The Fascinating Way of the Seabhean shares the Lore of Wisewomen in Ireland

How would you like to explore the deeper cultural and spiritual traditions of Ireland, passed down through generations of wisewomen since ancient times?

Amantha Murphy has written a new book, The Way of the Seabhean (pronounced “Shavan” – female shaman)  

Amantha is a wondrous teacher, philosopher, healer, and Irish Shaman.
Even as a child she had special sight. Her grandmother taught her the ways of the Seabhean.

Amantha offers juicy teachings, tours, and pilgrimages, Celtic Soul Journeys.

In this book she shares indigenous spirituality, folklore, and traditions – some of which are seeing print here for the first time ever.
These traditions are still in use, and they bring deeper meaning to our lives.

  • The power of the Land and the beings who inhabit it
  • The first earliest remarkable mystical civilization in Ireland
  • The Tree of Life which represents the Lower World, Middle World, Upper World
  • How to journey to heal our ancestral patterns and more via these Worlds
  • The Wheel of the Year, the seasons and ancient festivals that accompany them
  • The eight points on the Wheel correspond to eight Irish Goddess archetypes
  • Stories of each of these female deities and their significance
  • The magic of fairy lore (yes, fairies are real beings here)
  • Rituals and Rites of Passage for the important transitions in our Lives
  • Awesome Meditations and Journeys
  • How to drum for journeying
  • Many methods for personal healing
  • Links to audio files for meditation and journeying
  • And so much more!

I found this book delicious and delightful.
I hope you will, too!
Let me know what you think.

Grab the Paperback version 
A Kindle version is also available 

Check out shamanic healing, sisterhood, drum circles and more with our local gifted Seabhean, Rebecca Williams (who trained with Amantha in Ireland).


Amantha Seabhean


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You Become the Strength and the Light of the World, says Dr. Peebles

In the next wonderful installment from Dr. James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon,
the inspiring and refreshing June 16 mp3,

  • You are a flower unfolding
  • Your consciousness never dies
  • How Spirit chooses love despite pain, and you can too
  • Can you eliminate fear and anger from your menu? And How.
  • The deeper reason why you care about the pain of the world
  • Band together for peace and prayer
  • Improve the climate – both the weather and the human race
  • Darkness is the density of Light
  • Several refreshing meditations to relax, release, surrender
  • Wondrous meditation in your cells to enhance your immune system
  • What happens when you slow down enough to be kind?
  • How you have the power to heal the planet
  • You’re not a helpless little one
  • And much more juicy inspiration

I find this excerpt from the June 16 mp3 particularly inspiring:

We know it is so hard for so many of you to pray for the upliftment of those people that you can’t stand.
But they are the ones who need it – if you want your world to change.

You’re not going to change the world by killing off all the people you don’t like.
That doesn’t work.
They’ll just perhaps reincarnate, and do it all over again!

You’ll say, “Wait! I thought I got rid of them all! Now here’s more!”
Well of course there are.

There are new generations being born all the time.

There are many who are coming in with the full awareness that they are here to spread the light, love, inspiration and truth. People who will be ideally positive in all of their words.

And you will slap your head in wonder. “How in the world do they do that?”

Because they choose to, my dear friends.
They choose to love.
Your world is filled with it.

Beauty wonder, and magic.
Kindhearted individuals.

Who do you want to be, today?

Do you want to grow into greater love?

Do you have the courage to do it?

Can you start by loving yourself?

Take a nice deep breath.
Relax, release, surrender.

Go forth within your day, my dear friends.
Know that we are with you, that we are wrapping you in love.
We are pointing the way.
And it is always towards love, towards the light of understanding.

          –  Dr. James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon

LISTEN TO MORE of this Dr. Peebles Speaks recording.

Get the June 16th mp3

Check out Summer Bacon’s FREE teachings from Dr. Peebles and more – see the tab at the top of her home page.


embrace connection Gerd Altmann Pixabay

(Thanks to Gerd Altmann at Pixabay for this image.)


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You Run Powerful Natural Energy No Matter What You Believe or Not

Have you heard about the decades of amazing energy healing research done by Dr. Bill Bengston Ph.D.?
Since the 1970s he has dedicated himself to rigorous research, objectively testing energy healing. He takes a purely scientific approach, double blind studies and all that.

Bengston is a diehard skeptic, and his healing teams are skeptics, too.
Everything he presents publicly has been replicated in multiple labs. If other scientists can’t replicate it, he does not publish it. (He has issued over 20 scientific papers.)

Ever since a healer instantly cured his chronic back pain (in the1970s), Bengston has been asking why such a thing would happen.

Bengston and his university students began curing cancer in 1975, with hands-on healing for lab mice.
He tested an aggressive incurable mammary cancer that is always fatal for mice. (None can last more than a month.)
With his healing method, tumors would still grow, but then shrink and disappear. Every mouse was cured, 100%.

Full recovery depended on dosage (number of treatments), so he always over-treated, to be on the safe side.

The cured mice retained anticancer information in their blood, which was injected into other cancerous mice and cured them.
All these mice acquired immunity to this cancer (even with future injections of the cancer).
Their cancer immunity was passed on to their offspring, as well!

At that time Bengston offered his style of energy healing to human patients, who also recovered from their aggressive cancers.
In his experience, a person might receive several sessions where no measurable healing is occurring, but then, with accumulated doses, a sudden burst of healing occurs.

Bengston says that with his method, it is easier to take something away than to add something that’s missing.
His method works extremely well on inflammation or on removing things.
“Cancer responds immediately and dramatically” to this method, he says, especially the rapid aggressive cancers which are usually found in younger and middle-aged people.

He sees healing as a natural phenomenon, not outside of Nature, no belief needed.

He uses skeptical inexperienced volunteers to use his method in his experiments.
Ordinary people are healers.
No particular beliefs are required.

Healing happens whether the “healer” is sensitive enough to feel it or not.
Healing happens even when the “healer” feels nothing at all and simply uses the Bengston Energy Healing Method.

Bill Bengston also measures a resonant bond between the brain of the “healer” and the “healee.”
This resonant bond happens even at a distance of two thousand miles.
(These are EEG studies where the two brains go into phase-locking, and stay linked to each other, no matter the distance, for the duration of the session.)

And, you guessed it, these distance healings are every bit as effective as hands-on in-person healings!

Bengston says this process seems like a flow of information, not energy, which he thinks would diminish over distance.

According to his intensive decades of research, Bengston hypothesizes that:

  • Healing is connection.
  • Healing is an automatic response to need, rather than a state of mind.
  • Healing is stimulated by the healee.
  • Energy healing is actually a transfer of information and/or
  • Healing information flows upon energy and/or
  • Healing energy is equivalent to information.

Bengston has scientifically confirmed that healing intention can be stored in both organic and inorganic materials – in water and in cotton (as has been claimed for 100 years or more).

The healer’s hands charge up the material and the material itself will then heal the person.
One must use real cotton, not synthetic. (Apparently some stores sell synthetics.)

The healee should apply the cotton 4 days in a row, and then get rid of it, because the cotton will also pick up negative energies from painful or diseased areas.
(Again, scientifically proven, or Bengston would not have published it.)

How to use the Bengston Energy Healing Method

The main technique of the Bengston Energy Healing Method is called Image Cycling.

You create 20 mental images of things/situations you would Like, Love, and Desire for your personal future. (Practical things or fantasies, no matter.)
Spend a little time fully imagining and enjoying each scenario.
Boil down each of the 20 images to one word.

Learn to mentally run through those 20 images faster and faster – hyper-cycling.
Hyper-cycling requires concentration and practice but eventually can be done without thinking about it.
(People find the most success with this by using the instructional CDs or attending a Bengston workshop, which are reasonably priced.)

Hyper-cycling develops the skill that allows the appropriate transfer of information/energy to flow. (And personally, I think this process creates a particular vibration – but Dr. Bengston doesn’t mention that.)

However, Bengston clearly says that Image Cycling is not a healing method.
Even so, it is the core approach that he and his teams have used for 45 years in their hands-on healing.
Practitioners mentally start their Image Cycling, and apply their hands to the dis-eased area.

(I see his Image Cycling upon attractive desires as a way to step back from mind-chatter and to focus on lighthearted images. Get-out-of-your-own-way and let the hands do their natural energy flow.)

For more information, see Dr. Bengston’s book, The Energy Cure.

Do you have experience with this method, or with distance healing?
Let us know what you think!

(Yup, curing cancer for the past 45 years already . . .)

Brave New World, hey?!
I love it!


Biofield: Healing the Incurable
Energy Medicine Research to Give You New Hope


Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Joystream hands healing light

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Come Alive to Your Heart and Return to Childlike Wonder, says Dr. Peebles

How can you regain the enthusiasm of a child?
Can you feel grateful for your next breath, in times like these?
What’s the value of facing the unknown?
Can you grasp the meaning of your difficult challenges?
What is the broad view of our life beyond human life?

Refresh yourself with the encouraging words of Dr. Peebles, who reminds us this week,
“All learning begins in the center of your heart.”

(Remember in kindergarten, when we each followed our heart, and explored accordingly? We get to go back there, now!)

Thanks to Summer Bacon for this powerful June 9 mp3 of “Dr. Peebles Speaks,” which offers so much beauty and inspiration, bringing inner alignment and peace.

Here is a taste of Dr. Peebles Speaks June 9th 

As you are working throughout your days, remember to keep your thoughts in alignment with your heart.

When you find yourself going astray, when you find yourself following a line of thought of sadness and despair and the “what-ifs” and how it’s going to end up, and trying to see the possibilities, and you find that you’re getting sucked into a more and more negative space,
remember those things have not happened, and you don’t really want to create that reality.

Find that within yourself and stop.
Just simply stop thinking that way.

Find something else to think about.

You can even just simply focus on a beautiful flower. Think about that.

Think about a moment where you saw a smile on somebody’s face that really made you happy, and focus upon that.

Those are the things that really have meaning and value and purpose, more than anything in your world.

Focus on those, instead of allowing yourself to get all tangled up like a chain of negative thoughts, and seeing a terrible outcome for all, and fearing the direction the world is going in, and fearing that everybody’s gonna fall down an endless rabbit hole.

It’s not going to be that way, my friends.
That’s not where you’re heading.
You’re heading into the light.
You’re heading into greater awareness of each other, of self, an awakening of your hearts upon the Earth.
It is the new dimension, the 5th dimension of understanding of love.

                                          Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, June 9, 2021

. . .

It is a privilege to be alive right here and right now today, in this moment, no matter what is happening around you.
Stop waiting for the stress and the pain and the struggles to stop before you are happy.

You can be happy here and now.
You can stop your hard digging.

Take a deep breath and simply look around you and find something that makes you happy.
Remember a moment in time that gave you Joy.
Look at the beauty and the wonder of the planet, of the amazing skies, the amazing things that are happening at all times.
Children are being born in this moment, taking their first breath.

Look at the amazing experience of simply standing with Nature and breathing in the love that is there.
Allow for yourself to look with wonder at the trees and the animals that are living there. They might show themselves to you, the more still you become in watching and waiting and listening and communing with Nature.

Experience your life in this moment here and now.
There is always going to be something, always something that will bring you back to center, if you take the opportunity to remember that it is a privilege to be alive.

                                          Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, June 9, 2021

Hear more – download Dr. Peebles Speaks June 9th 

Topics include:

  • How to come alive as the world gets moving once again
  • Why tragic, dark, difficult things happen
  • How and why to be happy NOW
  • What “vulnerability” really means
  • Getting back to living life through the eyes of a child (an amazing explanation of our birth into wonder, and retreat from it)
  • It’s time to be courageous in who you are
  • How the opportunities on this planet abound
  • Why it is a true privilege to be human
  • How we seek ourselves through others
  • Healing relationships (or manifesting a new one)
  • A meditation to be closer to loved ones, even if you don’t know them yet
  • How and why to keep your thoughts in alignment with your heart
  • Do you know more than others? Guess again!
  • What is true success?
  • and so much more! Get the mp3 HERE.

“Forevermore you will grow into greater and greater love.”  – Dr. James Martin Peebles

After you download Dr. Peebles Speaks June 9,

Check out Summer Bacon’s FREE teachings from Dr. Peebles and more – see the tab at the top of her home page.


colored-pencils-heart Pixabay

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UFOs are now UAPs – Are They Real and Why Should it Matter to You?

Did you catch the recent 60 Minutes televised report on UFOs, which are now called UAPs?
It included an interview with the Navy Pilots (from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz) who saw and filmed the “Tic Tac” flying saucers in 2004.
Experts say these vehicles zip around like nothing else on earth, nothing we humans have designed.

Why are we waiting 17 years to get excited about this?
Or for that matter, waiting 74 years to confirm the truth of the 1947 UFO crash landing near Roswell, New Mexico? (“Weather balloon,” my foot!)

Why the constant cover up, when UFOs have been sighted all over the globe for decades now?

The US defense department has not been consistent in investigating UFOs, but in 2020 the Pentagon created a new task force to understand UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).
(Did they have to rename them in order to remove the stigma or something?)

US National Intelligence and other agencies are finally giving Congress more data on UAPs. (And perhaps on ETs – extraterrestrials.)

I think this matters, because we need the truth, and also because we need to appreciate ET technology which has been given to us.

For years this topic has been a simple curiosity for me, but I now feel that it’s important for us humans to acknowledge that we are not alone.
We need to relax and accept the idea that these ET beings not only exist, but are helping us in some ways.

I read interesting things in The Day After Roswell, the 1997 memoir of Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso.

In July 1947 Corso was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. He witnessed non-human ET bodies from the Roswell crash being transported to another base for investigation.
(His book includes interviews of the servicemen who arrived first on the scene of the crash and dealt with the live ETs and the wreckage.)

The US armed services explored and utilized what they could from that UFO.
One of the first benefits was the integrated circuit chip, which was put into the newfangled transistor radio, invented in 1954.

Corso served in Army Intelligence, and later worked for the CIA and the White House.

In 1961 Corso was put in charge of a file cabinet of the remaining scraps from the Roswell UFO wreckage. He was to investigate what could be reverse engineered and used to our advantage.
He sent these objects and scraps to various service departments, scientists, and companies such as Bell Labs.

According to Corso, materials from that UFO provided us with the following inventions.

integrated circuit chips
micro miniaturization of logic boards
night vision
fiber optics
super tenacity fibers, Kevlar
portable atomic generators
irradiation of food
electromagnetic propulsion systems
accelerated particle beams
Star Wars anti-missile energy weapons

Corso says the Cold War was not only about piling up weapons against the Soviets.
Both USA and Russia already had lots of experience with UFOs at that time.
Both were worried about an invasion from Aliens.
Both amassed all these weapons and built up the Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) in preparation to confront ETs and to disable their spacecraft and warheads.

So says this lifelong intelligence specialist.

Maybe we needed a few generations of time just to relax on this topic?

Maybe we can make contact peaceably, and soon?

Maybe. What do you think?


scifi UFO by Simone Holland of Pixabay

(Thanks to Simone Holland of Pixabay for this image.)

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Love and Hear Yourself in this Now Moment for your Creative Adventure

Take a listen to the latest inspiration and encouragement from our friend Dr. Peebles, in this June 2nd mp3 from Summer Bacon.

This week Dr. Peebles covers topics such as:

  • Why Spirit cannot do our tough earthly work for us
  • How to feed yourself good positive energy
  • Without self-love and acceptance of self, Earth life will get more difficult
  • Society’s long-held dark secrets will soon be revealed
  • UFOs and ET technology will be announced in truth
  • The future of Earth clean-up, space stations, reforestation, free energy
  • How to keep your patience and stop engaging with negative responses
  • How to receive Divine help
  • A wonderful meditation to be Here and Now
  • Why some are born with physical challenges
  • How to feel difficult emotions and transcend them
  • The trend back to living life in integrity
  • Visualization to deal with a difficult person
  • How to bring in your better-feeling future with a guided meditation
  • and MUCH more!

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Peebles Speaks, June 2, 2021

Trust in your senses.
Trust in you.
Learn to come to the forefront with your love, with your positive attitude, positive thoughts.
Really strive to change those things that are trying to drag you down and to know that that’s not what God wants for you.

God doesn’t want for you to be dragged down,
doesn’t want for you to disappear,
doesn’t want for you to feel despondent and live in despair.
But instead to see those things as opportunities for growth.

Understand that you, by your choice, signed up for this planet Earth, God bless you indeed. And you chose to be here, to be upon this school called planet Earth, to learn and to grow.
And this is a particularly difficult time.

Some of you are just simply going to not want to do anything, and that is all right. That’s what you want. And that is all right.
That’s what we want for you to understand, is who you are and what you desire.

How you choose to proceed is up to you.

It’s time for understanding that this is a time period of taking responsibility for your life as a creative adventure.
That doesn’t mean taking responsibility for everybody else’s life.
It means taking responsibility for your life as a creative adventure.

Your life affects other people, yes, absolutely.

But you, first and foremost, look inside of your heart and look at those things that you can do that will make you feel that you are more in love with the world.
And especially, more than anything, more in love with yourself.

Primary to this journey upon this school called planet Earth, primary to anything that we would ever choose to see within each and every one of you, is to see that you are loving yourself most of all.

And we want to make this very clear:
Loving yourself doesn’t mean being self-centered or greedy or saying, I’m going to take the biggest piece of chocolate cake all the time.

Loving yourself is beyond all of that.
Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you get to have everything you want in terms of the biggest house and such. Or that you think you are worthy of having the fastest car and all this other stuff.
It’s not that at all.

Loving yourself means to love and honor and respect what your desires are in a given moment.

When you are coming from love, you can access only love.
When you are coming from compassion, you can access only compassion.
When you are coming from gentleness, you can access only gentleness.
Those are the things that you will bring to the surface.

When you are truly loving yourself, you will acknowledge who you are, right here and now.
And you’ll say, my goodness gracious, I am, for example, I am a little tired or I would like to go for a walk or I would like to simply have a bite to eat right now.

I would like to sit and feel more love from God and simply commune with God.
I want to listen to those feeling sensations, desires within me.

                        – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

… Continued on Dr. Peebles Speaks June 2

This material is always uplifting and inspiring, such a joy to listen to it.
Many thanks to  Summer Bacon for the wonderful work she does!

Trust yourself, more than anything.

After you download Dr. Peebles Speaks June 2 –

Check out Summer’s FREE teachings from Dr. Peebles and more – see the tab at the top of her home page.


god-holding-earth Pixabay

(Thanks to Pixabay for this image.)

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How to Wake Up and Energize without Caffeine – Bright and Natural

Gosh I love caffeine, but now it’s asking for a divorce.
I talked it into a separation, yet again.
This is not our first rodeo.
I’ve lived without it before.
I’ve diminished it by drinking tea instead of coffee.
(Yes, “health benefits” are touted for both, but my body has a recurring issue with caffeine.)

Whether I drink it or not, I get fully alert at about 10 a.m. (which, in Ayurveda doshas, is the time when slow heavy Kapha vibration shifts into strong fiery Pitta).

But I want to feel bright before 10 a.m., so I lean on my beloved caffeine (which dehydrates and swings me up and down).

I am once again doing a month without caffeine (naturopathic doctor’s orders), so I’m looking for fresh ideas on how to revitalize naturally.
Here are 15 methods to wake up – backed by research (which I won’t detail much, in favor of brevity).

How to Energize Naturally without Caffeine

  • Fresh air and sunlight
  • Exercise, cardio, walking
  • Ice cold shower
  • Drink Lots of Water (Even 1.5% dehydration brings fatigue and poor concentration, especially for women, say the studies at University of Connecticut. See also Watercure.)
  • Mint or Ginger herbal teas (I used to puree ginger root with water and drink the juice, which perked me up nicely.)
  • Donna Eden 5-minute Energy Routine, Tap K27 meridian points, Cross Crawl; use Wayne Cook pose for concentration
  • Breath of Fire and/or Wim Hof’s Power Breath
  • GV26 Point under the center of the nose – press one fingertip for 1 minute to be alert
  • Fast music – and singing
  • Drumming
  • Eat an apple (not only good nutrition but also contains Quercetin, an antioxidant which protects brain cells)
  • Chia seeds (fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and apparently a natural stimulant??)
  • Protein and whole grains at breakfast are suggested
  • Aromatherapy – smell Peppermint, Rosemary, Citrus, Cinnamon, or Jasmine. Use a diffuser or put a few drops in your palms, rub together and inhale. (A drop of Peppermint at the nape of my neck revived me well.)
  • Energizing Yoga poses: bridge, chair, triangle, fish pose, camel

What do you think?
Please throw in more ideas of how to enliven yourself?

(Is Chia stimulating?? Just curious.)

I’m game to try more . . .

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

How to energize without caffeine

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Keep Love, Gratitude, Freedom in these Harsh Times, says Dr. Peebles

In his May 26th message Dr. Peebles answers fascinating questions sent by his listeners.

He encourages us to boost our gratitude and keep holding hands with each other.
Life on Earth will get tougher in the near future.
Hang in there and stay with your gratitude practice.

In the long view, things will improve for our whole planet.

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for her work with Dr. Peebles and for this powerful
May 26th mp3 recording.

Here is an excerpt:

You are beautiful creators, each and every one, my dear friends.
Love and respect and honor yourselves here today, my dear friends.
Your world is going into turmoil. It’s going to be very rocky for a little while here.
We want you to understand that the one thing that you can do during these times, where there will be a lot of contentious behavior, a lot of adversarial energy around the planet Earth, is to remember to be grateful for your life.

Yes, that’s what we said.
Be very grateful for your life as it is here and now.
Know that there are certain things that you can take charge of.
You, my dear friends.

Nobody can stop you from holding hands as you cross the street.
Nobody can stop you from dreaming dreams.
No one can stop you from loving your neighbor as you would like to be loved.
No one can change that part of yourself that is so true and honest and real and alive, as long as you are willing to keep it honest and real and alive. As long as you are willing to continually express that to the world.

Always remember this, my dear friends, be grateful for what you have here and now.
Be grateful for the life that you have here and now.
Be grateful for your family, your friends.
Be grateful for everything, my dear friends, more than ever before.
In this way you will keep your light shining brightly for the whole wide world, and it will truly make a difference.

Please strive not to fall into despair.
Please strive not to fall into the energy of anger.
Please strive to not fall into the energy of hate.
Please strive, my dear friends, to allow for the love that you are to be expressed in each and every moment of each and every day.

Be kind to one another. As our dear channel here said this morning, “It makes you look beautiful and alive.”
And don’t forget, my dear friends, to always laugh. Laughter is certainly the best medicine no matter what is occurring around you, God bless you indeed.

There are certainly going to be changes upon the planet Earth. There’s going to be an attempt to manipulate the planet Earth, all of humanity, to put everybody in the same box. But you’re not the type of person, none of you, to be boxed in. You don’t want this. You don’t want to lose your freedoms. And that is going to become the issue of the day, God bless you indeed, for many months to come.

But human beings are going to band together and say, “This is not acceptable. We want to be alive. We want to live our lives on our own free will.”

Human beings are going to come to realize themselves more than ever before, because you’re awakening to the truth of Who You Are.

You, being made of love, pure love, my dear friends, children of God. You, in charge as stewards of God’s love upon the Earth, the expressers of the very same.
You are a beautiful spirit. You are a student of the Divine, and we love you so very much, my dear friends.
                                     – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, May 26, 2021


In this May 26th Q&A session, juicy topics include:

  • Angels and Pleiadians – how are they connected?
  • Soul Contracts, Soul Families, and your Oversoul, explained
  • How to discover the source of bodily pain and heal it
  • Why we have trouble sleeping recently, and what to do for it
  • Is it possible to regrow teeth?
  • How to handle the frequencies of satellites and 5G
  • How everything is at the mercy of you (not the other way around)
  • The role of Archangel Melchizedek
  • Who is Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light?
  • A special new group-healing practice of Love
  • Does the “shedding” of vaccines harm the unvaccinated?
  • The resurrection of better weather systems
  • How you are an incredible creator 
  • And much more …

Be sure to download this awesome mp3 of May 26th.

It’s all about relationships. Relationship with yourself first and then expanding out from there to others. So don’t forget, my dear friends, to love yourself, to look inside of you and be grateful for who you are, no matter what.
When you look in the mirror, when you think a thought, remember to make certain that it is as loving as you can possibly make it, and discard the rest.
Because it’s unnecessary to live even one moment without feeling love for yourself, God bless you indeed.
                                                          – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, May 26, 2021

Check out Summer Bacon and all the wonderful material she offers (some of which is FREE).
Thank you, Summer!


How to Focus on Gratitude
The Super Happy Habit of Gratitude
6 Ways to Stop Grumping and Feel Good

holographic earth Flickr by Kevin M Gill w Peebles

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Pull Your Face Out of the Crazy Nasty Ant Pile

Gaining control of our attention is huge.
It is your choice where to place your attention in any given moment.
When you are caught up in chaos you may think you have no choice.
But in that chaos, you have shoved your face into an ant pile.

If you could pull back, gain some distance, and be the Observer, you’d be out of the ant pile.

The best way I know how to do this is to develop a meditation practice.
Meditation strengthens the Witness part of us, the Observer part of us.

Countless traditions tell us that our Witness, our Observer, simply watches everything with a tone of comfort and benevolence.
We don’t even have to try for comfort and benevolence. It simply arises.

All over the planet, in all traditions, throughout history, whether they call it centering prayer or Dharana yoga or meditation or don’t call it anything at all, the experience of people has been: when we let go of our agenda and breathe, and listen, we move into the underlying peace and comfort that supports all life.

You already experience this in the moment of relaxation right before you fall asleep.
You may not be conscious of it, but you do have access to this peace and comfort.

A meditation practice even for a few minutes a day will bring this into your awareness.
A meditation practice will build your inner Witness / Observer.
A meditation practice will give you control in directing your attention.

Little by little a meditation habit will make your life balanced and happy.

That peace – you don’t make it happen. Can’t force it.
It simply bubbles up when you let go of the world and pay attention to the breath.

The chatter in your head continues, but you watch for tiny gaps of quiet between thoughts.
They will become longer gaps.
Calm expands. (Keep ignoring the chatter – it doesn’t matter.)

Stay attentive and watch the calm.

Watch yourself become so easy and so content and so much your true self.
It feels so freaking good.

Understand that you can return to this place and be recharged at any time.
Even a bathroom break at work can be refreshing.
1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever.

Start your daily practice at just one minute a day, but every day.
Build the habit.

Allow your Witness to grow stronger.
Allow the field of peace and benevolence to fill you up and restore you.

This strengthens you, and brings you to your true self.
It’s like a homing device that brings you back to yourself and automatically strengthens your boundaries.
It puts you in charge of yourself.

You no longer wallow in disturbing energies.
Or when you do, you can step back from them.
Step back from the ant pile.

Connect to the field of Peace.
IT is always ready to connect with you.


How do you feel about meditation?
(For me, it is the biggest game-changer of my life.)

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You Become a Strong Channel of Light Energy this Season Now, says Dr. Peebles

The longer I listen to Dr. Peebles, the more relaxed and encouraged I feel, and the more I know I am an eternal spirit with nothing to fear, ever.
(And so are you!)

I get excited about the vast changes that are upon us now, the birth of more love than ever upon this plane.
(No wonder we have birthing pains everywhere, but it will be worth it!)

Here is a small excerpt from Dr. Peebles’ powerful and passionate message on May 19th

There are seasons for your soul.
Everybody, each and every one of you, the seasons of the soul. Very much like your seasons upon the Earth – you have Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

You are in a process right now of transitioning into a period of time of Summer upon this school called planet Earth. Summer is very symbolic of a deep spiritual quest inside of yourself.

Understanding that there is life after death. Understanding that because of this knowledge, that means that there are spirits in heaven that can communicate with you and help you. Understanding that you have guardian angels, that you have guides you can work with, that you have abilities as a channel to be able to communicate with spirits, and for spirits to communicate with you as well, God bless you indeed.

You become a channel of that light energy in your life.

You learn to create a new reality for yourself, wherein you feel more in charge of your life by releasing control over it, by allowing for yourself to surrender into the greater knowledge, the greater truths and awareness’s that are in the heavens that can be transmitted to you by, again, your guides, your guardian angels, family members and others who perhaps are on the other side, who can help you through this period of time.

This is a time period where there’s an acceleration of your abilities in this direction.
You will find that some people will not understand this and will not surrender to it.

And some people will be finding themselves saying, “Goodness gracious, I’m hearing voices, and I’m seeing things that I don’t think are there. I feel like I’m going crazy.”
And you, by hearing my words here today, can see you’re not going crazy.
You’re awakening.

This is the time period upon the planet Earth where human beings are going to be awakening in a very huge way.
Awakening to the fact that they are energy, that they are light beings, that they are indeed connected to the universe energetically at all given times, God bless you indeed.

This period of Summer upon this school called planet Earth is also going to be a hot one. We don’t necessarily mean that it is going to be hot physically, though it will be in some areas upon your Earth, quite hot, temperatures will be rising.
But that will also be because there will be emotions rising.

There will be some clashes again upon your Earth.
There will be more wars that occur. They will be temporary but will be very shocking to some human beings because that is not ever something human beings in a loving state ever want to see, is people hurting each other.

[But these struggles are to bring up important issues such as religious differences, political differences, scientific differences.]

                                     – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon on May 19, 2021

(He also addresses the energies of Winter coming to the Southern Hemisphere.)

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for this May 19 mp3, which explores:

  • How emotional energies work – and how to “flip those emotions”
  • How to convert fear to enthusiasm
  • Learn from the honest echo of life toward you
  • This is an important time of self-realization
  • Breaking old paradigms, and which ones
  • Important conflicts now in religion, politics, science, and more
  • Unavoidable change and growth is at hand
  • Science will reveal that we humans are all related, truly one family.
  • The power of group intention will manifest and produce results
  • Why many humans want to “go home” to Spirit
  • What does it mean that you are birthed from the heart of God?
  • many topics – download here and enjoy!

After you get the May 19 mp3,
Pick up one of Summer Bacon’s FREE teachings from Dr. Peebles and more – see the tab at the top of her home page.

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hands-flame by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay cropped

(Thanks to Gerd Altmann of Pixabay for this image.)

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