B00ST Me Not – the Hidden Danger, and Maybe It’s Time to Stop These

My dad’s doctor and I were stumped. Here was a super healthy 92-year-old man with great blood work, no infections, and no diagnosis. A strong heart. He had run more than 60 marathons (at age 50 through 80). He continued to walk a mile or two every day.

But suddenly his body and mind suffered a rapid decline.
Dizziness, weakness, increased confusion. His legs would not move when he wanted them to. He began to have panic attacks.

We got referred to a neurologist, but that appointment was 10 weeks away.
I had already done tons of research (always) and had put Dad on supportive vitamins, minerals, and hydration.
My wonderful siblings and I took shifts at his condo to watch over him.

Within a couple more weeks, he was even worse.
No longer interested in reading his many books. Did not have the stamina to watch TV nor hold a conversation longer than 5 minutes. Constantly drifting to sleep.
At meal times he could eat no more than four bites.

He started looking like a hospice patient.
Darn it, was he really done?
He was so weak and so gone.
It had happened so fast.

We enlisted the help of hospice. I called the best-rated local company.
Thankfully the secretary put me straight through to the hospice director.
Both of us were nurses, so I cut to the chase, told her his good lab values and everything we had tried.
We simply had no diagnosis, but he was failing fast.

“We have been seeing more and more of this in the past couple of years,” she said. “Older people with no diagnosis are suddenly dying. I’ve never seen it happen like this before, in the past 20 years that I’ve been running hospice.”

“But he didn’t have C0V1D,” I said.

“And none of these people did, either.”

“He hasn’t been sick at all.”

“I hear you. It never used to be like this for the elderly. Everybody had a diagnosis.”

I was glad to hear that Hospice Services are 100% covered by Medicare. Hospice includes 24/7 medical advice (or intervention), doctor supervision, a weekly nurse visit, and an assisted shower twice a week. Plus, they would deliver any equipment we might need for his care. (And we didn’t need a doctor’s order to start hospice. No red tape.)

That very evening, the director brought paperwork and talked with me.
A nurse came the following morning to evaluate Dad while he napped in his recliner.

By then, Dad’s hands trembled. It was hard to get out of a chair and use the walker to creep to the bathroom. He was skinny. We discovered he’d lost 15 pounds in a month.

The nurse, Mark, returned a few days later for the first weekly visit.
Dad tolerated a brief assessment, but he was exhausted and soon went back to bed.

Mark asked for more details about Dad’s decline.

I recounted his vertigo, imbalance, difficulty moving and thinking, worsening appetite, sleeping 20 hours a day. No fevers, vitals stable. “And,” I said, “your director said the elderly are failing in a strange way, these past two years?”

“Did he get the immun1zations?” Mark asked.

“Oh yes, he’s up to date on everything, sec0nd b00ster in late April.”
Dad was eager to get all those sh0ts, so I took him, despite my own misgivings about them. The medical system would be proud of us.

Apparently not proud, Mark slowly shook his head. “Maybe that sec0nd b00ster takes another man down.”


“Do you know the date he got it?”

I pulled the white card out of his wallet.

“Oh my,” I said. “He got it one week before the onset of his weakness and panic. Suddenly he was dizzy, and he couldn’t move his legs very well, just a week after that shot.”

Mark’s sad expression deepened. “We have been seeing this pattern in the elderly. Worse health after the b00ster or sec0nd b00ster. These people were previously healthy. They have no diagnosis, nothing we can point to. Usually they die, I’m sorry to say. We don’t know why, except for this apparent correlation.”

“Geez,” I said. “In my gut, I did not trust this technology. It was rushed. Even the idea of trying to treat a v1rus this way was flawed, according to the science we have known for decades.”

Mark agreed. “Many of us nurses and doctors did not trust that sh0t.”

This conversation happened in June 2022.
(Wondering about my funny spellings? I hope to avoid cens0rsh1p, in this land of the free and the brave. We may never see the above info in the ma1nstream. But the hospice community sees it.)

I’m dismayed at the announcements of the next b00ster.
Haven’t we had enough now?
Hasn’t practically everybody pumped their immune system enough, through technology or good old natural response in the bloodstream (which does work better)?

I must wonder: if this thing impaired my dad, to what degree does it impair everybody else?
Who knows?

Now for the good news.
Dad slowly, slowly improved. I think it’s because he was so freaking healthy to begin with.
By late August he was again walking a mile a day. His appetite returned to normal. He regained all the weight he had lost. He is once again reading his favorite books.
Last week he asked if he could start playing pickleball again, so we practiced in the kitchen.

Many thanks to all my siblings for becoming such a great team, trading off our 24-hour shifts of watching over him. (We will continue, because he is still quite forgetful.)

Yes, Dad is stronger now.
He will graduate from hospice tomorrow. He doesn’t want any more b00sters.

What do you think and feel about this topic?
Please comment below.

To clarify: Dad had M0derna sh0ts (x4), but the hospice nurse said they have seen this pattern with both main types of the pandem1c sh0ts. More of it after 3rd and 4th sh0ts.
Yet they’ve been seeing this pattern “for two years” on people who weren’t sick. I’m guessing that even the earlier sh0ts may have damaged some people.
We have no clue as to stats, how many people wind up in trouble after the shots.
It’s just that the nurses have noticed a definite pattern, mostly in elderly people.

Serendipity – as it turns out, we gave Dad some of the supplements suggested to recover from the vacc1nes: https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/i-recover-post-vaccine-treatment/

Natural Immunity Wins the Day, Hooray, the Truth Shows Itself

(Here’s our Dad on his patio with some of his running medals.)
Dad Aug 2022

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What is this 5D Shift to Your Heart, Love Yourself Better Thing?

For decades now, the spiritual esoteric community has been telling us we will shift into 5D – the fifth dimension of understanding.
(Hark! Remember The 5th Dimension musical group of the 1960s? I was 8 years old, and I wanted to know what all these dimensions meant. My schoolteacher friend couldn’t explain them beyond 3D.)

This 5D shift is upon us now.
Mother Earth is taking on the frequency of 5D, and so is humanity.
This means we are moving into our heart.
Moving into more love and acceptance for ourselves and for others.

Can it be that the human race is finally tired of fighting and pushing against each other?
Can it be that we finally see how the ego in our head does not serve us as well as the love in our heart?
Can it be that we now change our human attitude, after thousands of belligerent years?
It is happening, no matter what the world looks like today.
Change is afoot.

Have you noticed (as some of us have), that you are feeling more love for yourself and your neighbors?
That you are less judgmental?
That it’s easier to drop toxic emotions, like it’s just not worth your time to stew in them?
That you crave a frequent connection with Nature?
That many old ways of doing things simply don’t work anymore?
That you are operating from energy, that the tone of yourself and others has an energetic impact on you?
That your dreams are more vivid?
That more serendipities pop up in your life?
That you feel more connected to everything and everybody?
That you feel more supported by the Universe?

(Random optimism bubbles up in my heart sometimes for no apparent reason …)

The fifth dimension of understanding is to live in Love.
And we cannot truly love anything nor anybody else until we learn to love ourself.

The goal of psychology, dream work, and all manner of inner growth is to learn to love yourself, to love your character, warts and all. To make peace with your past and to love your life.

If we learn to do this even a little bit, life takes on a new shine.
All the things that used to drag us down now diminish.
Old traumas, anxieties, regrets no longer pull on us so hard.

It feels refreshing to drop all that garbage. Why carry it a minute longer?

It feels fabulous when we take the reins of our own life and say,
“I’m okay, and you’re okay (dear people).
I’m just here on the planet for a little while, and I’m going to be me.
I like who I am. I love who I am.
Everything I’ve done, all the light and dark of it, brought me to this day, and I love me.
I simply love me.”

The following is one simple method, one step to change your life from the inside out.
Dissolve your doubts and misgivings.
Drop your personal Kryptonite, no matter what it is.

For 3 seconds, morning and evening, look into your own eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you.”
It may feel embarrassing and strange when you first do it. But stay with this easy method, keep it going, because I guarantee it will produce great results in the long run.

I know we mentioned it years ago on this blog, but I must bring it up again, because it does provide the most bang for your buck of anything I have ever done. Believe me, I have used countless methods for inner growth. And this one is the bomb.

This one eventually (after 18 months) showed me my own brilliant eternal soul, looking through my eyes at me. Loving me beyond words, beyond time and space, throughout all dimensions.

This is a paradigm shift.
3 seconds.
Twice a day.
Go for it.

Have you used this easy love method?
Tell us your story!

Check out the most recent September 5th Q&A from Dr. Peebles – fascinating topics, and a special appearance from the Master of Love, with advice about loving yourself.

How to Brighten Up with Your Wonderful Heart Energy 

Mysteries of the Heart

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT Tapping sessionsand/or Biofield Tuning on the phone or in-person, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

(Found this unique mirror at a cafe in Phoenix.)

mirror hello gorgeous pink 2

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How You Create Your Health, Your Body, and Your Life – from Dr. Peebles

The body is always talking to us.
I’m always trying to hear mine better.

The body is reflecting the spirit.
What is my spirit trying to tell me?

It’s hard to wrap my head around this, as I grew up (and spent a career) in conventional medicine, which is similar to machine repair.
The spirit is no machine.
The spirit is our real self.

Last week, Dr. Peebles helped me explore this mind-boggle a bit more.
Here are a few lines from his August 25th talk – available for you on mp3 from Summer Bacon.

… you create your own reality, from the inside out, God bless you indeed.
We want you to understand, my dear friends, and you may fight us on this, and that is all right because that will be your perspective –
but you, my dear friends, you are not at the mercy of your body’s chemistry.
It is not because something’s wrong with your brain that you think the way that you do.

You have the body chemistry that you have because your spirit is enacting certain things in life.
From your perspective, you are doing things in the way that you are choosing to. Bringing yourself to the surface or not, holding yourself back at arm’s length from the world, or gently emerging and moving into the embrace of life.
These are your decisions as you move through this journey of expansion.

But you, my dear friends, it’s not your body’s chemistry that is causing certain things to happen.
You are causing the things to happen to your body.
Your body is a vessel in which you live.
You are an energetic being.
You are a being of light.

If the coat of your human form were to drop away, you would understand this in a nanosecond. How free you would feel, God bless you indeed. How unencumbered you would feel, by the dropping away of the coat of your human form.

Not that we are suggesting any of you do that. Because that would just simply extend your journeys here upon the planet Earth. You’d have to come back again and again – so that you would learn to truly love this experience of self.
For everything that you see, hear, taste, touch, and feel is you.

We’ve said it many times and we’ll say it again. Because you can’t hear it enough: to be reminded, if you will, that you are everything that you see, hear, taste, touch, feel, and smell.
How can you come to understand this in a deeper way?
Well, Dr. Peebles, how is it possible that I am the worm in the ground … ?

                – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, August 25, 2022

Get Dr. Peebles Speaks August 25, 2022


Maybe this issue could be simplified into “listen to your heart.”
But the head has been so loud for so long, it’s hard to listen elsewhere, isn’t it?

I can hear my heart more than I used to.
Yet old patterns are hard to break – patterns of following the agenda in my head.
Instead of following my heart.

What do you feel about this?
Please comment below, and I’ll reply.

Here Is Your Big Chance to Ask Dr. Peebles – Get a Fresh Perspective
Embrace all your Yesterdays, Move On, and Dance with Life, says Dr. Peebles
How to Relax and Enjoy Life even in These Troubled Times – Dr. Peebles

Peebles w cool blue scene

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Here Is Your Big Chance to Ask Dr. Peebles – Get a Fresh Perspective

While we squabble around in chaos here on Earth, I find it refreshing to hear suggestions from this fellow who lives in the 16th Dimension – Dr. James Martin Peebles.

I trust him, and I trust his views, because he is always coming from a place of Light, Love, Inspiration and Higher Truth. He loves everybody. He includes everybody. He accepts everybody as they are.

We can only hope to grow up that much. But we will, eventually.

Last week, on August 25th, Summer Bacon sent out a wonderful recording of Dr. Peebles.
He encourages us to try a special 7-day meditation journey to develop an attitude of gratitude, no matter what hardships we face. Gratitude is the Key to real contentment and happiness (despite more chaos in the next couple years).
He also tells us how our thoughts affect our body, how to stay balanced in the upcoming hard times, and much more. Check out the August 25th message, and pick up the mp3.

The BIG NEWS for today is that we have a FUN opportunity, right now, to ask a general question of Dr. Peebles. (A question that might help many humans, not just yourself.)
We must email our general question by 12 noon Arizona time, this Sunday, September 4, 2022.

As Summer says,

Monday, September 5, 2022, I will be channeling Dr. Peebles. If you have a GENERAL question for Dr. Peebles that you feel would be of interest and helpful to others, please email it to the email address below.
This Q&A mp3 will be available for sale shortly after it is recorded.

To assure that your question is “in the basket,” please make sure that you use the email address questionsforpeebles@gmail.com.

Questions will be randomly chosen, similar questions might be combined, and some may be edited for coherency. (Please proofread your question before submitting.) Due to the expected high volume of questions, not all questions will be answered.

If you have a question for Dr. Peebles please send your general (not personal) questions to:


by 12 noon AZ time, Sunday, September 4, 2022.

Thank you so much! God bless you, indeed!   

Let’s do it!

No Matter How Crazy Life Is Now, It Is Getting Better, says Peebles

You Have a Wealth of Delightful Opportunities, says Dr. Peebles

How Love Actually Does Make your World Go ‘Round – Dr. Peebles

Peebles n Sedona

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How to Help Your Amazing Fascia Web, Superconductor of Energy and Life

Fascia is so wondrous; it blows my mind.
As we age, our body tends to get stuck, stiff, painful and restricted in spots.
This is all about our fascia.

We don’t realize these restrictions are also happening on the inside of the body, wearing down our organs.
And it doesn’t help when we catch a virus which spreads inflammation all over the place (as C0V1D does – which rang my alarms, when I felt a numb patch of elephant hide on the front of my thigh).

For a couple of years now, I’ve been squirreling away cool scoops regarding fascia.

The Magic about Fascia:

Fascia is the web of connective tissue that surrounds and permeates everything in the body (every organ, bone, muscle, nerve, brain), deep down into every single cell.

Fascia contains collagen and elastin fibers, and its liquid-like substance is viscous and transparent, similar to raw egg whites. Fascia wants to stay stretchy, soft, and watery.

Fascia is like both woven fabric and glue. It keeps all of our parts coordinated and in their proper places.

Fascia sends electric signals, messages, to the cells much faster than the nerves can do. (The nerve network cannot touch every cell, but the fascia does.)
The fascia web is seen as a Liquid Crystalline Matrix which communicates with and sends energy to each and every cell. Quantum physicists call fascia the “superconductor of energy” and name it responsible for the millions of actions of every living cell.

Most body sensing is fascial – it is our largest sensory equipment, right down into all the body parts.

Most pains and injuries are in the fascia. Fascia has its own pain receptors.

The very first cells that form the zygote (embryo) are fascia cells, which become like a blueprint to shape and infuse the compartments needed to hold and to nurture all the systems of the body.

Fascia responds to our emotions instantly. When we feel constricted, we literally constrict: the fascia gets tight. Our thoughts and feelings directly tighten and/or relax our body tissues.

We tend to hold underlying emotions in the fascia. Suppressed emotions can cause severe physical pain.
Fascia harbors these stuck emotions. This what we call cellular memory.
(Because of this, I imagine that fascia is an interface where the spirit infuses the body.)

But beyond all these fascinations with the fascia, how will we avoid getting all bent over and too tight to move, as sometimes happens with older people?

The fascia suffers greatly from dehydration and from a sugary diet. (Cellular dehydration gets worse as we age, and our perception of thirst diminishes.)

Fascia becomes restricted both from lack of movement or too much habitual movement over time. (e.g., tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome arise from repetitive movements.)

The fascia also deteriorates from general inflammation, whether that is from a poor diet (typical modern diet), illness, autoimmune disease, or even chronic stress.

I’m not an expert on this topic. I’m a nurse trying to take care of my body. I want to feel good in my body, hopefully till the day I die.
The following is what I’ve been doing for myself, these past two years. Take whatever resonates with you.

My Fascia Support Plan

  • Be proactive about great hydration every day, and use a little healthy salt in my daily gallon+ of drinking water. (Drink lots of extra water while doing the self-care fascia treatments mentioned below.)
  • Magnesium is a great relaxer of the tissues, so I continue to take it.
  • Limit sugar intake. (A healthy diet still contains natural sugars in fruits. I usually limit myself to one cookie treat a day, ‘cuz sneaky sugar creeps in.)
  • Yin Yoga – hold the stretch for a long time (3 to 5+ minutes).
  • Get Myofascial Release Therapy from a myofascial therapist, many of whom are also physical therapists. This body work is gentle and relaxing. They can also give you specific stretching exercises for your personal tightness.
  • The Melt Method started by Sue Hitzmann uses a soft roller and small rubber balls to stretch, twist, and apply pressure to specific areas, all of which Hickman has outlined. She provides directions on Melting each part of the body.
    The Melt Method is like self-applied myofascial therapy. After a session, I feel looser and more relaxed.
    Drink plenty of water while Melting. The fascia thrives on water.
    Read Hitzmann’s book to learn how to Melt yourself. Check out her YouTube videos.
  • Fascia Blasting, founded by Ashley Black, means firmly brushing yourself with special rounded claw tools. This loosens up tight fascia under the skin, plus all the tissues underneath.
    After I do fascia blasting, my flesh feels vibrant and alive with new energy and more blood flow. It wakes me up; makes me feel brighter.
    Be sure to drink plenty of water while blasting.
    Read Ashley’s book and look at her YouTube videos – learn first!!
    Blasting often brings a “healing inflammation,” sometimes swelling, sometimes bruising, because you are breaking up restrictions and tiny capillaries.
    For a problem spot, blast all around the restricted area for a while, first.
    Take care with “fascia recoil” – sometimes tight fascia supports a joint, and when you finally loosen up the fascia, that joint may become unstable if you did not strengthen those muscles concurrently.
    (My neck went out of alignment because of this, but now I blast more carefully, and I still appreciate this method.)
  • Visceral Manipulation treats the internal organs, which may be trapped in stiff fascia. Our organs are each designed to move slightly in their own unique pattern, all day long. We don’t want to lose that natural movement.
    Injury or illness can damage the fascia of the organs and restrict their movement, which inhibits their functioning (and can cause pain).
    Find a Visceral Manipulation practitioner near you for this highly specialized work.
    It feels like a gentle massage.
    (I go once a month to gradually clear out all the stickiness left over from that virus. I’m making progress and re-training the organs.)
    The visceral manipulation community notes that the first virus made lungs get constricted, reducing lung volume. In late 2021, 0micr0n caused restrictions in the abdomen and intestines. The current lighter virus is constricting the brain. These findings are not yet published, but therapists around the world are definitely seeing these trends and discussing them in forums.
  • Some sources advise supplements for the fascia – namely, Omega 3 fish oil and/or MSM taken with Vitamin C. But good hydration, plenty of water, and very little sugar, are hugely important.

Personally I am using all of the above methods to help my fascia, to the best of my ability (although I could be a little more faithful as to frequency of yoga, stretching, Melting, and Blasting).

How’s your fascia doing?
Have you tried any of these practices?
How did you feel?
What do you think? Please comment below.

How to Stop Long-Haul and Feel Good Again

Re-grow Hair

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT Tapping sessionsand/or Biofield Tuning on the phone or in-person, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

On the left is the roller from Melt Method; on the right, a Fascia Blaster. Center drawing from Flickr.

1roller n blaster Fascia drawing fm Flickr

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Try This Delightful Rebirth in Mother Earth – a Yummy Journey

Dear Friends,
I send you my ever-loving gratitude for supporting the Calm Comfort Meditations book launch this past week. For several days, you helped make the eBook number one in numerous categories (New Age Self-Help, Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Meditation, and more).
We gave away 669 eBooks. Woot!
I can’t thank you enough for your participation and support.
Please remember to give the book a rating, because that way, readers will be able to find it.
Many Thanks.

Now we have a fresh guided journey for you.
Drink a glass of water, kick back, and enjoy.
(Listen to an audio version of this on Sound Cloud.)

Take a breath, deep into your belly.
On the exhale, melt.
Melt like a balloon that has been too tight for too long.
Take another full breath.
You may want to sigh as you exhale.
Let go. Sigh it out.

Go loose and limp.
Release the tension you’ve carried, for years.

Take a moment to massage your ears.
Squeeze and pull on your ears.
Rub all around the rims.
Tug the earlobes.
The ears have 200 acupressure points, to open and balance your energy.

Exhale and melt.
Get heavy to the Earth.
Sink down into the Earth.
Mother Earth cares about you. She supports you in every way. She loves you.

Imagine your feet sinking into soft soil.
Sink into the richness of Mother Earth.
Imagine tendrils growing from the bottoms of your feet.
Send these roots down through the soil, and the clay, and the rocks, down deep into the strength of the Earth.

Imagine your personal grounding cord, brilliant gold, running from your tailbone down through all those layers of dirt, clay, minerals, rocks, and bedrock.
Anchor your golden cord into the center of the Earth, in a zone of giant crystals. This crystalline field radiates luminous energy. You are connected to it.

Now imagine that your every problem, every anxiety, every regret, every old guilt and shame, everything that angered you, every injustice, every fear, every horror, every grudge, every resentment, every trauma, every concern about your safety – imagine that all of these are dripping out of you.

They are magnetically drawn out of you.
They flow into tiny rivers, away from you.
They’re dripping into the ground to be composted.

All those traumas and emotional charges that used to cling to you so tightly – they fall away now.
Because it’s time.
Because you’ve had enough of them.
Because you won’t let those traumas define who you are, anymore.

They float down into compost.
Earth is happy to recycle the burdens, the negative energies. She recycles them back into pure basic energy, to fill many purposes.

Breathe and allow this to happen.

All the painful stories you’ve told and retold about your life – loosen your grasp on them.
You will not forget them, but you can loosen up the pain of them.
Holding onto the pain is like drinking poison.
There’s no need to drink it anymore.

Breathe, and let the garbage pour out of you.
It is finished with you, and you’re finished with it.

Your grounding cord is anchored in the crystalline field, a place of iridescent color and brilliance.
This beautiful energy rises up through your cord, into your central channel, and into your spine.
It spreads from there into your cellular matrix, into every cell of your body.


Feel, sense, and imagine Mother Earth’s love and light flowing into you.

Notice how soft and welcoming Mother Earth is to you, personally.
She does love you. It’s true.

Feel how She embraces you.
She surrounds you and holds you in the most delicious comforter blanket, ever.
You are drifting into your own cushy capsule, safe and sound.

You’re gliding deeper – deeper into the heart of Mother Earth.

She is filled with love for you.

At this time in history, Mother Earth is renewing herself.
And She is also renewing you.
Her love surrounds you and permeates you.

Sink into the softness of your own capsule, the place She has made for you.
It feels so luscious, gentle, smooth –
perfectly restoring you in every way.

Breathe, and bask in Her love.

Mother Earth is on Her journey of rebirth and renewal.
And so are you.
When you need rest, take rest.
When you need nourishment, take it.
Follow your heart in everything.
There’s nothing you need to do.

Just allow Mother Earth to hold you in Her arms.

Within this great comfort, you may feel a rhythm, a deep rhythm like a heartbeat.

Mother Earth’s heartbeat is strong and soothing.
You are in Her womb.
Listen to Her rhythm.

Every beat of Her heart refreshes your mind, body, and spirit.

Crystalline energy flows into you, flooding your cells with love and light.
Sweetness fills your heart.

This is a juicy wavelength.
It makes you feel so good inside.
So peaceful.
Your old troubles are not worth the distraction.

You’re in the sweet zone of deep relaxation and love.

You are naturally at home here.
Because you are made of love.

Deep within, Love is Who you really are.

Our strongest desire is to stay in the embrace of this love and this peace.

Mother Earth shows us how to do this. Right now.
Allow Her to teach you,
to teach you deeply in your own cells,
in your own heart.

(Listen to the audio version – Sound Cloud Rebirth in Mother Earth.)

Drop Your Baggage and Sail Happy in this Brilliant Balloon Meditation
Cut Loose, Cocoon with Mother Earth

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Earth fm Stockvault Baby fm FreeSVG trimmed

(Thanks to Stockvault and FreeSVG for these images we combined.)

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Gain Constant Calm Comfort Inside Your Heart, with This Fun Little Book

Imagine feeling fine inside, no matter what stresses you.
Imagine feeling calm, no matter what hits the fan.
Imagine feeling relaxed when everyone around you is frantic. (Often for “good reasons,” but is any reason “good enough” to sacrifice our well-being?)

Change those imaginings into solid reality with Calm Comfort Meditations.

I used to walk into my nurse job in ICU, on guard for the bullets that whizzed around. I kept my shoulders up around my ears to protect myself. (Ouch – my poor tight muscles!)
Anything could go wrong at any time, and often did.
We had to foresee it, fend it off, and fix it.
(That sounds like the current condition of our world. Is it crazy, or what?)
My high stress thundered all around me, for years.

Finally I saw a suggestion to meditate for 1 minute a day.
In the dark of the morning, before my hospital shift, when the house was still quiet, I sat in a soft chair and focused on my breath for one minute.
I watched the breath go in and go out.
I tuned into the way it felt to inhale, then hold, then exhale, then hold.
It relaxed me.

What’s more, within a week or so, I felt sublime peace at the end of exhalation.
This was a sip of bliss.
This was a magical surprise.

I asked myself, was it really there? Was I imagining it?
I approached my minute scientifically because I wanted to know what was going on.
It was still there.
Every time I let go.
Every time I released my air.
Every time I went empty.
Sweet bliss in my heart for a few seconds, every time.
I touched a yummy field of peace.
It was palpable. It was real.

I became more and more convinced of the real field of peace that underlies everything all the time.

This became my new bottom line, my new Reality: unshakeable Peace is running everything on the planet, underneath it all.

Now, as I worked ICU, I could sometimes take a breath and feel that peace in my heart.
It was still there, even with all the disturbances.
It was dependable.
It was real.
It was more real than the flying bullets.

Now, my one minute in the morning tasted so delicious, I would drift for maybe five minutes, without knowing it. The amount of time grew naturally to ten minutes.
I was touching a timeless Place inside, beyond my workaday world.
But that Place supported my workaday world.
This became more and more obvious to me, as days, months, and years passed.

I didn’t know that peace was living inside of me until my coworkers began to comment on it.
I was carrying a calm vibe, they said.
They wanted to work alongside me, because when they did, they had a good day. Even when we faced tragedy, we faced it with grace.

I don’t know what to tell you.
This simple practice changed my life.
In time, I became more unflappable, less likely to flap around or panic.

If I did it, anybody can.
Meditation is known to reduce pain, stress, high blood pressure, muscle tension. It boosts the immune system and eases auto-immune issues. It raises serotonin, the happiness hormone. It provides better healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
And it doesn’t take a big chunk of time!

How has meditation changed you? Please chime in and let us know.

I don’t know if everyone would taste peace at the end of exhalation.
Some people tell me their delicious feeling is when they inhale.
Try it and see.

About two decades later now, I’m sharing Calm Comfort Meditations with whomever wants to drop stress.
Calm Comfort Meditations was named one of the Best Books of the Year (2022) by the venerable Next Generation Indie Book Awards (world’s largest competition for independent authors). The expert judges chose it to be a Finalist in the Mind Body Spirit category.

This book has everything, from an “instant” one-minute meditation, to expanding the heart, to bright imagery guided meditations, to breath routines, to strengthening your Inner Observer, to toning your chakras, to self-healing methods.
It’s an easy read for beginners, and it also has offerings for seasoned meditators.

Today starts the big re-launch of the book!

Free eBook Download Today – August 14-18, 2022.

Please share the news with everybody who wants more calm, less stress!

If you miss the free window, you might spend $1.99, but let’s not get discouraged.
Inhale more love and light.
(The paperback is made of paper, so Amazon won’t let it go for free, but it’s only $6.99.)

Even more important, my dear friends, is to please, after downloading the book,
please give it a rating at this link.
No need to write a word, just click on some stars.

This is a vital part of the journey, because if people don’t rate it, then nobody looks at it.
It gets lost.
We don’t want that to happen.
We want to spread comfort everywhere.
We want to “be the peace we wish to see in the world,” as Martin Luther King Jr. said.

We’re depending on you.
These are difficult years, with more on the way.
Please rate the book to help spread the word and ease us into calm, not chaos.

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.
I’m always excited to hear from you.
(If you happen to write a book review sentence, positive or negative, I will eagerly read it.)

I send my deepest gratitude to everybody who has supported this book already, and rated it, and responded to my efforts, both for the book and for this blog, which I run every week of the year. For fun!
We need more fun, always.

“Find some fun and feed your soul” – that’s one of my mottos.
What’s yours?

Sending Hugs,

Get Calm Comfort Meditations – you’ll be glad you did!

Click on a rating for the book.
THANK YOU, from the Bottom of my Heart!


Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Diane w CC book Finalist in MindBodySpirit 72dpi

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Look Inside for the Vast and Wondrous Adventure of Love, says Dr. Peebles

Hey, did you hear the latest from Summer Bacon and Dr. Peebles?

Dr. Peebles Speaks July 29th 2022 is available now!

Everything that happens in your life happens inside first, and is then expressed in the world. You make a decision internally …     – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, July 29, 2022

Here is a lovely long excerpt from this July 29 mp3.

Dig deep inside, my dear friends, for the love in your heart.
For a moment here, just simply close your eyes and look for the love that you are.
“What? Where? Dr. Peebles, what are you saying here? I have no idea what that means.”

Close your eyes.
Relax. release, surrender.
And dig deep.
I can’t tell you where it is inside of you, but it’s there.
You might see it as a little kernel deep inside of you. A little kernel of love – self-love.
Did you know that self-love means that you love God as well?
Because you are that which you are seeking.

Look inside of yourself, my dear friends. Work at it a little bit. It’s all right. It takes focus, perhaps. You don’t have that very good focus right now.

Make it your priority to find that love within your heart, within your solar plexus, within your big toe, within the arch of your foot, maybe under your armpit.
Yes, my dear friends, it is there everywhere. There is love within all things, all creatures, all creation.

You don’t really have to conjure it up, once you understand it’s already there. You just have to identify it, be with it, and it begins to expand.
Because it’s not only there inside of you, it’s within everything, my dear friends.
That love grows larger and larger and larger, still.

It extends into the room around you or the trees where you are sitting in the forest. Wherever it might be that your body is right now, in which you are residing.
That love is within you and within everything around you.
It’s even there if you are in a smoggy city. It’s in that dirty air. It is even within that can of trash that you might smell that you should have taken out yesterday, you say. It’s there.

It’s all love at work.
All a big dance.
Love working to be expressed through everything and everyone, in a wide diverse variety of ways.
As that love expands organically through you, without you having to try anymore, realize that it is connected to all of life.

That means that which you cannot see, as well as that which you can.
It is connected to us, my dear friends, to your guardian angels, to your parents and friends and others on the other side, your animals, your pets, who might have left their bodies recently or many decades ago.

You are connected to everything.
Never separate from any of it.
And you have this incredible ability to feel that deep connection without having to move your fanny off your chair.

You do it through love, through the energy of love.
Because that is what you’re made of.
You’re not just in this body.
You are everywhere within everything.
Whether you are aware of it or not.
You are within the tree outside of your house.
Can you feel that?
You are within your puppy dog or your kitty cat sitting next to you, whilst you are feeling the love.

Now, if you can understand this and employ it – for example if your kitty cat isn’t feeling well today – you can expand your consciousness to the awareness that you are within that kitty cat.
And just simply be inside of the kitty cat as an observer of what’s going on there.
“Oh, I see they’ve got a little blockage there in their tummy. And I can see that if I just take my two fingers, and I massage it a little bit, I can loosen it up for them.”

You can learn about things, about other beings, about creatures and plants, the oceans, the creatures down in the depths of the oceans, by simply being willing to take your consciousness and put it there.

And you can, because you are interconnected.
You are within everything.
Everything is within you.

                                               – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, July 29, 2022

Peebles then leads us into getting acquainted with our personal Guides, and much more.

Summer shares the following scoop about this recording:

Life is a dance, and it’s all about relationships!

  • This is a “relationship planet”
  • Learn how to live life as a demonstration to others of how life can be lived
  • You cannot change someone’s mind for them
  • Learning through the contrasts of the world
  • There are no limitations; no true barriers, borders or boundaries
  • Learn how to use your consciousness to communicate with your pets, things, people around you
  • If the planet earth blew up…
  • Learning to love the unlovable
  • Why life is so difficult for some, and easy for others
  • Forced compliance with the government, and why it won’t work
  • Every person needs a different environment in which to grow
  • You cannot be upon the earth, or take a single breath without having love within you
  • Digging deep for love
  • Peebles takes us on a journey into the unlimited universe where the possibilities are endless
  • Meet your guides; learn how to let them speak through you
  • And more!

In listening to Dr. Peebles, I get so much inspiration and insight.
The learning never ends, as he says.

Many Thanks to Summer Bacon for this wonderful July 29th mp3 – don’t miss it!

If you’ve listened to it, tell us your favorite part in the comments below.

Never Fear, You Live Forever Already – Inspiration and Love from Dr. Peebles
You Have a Wealth of Delightful Opportunities, says Dr. Peebles
How to Handle a Harsh Difficult Person with Calm Listening – Dr. Peebles

(Image of Dr. James Martin Peebles in his prime.)

Peebles in a heart 96 dpi

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Now It’s Time to Drop the Painful Crap that Drags You Down

It’s time to jump into self-healing, right here and now.
Energetically speaking, the second half of this year is a special opportunity to drop old pains, trauma, and baggage. (Yes, we’re receiving extra Help to do so.)

This would be the time to investigate that crick in my neck, to discover the root cause and allow it to dissolve.
This would be the time to find out what’s with those sore bumps on my feet. What could I do to understand them and resolve them?
This would be the time to use reliable self-care energy work.

Then put it in your back pocket for whenever you need it, anytime, anywhere.

Have you noticed how your body is always talking to you?
How emotions, beliefs, and frustrations play out in the physical body?
As a friend of mine was saying, “This pain in my hips and low back seemed to start with my frustration with my partner.”
Yup. That’s how it goes.
You can watch it happen.
(I have a history of getting “bent out of shape” by horrendous world news, and my spine literally twangs into a crooked painful situation. BTW – We want to be careful that we are not holding onto other people’s emotions, too.)

Traditional Chinese medicine and many age-old practices have observed that our emotions also get stuck in our organs. Fear goes to the kidneys. Worry hangs in the spleen. Anger lodges in the liver. Grief fills the lungs.

Often a physical ailment arises from a problem in the corresponding chakra (see a heap more on chakras).

So, about that issue you’ve been carrying . . .?

If you’re wondering about the root cause of your symptoms, you could:

  • meditate and observe deeply what’s going on with you
  • do a sway test to discern your body’s truth, using yes/no questions
  • check out Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body, for ideas on the possible meaning of your symptoms (and affirmations to resolve them)

Find self-healing techniques in our Calm Comfort Meditations book,
which will relaunch on August 14th.
(Free eBook that day – put it on your calendar!)

AND check out the plethora of valuable self-healing energy methods on this blog:

Strong Intention plus Divine Love – ultimate strong healing
Heal Yourself by Toning (strong stuff)
Energy Healing You Can Do with Your Heart
Ho’ oponopono – in “6 ways to stop grumping”

Strong Healing via Peacemaking – in 3 quick steps
How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

Healing Code You Can Do Yourself
You Run Powerful Natural Energy

Strengthen First and Second Chakras

Calm Anxiety in Seconds
3 easy ways to Drop Bad Energies
Energize in 90 seconds

One Quick Easy Still Point to Drop Stress, Pain, Headache, and Boost the Immune System

Here’s one more healing method that might seem too easy, but it works:
place one hand on the pain, the other hand on your heart, and simply breathe.
Allow the release to unfold. Listen and watch as the pain fades.

You are an energy being.
Your intention combines with the Universal love energy running through you, to produce wonderful results.

Mother Earth is shifting, changing, and rebirthing herself, and so are we.
Institutions are crumbling in order to be built back stronger.
The same goes for every human on the planet.

Nurture yourself.
Restore yourself.
Revive yourself.
Release the old crap. No sense in hauling it around anymore.
Now is the time.

Let me know how it goes for you.

If you want help dropping that baggage, give me a call.
Energy work, Emotion Code, EFT, and Biofield Tuning are great options to try.

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

rainbow Wallpaperflare n FreeSVG balloon garbage(Thanks to Wallpaperflare and FreeSVG for these images we combined.)

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One Quick Easy Still Point to Drop Stress, Pain, Headache, and Boost the Immune System

Here’s a self-care quickie that helps your entire body relax and feel better: a Still Point.
It comes from CranioSacral therapy founded by Dr. John E. Upledger.
You may have received this Still Point induction method from a CranioSacral therapist, massage therapist or chiropractor. It’s been in use for nearly a century.

It’s that moment when they place both hands underneath the base of the skull.
It feels soooo good. (Riiight?)
It makes your whole body melt.
It can bring deep inner peace within seconds.
(We’ll talk about why in a moment.)

Still Point induction has been known to relieve headaches, chronic musculoskeletal pain, fascia restrictions, and generalized stress.
It makes the immune system stronger.
It enhances the functioning of several structures in the brain.
It encourages the body’s self-healing ability and promotes a sense of well-being.

You can easily induce a Still Point on yourself.
You will need:
– two tennis balls in a stocking, knotted to keep them tight against each other (i.e., a homemade Still Point Inducer)
– a comfortable firm surface to lie down upon (floor, firm sofa, firm bed)

How to DIY a Still Point and feel better
• Lie on your back on a firm surface
• Put your fingertips at the base of your skull and slide them up to a bony ridge. Just above the ridge, feel a central bump/point called the occipital protuberance.
• Place the sheathed tennis balls underneath the bony ridge, with the occipital protuberance between the balls. (As shown in the photo, the top edge of the ball would be about in line with the top of the ear. But the protuberance is the most accurate landmark for placement.)
• Relax and let the weight of your head sink into the support of the balls. Breathe deeply and notice the effect unfolding.
• You may feel relief and balance within just a couple of minutes, or you might enjoy staying there for 5 or 10 minutes.
• If needed, you can do this a few times a day, up to 15 minutes at a time. Or simply use it when you’re stressed. It’s a great practice to drop stress at the end of the day, before bed.

A regular practice of Still Point can balance the autonomic nervous system in a beautiful way.
It brings the sympathetic and the parasympathetic into equilibrium.
Thus it has the potential to enhance good health by many varied routes, through the nervous system.

How does Still Point work?
Why does this gentle pressure on the occipital bones have such a beneficial effect?

CranioSacral therapists work with the craniosacral fluid (CSF) which flows through the skull, spinal cord, and sacrum. CSF circulates in a rhythmic flow that can be felt (with training).
The plates of the skull move gently and rhythmically with the fluid. (They slightly rotate: internal and external rotation.)
Holding light pressure on the occipital bones prevents external rotation. This creates a gentle barrier to the flow.
The fluid and the body respond by going into a Still Point, which can last a few seconds or a few minutes.

Still Point is thought to increase fluid movement within the entire craniosacral structure.
(However, researchers still debate the precise why and how of this mechanism.)

Over many decades now, practitioners observe that this method brings relief of tension and pain, as well as an upgrade in the body’s natural healing.

For me and tons of other people, the Still Point takes us into deep stillness and refreshment.
I know that it goes deep, deep into my body to dissolve long-held tensions and restrictions.
I melt into it.
I bet you will, too.

You can purchase a patented Still Point Inducer from Upledger.
(I find it a little too tall for me.)
Personally I have found it more comfortable to cut a tennis ball in half and use the two halves in a sock.
(I have also used an extra thick weighted eye pillow underneath my occiput.)

Do you already use this method?
What do you think?
Give it a try, and please let us know how it goes for you.

CAUTIONS for using a Still Point Inducer (ask your doctor first), in the following conditions: 
trauma of the cranium, face, or spine / brain stem tumor / active stroke, bleeding, blood clots, thrombosis, blood obstructions or serious circulation restrictions / carotid stenosis / inflammatory conditions / cardiac conditions / pregnancy

More great ways to drop stress at the end of the day (or whenever):

Easy Self Care – Drop Chaos, Feel Better Now with this Calm Comfort e-Book

Quick Easy DIY Way to Calm Anxiety and Stress in Seconds Now

How Bad Energy Gets Stuck, How to Drop It

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

still point w tennis ball explained
(We created this image of Still Point with tennis balls explained.)

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