Inhale the Frequencies You Like – It’s All You  

What does it mean that this is a holographic world, and you are holographic too?
It means every part of the universe contains all the parts.
You contain everything in the universe.
Mind-boggling, yes?
Just go with it for a moment.
You have access to everything.
You are in touch with everything.
You can bring anything “in” because it is already in.
You’re just bringing it to the surface of your awareness.

You can shift and bring in a beneficial emotion like hope, gratitude and love (see HeartMath).
You can also bring in materials. Because materials are actually made of vibrations. Each thing has a particular frequency unique to it.
Saints and sages have focused on the frequency of the object and manifested it out of thin air.

Most of us aren’t there yet, but we can bring in frequencies and more.
Let’s start with something easy. An orange. You know oranges.

Take a moment now to breathe deeply into your spine all the way down.
Let your belly and relax and expand with every inhale.
Every breath melts away areas of tension.
Allow your body to melt.

Feel, sense, or imagine that you’re holding a ripe orange in your hand. Feel the plump weight of it. Feel the texture of it, that smooth and rippled skin. It’s a beautiful color. Check it out.
What does your orange look like?
Can you smell it?

Get ready to peel it. This one is easy to peel. Dig your thumb into the top and peel it open.
The natural oils flow as the peel bends. The wondrous aroma fills the room.
Feel the softness of the inner side of the peel. It comes away easily.
Now open this orange into sections.
One section breaks and reveals the orange corpuscles inside. It smells lovely.

Place a section of orange into your mouth. Savor its texture.
What is it like to bite into it?
Feel and taste the juiciness bursting in your mouth.
Take your time.
Have another section.

Chew slowly with great appreciation for every nuance of taste, smell, and touch.

Enjoy every bite of this lovely orange, fully engaging your senses.

Enjoy the moment . . .

You have just eaten a vibrational orange.
How do you feel? Satisfied? 

If you have iron-poor tired blood, you could focus on the strength and stamina of iron.
Bring it to the surface of your awareness and let iron soak into you.
Bring it into your cells.

Let yourself relax into the notion that you do have every vibration and frequency of within you.
Every substance, every fruit, every leaf.
Every kind of nutrient, vitamin, mineral or remedy beneficial to your body is within you.
You can call any of these to the surface anytime you like.

Breathe deeply and try this:
“I now bring in all frequencies my body needs, in perfect proportions for me. All nutrients, vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes, all in healthy balance, in every cell of my body. Thank you.”

Tune in. Feel everything balancing inside.
Bask in this interchange.
Everything you were ever seeking is actually within you.
Tell us, what does it feel like to you?

This is an effective self healing method – of the future, if you can’t quite believe it yet.
Keep it in your back pocket for now.
Someday if you miss breakfast, call up an orange.
Thanks to Dr. James Martin Peebles for his teachings on these very ideas.
Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.  Now booking in July.
Credit for this orange pic goes to Jangra Works on Flickr – Many Thanks.)
human orange peel by Jangra Works on Flickr





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You Need Time To Cut Loose And Appreciate

There you were, a small child watching that honey bee disappear deep into the throat of a flower. It was the first time you had ever seen such a thing.
You took in the bright rich color of that flower, the whole shape of it, every fold in the petals, the powdery stamens, the way the stem held and supported the flower. You were so young you wanted to know everything about this.
The bee was still deep inside. How much space was down there anyhow?
You wanted to follow the bee to the honey.
You were attuned to Mother Earth.

Fast forward a few decades. Life is busy. You have a constant list of obligations. Every time you finish a task, another crops up. You’re clearing out the duties. But they multiply rapidly. Your mind keeps picking up new ones.  You say, if I can just get these two extra things done today, I won’t have to do them tomorrow.
Actually it makes no difference. New obligations will pop up tomorrow.

Go, go, go.
When you go real hard and fast, pushing yourself (stress hormones rising, cortisol aging every cell, immune system failing), you know what happens?

You get sick. Sick enough that you must lie down and rest. Could this be your body and soul complaining about not having time to enjoy the beauty right here in front of you?
Funny how those duties and obligations seem to get along fine without you for a few days. You’re too sick to lift your head off the pillow. Was it worth pushing yourself?
I’ve been there. Many times.

This week in our meditation group we settled into the earth with deep breaths.
We went to a place in nature. A place we loved, a place we had visited, or even our own backyard.
We went into the role of a little child. We looked carefully at things as if this were the first time and the last time we could see them. A particular tree, the leaves on a bush, a line of ants, a lizard, a hummingbird.
We placed a golden thread between our heart and theirs so we could feel and sense their being in a deeper way.

It felt so good to slow down and feel our way into these natural beauties. To treasure them.
To become like a little child to enter the kingdom that’s here always.
To drop our busy blinders and love Mother Earth.

Remember when you felt that your backyard tree was a person? I remember this. I remember when  frogs could talk (by telepathy).  I communicated with grasshoppers and butterflies and flowers.
Didn’t you, too?
Young children are onto something.
Esoteric teachings tell us everything has consciousness. Even rocks have a kind of consciousness.
Mother Earth herself has consciousness.
When was the last time you shared a real moment with our Mother Earth?
She needs our love now more than ever.

This month I want to carve out a few minutes every day to slow down and take in the natural world.
I want to talk to the leaves, crickets, blades of grass. I want to listen to the bird song.
I want to take the time for Mother Earth.

Come join us for meditation class on Tuesdays (Phoenix) or Thursdays (Fountain Hillsboy-faces-butterfly-725x544(Thanks to Pixio for this pic.)











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Hard Reality Outside my Cushy Life

How often do we tell ourselves the grass is greener elsewhere?
Well I went and took a look.
There is not one blade of grass on the west coast of South America.
Nothing but dirt and sand.
Grass? Nope.

Most of the towns are composed of boxy cement structures. Unpainted.
Some people live in crumbling condemned buildings blackened by mold and the soot of cooking fires. Puddles in the streets hold mysterious liquids.

I have no clue how these people are living or what they do or how they manage.
It boggles my mind and heart to consider the staggering number of disadvantaged humans in this part of the world.
Multiply that by similar places all around the world. It is overwhelming.

Reality check for the privileged North American woman.
I feel embarrassed by my pocket money, my excess, the excess of my first world wealth.
This is not my first glimpse of third world poverty. I’ve seen it on a half- dozen trips through the decades.

How is it that in-between trips, I tend to forget about these people?
I tend to forget how many humans are impoverished and starving.
I tend to forget the planetary picture.
World Hunger stats tell us 1 in 7 people go hungry, and yet 33% of food is wasted.
Half the planet lives on less than $2.50 a day, and 80% on less than $10 a day.

Do you have food, shelter, and a bank account (or money in your mattress / your purse)?
If so you are in the top 8% of rich humans.
We are not the 92%.

I’m not saying this to bring you down but to remind myself that anything I ever complain about is a champagne problem.
We in the 8% don’t know how good we’ve got it.


Come join us for meditation class on Tuesdays (Phoenix) or Thursdays (Fountain Hills)
(Here’s a collage I made from my trip to the west coast of South America.)
desert collage3

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Float to Big Mind, Relax into Spaciousness

Breathe deeply. Let your belly expand with each inhale.
Allow yourself to sink into your seat and rest heavy in the earth.
Let the earth support you as she does.
Imagine your feet are ankle-deep in rich dark soil. You might imagine roots growing from your feet into the earth.
Now we are well-grounded to the earth and to this present moment.

If you like, you can open the top of your head and allow Light to flow into your brain, your sinuses, your whole spine, all your organs and every cell of your body, all the way down into your feet.

We’re breathing into the belly, stretching the belly, allowing tension to melt.
Inhale light.
Exhale darkness, worries and toxins.

Let yourself melt with every breath, further into relaxation.
You might imagine yourself outdoors in a calm comfortable setting.

We often carry some stress, pressure or anxiety.
Choose one troublesome issue.
Mentally place it on the ground in front of you. Don’t get too close to it.

We are breathing deeply and relaxing.
Imagine yourself expanding slightly, becoming more airy.
Breathe. You have become a bit larger and you can float.

Your issue, your stress, is resting on the ground in front of you. Don’t touch it or pick it up. Just notice it. You know all those details about it.

But right now you’re floating. There’s nothing you need to do and no where you need to go this moment.
Allow yourself to float.

It’s a beautiful day, perfect conditions. The sun is shining (or not, as you prefer).
You see trees around you. A few birds are singing. The sky is blue with an interesting cloud or two. Maybe you’re at the edge of a neighborhood or town.

You find yourself floating a little higher.
Now you are at the level of the rooftops.

You see your bit of stress down on the ground. It looks a little smaller from where you are now.
You notice the patterns of the rooftops, yes. They’re interesting.
Take a deep breath of that fresh air, the lovely soft breeze, the perfect weather.

You rise a little higher. You’re floating higher now, just above the tree-tops. They look lovely. You never get to see them from this angle. Domes of leaves, so many of them.  A bird soars past you.
You see a wispy cloud, and you feel a bit wispy yourself.

Now that you are so high up, the object of your anxiety down there on the ground looks even smaller.
You have moved into big mind, broad perspective, where you can see and feel the sky. Allow yourself to expand into it.

Let yourself drift a little in the breeze. A little higher.
You find you can move easily in any direction you like.
The sky is so blue.
You see more of the landscape. It’s beautiful.

Again you look down at that bit of anxiety on the ground.
It has become even smaller. It’s only about 1% of your reality now.
There’s so much to appreciate in your life – 99% of your life is wonderful.
Look at the beauty around you, the spaciousness.
You are rising naturally.
Breathing deeply, easily.

Way down on the ground, your bit of stress gets so small you can barely see it anymore. Tiny speck.

In our ordinary hours, we tend to zoom in on the stress of the moment. We allow our attention to focus on our problem. That’s how the mind works. The Mind wants a problem to work on. Even though 99% of your life is beautiful, your attention will go to that 1%. You allow it to trouble you, allow it to fill up your whole view, until you forget about the 99% beauty around you.
Let go and breathe.

This is an example of the ever-fresh meditation we like to present on Tuesdays (Phoenix) and Thursdays (Fountain Hills). Come on over sometime.
(Thanks to the universal community for this public domain pic.)

bright-idea-quercus pub domain

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Souls in Transformation by Rosie Carey

Here’s a lovely article from my friend Rosie Carey – holistic therapist and owner of LifeLight Center. (This piece was recently published in the Sentinel News, Keene NH. Shared here with permission.)

Souls in Transformation

We are works of art in progress, each of us beautiful, distinct and intricate. We are each of us emerging in awareness of self and reality on a journey toward divine consciousness. We are evolving.

It is true; we are not the beings we once were, not our bodies or our consciousness. So much has affected us and so much we have learned that we are changed because of it all. And that is the point! The eternal parts of ourselves, our souls, are evolving as we grow in consciousness.

Native peoples regard the soul as having four parts; emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual. They believe that time spent developing all four parts equally moves you toward center, which is “you the self.” This is a useful way to conceptualize something as ambiguous as your soul, because it gives you tangible touchstones. And I believe it is a true path to know your whole being. This belief is part of the “Sacred Medicine Wheel”, native peoples’ representation of our journey through life.

The four parts of our being are both physical matter and energy, each one affecting the other as they are intricately woven together. Even though we are surrounded by the reality of matter; the vibratory nature of emotion, mind and spirit act to balance the density of matter, should we need to be reminded of our essence. The play of emotion, mind, body, and spirit in all of its permutations, creates the workshop for the evolution of our soul.

This workshop is also the basis for the development of our personalities, as we become individually aware of our nature, our actions, and our strengths. You can develop and refine your personality to become a more balanced and whole person, pulling in more of your whole essence. This is the work of a lifetime. If you want to work on the evolution of your soul, work on refining your personality.

Accountability for self; it comes with our choice to be an individual and our gift of free will. When you work with being accountable for your actions, thoughts, and emotions, you embrace your essence. You can do this as a practice or meditation at the end of each day. Review your activity of the day and evaluate your behavior, strengths and weaknesses. Where you know you can be more truthful to your essence, allow those behaviors to correct. In this way you can acknowledge inconsistencies in your personality and shift them to reflect the truth of who you are. Accountability is an amazing tool for growth as it works with all four aspects; emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual.

An aware consciousness allows for the potential of the soul to flourish in each life. Connect with your soul. It instructs your passion and desire and informs your personality. You can follow the path of your life by walking it day by day, or you can go hand in hand with divine presence. Recognize that you are much more than the physical and begin to realize the potential of your soul.

We are separated from our soul by our ego, our emotions and the physical body. Each of these relies on illusion to create its own reality of what is important in life. These distractions can get out of control and become your sole focus. Determine what is important over the course of your lifetime, what is your passion, and you will regain your balance and reconnect to your soul.

Last, but not least, relationships are significant to your evolution in personal growth and consciousness. They are some of the most difficult work you will ever do as they challenge your beliefs and trigger emotions and desires. Relationships bring connection to others in a way that reminds us of our connection to the oneness, the divine. Through these connections we are forced to reconcile our own imperfections and frailties. We struggle with an innate knowledge or memory of something far more perfect than this human form allows us to be. And through relationship we are also returned to the evolution of our souls.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, check out “Connections” at and download the free mp3 “Grounding and Alignment”, as well as read other articles on healing.
Rose Carey is the founder of LifeLight Center at 206 Washington Street in Keene. She has nearly 30 years of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies. She is sensitive to and repairs the energy pathways of your body and aligns your energy, nervous and muscular/skeletal systems. Call for info and appointments at 603-852-8300.
Rosie w logo

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Food Cravings Mineral Deficiencies – Fascinating!

I used this cravings-mineral deficiency chart back in 2013, and I can’t remember who presented it first, but now it’s all over the web. Thanks to whomever put it together. It does seem to correlate with scientific notes elsewhere.
Hope you find it useful. (Next week we’ll return to energy medicine fun!)
cravings_chart_ better copy maybe

At the moment I am gallivanting around the globe as a companion nurse to a lovely couple. I’ll return in May. If you’d like to schedule a health coaching or energy session with me at And Breathe in Phoenix, reach out and call ’em!  😉
If you’d rather see me in Fountain Hills, send me an email.     
Thanks – Diane


Pumpkin Seeds

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A Funny Craving? What is it Telling You?

Doreen Virtue (angel-writer, now Christian writer) began her career as a psychologist and therapist for eating disorders. One of her early books is Constant Craving. In it she explores the way we crave specific foods to satisfy particular emotional hungers. (Check out the interpretations below.)

Some of Virtue’s tips to handle cravings:

  • Weight Maintenance is really Peace-of-Mind maintenance.
  • Emotional Hunger’s deepest root is Fear, which may manifest as Anger, Tension, or Shame.
  • Our Gut Feelings are key – listen to them. Get quiet enough to hear them.

When a Craving hits: What is my Gut Feeling underneath?
What emotion am I trying to smother?
For instance, my gut says I want more fun, but I don’t have time for that, so my body seeks “fun” in food.
Instinctively I reach for peanut butter. It happens to contain pyrazine which triggers the brain’s pleasure center.
Voila! Peanut butter = Fun for my body.

So when a craving hits you, take a breath: how can I find fun instead of food?
Indulge in some real fun. Play a game. Color a picture. Blow bubbles, I say 😉

Foods have mood-altering properties that relieve emotional pain, says Virtue.

Chocolate brings Love, Euphoria. Chocolate craving is a cry for love, intimacy, romance. Chocolate is a stimulant that triggers serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Instead, treat yourself as the most special person in the world.  (Say “I love you” to the mirror. Affirmation – “Love shines in me.”)

Dairy is an Antidepressant. Dairy ingredient Choline is soothing; L-tryptophan is calming. Cream is comforting.  Try therapy, grief work, journaling.  Exercise is your mood elevator.  (Affirm “I am safe, secure.  All my needs are filled this moment.”)

Salty Crunchy Snacks indicate Stress, Anger, Anxiety. The crunch releases tension, frustration, and reminds us of our power (‘cuz we chomp powerfully). Try crunching on crisp veggies. Find the source of your stress/anger; call a friend; journal. (Affirm “I forgive myself & others.”)

Spicy Foods produce Excitement, thrills, heat, intensity. Perhaps to numb old pains.  Instead listen to your gut feelings, follow your dreams toward natural enthusiasm for your own life. (“I fulfill my dreams. I have time and guidance.”)

Sodas, Coffee, Alcohol indicate Swinging Energy Cycles – stimulation, pushing yourself, self-medication. Unlimited energy arises when you live in harmony with your deepest beliefs. (Affirm “I have enough, I am enough, I love myself as I am.”)

Nuts and Peanut Butter convey Fun, gaiety. Maybe I’ve been depriving myself of fun.  What is my heart’s desire right now?  Can I do more of it?  (Affirmation – “I follow my heart; I have time for childlike joy and pleasure.”)
Breads, Rice, Pasta are Comforting and Calming in the face of fear, tension, a high-stress life. Stabilize your serotonin with Vitamin B6 100mg/day and regular exercise. De-stress by aligning your priorities. Find comfort in friendship. (“The Universe loves me.”)

Cookies, Cakes, Pies are like Hugs, Reassurance. It’s likely that I’m procrastinating, using a sweet as a reward or as love.  Heal the self-esteem. Reward yourself with nonfood fun. Beware of compulsive black-or-white thinking. (Affirm: “I’m good. People naturally like me.”)

Candy is a Pick-Me-Up, Reward, Entertainment. Indicates boredom, sweet tooth habit. Make fruit your treat; try frozen fruit. Confront emotional issues. Allow yourself a single candy. (Tell yourself – “Time and energy are available to me.”)

Fatty Foods fill the Emptiness – with greasy fries, fatty meats, burgers. I am filling the void; I lack  meaning or purpose; I’m deeply afraid of something. Quell the fear by plugging the stomach.  I want a change but can’t seem to do it.  Try soul-nourishing activities, exercise. Resolve emotional pains, release resentment. (Affirmation – “I am safe, loved, secure.”)

Toward the end of Constant Craving, Virtue gives an index of specific foods.
Craving spicy chips means I’m “overwhelmed with too many dull and boring responsibilities.”
Craving catsup reveals my “desire to be carefree as a child and feel high-energy playfulness.”
Her interpretations are amusing, and they hold some truth.

Love is the filling feeling, Virtue writes.
A positive and negative feeling can’t occupy the same space.
So fill up with love; let negative emotions fade out.
Expand your contentment.
(Meditation fuels contentment.)

What do you think of these food-emotion correlations?
Do any of them resonate with you?
(I remember a season when my love life improved and my chocolate craving instantly disappeared …)
(If this pixabay pic isn’t about sensual love, romance, and euphoria, I don’t know what is.)
choc crave pixabay

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