Feel Better Now – 5 Simple Steps to Drop Toxins and Weight 

Did you know toxins make us accumulate pounds and retain water?
Did you know virtually all regular foods contain “Roundup” herbicides from the powerful Monsanto company?
Did you know “Roundup” gives us more food allergies, chronic diseases, and makes us fatter? (See Dr. Mercola’s article.)

We really DO need ORGANIC foods for good health and less weight!
Here’s a basic pesticide chart of non-organic produce (from Center for Science in the Public Interest).

Dirty Dozen – 70% to 90% pesticides Fairly Clean – 30% to 10% pesticides
bell peppers
imported grapes
frozen sweet peas
frozen sweet corn

Toxins accumulate not only from pesticides, but from overdoing carbs, sugars, and such. Check your weight the morning after a hi-carb, hi-alcohol, hi-sugar day. Your body holds onto water weight to buffer and process extra acidity and toxins.

Toxins also build up from natural cellular waste that is not eliminated well.
So? You gotta poop well. Clear out your colon every day. If you have great microbiota, you might clear out after every meal. Imagine that.
(For better elimination try abundant hydration, probiotics, magnesium. Or hot lemon water first thing in the morning.)

Cellular waste may linger in a sedentary body. Our lymph system is trying to move that waste, but it can’t do much unless we move, walk, use our muscles. Exercise clears the lymph.

Good hydration is vital for cellular health. When you are truly hydrated, your urine is extremely pale, not hardly yellow. Then your cells get the water they need. (Headaches will disappear. Many benefits develop.)
My favorite way to hydrate is by adding celtic salt to my water and drinking 70 ounces a day (which is half of my 140 pounds of body weight).

Celtic salt is high in trace minerals. Add 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.
A giant glass of water 20 min before eating diminishes appetite.

We know our body thrives on plant foods, which are alkaline. Yet we tend to scarf up bread, pasta, carbs, meats, sweets – which are acidic in the body.
If you want to reduce toxins and drop pounds, load your plate with a lot more veggies. Choose plants for at least half of each meal.
Your taste buds will begin to love plants!

  1. Eat Organic, non-GMO as much as possible, all food groups.
  2. Clear your colon 1 to 3 times a day – goodbye toxins!
  3. Daily brisk walk or exercise moves the lymph, cleanses the body.
  4. Drink celtic salt water – half your body weight in ounces each day.
  5. Go alkaline with more plants – 50% of your intake.

Whaddaya think? Does any of this look possible for you?
Would you rather try just one thing, like quit eating white foods (refined sugar, rice, bread, pasta)?

I think the reason many people “can’t” lose weight is because the toxins must go first.
That fat is what I call “guardian fat” because it is handling the toxins for you.
If you clear out toxins, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, then the whole body will improve.

This has been Part 1 of “Lose Toxins, Lose Weight, Gain Health.”
Our next post will bring more tips.
Thanks to Flickr for this image:

fat Ronald McDonald by Flickr

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Energy Healing You Can Do Yourself

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.    – Hamlet 

Right! There are more things in heaven and earth – like faeries? Sounds far-out, but I have several friends, real and honest people, who have seen real faeries. I believe them.

Here’s something that’s not so hard to believe: we humans are infused with subtle energy. This flow of energy can be depleted or blocked by stress in all its forms, by our own outlook, by our habits-of-mind, by our personal history, by our relationships and more. All sorts of things impact us. We may hang onto stuff that doesn’t feel good at all. It can wear us down over time.

AND our flow of energy can be repaired. We can restore ourselves!
Personally I think this is the most beautiful news of our era.
It is backed up not only by science but by millions of cases of energy healing.
How cool is that? It’s worth checking into, yes?

Now as much as I wish we could play with faeries at our Tuesday meditation group, I haven’t been able to contact them yet.
But we do have the next best thing:

Irish Shamanic Drumming to assess your aura and chakras! Find out which areas need more care and how to nurture and heal those aspects of you.
THIS Tuesday Feb 20th, 7:00 to 8:00 pm (details below).

In addition to meditation, our weekly Tuesday group has been learning some cool methods of self-healing. We’ve been doing breath work of various kinds. Some energize the body, others calm and relax us. It’s fascinating how well the body responds to these breath patterns. (Did you know breathing only through your left nostril can relax you toward sleep, and the right nostril can revitalize and invigorate you?)

In the coming weeks, we’ll offer more styles of energy work you can do for yourself.
In March we’ll explore the Quantum idea that everything IS energy, and if that is so (as scientists keep saying), then how can we apply that to ourselves, as beings of energy?

We’ll offer energy-system ways to clear the sludge spots from our health, our relationships, our lives.
Old baggage drains your energy. Wouldn’t you like to drop some of it?

We meet every Tuesday (except this April)
7 to 8 pm
And Breathe wellness center
3201 N. 3rd St, in downtown Phoenix
$10 donation suggested, but optional
RSVP to diane@joystream.net

If you can’t make it to our Tuesday group, take advantage of other options, like Donna Eden’s energizing routine on the web.

So is this really a photo of faeries? The photographer John Hyatt thinks so (2014, Northwest England). The smaller flash photo of possible-fairies showed up in a snapshot I took one night in Bali, 2011. (I didn’t see any flying critters at the time, but – ??)

Have you ever seen a fairy? You must tell us about it!

More tips to do your own energy healing:
5 Ways to Boost Your Beautiful Brave Heart Chakra
How to find Delight, Pleasure, Creativity in Second Chakra
I Feel You, but How to Restore my Good Vibes?
“Protection” from Bad Vibes
Healing Code you can do Yourself
Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills
fairy-photo by John Hyatt of Manchester Metropolitan University

Bali night maybe tiny fairies pic by DS

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Parkinson’s and Spirituality

Here’s an intriguing article to share –
by “boylebai” on WordPress

Is spiritual work part of battling Parkinson’s?

Is spiritual work part of battling Parkinson’s?

Yes. Spiritual work, like meditation or prayer, can help you situate yourself in a larger scheme of things, finding a place where Parkinson’s disease is just one aspect of the human experience. For me, quiet reflection is calming and offers a respite from symptoms. At the soul level, I imagine myself as whole, well, and happy.

Hello, this is Lynne writing. Early on, our support group decided to be a “growth group:” we learn about and experiment with natural treatments for Parkinson’s, like amino acid therapy. In this post, I describe a viewpoint that informs our larger understanding of this disease.

Soon after my diagnosis, I met John through our doctor. He urged me to go, immediately, to Santa Cruz, CA to participate in The Parkinson’s Recovery Project. There, I learned to view Parkinson’s through an alternative lens. The project team challenges mainstream notions that Parkinson’s is incurable. Instead they propose drug-free ways to recover from it. (You can freely download the treatment book, Recovery from Parkinson’s, by Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock at http://pdrecovery.org/recovery-from-parkinsons/.) John and I completed several courses of treatment in Santa Cruz. Then, we helped other group members study the project’s teachings from afar. I cannot do justice to over a decade of work by this team; consider this post an invitation to learn more. Why? Because, as John and I can attest, this perspective has currency—it boosts healing.

Dr. Walton Hadlock and her team are trained in Eastern medicine traditions. They propose a new theory for Parkinson’s: one’s dopamine is not dead, it is dormant. What happened to it? They suggest that many of us with Parkinson’s are “type A” people: hard-working, perfectionistic, and control-oriented. We have, unconsciously, lived our lives in adrenalin, fight or flight, mode, stifling our dopamine. Alternatively, joy, release, and relaxation nurture it. The team encourages clients to see themselves as part of a beneficent universe, governed by divine will. In this view, we are, ultimately, safe; guided by a power larger than ourselves. The team supports spiritual healing through meditation, rhythmic movement, and attention to “chi,” or life force (Tai Chi movements should help you imagine this energy force). Yin-Tui-Na, gentle, Asian massage that eases trauma and tension is important to the treatment too. Recovery can be spontaneous, as in a few cases, or a long-term effort to nurture feelings of safety.

During meditation focused on directives such as “release and let go” or “relax deep mind,” John can be asymptomatic. For me, recovery is an essential goal; it gives me hope and pushes me toward “living outside the pharmaceutical box.” Spiritual practice helps me consider questions like: why me, and what am I intended to learn from this experience? Yet, The Recovery Project’s tools fell short for me. Try as I might, my symptoms remained. Amino acid therapy alleviates my symptoms, so I am not too tired or stiff to consider spiritual safety and envision ultimate wellness. Spiritual contemplation and amino acid therapy offer a powerful force for recovery.


and a note from Joystream/Diane:

Alert! Natural Cure for Tremors and Parkinsons  

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3 Heart-Full Steps to Find More Love

We all want love, but why is it so freaking hard to find? And why is the world so screwy? And why can’t I get the love I want? And why can’t it be perfect?

heart game board pixnioWell now Missy, I say to myself, life ain’t perfect. It’s never going to be, on this plane.
Anyhow, can you love anybody or anything if you don’t love yourself first?

Admit it – when you’re in the ditch, you also happen to be criticizing or pushing yourself. (Yup, that’s me.)
You’re too hard on yourself. You’re not hugging yourself.
Have you noticed, when you feel delighted with yourself, then you’re in love with everybody?
Love is an inside job.

But how can I shift my mood when everything sucks?
Shift your attention.
Find one good thing about your life and praise it, be thankful for it.
Find another good thing. Say thanks to it. Say thanks to the Universe.

Gratitude is the wide and steady highway to happiness.

Our head is a chronic complainer.
Our heart already holds peace, satisfaction, and love.
If we could forget our head and breathe into our heart, “be inside” our heart, even this refreshes us.

After you take the gratitude road and lighten up your heart, try the 3rd step:
Look at yourself and say, “I love you.”
Hug yourself. Yes, really.
In hugging yourself you are not only soothing your body, but also stroking your subtle energy streams and sending a deep message of true love to yourself.
Try it every day.

The world is your mirror. Do you want to stand there in front of it, frowning and complaining? And get that same vibration mirrored back to you? Or would you rather ease your way toward thankfulness, lighten up into love, and receive more of the same?
hearts frame pixabay my bullet pts
You have the power to direct your attention.
This is a big deal. Go for it.

When you increase the love vibration in yourself, it naturally attracts love to you. Help yourself glow with love, and love will find you.
A wonderful new partner will find you, or your current partner will be inspired with more love, because that’s the vibration you are carrying!

Tell us, what is your favorite way to shift? Give us more clues!

(Thanks to pixnio and pixabay for the heart images.)
Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Also check out our meditation groups – Tuesdays in Phoenix, Thursdays in Fountain Hills.

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Focus wheel class Feb 13

Our attention sticks to the difficult, worrisome, dangerous, messy, unfair, uncontrollable, heart-aching, confusing, painful.  Our mind hones in, determined to fix the pain logically, but often this doesn’t work.  We don’t realize our focus is making us miserable.

Our focus on the negative thing is a mental habit.  We won’t notice it until we step back from the mind.
Meditation strengthens our Inner Observer so we can see what our head is doing.

Thank goodness the mind can go to only one place at a time.

When we direct our focus, one place at a time, we glide into joy.
This Tuesday, come meditate and play with Focus Wheels.  Choose your own topic you’d like to lighten up.  Your Focus Wheel will help you get there.

7:00 – 8:00 pm  Tuesday Feb 13theye_and_color_wheel

And Breathe Wellness Center
3201 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix
$10 donation

RSVP here or to diane@joystream.net

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8 Quick Energy Moves for Health and Happiness

Have you heard of Donna Eden, that effervescent master teacher of energy medicine?
She puts your healing in your own hands, and she does a terrific job of it.
Eden’s Daily Energy Routine is 8 quick moves that work with your energy system and meridians to bring balance, vitality, health and happiness.
These moves are:
The Four Thumps, The Crossover Shoulder Pull, The Cross Crawl, The Wayne Cook Posture, The Crown Pull, Connecting Heaven and Earth, The Zip Up, The Hook Up.

This 6-minute routine, done daily (or even twice a day) enhances your health over time and perks you up instantly. “Better than a cup of coffee,” said a friend, and it is. I’ve been using it for a couple years now, and I feel the difference!

This month Donna Eden and friends offer a FREE ongoing video program so you can learn and use this energy routine.

Would you like to join us for the 2018 28-Day Daily Energy Routine (DER) Challenge?

It’s BACK!!! Due to the popularity of last year’s challenge, we’ll be re-running our Daily Energy Routine (DER) Challenge in February. Come join us as we all challenge ourselves to do the Daily Energy Routine every day for the 28 days of February!

This is a FUN and FREE “challenge” for you for one entire month — specifically dedicated to activating, inspiring, and enlivening our community and beyond. 
A video will be released every day at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Facebook, so you can follow a different person leading you through the DER anytime throughout the day!
Click here to follow the DER Challenge on Facebook!

Do not worry if you are not a member of Facebook — you can still join us, and no registration is required!

You can also follow the challenge on YouTube! We’ll post the same video on the DER Challenge playlist every day. 
Click here to go to the 28-Day DER Challenge on YouTube! And, be sure to bookmark this link. 

Visit the EEM Programs page on Facebook for your daily video. You will be doing the Daily Energy Routine along with Donna, David, one of our staff, Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program faculty members (or any combination of these!) as they demonstrate the Daily Energy Routine from wherever they are to wherever you find yourself.

We are excited to introduce you to everyone, including some of our willing family members who were joyfully wrangled in to help us film these! From our hearts, we can ALL AGREE that we share the passion of bringing to you these simple, powerful techniques to help bring YOU health, radiance, vitality, joy, and lasting balance.

This is a FREE program — all you need to do is make this commitment to yourself and join us! Please share this email and links with those you love.

We are ready to help you spread LOVE and JOY across the world!!

If you’d like to brush up on your Daily Routine by watching Donna’s official video, click here.

We find the timing of this “challenge” could not be more impeccable, as we find so many are seeking ways to find balance during these shifting times.

Here’s to raising the vibration of the planet, one person at a time. That person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,
Donna, David, and the Eden Energy Medicine Family

Donna n David




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Meditation beside a Brook

Meditation beside a Brook in the Mountains of Montana
by Dave Lankutis

As you sit or stand near the brook, notice the difference in the sounds created by each little waterfall. A waterfall that is a foot or more high, falling into a pool, makes a deeper sound. Water falling gradually over a few rocks makes a lighter sound.

Find a spot away from the louder waterfalls so their sound doesn’t drown out the lighter-sounding waterfalls. Quietly walk around and listen until you find the spot where you can hear the blended sound of as many waterfalls as possible. You will be further from the loud ones, closer to the soft ones.
There may be several such spots. Notice how the blended sound is slightly different in each spot.

Turn your head slowly back and forth. Notice the apparent change in the sound that has nothing to do with the brook itself.
Think about how the brook is part of a continuous stream of water, endless, to the sea.
Think about how the seawater evaporates and returns as rain to recharge the spring that feeds the brook.

Think about the many sounds that are created by the same water. Rocks, banks and water together create the brook and the sounds you are hearing. Think about how the banks change from erosion, especially during spring runoff. The sound changes from year to year as the banks erode and change.
Think about how the sound changes day by day and hour by hour as the water level changes and the banks erode, ever so slightly.

Since the sound you hear now is a result of erosion from months, years and centuries ago, it means that all time is here in the now.

Think about how you could interact with the sound of the brook and change it forever by moving a rock or digging away part of the bank. Those who sit and meditate in this spot in the future will be able to hear a part of you, just as you can now hear the sounds of those who moved rocks and dug banks before you. All of them and part of everyone who was ever there, is in the sound of this brook.

What you cannot hear is significant also. The sound is as it is because of all of the people who have never been to this brook, moving rocks and digging banks. Had they done so, you would hear a different sound. In a sense you can hear what is not them in the brook.
All of time, all who have ever lived are in the sound of that brook.

Thanks to Dave for this wonderful expansive meditation!

creek pixabay(Thanks to pixabay for this pic.)

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