Quick Simple Way to Avoid a Cold

We’ve talked before about homeopathic pills (placed under the tongue) to prevent a cold, but here’s another easy approach.

Remember these remedies work best if used at the first onset of symptoms.
So don’t ignore that mild scratchy throat or sneezing, okay?
Be mindful. Stay in touch with your body, in the moment.

Okay, there you are at the end of the day, fatigued, and your sinuses are a little stuffy, maybe your throat feels dry. It’s the sort of thing that could become a cold tomorrow.

Before you go to bed, take:

  • 1000 mg Vitamin C
  • 250 to 500 mg Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
  • a glass of lemon water (1/2 tsp lemon juice or lemon wedge in water)
  • Then rinse your mouth well (so lemon water won’t bother your teeth).

Now go blissfully to sleep.
Allow your immune system to work this out overnight.
In the morning, voilà! You feel good!
Keep Cool and Carry On, You Amazing Human!

How does it work?
To my understanding, the lemon water helps to absorb all nutrients into our cells more completely.
Both vitamins help our immune system.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which reduces some cold symptoms and can lessen worse complications from a cold or flu (like averting a severe cough).
Vitamin C also improves circulation and relieves sore muscles.

Vitamin B5 increases stamina, decreases inflammation, boosts immunity, alleviates stress, anxiety, respiratory problems including asthma, and allergies. (It even has been known to restore natural hair color, dropping gray hairs!)

This natural cold remedy is not something you’d want to take every night, or it may lose some effectiveness.
But occasional use works like a charm for me.
(Plus I think it’s not as pricey as the homeopathic pills.)

IF you’re coming down with a sore throat, however, you need to gargle salt water.
Get a cup of fairly hot water (but not hot enough to burn your mouth).
Add a rounded teaspoon of salt and stir it up.
Patiently gargle this, one mouthful at a time.
(Never gargled before? Practice with a small amount. Tilt your head back, let the liquid hit the back of your throat, and exhale long and slow. This allows the hot salt water to get deeper into the throat, as it bubbles with your exhalation. Then spit out the water.)
The hot water brings more circulation to the throat tissues, while the salt draws out the germs and microbes, gets rid of them.
You can knock out that sore throat. (Repeat a couple times a day if needed.)

Let me know how it goes for you?
Please share with us any anti-cold remedies you like 😉

Thanks to Dr. Peebles for this easy vitamin-replenishing remedy.

Prevent Flu and Colds
Anti-virus Strategies to Keep You Healthy and Strong 

Diane does health coaching, energy healing, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our weekly healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix.
(Thanks to pixabay for this lemon water pic – next to the vitamins on my shelf.)
lemon water pixabay w my C B vits

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The Light of your Soul

The Light of our Being, emerging from darkness. This is from my friend Rose, published recently in The Keene Sentinel newspaper of Keene, NH

The Light of your Soul by Rose Carey

The layers of Maya surrounding this earth are the “prisms” that refract the white light of your soul into its many earthly colors.
We are first beings of white light.
At birth we come into Maya—the illusion which is this world and separates us from Above. As the essence of your soul settles into this world and your physical body at birth, five sheaths of energy bring in aspects which become layers of you, physical body systems and personality. These are your genetic blueprint. Three colors or primary energies (gunas) are present: light, dark, and neutral. You are light, and shadow, then into matter.

When the energy of your soul enters this world, it begins to spin. As these three primary colors begin to spin, the light, the dark and neutral, secondary colors are created which become chakra colors. Our chakras glow with the colors of this world, those of the rainbow. In all, 72 energies combine to form us. This is what we work with throughout our lives, how these energies manifest or not.

This truth about the light of your soul comes through my teacher C. J. Whitedeer, a Cherokee elder who sees the colors and light of the human aura.

As many of us seek our internal light and our soul’s essence, we often think there is a separation of our physical nature from our divine nature. We think that our essence might have become obscured through the daily living of life. This is not true! We never become separated from our essence, our soul. As a healer I am taught to bring pure color and light into my hands and offer it to another, not to pump it in, but rather bring it to my palms and let my client gather from it as needed.
The same is true in regards to your soul, let it rise to the surface of your consciousness where you may gather understanding and grace as you will.

Higher frequencies create greater health in your body.
The more you allow your divine self to express itself, the healthier you become.
If you let your consciousness be at your heart level, you will naturally bring the higher frequencies of your divine self to connect with the earthly frequencies of your physical body. This creates a harmony of energy for living along with many other benefits as well.
This life on earth trains us to seek unity where there is duality. We are seeking the unity of what we really are.

We can manipulate the structure of what-is – that which holds physical things in place – but we cannot manipulate the illusion or Maya of this world. We have the frequencies and colors of the rainbow as tools to change the structure of ourselves and our world.
These frequencies affect our state of consciousness and the consciousness of our chakras. We can spend much of our life living from first chakra (which is a specific color and frequency), living in survival mode. Or we can release our fears and find our souls (again a shift in color and frequency).
How we take on these shifts, these color-changes, is not mystery. It happens most often as a response to emotion, beauty, or centered contentment.

There are some things that cannot be changed, though. These relate to the nature of the universe and the lessons for your soul.
Your unmanifested white light, your soul, acquires its blueprint or matrix as it enters this realm. When you pass through Maya and its five sheaths, your aspects gain density and physicality. These five sheaths of energy bring in different aspects – one gives bone, one gives personality, etc. These are the givens which remain constant and cannot be changed by us. They come from the Maya.

A few of the cosmic rules that govern us: “You must give before you can receive,” in other words, you must have an open heart to give or to take in love from another.
“Energy is never lost, it is only transformed” describes the mystery of moving from one state of being into another.
“What goes up must come down” is a reflection on the duality of this world.
“Love is all there is” – that which we seek is deeply within us.

The birth of light is once again within us and around us as we approach the seasonal turn from the darkness of winter. May we open our hearts through loving acts and generosity of spirit, and in so doing take on an energy that transforms us.
It is my prayer that we may all be reborn in the light of the divine within.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, check out “Love is a Quality of Your Soul” at www.lifelightcenterllc.com and download the free mp3 “Grounding and Alignment”, as well as read other articles on healing. Rose Carey is the founder of LifeLight Center at 206 Washington Street in Keene. She has nearly 30 years of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies. She is sensitive to and repairs the energy pathways of your body and aligns your energy, nervous and muscular/skeletal systems. Call for info and appointments at 603-852-8300.

float candles pixabay

(Thanks to pixabay for this image of flames.)

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Ghost? Imprint? Obsession? You Compare – a Little Fun

“She’s hanging on my shoulder talking to me again,” my friend Caren said with wide-eyed exasperation.

“That lady who loves to dance?” I smiled. We had just ordered lunch in the tea room of the swanky old Peacock Hotel, the jewel of the Southwest. Palm trees swayed in the courtyard.

“I wouldn’t mind, but she never quits.”

“She can’t get anybody else to listen.” This ghost talk tickled me. I was fascinated that Caren could hear her.

“I came to chat with you, not her.”

“She’s still talking about those fabulous parties?”

“Nonstop. Oh, the gossamer gowns, the amazing band, the dancing! She would Shimmy all night with loads of handsome men. She claims she danced with Douglas Fairbanks in this very room.”

“No kidding? His photo is out there in the lobby next to Clark Gable’s.”

“I know. This must have been a hopping place back then.”


“Now she’s saying, Lindy Hop.”

“Lindy Hop?

“I guess it’s a dance,” said Caren. “She says Lindy hopped over the Atlantic.”

“Lindbergh.” A tingle flitted over my skin. “This woman will never leave this hotel.”

Caren nodded. “Those elegant dance parties mean everything to her. She’s waiting for the next one.”


“She is. She keeps asking when the next dance will be. I’ve told her that was ninety years ago, but she doesn’t get it.”

“Hungry ghost.” I pondered the Buddhist phrase. She was stranded here by her desire for more excitement. “Gosh, she’s totally stuck in that flamboyant party, the music, the shining gowns and tuxedos, the rich and famous.”

“That whole era.” Caren’s face glowed. She was a kindred soul to this woman. She too loved costumes, elegance, fabulous dancing, that season of history.

Magnificent times, I thought, tracing the curlicue on my antique fork. Then it hit me. “Hey, what if? What if she is not a whole person but a fragment of strong emotion?”

“She feels like a person to me. Her spiel is always the same.”

“That’s exactly why I wonder if she is one dimensional, not a whole person. She’s like a recording.”

“She does repeat herself.”

“I was reading about thought forms. What if she’s not a ghost exactly but a thought form?”

“I don’t know. I think she’s a ghost.”

“What’s her name?”

“Don’t know. I’ll ask.” Caren shut her eyes, exhaled deeply.

I wished I was more psychic like Caren. She was so good at merging into people, losing her boundaries, finding cool stuff.

“She won’t give her name,” said Caren. “She’s describing her flapper dress, moaning that she couldn’t get a hot pink color like we can get today.”

“Ask her what street she lived on.”

Caren breathed, waited. “She won’t say.”

“My book said, a ghost that keeps going up the stairs, always in the same direction, is like an old photographic imprint. It’s a fragment of a personality. Not a whole person. Basically anybody’s intense emotion becomes a thought form. That form attracts more of the same thoughts and feelings. The thought form is like a one-dimensional consciousness because it holds one strong feeling and a lot of it.”

Caren gave me a goofy indulgent smile. “But how can you get emotional about going up the stairs?”

I grinned. “Yeah, not a good example, but maybe it was a habitual pattern? Maybe repetitive weariness? They call it an electromagnetic imprint. When they try to talk with the ghost on the stairs it won’t communicate in a personal way. Not like a person.”

Caren folded her hands on the table. “She’s quiet now. Maybe we offended her.”

“I mean, what if one dancing lady got extremely excited and then everybody’s big celebration energy accumulated in her emotional cloud that still hangs around here?”

“A cloud? I think she’s more than a cloud. On the other hand we know vibrations do linger physically, like in violent depressing places.”

“I think it’s amazing that you can feel her so well. I wish I could do that.”

“Sometimes I get pulled around by these things, and I wish I weren’t so sensitive.”

“At least this one is fun and snazzy.”

(So tell us, what’s your impression here? I’d love to hear from you. I took lots of poetic license with this true event, because lately I’ve been reading about thought forms, don’ ya know . . .)

(Thanks to Wikimedia and Pixabay for these images I blended.)
flapper in HotelDelCoronado wikimedia and pixabay

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3 Easy Ways to Lighten Up, Drop Bad Energies

Is it dark emotions or thought-forms or cling-ons or the haunting voice of your mean old coach? All of the above? Sometimes unwanted energies stick to us.

My dark mood can draw these vibrations to me. If I keep returning to a fear, anger, or sadness, then I may need help to find the root cause and remove it, make peace with the old trauma.

But sometimes this murky energy does not belong to us.
We take it on without realizing it.
How do we let it go?

Find good tips in How to Drop It; How to Brighten Up; Protect Your Energy; Your Astounding Voice (toning); Restore My Good Vibes; Protection from Bad Vibes; Healing Code.

3 more approaches on how to lighten up –

  • Salt
  • Essential Oils
  • Self Healing Energy Methods

Salt lamps or dry salt or even salt water absorbs and removes negative energies, allowing fresh calm energy to flow in. (Western science can’t explain it, but don’t knock it till you try it.)
In the medical field we know salt is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and also draws out toxins. We use it for gargling a sore throat, healing mucous membranes (on either end of the body), soothing eczema and psoriasis with a salty bath, and more.

It sounds wild that salt removes emotional toxins from the air itself, and yet. For centuries people of India have washed the floors with salt water to remove sadness and tragic vibrations. According to Ayurveda salt is absorbing and drying – absorbing negativity. Also salt is made of crystals, so its properties naturally amplify (any crystal structure is an amplifier).

Let’s say you have a grouchy co-worker or roommate. Or maybe you have the blues, maybe some grief.
You don’t need to buy a $25 salt lamp (although they are snazzy).
You can right now put a handful of salt in a cup of water. Mix it up and place it on your desk or a shelf in your living room (behind a plant to avoid complaints from the grouch). Make several cups of salt water. Spread them around. Leave them there for a month. Then throw them out. Notice how the ambient energy has improved.
(I noticed. Let me know if you do?)

Essential oils can help drop heavy energies and uplift your vibration.
Mist them into the air using a diffuser (dispersing water with oil drops on top).
Or put a few drops on a handkerchief and inhale the scent.

Dilute essential oils with jojoba oil or another oil carrier for topical use on the skin. Massage into the soles of your feet or around the edges of your ears. Both areas nurture your meridian system.

Some oils to choose from (probably not all at once 😉

  1. For anxiety (concern about the future), try orange, lemon, lavender, basil, cedarwood, frankincense, jasmine, rose, or sandalwood.
  2. For calming oneself, use lavender, ylang ylang, rose, orange, cedarwood, or bergamot.
  3. For depression (ruminating about the past), use sage, jasmine, grapefruit, rosemary, lavender, frankincense, lemon, or bergamot.


Self Healing Energy Methods – most can be done anywhere anytime:

  • Ground yourself to earth. Feel the strong envelope of your aura, your barrier against invasion.
  • Stay grounded to earth and connected to heaven with divine light flowing through your core.
  • Inhale Light into every cell of your body. Exhale anything that feels negative or dark.
  • At the end of the day (or anytime), point your palms to the earth and send out excess energies. Allow all worries and concerns to flow into the earth to be recycled.
  • Take a hot bath with 2 cups Epsom salts or sea salt, Himalayan or kosher salt, along with several drops of lavender and sage essential oils.
  • Simply immersing yourself in water releases unwanted energies. Go for a swim.
  • Use EFT meridian tapping to release and balance your emotions. (eftuniverse.com)
  • Give yourself a re-balancing energy session or ask a friend to do this for you.
  • If you suspect an unwelcome burdensome hitchhiker, say aloud, “Anything that is not (my name) must leave now.”
  • Burn a bundle of sage (smudge). The smoke cleanses you and your surroundings, so “paint” the smoke all over as you go.

Quick self treatment videos from energy master Donna Eden:

zip up

expel the venom

pull ears to release overwhelm

triple warmer smoothie

5 minute energy routine

In all of this, please remember you have a ladder to visit all vibrations.

The important thing is to get skilled at moving up and down that ladder.

Can I lighten up when I want to?
This is the key.

I would love to hear how it goes for you. Please let me know 😉

Scientists tell us energy medicine is 100x more efficient than chemical medicine. Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain HillsAlso check out our meditation groups – Tuesdays in Phoenix, Wednesdays in Fountain Hills.
(A pic of my salt lamp 😉
my salt lamp

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How Bad Energy Gets Stuck, How to Drop It

What are those murky achy feelings at the end of a long day?
Dozens of unresolved issues and emotions pull at you.
It feels like people gave you bad energy?
I hear you.

Emotions carry strong electromagnetic energy.
Look at a two-year-old letting their emotions flow. Strong stuff.
Parents teach them to chill out. Damp it down.

By the time we grow up, we hardly deal with our emotions. We’re too busy to have feelings. Feelings get in the way. We ignore them, to our detriment. Their energy gets stuck in our body.

In 2013 researchers in Finland, testing the responses of 700 international people, created body maps of energy showing specific emotions.
Heat rises in our face, chest, arms when we’re angry (like we’re ready to fight).
We feel cold blue all over when we’re depressed.
Surprise strikes us in the face and upper chest.
Contempt heats up the head but turns the rest of the body cold. Envy has a similar pattern.

Happiness warms and brightens our whole body right down to the tips of our toes. We like to bask in that and feel all of it before it fades.

But the unwanted emotions? We stifle and block those.

Emotion is energy in motion.
If we clamp it down and disregard it, that energy gets stuck in our cells.

Remember a moment when you were driving along, and somebody cut so close in front of you that the shock of danger sent needles into your face and chest?
Sudden shock has this pattern, and the residual stress lingers in your body.

In a similar way, when a violent story hits your newsfeed, part of you is shocked and dismayed. That energy gets stuck in you. It builds up and festers. It drags you down.

Is it any wonder that we get back pain from anxiety? Pain in our shoulders from our burdens? Pain in our wrists when we can’t handle the challenge at hand? Pain in our feet when it’s hard to take the next step in life?

7 ways bad energy clings to us:

  • Negative emotional energies can latch on during our day at work, in our community, or from the media.  Up to 98% of our feelings do not belong to us but are picked up sympathetically. We have mirror neurons that pick up others’ emotions. We feel what they feel, just by the look on their face. We are empaths. (Breathe and ask yourself: Does this feeling belong to me? If it does not, then say, “Return to sender with consciousness.” See Access Consciousness.)
  • Our own half-forgotten traumas, bad memories, unresolved stresses do get lodged in the body in our cellular memory. (Also in our aura.) For example, unbeknownst to me this heartache belongs to my three-year-old self who felt abandoned. Traces of this might be expressed in a tantrum decades later.
  • Somebody’s strong emotion “out there” in the world resonates with and sticks to a similar trauma in my own cellular memory. Then I carry it home. I might feel rotten and clueless. Their trauma has amplified my unresolved trauma.
  • Like attracts Like. If I am complaining, I will be a magnet for complaints and complainers.
  • We have chronic emotional habits that we may not notice. (Mindfulness can help us see what we do to ourselves. Eventually we realize, “Oh I’m doing this thing again.” Enneagram personality exploration helps to uncover this.)
  • Our habit-of-mind (personality) may affect particular body areas. Such as clenched jaws (or TMJ) for a perfectionist, tension in chest and shoulders for a giver. (More about this in a future post on somatic release for enneagram types.)
  • The dramas and traumas of our ancestors remain in our DNA until we resolve and make peace with them. Their anguish can cause lingering health issues for us. (Sounds wild? Many current practices hold this as truth and use it for successful healing.)

How to release bad energy:

Remember emotion is energy in motion.
It wafts in. Let it waft out. Don’t ignore it.
Let the emotion rise and blossom.
Feel the energy of it.
Locate the sensation of it in your body.
Where is it? What does it feel like?
Allow yourself to make a sound, any sound to express this feeling – a moan, groan, hum, scream, any sound at all.
Vocalizing will clear the energy from your body.
Keep making the sounds until you feel relaxed. This method simply works.

If you’re in a situation where you cannot make noise, then keep breathing and noticing the sensations in your body.
You might name the feeling. (“Oh, this is anger coming through.”)
You do not have to act it out.
You do not have to choke anybody or spread more of it.
Simply recognize and breathe through it.
See it, breathe it.
Breathe again. The energy will dissipate.

In themselves emotions are not good or bad, they’re just energy.
Don’t push away or push back at these emotions.
Let them flow through.

More practical ways to clear out murky energies –
Take a brisk walk outside in the natural world.
Inhale nature and light; exhale murky energies.
Sing along to some favorite tunes.

Take a bath with extra salt or Epsom salts – Magnesium relaxes the body.

Point your palms to the floor and let all tensions, troubles, and energies pour into the earth to be recycled. You do not have to deal with them. Just send them out.

Tell us, what is your favorite way to reset your good vibrations?
I would love to hear your comments.

I Feel You, but How to Restore my Good Vibes?
Secret Happy-Key: Skilled Attention
See What you can do to Protect your Energy
Bad vibes? Distress? Unlock fresh Energy and Freedom
Glide 5 Spacious Expansion
“Protection” from bad vibes
Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system and your overall health.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our weekly healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix.
(Thanks to pixabay for this image, now embellished.)
neon-pink head w holes inside outside circle pixabay

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Brilliant Healthy Stuff: Just Like Sugar

The season of sweets is upon us: cookies, cakes, pies! Brownies!! Oh my!
Now you can enjoy them:

  • without sugar calories (you heard me),
  • without bumping your blood sugar up and down,
  • without danger for diabetics or pre-diabetics (that’s 44% of us in USA),
  • without sugar alcohols or any of the awful chemicals in sweeteners,
  • without the many dangers of sugar (yeast overgrowth, bloating, poor immune function, accelerated aging, tooth decay, weight gain, heart disease and more).
  • With the great advantage of lowering your LDL cholesterol!
  • With natural good support for your gallbladder and your liver!
  • With natural relief of indigestion!
  • With remarkable Fiber to feed your intestinal microbiota!

When you gain a large healthy supply of microbiota (friendly flora, bifidobacteria), they stop harmful bacteria and toxins, enhance your digestive enzymes, produce more B vitamins and folic acid, and repair your immune system so you are far healthier and more resistant to all types of disease (including cancer)!

The key to all the above is a product called “Just Like Sugar.”
Have you heard of it?
(No, I am not on their sales team, they don’t even know me, but I like their stuff.)
Of course it tastes Just Like Sugar. It’s a white powder that looks almost granulated.

The makers of Just Like Sugar use 4 ingredients, all of which are free of herbicides and pesticides: chicory root, orange peel, calcium citrate and vitamin C.
But the final amounts of calcium and vitamin C are super-small, and the main benefit is the fiber, fiber, fiber of the chicory root.

96 grams of fiber per 100 grams of this powder (about a half cup)
2 teaspoons in a cup of tea = 8 grams of fiber

The friendly-flora gut cheerleaders recommend 40 Gm of fiber per day to support your microbiota, and that’s not easy to get, but this chicory root can help you reach the goal.(Not that you want to swig a 48-gram quarter-cup of it in your drink  – or do you?)

Just Like Sugar dissolves well in a hot drink, takes more time and blending in a cold drink. (That’s the only drawback I found.)
It works well in all your brownie-cookie-cake-sweets recipes. Smoothies! Latte Mocha! Fudge! Think of the possibilities!
Use this as you would regular sugar, although this is slightly less sweet (see adjusted amounts).
Check out their recipes – http://www.justlikesugar.com/recipes/

Be advised that if you eat a ton of this you will get a large dose of fiber which might not be the greatest idea for IBS (or it might, because you need friendly flora). Please consult your health practitioner. A gradual increase of fiber is recommended for most of us.

Thanks to my wonderful brother and sister-in-law who introduced me to Just Like Sugar.
Have you tried it?
What do you think?

See also Jane’s Healthy Kitchen – My Trip to the Just Like Sugar Factory
Chicory Root Sweetener at Maria MindBody

Diane does health coaching, energy healing, and gives you practical ways to enhance your health.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our weekly healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix.

Just Like Sugar w ingredients



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Unshaken Amidst the Crash of Breaking Worlds

Did you get to see the “Isaac books” yet?front cover
The “Walking the Bridge” series, based on
spiritual discussions with my friend Isaac?

Well, you’re in luck, because the Volume 3 eBook arrives today! Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well.

Grab your digital copy here now for only $3.99, or plan to grab it Nov 7 and 8, when it will be a freebie.

Here is an excerpt of Isaac talking in Chapter 22:

One swami’s students asked him, “Tell us your experience of when you reached enlightenment.”
He said, “First of all, it’s a place without words, and you’re asking me to supply words. But I will say it’s a place where Nothing is wrong anymore.”

This may be the best and shortest description I’ve ever heard.
Nothing is wrong anymore.

This awareness that nothing is wrong will grow according to how much you learn to accept and accommodate.
Even the highest yogi, while he may appear calm, may feel distress or excitement about something.
No matter how calm he seems, he is still a relative self in this world.
He is not changeless in this world.
The most he can do, or any of us can do, is to keep practicing more acceptance and accommodation.

For myself, I notice that as I age, when I am presented with praise or blame, I take it less personally than when I was younger. I am given praise or blame, and I still say, “thanks” or “get lost” according to the situation. But underneath everything, I feel less pulled by either experience.

As Yogananda liked to say, the truly wise can “Stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.”
Imagine: the crash of breaking worlds.
That’s a tall order.
Yet each of us can face our own upsets with more accommodation.

We are a relative self, learning to accommodate more.

We are also a Changeless self.

We are both the changing and the changeless.

Our Sages tell us our Changeless self is “nearer than the near.”


Get your eBook copy of  Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well
(Print paperback version will be available soon through this same link.)
See also Volume 1 and Volume 2, and for a taste of both go to

(Thanks to Wikipedia for this crashing wave 😉
Wikipedia big wave 2010_mavericks_competition



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