You Are What You Eat (Part 1)

via You Are What You Eat (Part 1)

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You Need to Know the Point for Anti-Nausea and Insomnia

Let’s say you were tossing around on the seas of Southeast Asia, trying to hold your cookies down. You just never know when the anti-nausea meridian point might come in handy.

This acupressure point is known as Nei-Kuan (Nei Guan) or Pericardium 6 (P6).
Place three fingers across your wrist, just under the wrist crease, as shown in the picture below. The P6 point is centered underneath the lowest finger, between the two long tendons of the wrist.
You might feel a small depression or dip there. (A natural button – cool, huh?)
But the location is the correct spot, in any case.

Apply firm deep pressure to stimulate this point. (I use my thumb pressure.)
Massage it and try to relax.
Breathe deeply.
Let go of all concerns for the moment. Simply massage that acupoint.

Relief tends to arrive within 3 minutes or so. Repeat as needed. (You cannot overdo this.)

We use this acupoint for motion sickness, seasickness, pregnancy morning sickness, post anesthesia, chemo, or other bouts of upset stomach.
It can also relieve carpal tunnel pain, headaches, and insomnia.

You could use a stretchy bracelet with a built-in knob to apply pressure to P6. (One brand is “Sea-Band.”) With these bracelets, you may want to apply extra digital pressure on top of the knob at times, depending on the situation. (Like a restless ocean, ugh.)

As mentioned this same P6 acupoint works for relaxation and sleep.
Give it a whirl to help you wind down at bedtime.

Bonus – Another great sleep acupoint is behind the ears.
I love this one because my pillow supports both hands resting behind my ears, and I can drift to sleep easily.
Interestingly, this meridian line is called Triple Energizer. Among its many uses, it calms emotions and restlessness.

To find this sleep point, place two fingers behind your ear. Slide your fingertips about an inch horizontally further behind your ear. You will feel a natural dip in the bone structure (an inch behind your ear). Rest two fingertips in this dip.
Breathe. Let go of any concerns.
Let the natural energy do its thing.
No worries.
Slide into slumber.

6 Remarkable Powers of Sleep and How to Get There
wrist P6 relieves nausea insomnia

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Surprise for Vegans – Hidden Animal Products

For my vegan friends – I was surprised to discover these hidden animal sources in food and drink.

Most wines filter the sediment out by using egg white and/or gelatin, milk protein, or Isinglass animal fiber (see below). So most wines are not vegan.  Find vegan wine here.    (We wonder if a bad reaction to a wine might be a reaction to eggs?)

Isinglass, a.k.a. fish bladders, are often used to filter and clarify beer and wine

Casein is a protein of cow or sheep milk and might be added to soy cheese and other “non-dairy” items.

Whey is the liquid byproduct of strained milk. It’s found in some margarines, protein shakes, breads, and more.

Bread products often contain l-cysteine, a dough conditioner that comes from feathers or human hair or pig hair. (Who knew?)

Super glossy candy may contain confectioner’s glaze which comes from a resin secreted by an insect, the Lac insect. (Yikes.)

Gelatin of course comes from boiled animal collagen and is used in various candies, gummy bears, fruit snacks and chewing gum

Fish gelatin is used for the orange color in some Coca Cola products.

White sugar is often filtered through animal bones during processing. (Bone char removes impurities.)

Some vegans prefer to stay away from honey and beeswax, because technically these are animal products (might contain bees knees too).

Red candies and lipstick often get their red color from carmine, a red dye from crushed cochineal insects. (Bugs again!)

Do you know of any other surprises we could share here?


Diane Stallings RN does health coaching, energy healing, biofield tuning, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing.
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(Thanks to public domain for this combo of pics.)
wine w bottle n egg pub domain


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How to Soften and Soothe Psoriasis

There are many forms of psoriasis (from dry to itchy to scaly or crusty, to thickening to damp lesions and more), but they share the root cause of poor digestion, leaky gut.

As you know leaky gut affects possibly 80% of the population and results in many auto-immune diseases and inflammatory conditions. (Read more here.)

My favorite remedy for leaky gut is Yucca extract (bitter Yucca juice which we dilute in water, and it heals the entire digestive tract).
If you are bold and daring enough to drink yucca twice a day, your healing is on the way!

If you’d like more alternative options, try the following.

With psoriasis, there’s a great need to improve digestion of proteins by taking hydrochloric acid 20 minutes before each meal. (Taking it before the meal will prompt your stomach to produce it more efficiently.)

Take digestive enzymes and probiotics with each meal for good digestion.

Eat plenty of fiber to feed your microbiota, which will greatly improve digestion.

For anti-inflammatory effect, take your choice of flaxseed oil, omega-3 fatty acids, and/or fish oil.
Support liver detoxification with milk thistle 250 mg three times a day and Reishi extract 800 mg twice a day.
Sarsaparilla 500 mg three times a day reduces bacterial toxins that aggravate psoriasis.
Sometimes B-12 shots can help psoriasis but it may take six weeks to see improvement.
Super green food supplements like spirulina or chlorella can be helpful.

Topical treatment for psoriasis areas of the skin:

  • Soak yourself in an oatmeal bath. (Put a big handful of uncooked dry oatmeal into nylon hose, sheer tights, or any loose-woven gauze cloth. Swirl this around in the bath water, which will become white and soothing to the skin.)
  • Aloe vera gel or other skin remedies such as hydrocortisone 1% cream, coal tar preparations.
  • Essential oils: lavender, helichrysum, thyme, cedarwood, bergamot – any or all.
    Add a few drops of lavender to a spoonful of lotion in your hand and massage it gently into the psoriasis area, inhaling the scent to bring calmness and de-stress.

Exacerbations of psoriasis can be related to stress. Check out methods to reduce stress.

On a deeper level what is the possible message of psoriasis?

In “Heal Your Body,” Louise Hay points out that psoriasis could relate to “fear of being hurt, deadening the senses of the self, refusing to accept responsibility for our own feelings.”
Her suggested affirmation is, “I am alive to the joys of the living. I deserve and accept the very best in life. I love and approve of myself.”

Hay writes that inflammation relates to “fear, seeing red, inflamed thinking.”
The affirmation: “My thinking is peaceful, calm and centered.”

What is your take on psoriasis?
What has worked for you?


Diane Stallings RN does health coaching, energy healing, biofield tuning, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing.
Grab a session of Biofield Tuning with Diane in Phoenix , now booking in May – click on “book appointment” – then choose “Joystream Health.”

(Thanks to Pixabay for this iguana.)
iguana psoriasis pixabay

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Disturbed? Attacked? Don’t Collapse into Victim World

Don’t let the earthworms get you down.
Some of us are quite sensitive to the disturbing energies around us.
We live in a sea of vibrations, thought-forms, and attachments.
If we feel like we’re being invaded, that’s a problem.
I know this is a real experience. It does happen.

Often the sensitive person keeps clearing themselves effectively after the invasion, but they cannot seem to resist the invasion. They feel like their boundary is permeable, and everything gets in.

A friend said, “It’s like I have all these paper-cuts in my field, and when I get near salty people at the grocery store, that salt gets right into my cut. I carry it home.”

Those paper-cuts are old wounds that are still open.
The salt gets in because I haven’t released the emotional charge of the traumatic memory.

The key is the emotional charge and how I push against it.

Pushing against is the biggest factor.

We tell ourselves, “I don’t like this, make it stop!”
But the more we focus upon it, the bigger and more aggravating it becomes.
Such is the power of our attention.

Let’s say I hold an old trauma from kindergarten (whether I can remember it or not).
The big bossy teacher yelled at me, overwhelmed tiny me, made me tremble in fear, gave me a stomachache, and yes, scarred me.
That fear brings feelings of anger, injustice, revenge, hatred, more fear, and who-knows-what, all balled up into that event, that memory, conscious or subconscious.

This knot of emotional charges belongs to the unhealed wound.
Naturally I push against all those emotions.

I don’t want to feel fear, hatred, anger and all. I don’t want that disturbance.
I push against it.
I stuff it. I keep it in that knot.

Fast forward several decades. I’ve spent my life avoiding big bossy mean people.
But I need groceries. I cannot predict when and where I will bump into salty people. They’re everywhere.
Here’s one of them now, right next to me.

Although I manage to get past them, on a deeper level I can’t stand this.

My world collapses into pushing against this moment, whether I know it or not.
Up comes a mountain of stress, emotional charge, strong push-back, even a headache.

Darn it.
I need to close these old wounds.
I need to allow e-motion to move, to finish its motion and leave me.
I need to allow life to be life without sticking to me.

I need to get out of my own way.

In this sea of vibrations I am in charge of me, and only me.

How can we release the charge and close the wound?

Biofield Tuning is a great way to clear out emotional charges, transmute their energy, and close those paper-cuts (as this friend and I were telling each other). BT releases those old knots, no matter if the painful memories are conscious or not.

EFT meridian tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a good way to release emotional charges and a wide variety of issues. In this self-help approach, tap your fingertips on acupressure points on the face and chest. Check it out.

Most types of energy healing are helpful.
We are electromagnetic energy beings. Aligning our energy, releasing old stuff, does make a big difference for us. It brings freedom and joy.

Meditation can resolve old wounds. With a daily meditation practice, when the mind gets quiet, old disturbances and memories naturally bubble up.
Mindfully breathe your way through those emotions, and do not get emotionally hooked into that old memory. Simply observe it and breathe. The breath helps discharge it. In time this practice can be quite healing.

How about some other ideas?
What’s your approach to deeper freedom and feeling good?


Find a practitioner of Biofield Tuning in your town.

Grab a session of Biofield Tuning with Diane in Phoenix , now booking in May – click on “book appointment” – then choose “Joystream Health.”

3 easy ways to lighten up drop bad energies – self healing energy methods
How bad energy get stuck how to drop it – practical tips on clearing energies

Diane Stallings RN does health coaching, energy healing, biofield tuning, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing. Inquire about our healing class Tuesday evenings in Phoenix. Free meditation classes in Fountain Hills.
(Image by John Hain from Pixabay  

hands Tao dragons John Hain pixabay




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Love Meditation? Steal this Flash Trip Now to the Seashore 

Take a quick trip to the beach.
Breathe deeply into your belly, expanding it. (Belly breathing conveys extra oxygen, energy, and relaxation hormones.)

Imagine standing barefoot in soft dry sand on a beautiful beach.
Imagine roots growing from your feet down deep into the earth.
The earth embraces your roots, glad to have you on the planet.
Let yourself grow heavier. Let the ground fully hold you.
Send gratitude to the earth for the many ways she nurtures us.

Imagine you can open the top of your head and allow light to come streaming into your scalp, your brain, your eyes, your sinuses, your ears, down your throat.
Brilliant light pours down your spine into the entire nervous system, every cell in your body. Light flows down your shoulders and arms, through your torso, into your hips, your legs, your feet.

Relax more deeply as you stand secure to the ground and filled with light.
With each in-breath more light flows in.
With every exhalation release your worries and troubles.
Let go. Breathe.
Every pocket of tension in your body melts away.

Feel the sand around your toes.
The breeze caresses your face.
The seashore stretches out in front of you.
Look at the lay of the land.
Is it hilly or flat? Are there trees? Shrubs? Wispy grass or flowers?
Is the sky clear, or does it hold interesting clouds?

What color is the ocean here?
Take in the horizon of water, the way it stretches out forever.
What do you see? An island? A ship in the distance? Or not?

Watch the waves rise and curl into splashing foam.
Listen to the soothing sound of each wave landing on the beach.
Take your time.

Hear the slow steady rhythm of the surf.
Feel the soft sand sifting between your toes as you saunter toward the sea.

Step onto the wide strip of firm damp sand.
Feel its solid support.
Inhale the breeze, the fine weather. Smell the freshness.
Feel your gratitude for this moment.

Move closer to the surf and feel the waterlogged sand underfoot.
Your toes love this squishy sand.

The surf flows across your feet.
How’s the water?
Big sigh.
You’re here.
Breathe deep.
Bring in more light.

The next wave flows in, kisses your feet.
Ever so smoothly the tide comes in to meet you.

Feel each wave wash over your feet.

The water drags back, pulling sand out from under and around your feet.
Delicious, these swirling sands.

Let the water wash into you.
Let yourself become the water.
Imagine you are the water.

Be the rhythm of the waves coming in, coming in.
Drifting out.

You are flowing in, flowing out, as each wave surges, then drifts back into itself.

You are that wave sloping back into the sea, into the wide trough of foam.
The next wave rolls in.

Each time you melt into the ocean.

Feel the rhythm.
Watch the wave.
You roll in. You roll out.

You flow further out.
Now you are the sea just beyond the breakers.

You are the ridge of clear water rising before the crest breaks into its curl of foam.
Curling, breaking, surging to the shore.

The ridge rises to its crest and spirals in beauty.

Like the ocean you remember the oneness of all things.
Rest in the comfort that you are always in touch with everything.


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Glide 5 Spacious Expansion
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Diane Stallings RN does health coaching, energy healing, biofield tuning, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our weekly healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix. Free meditation classes in Fountain Hills.
Beach surf by DS and MC

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What to Do for those Crazy Uncomfortable Burps

“Yeah? And what have those crazy burps done for me lately?” you might ask.
I hear you. Sometimes the belly feels like a bubbling stew of steams and eruptions.

Apart from a possible infection in the stomach or small intestine, yeast overgrowth, or poor production of bile due to gallstones, let’s move to the more typical causes of bloating and burping.

The food is bubbling and not digesting well, possibly because of:

  • Swallowing air (rapid eating without chewing, anxiety, laughter, carbonated cokes)
  • Food intolerances like gluten, lactose(dairy), fructose and other food allergies
  • Fruit is easily digested on its own but not when other foods are added to it.
  • Animal protein and Carbs do not play well together in the stomach.
  • Lack of healthy hydrochloric acid in the stomach impairs digestion.

A healthy stomach produces two liters of hydrochloric acid (HCL) each day to enable digestive enzymes to work well.  HCL especially helps digest proteins and protects the digestive system from bacteria.
As we age we tend to produce less hydrochloric acid (HCL).
A vegetarian diet results in lower amounts of HCL.
Stress diminishes our production of HCL. (Who is not stressed?)

Low hydrochloric acid means digestive enzymes are hindered, nutrients are not digested (and we roll out the red carpet for bacteria arrivals).
Food will sit in the stomach longer, causing more gas and bloating and burping.

One solution is to eat tomato and/or vinegar with any meat or animal protein (even dairy).
Fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi will enhance your digestion and strengthen your gut.
Ginger helps the belly too.

You might try a Betaine HCL capsule supplement. Take it at least 20 minutes before you eat, because this will prompt your natural acid production. (Over time this can restore your own HCL levels.)

And how about food combining!
Different digestive enzymes are secreted for different types of food.
Fruit needs the simplest enzymes and processes quickly unless it gets stalled by the rest of your big breakfast. (Eat fruit and wait 20 min before next type of food.)
Carbs and protein need 4 to 8 hours to fully process. Cereal requires amylase enzymes. Eggs and bacon use proteases and lipases plus bile for the fat.
If you throw all these in together, your stomach may get bogged down. You might  belch all morning.

The simplest rule of food combining is:
Eat fruit by itself only, and eat animal protein with veggies only.
Choose good food combos and be comfortable!

Best 7 Tips to Reduce Burps and Bloating:

  • Avoid swallowing air (carbonated soda pop, wolfing down food).
  • CHEW thoroughly, chew till it’s soupy – the vital first step in efficient digestion.
  • Use Food Combining. Eat animal protein with veggies only (not with Carbs).
  • Eat meats with tomato or vinegar – also pickles and fermented foods.
  • Take a Betaine HCL capsule 20 min before the meal (600 mg or so).
  • Ease stomach pressures with ginger, peppermint, licorice root.
  • Investigate food sensitivities or allergies (see the Sensitive 7 Food Allergies).

Reduce Stress (to help your HCL and more)!
Learn Relaxation and build more of it into your day!
Start with one minute, three times a day.
Put it on your schedule with a timer / an alarm / a gong / a nagging gnome . . .

What’s your favorite remedy for burps?
(P.S. I think Apple Cider Vinegar is fine for short-term use, but long-term use can mess up your mineral balance.)

Why You Feel Better, Stronger, Terrific Without Dairy
Be Smart, Beware of Hidden Food Allergens

Diane Stallings RN does health coaching, energy healing, biofield tuning, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our weekly healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix. Free meditation classes in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to Flickr for this image.)
Burp Cafe Calcutta Flickr

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