5 Powerful Ways to Prevent Holiday Pounds

Here come the holidays, sweetness, expansion!
Want to avoid holiday weight? Try this:

  • Minimize your Carbs and eat only your favorite ones. Like who cares about bread when you can have one moist chewy brownie? (This is my philosophy when I go to a party.)
  • Eat your few Carbs by themselves or with Veggies.
  • Eat meat and proteins with Veggies only. (Without Carbs!)
  • If you love fruit, eat it by itself in the morning. Your belly will thank you.
  • Forget about dairy products for a while. Generally we are over-calcified and it’s not doing us any good.

That’s it?
Yes. These graceful guidelines are your Gift to Yourself!
And you won’t be so sleepy after lunch.
AND your belly will feel better. You will have less bloating, burping, and gas, because these food combinations are the easiest for your body to digest.

When we throw all types of food into our mouth at once, digestion is more difficult and builds up toxins and weight gain. Sometimes we acquire so many toxins from poorly digested food that we retain water weight in our tissues to balance out the acidity.

Glance at those 5 points once more. They are your pocketful of power. Notice you’ll get plenty of vegetables as ever. At any meal, fill more than half your plate with veggies.

I came upon this food combining approach one December years ago. To my surprise, I lost weight during the holiday season instead of gaining!
Have you ever tried it? Let us know how it goes for you.

Food Combining Feels Great
See Dr. Mercola’s take on this topic.

Curious about that spiritual book we sent out last week?
Go to walkingthebridgewisdom for the next post on those themes.

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain HillsAlso check out our meditation groups – Tuesdays in Phoenix, Thursdays in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to pixabay and pexels for the images in this composite.)
Holiday weight watch

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Dissonant World, Narrow View and Broad View

FREE eBook today, tomorrow, and Tuesday (Dec 3 – 5) Here’s one more excerpt:

Question: So much is wrong in the world. I don’t want to accept and allow the bad stuff. You say it will bring me peace, but at what price?

The price is to give up narrow view in favor of broad view.

This world of duality always holds dark and light. We always have both. And we have our opinion of both. We cling to those opinions. We tell ourselves the dark should not be here. But it is an intrinsic part of the show. It’s not going to leave.

What we really need is a bigger mind, a broad perspective.

Have you ever watched an ant hill, or maybe two ant hills in conflict? A lot is going on down there, right? But you have a broad view, and that scene is only one small part of your reality.

In meditation, we hopefully let go of opinions and find a tone of peace with everything. We go to “big mind,” and we’re able to take in everything, including the negative stuff, as part of the whole beautiful world.

Or imagine yourself coming into the theater of life, to watch stories take place on the screen. You’re going to need darkness. The house lights have to be dim in order to see the movie. It’s the darkness that puts you into the illusion of the story.

Within a short while, you feel you yourself are inside the movie, don’t you? Things are happening. Your heart is speeding up or slowing down, according to the story. It’s all an illusion, but you buy into it. You’re impacted by the darkness in the theater as well as the stress and drama of the story.

The darkness, the difficulty, has an important role in this earthly world.

Good music contains dissonance, and is richer because of that dissonance.
Listen to a beautiful chord of many notes on the guitar.
But take only two of those notes – B and C played right next to each other. They grate on the ear. They sound scary.
Yet with the whole chord, beauty.

In the same way, the incense of the old temple held eleven fragrances, one of which was a stench by itself. You would never want to bring that into the temple. Yet when added to all the other smells, it produced fullness. It gave more body to the whole blend. It made the whole orchestra of fragrances complete.

In our own memories, we might see how some negativity in an event adds to the whole experience. Those are surely the best life stories we like to tell each other, aren’t they? Life was so tough, look what we went through, but we made it.

See the Whole picture, instead of narrowing your vision down to one negative thing.

The moment you focus on one thing, that’s your doorway into time, into duality, into the loss of the panorama.

When you get hooked into narrow view, try to back up into broad view.

These words are from my spiritual teacher, now anonymous. This is an excerpt from Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1
To stay in touch with this book series of several volumes, go to https://walkingthebridgewisdom.wordpress.com/

(Soon you’ll see new topics again on this joystream blog, most likely 😉
Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain HillsMeditation class – Tuesdays in Phoenix, Thursdays in Fountain Hills.

WTB incense post

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Story of Karma, Higher Justice

Isaac told about a man who accidentally hit and killed a pedestrian. The pedestrian was an elderly man, maybe with Alzheimer’s, who walked out in front of the car. It wasn’t the driver’s fault, but he felt intensely guilty.
He could hardly live with himself. He did everything he could to make repairs, but still life was difficult.

Finally he wrote to a very wise and respected rabbi in Israel, telling about this situation and asking how to release himself.

The sage wrote back one word: “Amalek.”

Amalek was the nation of people who chased the Israelites through the desert for 40 years. The nemesis of the Jews.

So the troubled man didn’t know what to make of that. He already knew he was troubled, “chased,” persecuted by his conscience. He filed away the letter and tried to get his life back to normal. He wanted to move to a new place and start over.

He found a new location in the same general area, a home he liked. When the papers were signed, the young couple selling it expressed their relief, because this place had belonged to their father, who was killed some time before, hit by a car.

The man realized this was the very person he had hit. Oddly, he felt some resolution, as he lived in and cared for that elderly man’s home.

Some time later, he went down to the basement and found some old boxes filled with documents and photos. There was a photo of the elderly man when he was younger, wearing a Nazi uniform of high rank and standing next to Hitler. Not only that, but the documents included a list of all the people who had been put to death under his orders.

On the list were the names of this man’s own father and mother.

Justice was served.

We don’t know the big picture of karma, of divine justice.
The sage could see the big picture, which is why he replied, “Amalek.”
The persecutor received his due.

Sages have managed to dissolve themselves so much that they have access to the big picture.

This is a lesson for us, because so often we yearn for justice.
We think we need to go out and get justice ourselves.
But we can’t possibly know the bigger picture.
We with our limited human vision cannot correct everything. There’s too much.

We need to give it to God. We need to let it go and trust in divine justice, which will always prevail.
Of course if it’s a situation where we can actively repair it, apologize, forgive, make peace – we need to do that. But if it’s beyond your powers, let it go.

Our focus is not to stay glued to old worry, resentment, or guilt.
Our focus is to release, relax, and tune in to our divine connection. Nurture this.
Our focus is to take care with relationships. Your relationship with yourself, with God, with others here on earth.

This is an excerpt from Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1 to be published in print and as eBook on Amazon. Teachings from my spiritual teacher. See the book site walkingthebridgewisdom.wordpress.com

And –  Lift the Chaos
(Thanks to pixabay for “Lady Justice” below.)

justice karma pic blog


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Pond of Stillness Meditation

When we talk about meditation, we often use the metaphor of a pond or a pool of water.

We want to make our mind quiet, like a still pond.

Every thought arising is like a stone cast into the water. It disturbs the water with a splash. Then it creates ripples, touching many other tangents, many other thoughts unfolding from the first one.

If our pond always has ripples, then we won’t notice the subtlety of a pebble dropping into it.

It takes a big boulder splashing in to get our attention. Only the big splash can be felt.

If our mind always carries turbulence, restlessness, then we may never notice, never hear or see anything that arises from the subtle realms beyond this one. We need a much deeper stillness inside, if we want to be aware of the subtle realms. And each realm is even more subtle than the last.

When we can find more stillness, the first thing that happens is, we gain insights during meditation. Some people like these insights so much, they stay there in the world of insights.

But there is more to be perceived if we continue deeper into stillness.

Stay aware. Don’t fall into sleep. Sleep is natural, but it’s the temptation we must overcome.
Sleep is an escape from what we don’t understand.

We need patience to get to these deeper quieter realms.
Patience will eventually overcome anything – and everything.
Stay in your seat and keep listening to the quiet.
Keep meditating for the allotted time.
Build this muscle of meditation.
Keep exercising it.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 19 of Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1 to be published December 3rd. Teachings from my spiritual teacher.

I agree, sleep is an escape from what we don’t understand. I have dropped off many times when something mind-boggling was presented to me.
How about you?  What’s your experience?

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Stone pond w book cover

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How Can Everybody Be Right? A Multi-storied Building of Reality

Think of a tall building, many stories tall, a skyscraper. You live on a particular floor, and your conflicting friend may live on another. Each of you holds a different opinion, a different attitude. From each floor of this building, the views are unique. The views change depending what floor you’re standing on.

The people of each level have their own shared view. They agree with each other: “This is the truth. We are right.”

On the first floor life is hard, not comfortable. From your window you see people walking by, dogs, trucks and taxis. You have dirt, trash, noise, even violence in the street.

Here at the bottom of the building we have more suffering. We don’t like it. We resist it. We hold rigid attitudes. We feel grumpy and constricted. This is a low vibration.

Higher up, you feel lighter. You look out over a treetop. You don’t feel bothered by that stuff on the street. You let go of it. It’s there, and you give what you can when you’re out on the sidewalk, yet you know you’re not in charge of all that. It’s the way of the world. You release resistance to it, and you enjoy your tree.

If someone lives very high on this building of vibration, their view is sky, clouds and birds. Lots of space, expansion. They feel light and happy. They have totally released resistance to whatever’s happening on the street, even if they must walk through it. They can allow all of it to be as it is.
They have the bigger perspective that shows them everything is in right order. They see everybody is “right.” Everybody is learning. Every situation is ultimately for the good.

We are meant to rise higher in this multi-storied building. We are meant to gain awareness and a broad view.
Our moods may take us up and down the elevator of this building. Learn to use your elevator.

It’s no accident that life is tough on the first floor.
Suffering is meant to loosen our grasp on our attachments.
Can we become conscious within our suffering? Can we give it a closer look? Can we be more aware of what is happening when we suffer?

People tend to be half-asleep, plowing through, fighting back, believing it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and the best defense is to attack other dogs.

Eventually it may dawn on us that we ourselves cause our own suffering.
We hold firm expectations that don’t get filled.
We hold rigid behaviors.
We hold the desires and fears of this this level.
We hold attachments. With enough suffering, we might begin to see how our attachments make us hurt.

Through grace we may gain more awareness and find ourselves on the second floor. But the second floor has a different style of attachments to release.

Whatever we think is outside of us, is really inside of us.

. . .

This skyscraper metaphor came from my spiritual teacher. Much of the above is excerpted from my book arriving December 3rd: “Walking the Bridge 1 – Toward Resilience, Balance, and Bliss – guidance from a Wisdom School.”
Boost Your Habit of Mind, Reset to Wonderful 
6 Ways to Stop Grumping and Feel Good
Is it You or Me, bugging me?

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain HillsMeditation class – Tuesdays in Phoenix, Thursdays in Fountain Hills.
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Perpetuate the Past or Plug in to the Vertical

What I learned from Wisdom School:

Remember the horizontal and the vertical.
The horizontal life is the practical way we live our life, our jobs, our families.
The horizontal is founded on the past. Because of our past, we think we know pretty much what our future will be.

We react to events according to what we know about them from our past. It worked this way last time, therefore I predict the same, and all my expectations are reinforced.

Past memories perpetuate our fears and desires. We predict more of the same.

We may live our whole lives in the horizontal, not touching the vertical very often. We can manage the horizontal.
But the more we remain in the horizontal without visits to the vertical, the more dry life becomes.

The vertical is the Present moment without judgment.
No fear, no desire. It just is.
We access the vertical through meditation, inner balance, divine connection.

The vertical shows us that everything here, despite appearances, is the Divine coming into being this moment, into the physical.
When we are in the vertical, we can see and accept this, without any opinions.

Opinion belongs in the horizontal. Opinion requires a past to make it work.

In the vertical there is no past. Everything simply is, and we take it as it is.

EmissionNebula from wikipedia


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5 Steps to Unlimited Peace in Your Gigantic Crown

Not everybody has a strong Crown chakra, but if you do, it feels fantastic. You feel the Universe supports you. You know help is always available. You sense you’re never alone. You are connected to Something Higher.

This 7th Chakra is on top of the head, corresponding to the soft spot fontanelle on a baby’s head. Its color is violet, for its spiritual tone, although some see it as pearly and iridescent, multicolored.
Tradition says it’s a lotus of a thousand petals with the potential to blossom into infinite awareness, unlimited consciousness, the Oneness of all.

Yes, that is a tall order, especially when many of us are rugged individualists, alone in the world, pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, “I did it all myself!”
Did you?
This Divine Conversation is a touchy subject. It has been tainted by some folks  pushing the Almighty down others’ throats. Let’s not go there.

Let’s go to where sages and meditators in every century, in every part of the world, after going deep into stillness, return to tell us of a Consciousness much greater than our own. A Benevolence underlying everything. A Divine Mind, if you will. Source of all.

Let’s go to your granny’s deathbed, when you wondered where she went, and later she visited you. What’s that about? Is there something beyond our human life?

Let’s go to tons of books on first-hand experiences of the realms beyond.
Let’s go to scientists who talk about Light flowing through us.

Let’s go to the meditation cushion 😉
How would it feel to relax into life knowing that Someone always has your back? Such comfort!
You can connect your crown or not, no big deal. Free will and all that.
(Oddly enough, Parkinson’s has been cured by developing trust in a higher power.)

Life on earth is tough enough without trying to go it alone. That’s my two cents. When toxic events intrude, I open my crown wider (if I remember), and I remind myself  everything arises from Source.
This event, too, is for the good, in the long run. We’re all learning.

5 Steps to Strengthen Your Crown

  • Daily Meditation – quiet the incessant mind.
  • Try a broad perspective, like looking down from a jet. Troubles shrink to nothing, and you allow all the flotsam and jetsam to be as it is.
  • Imagine you are immensely bigger than your tiny body.
  • Find evidence that the Universe has been supporting you well so far.
  • If you can’t believe in a higher power, then get in touch (talk aloud) with a departed friend, relative, or pet. Gain some connection with the next realm.


  • Meditate into such deep peace and surrender that your crown tingles.
  • After months of meditation, you may have longer stretches of silent stillness. Speechless expansive energy through the crown. No words can express it.
  • Experiment with Response Ability – the ability to respond, in the moment, to whatever or whomever comes up. Inspired action, fully appropriate now, may arise when we are wholly Present and aligned with our Divine Connection.

Who knew you were wearing a crown all this time?
Tell us, can you feel it?

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We Need Your Powerful Heart Energy
Diane Stallings RN can repair and strengthen your energy system.  She gives you practical ways to enhance your own energy. 
Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or a telephone session with Diane at Joystream Health

Bali crown chakra mask

This Crown-expression from Bali mask-carver I.B. Anom has inspired me since 2011

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