Stop Tug-of-War, Time to Let Go of the Rope

One way to make yourself feel worse is to push against what you hate.
We’ve been doing this for millennia.
We divide our personal world into what we like and don’t like,
what we love and what we hate,
what we call “good” and what we call “bad.”

(Broad Perspective doesn’t label good or bad. Everything simply is what it is.)

We paint the bright side brighter and the dark side darker.

Then we push hard against the dark side – and our pushing makes the “dark” stronger than it would be otherwise.
We feed it more energy, by pushing against it.

We think whatever we hate must be stopped and extinguished.

Your friends agree with you that a particular something, somebody, or group is distasteful, wrong, “bad.”
But commiserating about it feeds the “us and them” divide, which never did us any good.
It has only given us more heat, more battles, more misery overall.

We can exhaust ourselves with that tug-of-war, or
we can let go of the rope.

How would it feel to step back and observe?
Let go and take a breath.

This is a holographic world.
Everything in the universe is within you.
Everything on the planet is within you.
All political parties are within you.
All personalities are within you.

Like Walt Whitman, you are large, you contain multitudes (in his poem, “Song of Myself”). 

The truth is, “we” are “them” and “they” are “us.”
We have been wearing blinders for eons, not recognizing each other as part of ourselves.

I’m not saying it’s easy to tolerate aggravating people.
I know how hard that is.

But still there is a neutral place to stand.
It’s a place of breathing, noticing, listening, accepting.
It’s a place of reminding yourself that whatever the heck they’re doing, they are following what seems true to them.

Your own personal truth is still vital.
Voice it loud and clear.
Do what seems good to you.
Take the action you need, while respecting others.

At the same time, we are learning patience.
Let’s take a breath.
Quit burning up the planet with our anger.
Relax that longstanding tug-of-war.

See who we really are.

It feels so freaking good to let go of that rope.

And breathe.

I feel better.
How about you?

David Bohm discovered the holographic nature of our universe.
See the 1-hr film Infinite Potential: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm – free to watch through September 30.

Revolutionary Shift – Diversity is Our Strength
Is it You or Me, bugging me?
Lift your Heart and Mind, Forgive this here Now

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  
Make an
appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

duality words center union NeedpixThanks to Needpix for this awesome inspiring image, which inspired this post.



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See the Amazing Quantum World thanks to David Bohm

Imagine the space around you is full, not empty.
The sky, the space, the air in front of your face,
the astronomical field,
is not an empty vacuum
but a plenum
filled with information and energies.

Everything is totally interconnected.
All the world is a hologram.
The whole universe and every part, including you, is totally connected to every other part.

Take a look at this film I so enjoyed, all about David Bohm and his discoveries.
Bohm took his own unique remarkable path into Quantum Physics,
and he discovered the holographic nature of the universe,
the holographic nature of everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and feel.

Take a look at the undivided wholeness of all things, including yourself.

Free film through September 30th (film length 1:11)
(Don’t let this opportunity slip.)

Infinite Potential: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm
streaming free of charge, thanks to Fetzer Memorial Trust.

You have only until the end of September to watch for free.
Be sure to take advantage!

Infinite Potential Bohm film

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How to Make Your Electric Body Strong, Brilliant, Grounded

Who knew your body is electric?
The membrane of every cell produces electrical energy,
using the sodium-potassium pump (like a hydroelectric power plant) to generate ATP and GTP, which provide energy for you.

Mild electric currents stream throughout your body, not only through your nervous system and muscles, but to your organs and tissues.

(Within every atom, protons have a positive charge, electrons have a negative charge, and the flow of electrons between atoms and ions is electricity.)

At the microscopic core of chronic diseases, we find inflammation due to “free radicals.”
A free radical has an unpaired electron, which makes it unstable.
In its effort to grab more electrons, it damages proteins and cells.
This process produces oxidative stress and leads to chronic inflammation.

This is a huge topic, but basically the longer we live, we hold more free radicals, oxidation, inflammation, pain, disease, aging and wrinkles.
(Poor nutrition, preservatives, sugar and refined carbohydrates give us even more free radicals and inflammation.)

For the past two decades medical scientists tell us that inflammation is the real killer, the root cause of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, pulmonary disease, neurological disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune conditions, and more.

“Supplements to reduce inflammation” gets 65.5 million hits on my browser.

If only we had more free electrons to match up with those free radicals, we could avert damage, inflammation, and pain . . .

Guess what?
The surface of the Earth is filled with free electrons which pass through your skin and restore your body to better health.
That is, if you go barefoot on the ground, sit on the lawn, and/or try sleeping on an Earthing mat, you’ll feel the benefits of Earthing.

 “Earthing works fast. Anyone can try it. You don’t even have to believe it works. If you don’t feel well or have pain, for whatever reason, just put your bare feet on the ground – on grass, wet sand, gravel, or plain dirt − for a half-hour. See what happens. There is nothing that comes close to Earthing for quick relief.”  – James Oschman, Ph.D., internationally-renowned expert on energy medicine

The Earth’s free electrons neutralize free radical molecules, which stops their destruction of healthy tissues, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain.

Medical Thermal Imaging reveals decreased inflammation after a person gets grounded to the Earth. (See this clip of The Earthing Movie at minute 27-28.)

Studies published in 2004 (using subjects who sleep on a grounding mat) demonstrated that Earthing stabilizes the stress hormone Cortisol down to normal healthy levels.
Earthing calms the nervous system and improves overall mood.

Earthing tends to improve

  • inflammation and diseases of inflammation
  • chronic pain, or almost any pain
  • better circulation, blood flow, healthy thinning of the blood
  • oxygenation
  • blood pressure
  • daily energy and stamina
  • immune system strength – fewer colds or viruses
  • thyroid function
  • adrenal health
  • blood sugar levels
  • hormonal levels, PMS, hot flashes
  • quicker healing of injuries (proven during Tour de France 2003-2005)
  • deeper sleep, less fatigue
  • easy release of stress
  • better digestion
  • quick recovery from jet lag
  • transmuting and releasing detrimental EMFs

We have tons of Earthing case studies from people who improve their blood pressure, feel and look more vibrant, accelerate healing of injuries, relieve seasonal allergies, arthritis, asthma, eczema, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and more.

People who consistently sleep on an Earthing mat may need to reduce their medications. Typically they need lower doses of

  • blood thinners (anticoagulants)
  • anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs)
  • diabetic pills
  • thyroid-boosting medications
  • blood pressure pills
  • pain pills

Every person’s situation is unique.
People have varying amounts of improvement with Earthing.

Many find Earthing is anti-aging, because it removes inflammation and heals the immune system.
People tend to feel more vital, energetic and restored in many ways.

How to Ground / How to use Earthing

  • barefoot outdoors
  • Earthing mat indoors connected to ground
  • Earthing patch for specific pain

Go barefoot on the Earth (sit, stand, walk, lie down if you like) for a half hour or more each day.
Electrons flow into your body. The soles of your feet are especially receptive.
(Experiment – rate your pain before and after 30 minutes of Earth-contact.)

Good conduction happens on soil, grass, sand, gravel, rock, and concrete.
Moist surfaces are extra conductive.
You can also wade in any natural body of water.
(Grounding/Earthing does not work on wood, rubber, plastic, vinyl, asphalt, or sealed/painted tile/concrete – all are poor conductors.)

Sleep on an Earthing mat connected to the ground through an electrical outlet (via the rounded receptor at the bottom of the type B power outlet common in the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Central America and part of South America).
Before using the outlet’s ground port, check its wiring safety with the plug-in tester that comes with every Earthing mat.
Another option is to connect the Earthing mat to a grounding rod in the soil outdoors (and feed the wire through a window).

(Use a smaller Earthing mat under your bare feet when sitting, if you like.)

Apply a grounded Earthing patch to a painful spot, such as an arthritic wrist. (The patch is wired and connected to ground.)

My Earthing mat experience so far (first 6 weeks):
In the beginning, I felt lots of tingling sparky energy from the mat, so it took time to overlook that and drift to sleep. But I did sink into good solid sleep from the first night onwards.
(Most people say deep sleep is the earliest benefit.)

When I would waken (after 9 hours of restoration), I would feel lethargic and cloudy, like a detoxification. This makes sense, as free radicals cleared out of my system.

The Earthing Institute mentions these early side effects, and says it may take up to 2 weeks for the tingling sensation and the detox effect to finish.
In my case, it took 4 weeks to normalize.

After the initial detox, I now feel clear and energetic in the morning and throughout the day.
My body now takes 8 hours of deep sleep instead of 9.
My digestion improved. (I quit burping after meals. Found out science says gut bacteria are electric too.)

What about a few critics who claim the Earthing mat brings more EMFs (man-made electromagnetic fields) into your body?
This is refuted by early experiments done by the Earthing mat inventor, Clint Ober, and also in a 2005 published study by electrical engineer Roger Applewhite.

Clint Ober examined the electrical field-induced EMF voltage created on subjects’ bodies in their own beds, before and after grounding on a mat.
Ober found an average of 3.27 volts EMF on the human body prior to grounding, which came down to an average of 0.007 volts on the body when grounded on a mat.

Applewhite’s 2005 study using wired Earthing devices confirmed that

  • when a person is grounded, electrons pass both ways to maintain the human body at the same electric potential as the Earth, and
  • grounding drastically reduces EMF energies on the body.

I think I’ll keep sleeping on this mat . . .
Have you tried Earthing?
How do you feel about it?

More info on Earthing  (includes free eBook)

27 Blockbuster Insights that You are Made of Energy
Have you been Amazingly Energetic all this time?

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  
Make an
appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

8-26 feet earthing

(Thanks to my backyard and feet for this image.)

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Boost Your Brain, Get Clarity, Sturdy Mind, Reliable Memory

To clear up your brain, first consider your prescription drugs, because many of them carry the side effects of confusion and memory loss.

Such was the case for my loved one who was taking Lisinopril for BP and Simvastatin for cholesterol. (Both listed the above side effects.) Now that he’s been off those for 3 months, and doing fine without them, he is much more mentally sharp – hooray!

4 ways to boost your brain:

1. Drink more Water
Even mild dehydration can cause noticeable confusion or poor thinking skills.
The brain is 85% water and it craves water.
(Drink 1.5 gallons a day – about half your weight in ounces – 80 oz for 160 lb. person)

Older adults are at higher risk for dehydration.
Unfortunately, the body’s hydration mechanisms decline as we age.
Older adults have reduced thirst signals – they don’t feel thirsty. They need to drink lots of water on purpose. (You might consider using high-mineral Celtic sea salt to hydrate better.)
If you’re feeling foggy, drink some water or fluids, and see if you perk up or improve noticeably. (This often happens within 5-10 minutes.)
If drinking water does help your mental clarity, that suggests you were mildly dehydrated.

2. B vitamins, B-complex – 1 each day
B-complex vitamins containing all the B’s – have shown effectiveness in helping memory and brain fitness. B vitamins also prevent infections and enhance nerve function, energy levels, good eyesight, and good cellular health overall.

Vitamin B12 helps the brain and the whole body.
Most of us need more B12 as we age.


3. Ginkgo Biloba
According to WebMD, Ginkgo Biloba may be the best possible supplement. (They listed a ton of possible supplements, most of which did not pan out.)
Ginkgo Biloba helps with blood flow to the brain, and is commonly used in Europe to enhance memory.
WebMD says more research is needed to prove it, but at the moment they think this dose may help: Ginkgo Biloba 120 mg twice a day

And let’s remember that blood flow anyhow depends on water and exercise – go for both!


4. Coconut Oil
In the latest studies, memory loss is seen as a form of “diabetes of the brain” – meaning that nutrients are not flowing well into brain tissues.
Many have had good success using
Coconut Oil 2 Tablespoons each day to feed the brain and improve memory skills.

Other research says to use liberal amounts of Olive oil in your dishes.


More Options
Do your own investigation on these, but it may be helpful to:

– Get into an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.  

– Use the mind-protecting nutrients in green tea, blueberries and curcumin.

– The aging brain may need CoQ10, lipoic acid, trace elements, Vitamin C, D, E (but check appropriate amounts, ask for your blood levels, etc.)

– A couple products that came highly recommended are “Methylation Protect” and “EB-C3 Delayed Release” – but again, ask your doctor and do your research.


Tell us, what are your favorite brain boosters?

(I like brain games on the web – check out Sharpen Your Brain.)

Diane Stallings RN does personal sessions and EFT Tapping by phone or video chat, Distance Biofield Tuning by phone or in-person, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

brain w spark Pikist

Thanks to Pikist for this image.

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Ultimate Free Gift of Love, Inspiration MP3 Dr. Peebles

Summer Bacon has been channeling Dr. James Martin Peebles since 1994, and doing an awesome job at this strenuous work.
Now, after 26 amazing years, she announces her retirement.

I’m filled with gratitude for her years of service and for all the beautiful teachings from Dr. James Martin Peebles, which have inspired me deeply.

I’ve been listening for 17 years.
His words have never failed to open up more love, light, and higher perspectives for me.

Here’s an excerpt of his final message spoken and transcribed through Summer Bacon, on August 26th 2020.

You are beautiful spirits, students of the Divine!

Live your life from the heart. Don’t be afraid to be who you are; give it to the world, and let the world respond with the honest echo. Maybe they like you, maybe they don’t, and it doesn’t really matter either way.

You’re all just learning and dancing together on the school called Planet Earth; a beautiful place, my dear friends, that is coming alive at long last, awakening to things that were hidden before, now being exposed, coming to the surface to be cleaned and cleared away.

Remember this, my dear friends, you are sensitive people. You are truly sensitive in so very many ways. You have senses that are more highly attuned than you are even aware of.

If you come to understand this, you will start to be able to eliminate those thought forms that might come into your consciousness that are less than kind, less than nice, that are trying to keep you in a place of fear or anger.

You will awaken to those thought forms and you will say, “I’m going to discard that, because I choose love. I would rather look through the eyes of Christ.”
Close your eyes for a moment here, and imagine that you are doing so, looking at the world through the eyes of Christ, where all of the illusions of separation disappear, and all you see is the wonder of being human. 

And finally – Dr. Peebles gave his classic sign-off:

God bless you indeed, you are a beautiful spirit, we love you so very much!
Go your way in peace, love and harmony, for life is indeed a joy, and all you have to do as you enjoy the journey to your own heart, and certainly to your own enlightenment, is simply lighten up just a little bit more! 

Take those words into your heart.
It’s true, you are a beautiful spirit.
You’ve no idea how much the Universe loves you.

And You are made of Love.
It’s time to lighten up – just a little bit more.

With a Million Thanks to dear Summer for her generosity –
Download the final free MP3 from Summer Bacon and Dr. Peebles – August 26, 2020

(Don’t miss more great recordings, many of them free, on Summer’s site.)

Thank you, Summer – God bless you always.


More free downloads from Summer and J.M. Peebles:
Golden Opportunities to Grow in These Weird Times
Get More Free Insights from Peebles, Feel Good Now
More Beautiful Calm Inspiration from Brilliant Dr. Peebles
Hang in There, Relax, Release, and Love, says Dr. Peebles
Great Encouragement to Brighten this Crazy Season – Free!
Enlightening Perspective Brings me Tears of Joy

Peebles w cool blue scene

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Crack the Mystery of the Strange Grumpy Lump

“Oh no, it’s ba-a-a-a-ack,” said Bobby, his massage fingers squeezing the persistent knot between Belle’s neck and shoulder.

“Argh,” Belle growled into the face cradle. “I’ve tried everything for that.”

“Don’t tighten up. Breathe. Breathe into that spot.” His thumb applied tons of pressure to it.

Hurt so good, she told herself, pulling air deeply into her lungs.
Tears filled her eyes. Damn, it hurt.
Breathe. Every month she was here on Bobby’s table. It helped.
Breathe. It helped with all the muscle strains of her nursing job at the hospital.

He eased up a bit.

“What a zinger,” she said.

“Same old trigger point in the belly of the muscle. I’ll work the ends of it.”

“Ahh,” she sighed, soaking up his smoother strokes.

“What have you tried on it?”

“A month of ibuprofen -”

“Tear up your intestines.”

“- hot castor oil packs -” 

“Clear out toxins, good.”

“- eucalyptus rubs -”

“Won’t do enough.” He clamped it under his thumb again.

“Ow! And I worked the trigger point myself, tennis ball against the wall, like you said!”

“Whoops, don’t clench your jaws – that pulls on it.”

She sighed and let go with a whimper. “Head bone’s connected to the – neck bone.”

“You know it.” He held on a few more painful seconds.

“Ohh – this would be called exquisite pain – whoever made up that term.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.” He started rubbing around it.

She knew the routine: deep warm comforting strokes, sneaking up to those damn deep-tissue digs.
For the moment she lapped up the comfort.
Her mind drifted into sweet soft darkness, tinted purple.

“Last time I thought we mashed it out of there,” Bobby said softly, fingering the knob. “It keeps popping up. It’s been like – two years now?”

“I guess.”
Inside her head Belle watched royal-purple shapes congeal, separate, drift.
She wanted to sleep.
With effort she mumbled, “I keep telling it to leave.”

“Gotta listen to it before it can leave.”
The plane of his forearm pressed firm and steady down the slope from neck to shoulder.
It felt delicious until – “whump” – the lump.

“It’s got a mind of its own,” said Bobby. “A stubborn personality.”

Belle saw the grumpy lump rising taller with a scowl on its face. “Next party, I’ll be two-headed. ‘Hey, have you met my lump?’”

Bobby snickered. “Does it talk or just leer at people?”

“It leers.” She tried to relax into the pain, but ouch! 
“Most of the time it doesn’t bother me. Let’s forget it.”

“I’ll do the other side awhile.” He kneaded her left shoulder and neck.

Gratefully wafting into comfort, Belle said slowly, “Yeah, forget that tough little sucker… I don’t know… They say shoulders carry burdens.”

“That little sucker is tough for a reason. It’s trying, but it’s too small to handle the weight.”

She drifted deeper into dark purple clouds, feeling cozy.

“So, what’s the burden?” he asked.

“Ahh ….” she muttered, wanting only sleep.

“What’s too heavy to carry?”

“Mmm …” Now she was Atlas holding the world on her shoulders. She crumpled underneath it, squished.

“It’s your right side, so maybe it relates to assertion or action.”

If she faked a snore, would he leave her alone?

“What’s too heavy to lift?” he prodded.

She saw yesterday’s extremely heavy patient – could barely turn him on his side. She couldn’t fix him.
Here came a long, long line of faces and bodies in hospital beds, parading through her mind.
All the people she couldn’t fix.
For years.
Hair-thin glossy wires ran from her shoulder to each sad patient.
They hung onto her, all of them.
Hundreds and hundreds of un-fixables pulled her down, down, down.

“My patients. I can’t fix them all.”

“Who said you had to fix them all? Let go of that belief.”

“Isn’t that the main idea, to repair them?”

“That’s the impossible idea. You can’t carry them all. That’s your lump, Sister.”

“Huh. I guess that rings a Belle.”

(Wink. Have you had a chronic spot in your body talking to you?
I sure have.
Thanks for indulging this creative flash fiction. – Diane)

How to Get True Healing – Unlock the Root Cause

(Thanks to Ximena Mora of Pexels for this shoulder image and Wikimedia Commons for the lump guy.)

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Come Alive with an Easy Cool Clear Rain Meditation

Between the quarantine and the drought, things feel super dry.

In our desert the annual rains seem to be forgetting how much we love them.
Let’s love and celebrate them vibrationally with this rain meditation.

Take a moment to breathe. Relax.
Let your body grow heavy and settle into the Earth.

Nothing must be done.
Let go of every muscle and nerve. Feel them going loose.
Your body gets heavier, resting in the Earth.

The Earth supports you as she always does.
Rest in her arms.
You might feel, sense, or imagine energy flowing from the Earth into the soles of your feet, into your bones, your spine.

Imagine light pouring into the top of your head.
Light streams down throughout your body, down your spinal cord and into every nerve of your whole network. It flows into all those rivers inside you, soothing everything.

Breathe and let go.
No effort.

These natural energies fill you up and restore you,
more and more with every breath.

See yourself standing in a parched dry place of sunshine and blue sky.
The air feels like it’s coming from an oven to your face and your lungs.

But on the horizon, a nest of clouds is gathering.
Puffy and powerful, these clouds expand on their way toward you.

The breeze kicks up some dust, but you don’t care.

You find shelter under a tree. Perfectly safe.
Sit down and lean your back against the strong trunk.
Feel the massive benevolent Earth under you.

The clouds advance, bringing cooler air.

Cloud cover spreads now over half of the sky. Its delicious dark underbelly rolls toward you.

Inhale the cooler breeze, the hint of moisture within it.
So refreshing.

Now the mass of cloud is only a couple miles away, with hazy sheets of rain falling below it.

It’s coming, it’s coming.

The cool wind kicks up stronger.

The front of the gentle storm sails overhead.
Rain dapples your skin.

Raindrops splash upon your face, your shoulders, your arms, your back, your front, your legs, your feet.

Delicious rain soaks into your skin. 

Feel it washing through your whole body, soaking you with blessed moisture.

Cool clear softness spreads into every layer of your being, down into your bones.

Imagine pure water flowing even through the center of your bones.

It is cooling, cleansing, restoring you in every way.

This rain removes whatever you don’t need anymore,
whatever does not serve you.

It floods gently into every cell of your body and mind.

This rain washes away all your old complaints.

Remember that big one, that thorn in your side.
See that old thorn 
loosen up and crumble,
drain down into the ground.

This wondrous rain pours into every dry place in your life.

It streams into every parched pattern or habit.
It washes away every pocket of fatigue and weariness.

Crystal clear water cascades through every part of you.
See it.
Feel it.
Enjoy it.

It flows all the way through you and drenches the ground.

It brings relief.

The shower is passing now.

A few rays of sunlight sparkle upon the last drops, making a rainbow.
The promise of hope.


Easy Way to Your Calm Safe Strong Soul – a Spine Meditation
Deep Peace Forest Vortex Meditation

Feel Better Now with this 10-minute Meditation

Thanks to Wallpaperflare for this Arizona rain image.

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Golden Opportunities to Grow in These Weird Times

Again I’d like to share free mp3 inspirational talks given by my dear friend, Dr. James Martin Peebles – from the other side of the veil.

I feel glad for his wise and loving encouragement.

We will be hearing more and more from the Spirit World during these difficult times.

On August 12th Dr. Peebles suggests, “awaken your heart.”
This season is a time to reset the planet and reset yourself.
Go inside and discover the many parts of Who you really are.
He tells us how to do non-physical travel,
How to deal with changes on the Earth,
How to develop more intuition and empathy.

Free Download of August 12th MP3

On August 19th Dr. Peebles speaks powerfully and tells us we are living in a “Gateway of Opportunity.”
He gives us a balanced approach to use, in dealing with the U.S. presidential election.
Learn about the “5th Dimension of Understanding of Love,” and how to work with it in the coming times.
Learn a practical method to hear Spirits more clearly and communicate with them.
Discover your special gift to share with the world.

Free Download of Hope – August 19th MP3

Once again I send a million thanks to Summer Bacon for her generosity in freely sharing these messages.

We humans have begun a tough season which is bound to continue awhile.

Even so, I’m grateful to be on the planet in this time of humanity’s shift into more love and light.

How are you doing?
How do you feel about Dr. Peebles’ messages so far?

Get More Free Insights from Peebles, Feel Good Now
More Beautiful Calm Inspiration from Brilliant Dr. Peebles
Hang in There, Relax, Release, and Love, says Dr. Peebles

Diane Stallings RN does personal sessions by phone or video chat, Distance Biofield Tuning by phone or in-person, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

dramatic pink sky tree sunheart piqsels

Thanks to piqsels for this image.

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Sleep Better this Week, Choose the Best Foods

How good it feels to get solid sleep!
Healthy sleep clears out inflammations and neurotoxins, restoring the body in umpteen ways.

If we want to sleep well, might avoid evening caffeine and greasy spicy heartburn suppers.
We would want a light supper with plenty of veggies.
(Food Combining suggests not to eat carbs with meat – for best digestion.)

Our natural serotonin (neurotransmitter) and
melatonin (hormone) enhance good sleep cycles.

Sugary refined carbs can deplete serotonin levels.
So eating white bread, cake, cookies and desserts in the evening could impair your sleep.
(Yet complex whole-grain carbs like popcorn might be fine for a bedtime snack.)

Before bedtime try high melatonin foods like:
tart cherries or their juice.

Eating two kiwis 1 hour before bedtime will boost your folate level which helps the brain produce both serotonin and melatonin.

Chamomile or ginger tea in the evening brings in calmness.

Tryptophan is an amino acid which increases serotonin levels.
Tryptophan is abundant in lean protein like turkey, chicken, fish, low-fat cottage cheese, milk, tofu, pumpkin seeds, or peanuts. (Warm milk is a traditional tryptophan sleep-enhancer.)

Insomnia can arise from dehydration.
The brain can’t fully relax if it is too dry. It likes to be saturated in water.
To hydrate the brain at bedtime, drink two glasses of water and put a pinch of salt on your tongue to dissolve. (Find out why this works.)

Beyond food and drink:

bedtime meditation can relax the body and deepen the sleep.

Get your good sleep with this simple breath count – 4 beats inhale – hold for 7 – exhale for 8 beats.

Massage the special acupressure points for sleep.

Use Meridian Tapping to release the worries and emotions of the day. When I tap at bedtime, I love the way inner release leads to yawns and true relaxation.

Tell us, what are your favorite ways to sleep better?

6 Remarkable Powers of Sleep and How to Get There
 Why Should I Care About Meridian Tapping?

Diane Stallings RN does personal Tapping sessions by phone or video chat, Distance Biofield Tuning by phone or in-person, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

walnuts on red PikistThanks to Pikist pics for these walnuts.

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Get More Free Insights from Peebles, Feel Good Now

I’m happy to hear more from the spirit realm, and especially from our beloved Dr. James Martin Peebles.
Peebles is filled with so much love for all and such well-balanced wisdom, he never fails to help me feel better, every time I listen to him.

He shows us the view from a higher perspective, beyond physicality, beyond our troubles.
Yet he gives great practical advice for our troubles.

He understands the human heart.
He understands the heartbreak of what we are living, especially in this super-difficult era of isolation and pandemic.
He guides us to shift out of fear, back to loving our life.

For the past few months, I’ve shared free links to download Peebles’ recent talks.
Again we send a Million Thanks to his brilliant channel, Summer Bacon, for her graceful generosity in sharing these free spiritual downloads.

In the July 29th presentation, discover how your actions, attitudes, and group prayers impact the world. Learn more about healing energy, reincarnation, the nature of time, and the Neowise comet. Hear about the upcoming changes in the way we live our lives.

July 29, 2020 Dr. Peebles Speaks (click to download)

On August 3rd Dr. Peebles addresses how lots of old karma will play out with rapid events in the next several months. (Keep your cool; better times are coming!) Find out the spiritual approach to improve your immune system and to be glad for each day when it dawns. Listen to your inner self and share your unique contribution with the world. Relaxing activities can literally help the planet and the people upon it.

August 3, 2020 Dr. Peebles Speaks  (click to download)

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Thank you, Summer!


Here’s a younger image of Dr. Peebles in 1872.
J.M. Peebles younger 1872

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