath, how it energizes and changes us, how the breath spreads energies in the world.
The breath unites us with everything and everybody.
We are One.

This Peebles message really cheered me up, and it may do the same for you.
Get it here.

A word about the “roots of the tree” metaphor.
Years ago he told me, “Don’t let the roots get too far from the tree.”
Instead of dissipating my energy with concerns far outside of me, I should bring my attention back to my immediate life, to my self-nurturing and learning.
He said this was an important lesson on how to live a human life.

[Tangent – I often ponder what exactly we are learning on this plane (besides peace and love). In the next plane, the astral world, we have instant gratification of everything we want. I imagine that could be immensely distracting and dissipating, with tons of random desires to fulfill. Our personal energy would scatter far and wide, and we might not be able to focus on anything for very long.
Could it be that human life trains us to focus our attention, trains us to gather our energy for what matters most?
We are learning how to manage ourselves.
We are learning how to be.
“Remember, you’re a human being, not a human doing.” – Dr Peebles
I’ll bet even on the astral plane, they are reminding each other: “Don’t let the roots get too far from the tree.”
What do you think?]

More info about this mp3 from Summer Bacon:

Another uplifting and insightful pep talk from Dr. Peebles, as he speaks about:

  • Things that are hidden are now being revealed; people are more vocal, (and “sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut”)
  • Honoring all perspectives, starting with yourself
  • You will live forever
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Mass shooters, and why everything is in right order
  • How to be a good listener
  • Why it’s more important than ever to focus on family first
  • Why people reincarnate
  • Everyone (absolutely everyone) is loved by God
  • Why you are here upon this school called planet earth
  • What will happen to world leaders (who have done heinous things in their lifetime) when they die
  • The arrival of Good Samaritans: upcoming influx of highly intelligent young people with loving plans to change the world
  • All creatures great and small contain God within
  • Creatures of the deep ocean we have yet to discover
  • How to stay in compassion for everyone and everyone (plus, a powerful way to pray for them)
  • The miracle of breathing
  • It’s okay to be happy
  • And more!

Buy the July 12, 2022 mp3 NOW!


eyeless guy oldWringer CreativeCommons n Flickr

(Thanks to Creative Commons and Flickr for these images we combined.)

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Handle Overwhelm, Hardship, Bad Vibes, and Shift to a Better Mood

When life feels intolerable, when I’m stretched to the end of my rope (like the past couple days), caught up in bad vibes, I can go to an assortment of meditations and practices (found in the Calm Comfort  award-winning book which will re-launch after we get more ratings, with gratitude to you).
Those methods help me chill out.

Then my busy mind complains again.
That’s its job.
So I tell it: Geez, you think you got it bad.
Find a little gratitude, will you?
What if you couldn’t walk? What if you were paralyzed?

Then I remember a woman I met and cared for in the hospital 40 years ago.
She had short blonde hair, a pretty face, and more patience than anybody I’ve ever met, to this day.
She could not scratch her own nose. She could scrunch it up. She could blink, raise her brows, frown, and smile, and speak most graciously. She could move her head slightly from side to side.
That was about it.

I walked in with her breakfast tray, preparing to feed her, as she would be one of my primary patients this week. (She was here for a bone procedure, nothing to do with her paralysis.)

We did our greetings, introductions, the morning washcloth to the face.

“Ahh,” she said, refreshed. Such a big smile for the sensation of that washcloth. “A little more under the chin – and the neck, please.”

“Good.” It warmed my heart that she enjoyed it so much.

Then the opening of the tray, the silverware package, the juice cup, and all the actions my two bare hands could do (back in the day before latex gloves).

Holy moly, I thought, she’s hardly ten years older than I am. She’s only 33. And she is stuck.

“Yum,” she said, eyeing her breakfast. “Let’s have the hot food first.”

“Absolutely,” I said, digging into the poached egg for her. “Hey, I’m sorry about our toast. It is never crisp, by the time it gets here.”

She winked at me. “We’ll do okay with it. A little butter, no jam.”

I did as she wished, wondering if I could order some bread and slip it into the nurses’ lounge toaster.

She bit off a corner of the rubbery toast and gave me a look like a shrug without moving the shoulders. “It’s okay,” she said. “Would you – uh – dip it in the egg yolk?” As if that were a lot to ask.

“Sure! I love to eat my eggs that way.”

“Yeah.” She smiled.

Breakfast continued.
She told me all about a TV movie she had seen the night before. She gave a fascinating critique.
That led into talking about another movie we both had seen and enjoyed.

I started wondering about her background, who she had been before this, and what she might still be able to do, despite her massive limitations.

What an amazing attitude she has, I thought. Just the fact that she has adapted to paralysis. Just the fact that she can smile and relax. Just how well she appreciates the little things.

She was showing me something important here. Something that spoke to my youthful impatience with life.

In walked a visitor, a good-looking, fairly young man who went straight to her bedside and kissed her on the cheek. Behind him came a woman about his age, and she respectfully stood off a short way from the foot of the bed.

“How you doing?” the man asked my patient.

“Good. Things are pretty good,” she responded.

“You got everything you need? Anything I can get you?”

“Nope, doing fine here, and the nurses are great.”

“Okay, well, we’re going golfing,” he grinned.

She gave a nod and a smile. Her eyes reached politely to the woman at the foot of the bed. “You guys have fun, then.”

Off they went.
I tidied up the used food tray.

“That’s my husband,” she explained. “He loves to golf. Doesn’t have to work much, since we got a big settlement from the accident, six years ago.”

“Oh.” I put the lid back on the tray.

As an afterthought she said, “And that’s his girlfriend.”

I froze in place, eyes wide.

“Yeah, they have sex and everything.” She didn’t try to smile. “Because. I can’t. And he needs that.”

“And you’re still married?”

“Yes, we are. He’s my rock.”

I have been flabbergasted ever since.
Every time I recall her.
Which is pretty much every time I dip my toast in my egg.

She seems to run through my life this way, like a message from my soul, or from her soul, to remind me:
no matter the awful circumstances, you can still be grateful for something.
A cool washcloth.
Bodily comfort.
A breath of air.
A friend to rely upon.


How do you switch gears, to gratitude? Please share in the comments below.

10 Quick Prompts to Stabilize and Cheer You Up this Minute
Make a Focus Wheel to Cheer You Up
5 Ways to Cope with Weird Difficult Energies this Month
The Super Happy Habit that You Really Need

cemetery sad angel by maggyona on Pixabay

(Thanks to maggyona on Pixabay for this image.)

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How Sneaky Sugar Creeps in and Depletes Us Like Crazy

We all need a little sweetness in our lives, don’t we?
But I’m looking for moderation.
It’s been years since we mentioned how sugar depletes us and pointed out that sugar is

  • eight times more addictive than cocaine
  • hidden in foods unexpectedly
  • causes fatty liver, stiff narrow arteries, heart disease, diabetes and more.
  • blocks messages to the brain, making us think we are still hungry for more

What is the recommended daily sugar intake (per American Heart Association)?
36 grams for men
24 grams for women

The sugar we get from natural fruits and vegetables generally amounts to about 15 grams of sugar a day. (Leaving another 9 grams “for fun” each day, if I stick to the sugar RDA of 24 gm/day for women. Those nine grams might be one small cookie, or a few crackers, or salad dressing, etc.)

Prior to World War II, people ate about 16 to 24 grams of sugar a day. Foods were closer to nature back then.
High fructose corn syrup was invented in 1975 and began to be added to more and more foods. Within five years, we were up to eating 37 grams of sugar a day.

Nowadays our typical sugar intake (teens or adults) is a whopping 70 to 120 grams of sugar a day – much of it in processed foods and soda pop. (One soda a day is 39 gm – too much sugar for the body to handle long-term.)
Sugar is hiding in bread, buns, crackers, chips, salad dressings, condiments and more!
Read labels.
Fruit juice? Avoid it. Tons of sugar there, even though it’s a natural product.

We often overwhelm our body with triple or quadruple the amount of sugar it can handle.
Every day? Oy. Too much!
Here’s some of the damage sugar does.

What too much sugar does to us

  • Suppresses the immune system and cuts your defense against viruses and such
  • Makes high cholesterol worse
  • Reduces the elasticity of the tissues, makes the fascia stiff, which impairs all organs and body parts
  • Feeds cancer cells
  • Paves the way for autoimmune diseases like arthritis and multiple sclerosis
  • Causes premature aging
  • Fosters yeast infections
  • May cause gallstones, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins
  • Contributes to osteoporosis
  • Can cause depression
  • Can raise blood pressure
  • Can cause headaches and migraines
  • Can lead to kidney stones
  • Worsens ADHD
  • Slows down the adrenal glands (more fatigue)
  • Contributes to eczema
  • Can permanently alter the way proteins act in your body
  • Increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, gout, emphysema, and cataracts
  • Makes the skin age by changing the structure of collagen
  • Can make tendons more brittle

And a ton of other problems, fully researched. (Find more, plus footnotes of scientific studies at https://nancyappleton.com/141-reasons-sugar-ruins-your-health/ )

Yeah, so that’s why I try to keep it down to 24 gm per day.
When I sit down to my daily cookie, I give it my undivided attention.
Because we all need a little sweetness from time to time.

Sugar cravings can be caused by a deficiency of Magnesium (see more scoop here)
Drink extra water to diminish cravings.
Aromatherapy with orange essential oil can curb my sugar craving.
Here’s a new one on me: dill oil applied to the wrists can stop sugar addiction. (Let us know how that works for you, if you try it.)

It does get easier to resist sugar and to prioritize for the “really good stuff” rather than eating any old sweet thing.
Mostly I find that if I get busy with an activity, then I don’t succumb to sugar so much.

What works for you? Please share below.

Monkfruit sweetener is currently my favorite. What’s yours?
(Xylitol is fatal to dogs, so watch out for that.)

Eeek! The Remarkable Danger of Sweeteners!
Overindulge? How to handle the ill Effects of Food and Drink

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Sugar_in_Junk_Food Wikimedia Commons

(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for this image.)

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The Vitality of Love when Spirits Transition to the Next World

The following is a guest post from my friend and colleague, Rose Carey, published in the Sentinel News of Keene, NH, on May 18, 2022.


We don’t often know why we [as spirits] linger in patterns waiting.
Life happens, or in these circumstances, life ends. The funny thing is that some don’t realize life has ended.

Yesterday a client arrived who was certain she was carrying someone.
Transcending souls who have died is not uncommon work for me.
I was about to do that when she said, “I just the other day lost a dear friend. Do you think when someone dies that they visit those who are close to them?”

I asked for the name, and when she said it, there was a leap of energy and urgency surging into me. It was him! Her friend.
He was confused about how suddenly he passed. He didn’t understand why. And he was terribly sad.
She was telling him how much he meant to her, but she was interrupted.
His urgency was that she should tell his family how much he loved them, that nothing else mattered now, but that they know. And then he wanted to go.

Even in life the closeness to someone of higher consciousness, a teacher or holy person, is of great comfort. Perhaps it is the drawing to someone of light or seeking light that brings peace to the soul.

I recently was asked to clear a house and property in Walpole.
There were three souls who had died in the house not long ago, who were still there. One was an older woman who had died of an illness. The others were a grandfather and granddaughter. They might have died at the same time, or the grandfather had remained here after he passed to help protect the granddaughter. There was so much love between them, which they shared with my heart, as they transcended into the light.

I was drawn next to the backyard, which had been a farmer’s field for a long time and before that, a meadow at the edge of the woods. There was a very old pine tree, huge, at the edge of a small stream that curved toward the woods nicely. There under the pine were a group of native peoples . . . it seems they had been camping overnight there, a hunting trip. But they were ambushed.

There were six of them. One a woman who was pregnant. And here may be the reason they had all remained there for so long. The unborn child, even though not yet of this world fully, his soul had chosen to remain with his parents. And that was the request from the whole group, that they remain together.

I promised them that they could all transcend together, but they would have to take turns going [through me]. So, they did.
The most memorable of them was a strong, vibrant young man. He seemed huge as he quickly, almost ran toward me. Placing one foot on my heart, he jumped upward into the tunnel of light above me.
I have had that happen one time before, but it is always a little disconcerting.

The more I do this work, the more stories I hear of how love is the one thing that connects us all. We know it in life, but it echoes from the consciousness of souls over and over again as they transcend.

Love is all that matters.


If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, check out “Initiation” at www.lifelightcenterllc.com  Rose Carey is the founder of LifeLight Center at 206 Washington Street in Keene. She has 30 years of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies. She can be reached at 603-852-8300.
The above link works best through Microsoft Edge browser.

heart hands sun PxHere(Thanks to PxHere for this image.)

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My Great Love for My Fabulous Father’s Special Kind of Magic

In a season when our beloved 92-year-old fabulous father is beginning to fade, God bless him, I’d like to celebrate him all the more.
He would tell you that he birthed the first computers and ran marathons in all 50 states plus many countries – all true.
I would tell you that he was more fun to be with than just about anybody I ever met. His blend of optimism and practicality steered us safely into life.

Here’s to you, Dad, and to the big family you raised.
We love you forever and always.
In all times, in all worlds.


Hearts Entwined      (by Diane Stallings 6-25-95)

We have the biggest family on the block
and the smallest car, a Metro,
red as a heart.
We squeeze into that car and
pop out again,
all of us, a circus trick
to show the neighbors or the folks at Dairy Queen.

Mom is the navigator, map on her lap.
She was Senior Class President,
arthritis or no,
and a typist ready for the world
when — wonder of wonders
that smiley guy in the college library,
that guy on the GI bill —
he loved her and she loved him.
Toot n’ Tellem!  Do!
Egg sandwiches on Friday nights
at the Toot n’ Tellem burger stand.
Red red roses and ruby lips,
the bride, how she shone
in a radiant gown.
The light of Heaven filled them both;
the angels sang for them.

Mama makes the measurements
and threads the machine
for pint-sized dresses and
suits topped off with bow ties.
Mama orchestrates the birthday parties,
inspires the homework.
She can spell anything right.

That’s Dad at the wheel,
Dairy Queen Daddy,
the Red Hots ‘n peanuts Pop.
Professor in a straw hat.
Acrobat — he throws his babies in the air
and they love it.
The fun n’ games Daddy has stars up his sleeve —
anything can happen.
Bag of manure?
There must be a horse around here somewhere.
The optimist, he’s got sturdy bones.
He’s the bricklaying practical pig,
so the wolves can’t get us, hee hee hee.

Drive us to Mexico, Dad, take us to Canada.
We’re all in the Metro,
this tiny red car
with one spare tire on the back.

There we are, a farmy family
with a bunch of farmy ancestors
bouncing on the sticky seats.
Dad inspires an awe for Kansas wheat
blanketing the fields, waving in the wind.
This here’s the breadbasket of America.
Are we the breadbasket, too?
Gardening, fighting, camping, hiking.
Both our Grampas had asthma
from farm fall-out.
We don’t.
We live next to the Bird Farm
and revel in wild fruit and weeds,
tangled things that beckon but
do not let loose so easily.
Every child has their own confusion,
every one their own desires.

Yet it is simple when we are all as one,
squeezed into the Metro,
sharing breaths of air
and bumps on the road,
sitting in each other’s laps,
our noses in each other’s hair.

Tell me, can you feel us
so together in the smallest space?
A family riding in the mouth of God.

The love that started at Toot n’ Tellem
shot out and latched onto
the big big Love in every star above.
And here we are,
two or more of us are gathered,
forever entwined,
the bloodline.
Nothing is so close.
This is the life behind life.
We cannot but share our friction,
pushing, pulling,
one upon the other.
These are the true lessons of our life.

When all is said,
when all are dead,
we remain together
sharing intimately a space of time,
sharing the bloodline,
members of the same muscle
In your heart.
In mine.


Happy Father’s Day

Check out Dad’s free iBook – Essays from a Life Well Lived: A Memoir, by Lyle Langlois, under (Biographies & Memoirs at Apple Books – much gratitude to Lisette Casey for putting it there.)
This photo by Lori Langlois, 2019 – many thanks.

Lyle and Shorttail 96dpi

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Jung’s Dream – This Little Light of Yours Is Much Stronger Than You Think

“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” – Harry Dixon Loes

At a difficult time of life, in a desperate dream, Carl Jung struggled against a horrendous freezing wind that tore at his greatcoat. This wind demolished everything in its path. It was menacing, paralyzing, inescapable.
Then he looked down into his own hand and saw a flame.

He knew this tiny flame was the one vital thing.
If everything else perished, he would still keep his own flame, his own soul, burning.
It was manageable, to keep this flame alive in his palm.

Each of us carries our own flame. Our unique light.
For ourselves and for the world.
This is what we can offer.
Our kindness.
Our heart.
Our spirit of love.

The world swarms with sad news, mad news, bad news.
Dreadful storms.
We have charge of the flame in our own hand, in our own inner life.
Reach for light and love, and keep that flame burning.

We must care for our soul.
We can do this.

Practice inner peace.
Bask in serenity.
Love what you love.
Love whom you love.
Love yourself better than ever.

How to lighten up?
How to feed your soul?
How to keep your flame alive?
These are my favorite topics.

How do I love me? One Vital Breakthrough
Lift the Chaos, Send Love to Yourself and the World
How to Lighten Up Now with Your Powerful Heart Energy
I compiled a treasure trove of guided meditations, breathwork, and self energy healing, published as Calm Comfort Meditations (Jan. 2021).
Perhaps you downloaded it (free at that time, and the e-book is still only 1.99, paperback 6.99).

Imagine my surprise last week, when this book was chosen by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group as one of the Best Indie Books of 2022.
Calm Comfort Meditations is a Finalist of the Mind-Body-Spirit category in the 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the world’s largest book awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors.

I would love to relaunch this book and get it into the world, where it can do more good.
But I have some hurdles to leap. One of them is that (until this week) the book had no reviews, and it needs tons of ratings just to gain visibility.
If you happen to have any version of this book, I would be SO grateful if you would rate it here with a few stars.
(If you’d like to drop in a “review” sentence, that would be lovely, also. But no worries either way. I feel awkward asking for favors, and I never ask for donations.)

In a couple of weeks we will relaunch this award-winning book, making the e-book free for a few days.
Stay tuned!

But Much More Importantly,
keep the flame of love and joy burning –
in the palm of your hand,
in your heart,
in your soul.

Tell us in the comments below, what’s your favorite way to lighten up?


Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

flame-in-hand wikimedia commons 72dpi(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for this image.)

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6 Easy Tips to Save Your Skin from Sneaky Harmful Toxins, and Live Healthy

Most of the civilized world has banned harmful chemicals in personal care products and cosmetics – toxins which cause birth defects, miscarriages, infertility, cancerous tumors, allergies, neurological damage, weakened immune system, endocrine disruption, and more. (Endocrine disruptors upset the hormones, including thyroid. Thyroid medication is the most-prescribed pill in the USA.)

More than 40 Nations have abolished these chemicals for the health of their citizens.
But the USA?

We’ve heard of unsafe cosmetics, but also –
We still have at least 88 bad chemicals, constantly found in 73,000 products that we use on our hair, face, lips, teeth, skin, nails, and all over the body.
Yes, even toothpaste, soap, body wash, shampoo, sunscreen, lotions, lip balm – can damage the body in time. These self-care products are not regulated.

Some of the worst chemicals are found in nail polish, nail products, hair dyes, any fragrances, and anything that is waterproof, sweatproof, or long-lasting.
Many products do not specify all their ingredients.

Companies that produce self-care products are not required to register with the FDA nor reveal their ingredients. (They’re on the honor system, but not always honorable.)

The FDA has managed to ban 11 chemicals (12.5% of the problem).
But they cannot exert any control over the industry, because the industry does not share their data. And they don’t have to! (It’s some old legislation from 1938.)

Unfortunately, despite using only a small amount of these products daily, we invite chemicals to build up in our body. And overflow into the environment. And the animals.

Many of us who have thyroid issues are cautioned to be very careful about our choice of soaps, shampoos, sunscreens, and everything else that touches our skin.
Children (and babies in utero) are especially affected by these substances.

On the bright side, some drugstore chains are finally making better choices about which products they support and sell.
I prefer my health food store, which offers good basic trustworthy items.
Castile soap is still safe – and kind to the environment.

Be sure to read ingredients. (That can be a little tricky too, since they don’t have to be honest.)

6 Easy Tips for Personal Care Product Safety

  • Look for organic-certified products, which should be cleaner than most.
  • Trust the exact phrase, “fragrance-free.” (The term “unscented” is not reliable.)
  • Look for products from the E.U., which are better regulated.
  • Avoid “long-lasting” and “waterproof” items.
  • Make your own personal care products? (Grapeseed oil works nicely as a moisturizer on my face. A friend likes raw eggs in her hair …)
  • Search your product-safety at this fantastic database, which is a blessing to us all:
    EWG Skin Deep database
    For each product, their research shows the risk for cancer, immunotoxicity, allergies, reproductive toxicity, and developmental toxicity.
    They cover some 10,000 products, plus specific chemical ingredients.
    If your product is not listed, you can search for each ingredient in your product.

Here are (in no particular order) the worst offenders, which may be listed on a product.
Keep in mind these chemical words may be part of a longer word (e.g. propylparaben).

Triclosan (a widespread antimicrobial, even in toothpaste and soap – causes endocrine disruption, antibiotic resistant bacteria, especially hazardous to child-bearing women, and toxic overflow to environment and animals.)

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (foaming agent, may irritate skin/eyes, and sometimes contaminated with carcinogens – yikes, I just now found it listed on my toothpaste.)

Siloxanes (to smooth, soften, water-repellant – may affect neurotransmitters, reproductive system, and toxins accumulate in the body)

Petrolatum (petroleum jelly, contained in many items – carcinogens when not refined correctly)

PEGS (polyethylene glycols – carcinogens when not refined correctly)

Parfum/Fragrance  (thousands of unidentified chemicals linked to a wide variety of problems)

Parabens – with prefixes – propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl – (preservatives – harmful to hormones, endocrine disruptor, reproductive system, possible cancer)

Formaldehyde (preservative – allergic reactions, carcinogens)

DEP (dibutyl phthalate – used in fragrances and nail products – endocrine disruptor, hazard for male fertility)

DEA (diethanolamine – in household cleaning products and cosmetics – skin/eye irritant, carcinogens)

Coal tar (a mix of many compounds in hair products, soaps, lotions – carcinogens and neurological damage)

BHA and BHT (preservatives that spark allergies, thyroid and other organ problems, endocrine disruption, possible carcinogen)

Hopefully in the coming years, we can eradicate the production of these toxins.

What do you think? Please comment below.

Watch Out for Thin Skin, How to Handle It
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Benefits of my Favorite Sensational Oils for Relief – Mint, Lavender, Lemon

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

facial-care pxhere and Flickr

(Thanks to PxHere and Flickr for these images we combined.)

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