Miracle Energy Moment for a Baby Frog, and What It Means for Us

For 200 years we’ve been trying to figure out the electricity of the body.

Come to find out, every single cell is electric, like a tiny battery.

The old paradigm is to repair the body with chemicals, pharmaceuticals.
Part of the new paradigm is energy and electricity.
Because after all, we are energy beings.
Even the physical body is more space and energy than dense “solid” matter.

What’s exciting to me is the following story.

In September of 2009 at Tufts University, Dany Spencer Adams PhD and her team were trying to understand the ionic charges and bioelectric activity in frog embryos.

Part of the big question was, how does an embryo know where to put its body parts, and how to shape them, and in fact, how to shape the entire body in all of its diversity of tissues?
This has been a mystery.
While DNA provides codes such as eye color, it does not provide any information about where to place those eyes on the body.

Let’s look at that laboratory with Dany and her team.
These embryos were tiny little blobs under the microscope. Their cells were replicating in order to become a tadpole. But each of them looked like a simple ball.

The biologists injected the embryos with a sort of voltage dye, in order to see the voltage under the microscope. They would be able to see a brightness coming and going as the natural voltage flowed.

They did not yet know if the possible electrical signals in an embryo would be random or have a purpose.

So Dany was watching for whatever might come up with these tiny blobs under the microscope. (I imagine it was a very long day, and nothing was happening.)
When she prepared to go home, she decided to put the microscope on time lapse video photography all night. She knew she might not get anything, especially since these embryos were likely to begin moving and putting the camera out of focus.

In fact that’s exactly what happened with the footage. The image looked empty the next morning, with long blurry sections of film.
But being a good scientist, she patiently looked through the whole thing.

To her delight, on a clear image, she saw an electric shimmer arise on the surface of the tadpole embryo.
Not just a shimmer, but a white voltage representation of eyes, mouth, jaw.
It was a pattern! A face! (Like a blueprint.)

The wave of voltage, the pattern image, was brief.
But a couple hours later, in exactly the same shapes and locations, the eyes, the mouth, and the whole face began to form physically, exactly where that voltage had appeared.

So the electrical signal was telling the body where to put the face and exactly what it should look like, the locations and shapes of the eyes, mouth, etc.

It turns out that this electric blueprint arises to form all of our tissues before the genes even get turned on.

The next step for this team of scientists was to block the electric signals – and when they did, the embryos had multiple birth defects.
So this electric blueprint pattern really is important, to form the body correctly.

(Side note – 20 years ago, my energy healing group worked on bringing in each person’s original blueprint in order to repair the body in many ways. And of course we still use that method.)

Bioelectricity (electricity in the body) and the Electrome (the whole orchestration of the electrical properties of our cells and tissues) are being investigated in many ways now.
This has great implications for repairing and restoring the body.

Thanks to my friend Margaret for turning me onto this juicy story and the book, We Are Electric, by Sally Adee.
I will share more with you as I get into the book.

Have you tried any treatments with electricity?
For decades we’ve had TENS units to reduce pain.
Another friend told me several years ago about a high powered machine that was gradually eliminating her back pain.
(But even more fascinating regeneration is on the horizon!)

What’s your experience?
Please share below. 


Watch a 2-minute video on the above experiment (and the actual electric face).

27 Blockbuster Insights that You are Made of Energy
Increase Your Good Energy with the amazing Electric Body Electric Health

Diane Stallings RN does personal Tapping sessions by phone or video chat, Distance Biofield Tuning by phone or in-person, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

electricity n frogs by Creazilla

(Thanks to Creazilla for these images we combined.)

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Feel the Harmony with Dr. Peebles, and Take Action with Care and Love

Check out the latest “Dr. Peebles Speaks” from March 4th!
As Summer Bacon says:

Dr. Peebles Speaks • March 4, 2023
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

In this unusual and powerful session, you can almost see Dr. Peebles, the great orator, speaking to the masses as he did when he was on the earth, as he takes us on a glorious, gentle, comforting journey to the heart. Alleviate tension, release fears, expectations, worries, and learn to let life in. You can change your life in countless ways. It’s time to take action.

Also in this session: Are we headed for World War III? Hear what Nostradamus has to say about that.

And, learn why we are already living in a world of perfect harmony.

Here is an excerpt:

My dear friends, take action with your life in ways that are constructive. Not only for the world but for you – to bring you out of depression and anger, distrust, fears that are really holding you back. Worries that really have no use in your life, if you’re not going to take action to do something about it.

My dear friends, you’re coming into a time period upon this school called planet Earth where you’re going to feel life in a more pronounced way. You’re going to look at life in a more pronounced way.

You are going to realize that you want involvement here in your world.
And that it doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be building skyscrapers, creating healing centers, or anything else.
But, my dear friends, it’s about the actions that you take here and now.

Are there little things that you feel you ought to do in your life?

Little odds and ends that you feel you should finish up, perhaps?
Why don’t you take action upon that today?

Micro movements.
Doesn’t have to be big.

Did you leave your coffee cup in the other room, and it’s been bothering you because you feel you must put it in the sink and wash it?
Well then, my dear friends, take that sensation of frustration about the coffee cup, and take it lovingly into your hands, and thank it for all that it has given to you, and take it into the kitchen. Talk to it, as if it is alive.
And say, “We’re going to give you a bath! How exciting, to give you a bath in this nice warm sudsy water.” And do it with joy in your heart.

It may sound silly. It may sound simple.

But, my dear friends, that is truly what the dance of life is about.
It’s about taking life into your own hands and deciding what you’re going to do with it.

If you want to be relieved of your struggles in your life, whether it be financial, whether it be within a relationship, within a work environment, whatever it might be.

Rather than dwelling upon it, think about the ways in which you can take action to make a change.
– Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, March 4, 2023

I found this session to be especially inspiring and soothing.
I could feel the harmony, within and without. No matter what’s happening in the world.
Dr. Peebles takes us through a cosmic self-healing meditation and brings us so much comforting insight.

Don’t miss Dr. Peebles Speaks • March 4, 2023 – such a great mp3!

. . . And “march forth” to your heart’s desire!

love-globe-earth fm Public Domain w Peebles

(Thanks to Public Domain for this drawing of our beloved Earth.)

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Easy Effective Self-Healing – EFT Tapping – Free Summit this Week!

A few days ago, I was stunned when I bumped into a friend whom I had not seen in years, and she started praising me to high heaven because I had introduced her to EFT tapping.
She has just come through several years of major health challenges and time spent in the hospital.
She said when the chips were down, and her body was a total mess, and she was truly on the brink of losing her mind, tapping saved the day, the week, the year.
Her gratitude was boundless.

EFT meridian tapping is a humble but extremely effective self-healing tool.
(It is the tapping of specific points on the face and chest, with awareness, intention, and specific narrative.)

Psychologists use it with clients, because it works so well.
Olympic athletes use it to boost performance.
Schoolkids use it to calm down and do better with their classes.
PTSD can disappear permanently, after a thorough tapping session.

Tapping has helped people:

  • keep their sanity
  • reduce pain
  • improve relationships
  • drop old trauma
  • reduce addictions
  • alleviate allergies
  • balance finances
  • lose weight
  • get a stronger immune system
  • find Peace
  • and much, much more.

As I’ve mentioned before,

Research of the past two decades shows that tapping rewires the brain.
When we tap on a meridian point, it sends a calming signal and changes the brain’s neural pathways.
These adjustments reduce our struggles and bring balance to us.

Over 100 world-wide studies show tapping to be 98% effective for many issues.

Double-blind studies found that tapping decreases cortisol levels by 43% (better than talk therapy). (Cortisol is the stress hormone.)

You can sign up for the Free EFT Tapping Summit online which starts on February 27th, 2023 and goes for 10 days.

It can change your life.
No kidding.

Sign up Free for the 15th Annual Tapping Summit

How has tapping changed your life? Please comment below.

Read about the first fun I ever had with tapping: Quick Easy Free Way to Feel Better on Every Level – EFT Tapping.

Awful Day? Try this Easy Tapping Self Care, Feel Better
How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

15th Tapping summit

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Awesome Fascinating Heartfelt Book, from Earth and Heaven by Niki and Seth

Planet Earth is the toughest school in the universe.
Most souls have a difficult time.
Few people have endured what Seth and Niki Brown did.
Fewer regained their balance as Seth and Niki did.
Even fewer found the reasons behind all the pain they went through.
After all that heartache, they now celebrate the eternal reality of love which permeates all worlds.

You can read their tumultuous story in The Child I Lost Found Me: A Mother’s Journey to Communicate with Her Departed Son, written by both Niki Brown and Seth Brown.

With her spiritual awareness, Niki recognized Seth’s super sensitivity almost as soon as he was born.
He grew into an intuitive, creative artist with a good sense of humor.
Yet he was sometimes terrorized by mysterious visions.

His family life was beautiful. His parents and three siblings loved him deeply.
His mother Niki watched over his troubled times. Sometimes she had spiritual insights about his distant past, before this life.

By the time he was a teenager, inexplicable inner voices tormented Seth.

Niki sought out every source of help to heal her son. From traditional medicine, neurology, psychology, to spiritual healing of all kinds. She even took Seth to Sai Baba in India in hopes of a cure.
They would make some headway but then slip back.
It was a hellish journey.

Finally as a young man, Seth found a season of peace.
Yet it was then that he took his life, shocking Niki and her family into misery.

Niki had always been spiritual, always a meditator, but now she found herself in the deepest grief at the loss of her son.

However, Seth came through with a message for his family very soon after his death, trying to soothe their pain.
He also sent unmistakable signs to each of them at odd moments to show that he was with them, still.

More and more of these wondrous miracle messages continue to show up. Feathers appear in unexpected places. Many are photos in the book.
Seth is creative and fun in the variety of ways he connects with his family. (You’ll love those stories.)

In her profound grief, Niki gradually found herself opening to hear Seth’s messages with more and more clarity. This was true, reliable communication.

She became a clear channel to write everything Seth wanted to say about his life and his many lives, including past lives where Niki and Seth were together in horrendous circumstances.

In this way a large part of the book is written by Seth.
We hear about his life through his eyes. He conveys what was going on inside him, and the karma he had to face.
We read his remarkable experiences in Heaven.

On the other side of the Veil, Seth is a teacher filled with great wisdom.
He speaks about our Heaven Breath and how at some level we are always checking in and receiving energy and light from Heaven, even when we’re not aware of it.

He shows us that people have many different experiences when they land in Heaven.
He speaks about our true selves and our illusions.
He urges us to find and celebrate our authentic Self.

He inspires us with simple ways to find happiness.

His main point is that we are all One, and
the only thing worth focusing upon is love.

This book is for anyone who has lost a child or a loved one (especially by suicide).
It’s for anyone who struggles with depression or disturbing thoughts.
It’s for anyone who is wondering about their ultimate future, beyond this world.

It’s for all of us who want to understand the deep underpinnings of life and the sweetness of the afterlife.

In short, this is a book you don’t want to miss!

This spiritual book will heal many hearts, including yours.

Be sure to grab your copy (eBook or print) of The Child I Lost Found Me. (Amazon)

Or grab a copy on BookBaby.

(Kudos to Niki Brown for the extremely reasonable price of the eBook – everybody can afford it!)

After you read the book, please give it a rating and a comment, to help other readers to find this wondrous book.
To rate it, simply return to the book’s Amazon page.
Underneath the book title, click on “ratings” (where the stars are).
This will take you to the button, “Write a Customer Review.”

From there you’ll rate it with stars, and leave a comment if you like. (No need for a giant paragraph unless you feel so inspired. The main thing is to rate it, please, and thank you!)

If you purchase through BookBaby, please send a rating/review too! You will find that link in the very bottom left corner of the book’s webpage on BookBaby. (You’ll need to login at the BookBaby Bookshop in order to access this.)

Trust me, this book will inspire you in hundreds of ways.

You will feel much better about life, death, and Heaven.

GET The Child I Lost Found Me (Amazon) or BookBaby. 

(And then let’s discuss all the insights that resonate with us!)


Niki Seth Child I Lost Found Me

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Ever Wonder about Ascension Symptoms? Here’s the Scoop from Dr. Peebles

Did you catch the February 14th Q&A session with Dr. Peebles?
He covered tons of fascinating topics!

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for this great mp3, Dr. Peebles Speaks Feb. 14, 2023.

I transcribed the following section, regarding 5D transition symptoms, as the whole Earth is shifting into the Fifth Dimension understanding of love.

Question: There is some discussion on social media regarding ascension symptoms. How can we tell the difference between ascension symptoms and possibly the beginning of an illness?


Dr. Peebles:

Well, my dear friends, we will use your word “ascension” – but as you are really expanding and growing into greater love and a greater deeper understanding of love, there will be things that will fall away.

There will be sadnesses.

You will suddenly be looking back in your life at the contrast there and saying, “Oh my goodness gracious, if I’d only known then what I know now, I would have done things differently.”


So a lot of people are having regrets.
Those are some of the symptoms, shall we say, of what you call your ascension here.
Regrets, looking back, wondering why things had to be the way they were.

Well, because you are a different “you” today than you were yesterday. Goodness gracious.


And as you are working within this, we would rather say, truly my friends, the greater symptoms of ascension are, “Oh goody, look at that, it’s a beautiful day! I am so excited about this morning. Thank you, God, for this beautiful day and all the pleasures and treasures and wonders within it, and I look forward to what’s happening next. I can’t wait for what’s happening next!”

And when those little thoughts of yesterday start creeping up, or you start to feel little sniffles and a little illness, you say, “Ah, that must be me just purging the old stuff from the past. Goodness gracious, how wonderful that is.”

And so yes, you can have certain physical symptoms if you’re still striving to hold onto the old ways as you move into the new ones.
You’re letting go of the old stuff and moving on to the new, but you’ve got one foot in both places, so that can cause a little stress and cause some physical ailments and that sort of thing.

But again the true symptoms are wonderful symptoms, creative symptoms.
You want to suddenly create things.
You want to create art.
You want to kiss your lover.
You want to hug your children.
You want to help a friend.
You want to pick up somebody off the sidewalk and take them someplace where they can get a warm meal to eat and such.

Those are the symptoms of ascension that we’d prefer you put your attention to, God bless you indeed.

Because you are going into a state of greater and greater love, a greater awareness of love, and how wonderful that is.

Once you fall in love with that journey, it is turning that circle which is your consciousness into a spiral and weaving yourself into that beautiful, beautiful fabric of eternity – of light, love, inspiration, and truth, God bless you indeed.


My goodness gracious, as so many people say, I certainly am an eternal optimist, aren’t I, my Dear?
God bless you indeed.
It’s so wonderful. It feels so good to love you all so much and to feel such joy for you, on behalf of you and everybody on the planet Earth, for every living creature upon the Earth.
It is a joy to be a leaf on a tree.

If you could see it from our perspective, you would feel it, and you would never ever fall into despair ever again.
You would only see that that there is not even a need for hope anymore, because life is what it is, ever expansive, always growing into greater and greater love, God bless you indeed.

                   –  Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, February 14, 2022

You’ll enjoy listening to this delightful mp3 of February 14th.

Here are Summer’s notes on this wonderful session:
Dr. Peebles Speaks • February 14, 2023
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

“Your planet earth is the greatest love letter that God has ever written.” —Dr. Peebles

  • A perspective on Valentine’s Day
  • You need the contrasts of life
  • Listening to the other perspectives
  • Balloons over the United States
  • How to work with scary things in the world with wonder
  • Manifesting romantic love (a fascinating perspective on relationships)
  • AI and digital currency: how will it change our world and affect our humanness
  • Why do some souls have challenging journeys?
  • Do gods evolve? How?
  • Ascension symptoms or the flu?
  • Back to the Future or the Past: Reincarnation and the Soul
  • Is there a way to prepare for death?
  • Does our soul remember Heaven?
  • Is there difference between the Soul and the Higher Self?
  • Acclimating to the other side after “death”
  • The Earth’s Core has stopped spinning. What does this mean for humanity?
  • A great smattering of Dr. Peebles’ sense of humor, and so much more!!!

Which of these topics sparks your curiosity?

Don’t miss Dr. Peebles Speaks February 14, 2023


How to Handle the New Year – Fun Advice from Dr. Peebles

The Natural Miracle of Using Frequency to Heal Yourself – from Dr. Peebles

How to Stop and Drop Negative Mind Clutter – Good Advice from Peebles

new Earth by Jerneg Furman on Flickr

(Thanks to Jerneg Furman on Flickr for this new Earth image.)

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Watch Out and Take Care with Hazardous Makeup and Lipstick – Be Safe

Be bold and raise your hand if you are less likely to use makeup nowadays compared to pre-pandemic? (That would be me. I like to be realistic, less made-up. Plus my doc told me years ago to avoid toxins in skin products, as they could impact my thyroid.)

Cosmetics and personal care products are notoriously unregulated for safety.
The FDA does not control them.
Cosmetic companies are expected to test for safety and follow guidelines, but that doesn’t mean they do.
Most don’t reveal all their ingredients.
They can slap the label “natural” on their product, but it’s a meaningless word.

The average American woman uses 12 cosmetic and personal care items each day, which contain 168 chemicals.
Whatever we put on our skin goes into the bloodstream and can affect the organs and the whole body, in time.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has found nearly 150 toxic ingredients in cosmetics. They have stated that about 80% of our personal care products contain toxic impurities.

In 2008 government scientists at NIH found that the use of lipstick 3 or more days per week correlated with a 70% greater risk of developing lupus.

Whatever we put on our lips enters the bloodstream through the mucous membranes. We lick our lips and bring it into the digestive system as well.

Environmental Defence Canada tested an array of popular makeup in 2011. Most products contained nickel, lead, and beryllium. About half of them contained cadmium and thallium. 20% contained arsenic.

In 2021, toxic fluorine was found in lip products, mascaras, and foundations.

Heavy metal contamination is found in nearly all cosmetics, even in Sephora, L’Oreal, MAC, and Clinique.

Benefit Benetint lip gloss apparently has more heavy metals than any other lipstick (i.e., beryllium, nickel, lead, cadmium, thallium and arsenic).
It has 700 times the amount of arsenic that is allowed to be in food, and 10 times the  amount of lead allowed in food.

How would you know that you’re overloaded with heavy metals?
Well, you might not know.
Or you may have vague symptoms like weakness, fatigue, brain fog, stomach pain, chills, anxiety, maybe a little numbness in hands and feet.
You can ask your doctor for a heavy metal blood test.
But since the buildup of heavy metals is slow and progressive, you might try the more proactive approach of getting a hair tissue mineral analysis.

Or maybe you feel fine and you think this whole idea is hogwash.
But still, it’s worthwhile to use healthy products on your precious body.

At the EWG Skin Deep database, you can search the safety level of the products you use on your face, body, hair, and especially on your babies.
(You may be surprised how many common products are considered toxic to our endocrine system, fertility, and immune system. Some spark allergies. Some carry cancer risk.)

Since 1993 the Environmental Working Group of scientists (now a nationwide community of 30 million) has been trying to protect our environment and our health.

Some EWG-verified safe lipsticks are made by these companies:
Mineral Fusion,
Maia’s Mineral Galaxy,
Honest Beauty,
Rejuva Minerals.

If you want to change up your products, just write “shampoo” in the Skin Deep database, and see which ones come up first – the healthiest choices.

Kudos and big thanks to the EWG for all it has been doing, these 3 decades!


6 Easy Tips to Save Your Skin from Sneaky Harmful Toxins, and Live Healthy

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

lipstick pxhere(Thanks to pxhere for this image.)

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Feel the Love and the Peace that Surpasses Understanding – with Dr. Peebles

This recent message from Dr. Peebles was so awesome, soothing and therapeutic, I can’t do justice to it with a description.
The second half of it is especially juicy and deep, as he takes us into a wondrous visualization that speaks to our soul and melts away all concerns and all troubles.

If you want relief,
if you want to reset your attitude, your life, your vibration,
then listen to Dr. Peebles Speaks January 31, 2023.

It brought me peace, bliss, hope for the future. I’ll be listening to it again (and again).

I cannot encapsulate the experience of listening to this talk and engaging with the love of the heavenly realm.
Many thanks to Summer Bacon for her wondrous work to bring Dr. Peebles to us.

Here are just a couple of short sections from this truly awesome mp3 of Jan 31.

Even in your thoughts, my dear friends, you can start to change your mind about certain things. You can catch yourself when you are feeling judgmental towards others.

 Well, what a waste of time it is to judge others. Because, my dear friends, it drags you down.

“Ah, they are not such a good person. They ought to change their life. They ought to be this way or that way.”
You’re spending an awful lot of time trying to change others, trying to figure them out, instead of putting that attention upon yourself, becoming that which you are seeking, that which you would desire to see in the world.
Be that.
And be a demonstration to others of what is possible in life, God bless you indeed.

It might be a matter of – you are sitting in room, and you say, “My goodness gracious, the world is so judgmental about me, about the way I look, about my weight, about my size, about my color” – whatever it might be.

Well, my dear friends, instead why don’t you focus upon loving yourself for your shape, your size, your color, whatever it might be. Your beliefs, everything.

And you say, “You know something, I’m really satisfied with who I am. I know who I am. The world around me may not understand it. and that’s okay. They don’t have to.”

Let go of that need to make people understand you.
Let go of the need to make people see you, hear you, feel you, or anything.
Just live your life.

Relax, release, surrender into it.

And eventually you will find that you will no longer feel the pressure to live up to the expectations of the people around you.

And you will find that you are suddenly surrounded by people who are of like mind and like heart.

You will find your life begins to change in incredible ways.
You might find that your life changes in ways you never would have dreamed or imagined would be possible. You might find yourself moving out of a city and going out and living on a houseboat, for example …
– Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, January 31st, 2023

Later in the talk, Peebles takes us into the long, soothing visualization and meditative experience of the sweetest release into Love and Oneness.

Listen to that still small voice within you,
and you will find that
only joy, only loving thoughts bubble up to the surface.

You will find that every issue, every situation in your life that you thought you could not repair will suddenly dissolve in the light of love, will suddenly not have as much command over your spirit as you have allowed it to have.

                                        – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, January 31st, 2023

I can’t convey how much uplift this mp3 gives me. I feel it is vibrational medicine to help me open and reset to 5D awareness.

Not only that, but Summer has offered another great Q&A session with Dr. Peebles for February 14th. Send in your general (not personal) question to – questionsforpeebles@gmail.com

Please submit your questions by Monday, February 13, 12pm AZ time.
(Due to the high volume of questions received, not all questions will be answered.)

Here is Summer’s description of this delicious January 31st mp3 :

Dr. Peebles Speaks • January 31, 2023
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

Life is a miracle, and you are a perfect YOU! “All that you are is necessary to be who you are,” says Dr. Peebles. “You are not a lesser being, you are a perfect being.” I have no words to describe this session and the comfort it brought when I listened to it. When I came out of trance today, I felt like I was waking up from a wonderful nap. Not groggy, just happy and feeling such peace and love.

Dr. Peebles speaks about so many things in this session, and it includes two beautiful meditations to deepen your awareness of self and life. “You know who you are, more than anybody knows who you are,” he says, “Because you are the creator of you.”

Here are just some of the points he talks about:

  • How judgements of self hold you back
  • How judging others drags you down, and why it is a waste of time
  • How micro movements can strengthen you and create miraculous change
  • How and why the world around doesn’t have to understand you
  • No regrets. You can always start something new. (He shares a personal tidbit about his life on earth. Awesome.)
  • How to (simply) increase communication with God and Spirit.
  • How we hold ourselves to such high standards that we don’t ever get started
  • How to take charge of your heart and give it to the world.

And so much more!

Spend ten bucks on your heart and soul – get  Dr. Peebles Speaks January 31, 2023

You’ll be glad you did!

holographic earth Flickr by Kevin M Gill w Peebles

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The Fun of Listening to Jerry and Other People We Thought Were Dead

I must tell you about this awesome book I read years ago – Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead, by Irene Kendig (published 2010).

A long-time corporate trainer, Kendig was too busy to take time out for such a silly thing as to listen to a medium or talk with spirits. A friend kept urging her to call and do just that, because the friend considered this particular medium to be amazingly accurate.

When Kendig finally gave in (just to quiet the friend), she found herself having a real conversation with her deceased mother, who shared details that only she and Mom knew about, and she was totally blown away.
It dawned on her – the afterlife is real!
She was amazed.

Kendig began to interview various spirits on the other side of the veil, people she had known in life – relatives, friends, acquaintances of different ages and backgrounds – Jerry, Jared, Beba, Bill, Vince, Zaydeh, and Paula.

Her friend Jerry had been a deeply spiritual philosopher, reporter, counselor, and pastor, educated in many branches of spirituality, including Buddhism toward the end of his life.

His perspectives about the spirit world and about our human patterns and priorities fascinated Kendig, as they fascinate me.

As a touchstone for myself, I took the following notes, paraphrased from the book (not exact quotes).

Jerry says, as I inhale, I strengthen my being. As I exhale, I add strength to the whole by sharing my experience.
Every breath brings in the new and releases the old.

The soul speaks through the heart.
Follow the heart’s desire – this is God light pouring through you.

Jerry uses the metaphor of white paper with a layer of grime. We’ve chosen to cover ourselves with untruth, with grime, with energies that are not in harmony with the truth.
The truth is, we are one, we are love expressing itself, we are God.
Everyone on earth is here to strengthen love and diminish fear.
In order to be fearful, you have to pretend there’s no love.

Strengthen the love.
Love is always present.

Spirit speaks through feelings.
To develop your intuition, you must be aware of your feelings.
Be willing to feel them.
When you feel something is not right, Spirit is providing feedback for how to proceed, just as it does when you feel inspired and you know you’re on the right track.
Allow yourself to express whatever you’re feeling.

Be true to your feelings, true to yourself.

Jerry offers many high-minded (high-hearted) spiritual perspectives.
The other six spirit conversations are captivating, too, as they tell of their own experiences and learnings, from human and spirit life.

Vince says, right after death, he felt his own elation mixed with his friend’s sadness. He never knew we had the capacity to feel so deeply. He realized we humans affect each other quite deeply, whether we know it or not.

Bill says, judgment slows the flow of energy.
A judgmental habit stagnates you. If you judge your feeling as inappropriate, wrong, or not aligned with your beliefs, you won’t allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, and you will sidetrack the energy from feeling to thinking.
Life is a flow.
Blocking feelings reduces the flow of life.

Jared says, our capacity to love is an ongoing process. It’s not about getting more love; it’s about allowing more love.
If I were on earth now, I would choose patience, compassion, acceptance, first and foremost with myself. I would practice loving myself by respecting my choices.
I’d throw perfectionism out the window and allow myself to make mistakes.
When we love ourselves fully, love flows through us to others. If we’re under nourished from having ignored our own needs, it’s a strain to nourish others.

Self-love creates the foundation that allows us to love more.

If you are at all curious about spirituality and the spirit realm, I think this book will be delicious for you. It certainly is, for me.
(I’m not a salesperson – just want to share what I like.)
Check out Irene Kendig’s Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead.

While I’m at it, don’t miss two of my favorites from Dr. Peebles:
This School Called Planet Earth
Making Sense of Life Eternal 

Do you have a favorite spirit-style book to share? Please comment below.

De-Light-ful  Books  / Death part 6

What you didn’t know about Spirit and Spiritism

Mediums Open the Veil  / Death part 5

Conv w Jerry book cover

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Sorry to Say, New Studies Show RO Water is Unhealthy and Unsafe

Is anybody still drinking RO water (reverse osmosis)? Drinking it, even though it’s acidic and depletes your minerals?

The process of reverse osmosis makes that water acidic. (RO machines from years ago produced water with a pH of 4.5, but recent machines have improved to a pH of about 6.)
Over the years, a person drinking RO water saturates their body in acid and keeps their cells starved for minerals. (Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.)

Natural water has a neutral pH of 7.0 for good reason, to fulfill all of its miraculous chemical interactions in the body. It needs to be neutral in order to accomplish its thousands of flexible functions. Our healthy bodies would rather have neutral water, which can do us the most good.

But. The taste.
In the past several decades since humans started buying bottled water, the soda pop companies have produced acidic waters which taste bright and sharp in the mouth. We have come to feel that water should taste that way. (R.O. water tastes that way, and it’s good stuff, right?)

What we don’t understand is, that sharp sparkling feeling in the mouth is actually acidic water.
We have grown to like this taste.
If we did taste tests, I’m sure a lot of people would choose Dasani or AquaFina, which have a pH of 3 to 4, same as soda pop pH.

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) investigated hundreds of scientific studies regarding RO water. They came to the conclusion that RO water definitely has an adverse effect on animals and humans. It depletes minerals to a dangerous degree. (Reverse Osmosis removes all minerals.)
The WHO issued a warning against RO water, because it causes more harm than the contaminants found in most tap water.

Populations who drank RO water developed cardiovascular symptoms, muscular cramps, weakness, and fatigue. Pregnancies and newborns suffered other damages.

The WHO says minerals in food are not enough to make up for the missing minerals in RO water, if a person continues to drink it for months.

RO water also depletes our electrolytes.
It leeches minerals from the body, which weakens the bones, teeth, and all body systems.
When we use RO water in cooking, it removes essential elements and minerals from the foods. (Who knew?)

Although some newer RO machines try to add back minerals, the WHO says that cannot recreate natural water, which contains many important trace elements.
They vote “no” on RO.

In 1993 I took municipal water from my kitchen to an unbiased lab to be examined. It passed all the tests to be labeled as safe and good for human consumption.

But I know we worry about our water. In some parts of the world, the water is spoiled.
I think for many of us, the best thing to do is to use filtered water.
A filtered water pitcher is a fine idea.
Maybe purchase a good water filter to install on the faucet or a larger one under the sink.
(I eventually got a MultiPure filter.)

How do you handle your water? Please comment below.

Drinking Acid? Check the pH of your Favorite Beverage

How Does Watercure Help? 17 Benefits of Adding Celtic Salt to Your Water

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water glass by Marko Obrvan on Pexels

(Thanks to Marko Obvran on Pexels for this image.)

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