Discover Your Magnificent Beautiful Spirit, an Awesome Dr. Peebles talk

If you are following Dr. Peebles, I must tell you that the most recent presentation, October 20th (mp3), was remarkable for its depth of love and encouragement.
It felt like it came in at a whole new level.

In this one he often prompts you to look at how you have changed inside, in the past year (in many aspects, throughout his talk).
He offers so much insight and support for you personally in the coming times (and how these years unfold).

I received gigantic benefit in my heart and soul from listening to this one.
I keep returning to it for more insight, more peace and bliss, more connection with Spirit.

The beautiful sweetness expanded as Dr. Peebles showed us:
how to communicate with our spirit friends and relatives,
how to release the “prickers” of our soul (burdens) to Archangel Michael,
how to speak with St. Germain for creative help,
or with Yogananda and others.

Dr. Peebles blew me away when he merged into each of us for a big hug and the possibility to connect directly with him and with the wisdom of the Band of Angels.

If you are interested in Peebles, do not miss the October 20th mp3.
(Ten bucks is a small price to pay for such an awesome shift inside you.)

Get the MP3

Many Thanks to Summer Bacon for her work with Dr. Peebles and for sharing so much with us all.

As Summer writes, for this Oct. 20th mp3

Dr. Peebles helps us make sense out of the chaos of life:

  • Who is helping us from the other side (specifically who, and how)
  • How the chaos (supply chain disruption, etc.) of the world is helping to shape us for the better
  • More freedom amidst mandates? (Yes!)
  • Creating knowledge of self in relation to the external world
  • Humans become innovative during times of darkness
  • We are unharnessed from the past (Hint: that’s a good thing)
  • Changes in United States politics: joining together of political parties
  • Your foundation for the future
  • The importance of remembering and/or being in nature
  • The questions we all need to ask ourselves
  • A visit from Dr. Peebles (Yup. Are you ready to invite him?)
  • …and more!

Get the MP3


holographic earth Flickr by Kevin M Gill w Peebles

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Drop Your Trouble, Expand Your Bubble, and Feel Free with Good Energy

We humans habitually think we are inside our body.
We tell ourselves, this is me sitting right here, walking here, inside my skin.

However, it’s not unusual for us to expand beyond our body.

Walking down a forest trail or on a beach, our attention goes out into the beautiful surroundings, the trees, the birds, the waves, the sand.

We become a larger bubble of awareness.
We feel a kinship with everything around us.
At some level we know “all is one.”

In an expanded state of mind,
you know that you are everything, and everything is you.

When you expand your personal bubble and merge with a larger space beyond your body,
you “become” the terrain, the nearby flora and fauna.

You take in more pure positive energy of the natural world.

“This is all me. I am part of all of this. My identity is larger than I thought.”

Your perspective shifts to broad view.

You become more than your small self.
You become a larger being, merged with a whole system.
You are in communion with Life.

Let’s go into that big bubble, as a meditation . . .


Bubble Awareness Meditation

Breathe deeply, and let go.
Every breath loosens you up.
Let the tight spots in your body melt into softness.

Imagine that you are sitting or strolling in a natural place.
Be anywhere you like.
In the mountains, the valleys, the forest, the lake, the beach, or your own neighborhood.

Choose a place and be there.
Look around.
Take in the scenery.
The highs and lows,
brights and darks,
all the colors.

Open your boundaries.
Tell yourself,
I am expanding my bubble.
I am becoming a little more of everything around me.

Inch by inch or foot by foot,
let yourself encapsulate more and more of what you see, hear, and feel around you.

How would it feel to become the ground?
Hello Ground, what’s it like to be you, with all your textures?
How does it feel to stretch far and wide and deep?

Let yourself open to the sky.
What sort of skyscape is it?
How does it feel to be that?

Now feel into one of the green growing things nearby.
How does it feel to be that plant?
The roots, stem, leaves?
Or merge into a tree.
A flower?

How does it feel to be one of the creatures who live here?
Choose one, big or small, squirrel, butterfly, dove –
and let your imagination flow into their life.
What does it feel like?

Finally –
How does it feel to be this whole landscape?
This orchestra of life?
You are all of it.

In the natural world, all creations live in response to brilliant Source energy.

Any impairment is of no concern.
There’s no exertion, no struggle to get anywhere.
You’re already blessed, already in the right place and time.

Growing or fading, strong or weak, all is part of the cosmic cycle of life.
Source cares for all and infuses all.
Life streams through all.
Live simply.
No sweat.

Feel what that is like, to have no concerns,
but just to live in response to Source energy.

Enjoy the sun and the rain, the natural sustenance that is meant for you.

You are blessed.
You are beloved.
You are cherished.

Find yourself feeling lighter.
Light enough to float.

Your bubble is big.
Your bubble is vast.
Your bubble holds an orchestra of Life.


Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, ancestral clearing, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching.
She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.
Make an 
appointment – virtual tele-visit – or in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

float in bubbles sky Pxfuel

(Thanks to Pxfuel for this image.)

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New Angle on How to Heal Migraines and Headaches from Dr. Peebles

In the awesome Q&A session of September 29th, Dr. Peebles shared some new insights about the how and why of headaches, migraines, and how to heal them.

Here is an excerpt from September 29, 2021 –

Q: Dr. Peebles, why do people get migraines?

Why do people get migraines?
Overthinking, a lot of times. And a lot of deep, deep trouble.

Some migraines end up becoming a bit of a purging of the distant past. It could be from another lifetime, even. It’s a purging of old stuff.

You’ll find when you are tested by life, it could be anything, especially for the empath.

When you are driving down the road and you see a little animal in peril on the side of the road, but you don’t have the time to stop to help it, that can trigger a migraine. Because you’re feeling and sensing into life, and their pain, and their struggles, and all the rest.

So, there’s lots of ways and lots of triggers for migraines.

But sometimes if you are having a migraine and it suddenly comes up, you say, “Why am I having this migraine?”
Instead of resisting it, go into it, and ask what it is telling you.

You might very well find that you are seeing or experiencing something from the past.

Could be even something from this lifetime, where you found yourself – maybe you were a little scared of your daddy or something like that.
Or perhaps you remember a time where you fell and scraped your knee, and nobody was there to help you.

It can be all kinds of little tiny triggers that come bubbling up to the surface.
And just releasing old stuff. 

But a lot of the human beings who receive these migraines are incredibly sensitive, and you must learn about yourselves in terms of your energy, your receptivity to energy, and your willingness to release it and not hold onto it.

Be careful when you feel something for somebody who is in pain.

You love deeply, there’s no question about it, but you’ve got to be careful not to hold onto their pain and try to take it from them. 

You can’t do it. It’s not gonna work.
It’s gonna hurt you. 
It’s still going to be there, but it’s not gonna be doing its productivity for the person for whom it was originally intended.

So, you’ve got to stand back and become a little more objectively observant of life, rather than allowing life to attack you so much.

Again, we’re giving you quite a variety of different responses here to this question, because it’s a good one.
But there’s lots of reasons for it.
It is for you to delve into, each one who has a migraine, to delve into that. 

Ultimately, the relationship between any form of a headache is to the tummy area, and it is about not being able to digest something: emotionally, spiritually, physically. It could be as well, mentally. You can get a migraine just from not being able to figure out a math equation, or what have you.

So, because it is connected to the digestion, when you have a migraine, put your hand over your solar plexus, and just simply, gently, rotate your hand in a circle. Give yourself a little love there. 

Draw your energy down into the area of the tummy, and you say,
“I am going to digest what is happening with ease right now.”
And that, in some cases, can be quite soothing.

                                               – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon 9-29-21


In this same September 29th session, Dr. Peebles answers questions on: 

Akashic Records
St. Germaine
Life between Lives
Sound and Healing modalities
Financial stability
Communication with Nature
Vaccines and Boosters
Talk with Your Body
How to sit with God
and much more

BUY this mp3 on Summer Bacon’s wonderful site, which also offers many free resources.

Let us know how these methods work for you!
I can say, for sure, that I’ve had headaches directly related to “not digesting” something difficult in my day. 


How to Avert a Headache, Get Relief for Good

How to Relax and Enjoy Life even in These Troubled Times – Dr. Peebles
Take Care using the Super Strong Little Net of Fear, says Dr. Peebles
Big Changes Now and More Love Inside You, says Dr. Peebles

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, ancestral clearing, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching.
She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.
Make an 
appointment – virtual tele-visit – or in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

stress headache Pixabay w light

(Thanks to Pixabay for this image, to which we added the spark of energy healing.)

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Angry Jitter Demands Satisfaction from the Angels for his Good Fortune

Where do you find some fun?
I have fun doing Flash Fiction sometimes . . .

Angry Jitter

“Yes, it is your fault!” Jitter raged at the angel council. “I followed exactly what I saw in the bone shards. I took my team over that hill, straight into battle, and I died a horrible death.”

“Ah, we feel for you, Buddy. Yet that is your learning, tailor-made for you,” said Lloyd, the council leader.

“But the bones lied to me! You guys lied to me!”

“No, no, that was your misperception. Surely that was tough, but tough enough to teach you how to handle it better next time. You might not do that again, will you?”

“I don’t know, I might. I could rule the world. I can taste it.”

“The trouble with seeking answers in bone chips and entrails is that you see your own stressed mind,” said Lloyd.

“My mind?”

“You saw your jitters. You need nerves of steel before you consult the bones. Otherwise, you’ll see what you project, like a Rorschach test.”

“What’s a what?”

“An inkblot image. That’s a few thousand years in your future. I’m trying to say that when you’re stressed, you project practically everything.”

“Lloyd, you’re not making sense for him,” said a husky guy on the panel.

“Yeah! Don’t give me that crap,” said Jitter. “I count on you angels, and you dropped the ball!”

“Now, Buddy –”

“My name is not Buddy! How can I trust you if you don’t even know my name?”

“Whoops.” Lloyd grasped his forehead and scanned a floating digital window. “Mr. Jitter. Sorry.”

“You guys don’t know what it’s like to be crammed into a tiny human body and shoved down into that scrappy little planet!”

“Oh, most of us have been there,” said the bearded guy in the corner.

“You claim you’ll help us, but when we get there, you desert us! Your help is a big fat lie!”

“We come to you in dreams,” said a silky woman on the left.

“We can’t remember our dreams. Who has time for that? I’ve got to get up and go every day.”

“We whisper in your ear, but you need to develop your hearing,” said Lloyd.

The Beard shook his head grimly. “Ain’t gonna work. He doesn’t get it.”

“We do need a better messaging system,” said Husky.

“Okay, okay,” said Lloyd. “Eventually you won’t have to rely on bone chips and entrails.”

“We won’t?” Jitter’s eyes widened.

“Because you folks will invent dice.” Lloyd grinned.

“Oh yes, and dice is numbers, how elegant!” said Silky. “Bravo, Lloyd, that gives them a real leg up.”

“From there you’ll start to learn the significance, the symbology of each number,” said Lloyd. “One is obviously one, and holds all the power and meaning behind that. Two is obviously duality, balance, the interplay of two. Four is building and structure and stability, just as a table has four legs to stand strong. Five represents freedom and change.”

Jitter tilted his head thoughtfully.

“Yes, you’ll get the idea,” Silky urged. “Numbers will be filled with messages for you.”

“But isn’t that giving the humans a little too much?” said the Beard. “Because then they might figure out the whole sacred geometry thing, the golden ratio, and the way everything is connected through proportions and relationships.”

“Well, I think it’s elegant.” Silky frowned. “I think it’s a great solution. They gotta crawl before they can walk. And they will walk tall, someday.”

“We will bring it to the Boss to be decided, as always,” said Lloyd.

“Mr. Jitter, I can see you’re itching to go back and try it again, even before you get the dice,” said Husky.

“Yes, me and my tribe are strong. I know we can conquer all lands.”

Husky gave a nod. “Okay, try something simpler. Get out of your head and listen to your belly, your gut. Imagine, there you are feeling stressed or trapped, and you look to your own belly for the answer.”

“Huh. Maybe,” said Jitter.

“And get yourself a better name,” said Silky. “Something robust and strong. Start with the first letter of the alphabet, which speaks of one, of power.”

“Meh. I don’t know,” he squinted.

She smiled. “You might like to be known as Attila.”

His face lit up. “Yeah? We’ll see.”


For the record, I rather enjoy Numerology and Sacred Geometry.
How about you?

AttilatheHunonhorsebackbyGeorgeSStuart wikimedia commons

(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for this image.)

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Quick Easy DIY Way to Calm Anxiety and Stress in Seconds Now

Feeling daunted by life on Earth at the moment?

Stressors bubbling up, right and left?

Try this quickie stress relief:

Hold the stressful thought in your mind.
Touch and massage the two “sore spot” areas on your upper chest, below your collarbones.
You’ll find them easily, because they feel sore.
Breathe deeply and just rub them, massage them.
(You can rub both with one spread-out hand, if you like.)

Breathe, and see how you feel.
Soothe those spots, and their soreness will diminish as your stress lightens up.

massage sore spots

If you’re in a stressful meeting, you can do this casually.
If you’re teaching your child to drive, you can calm down this way, as I did.
If you’re watching the TV news, God help you, shut it off . . .

For more Easy DIY Energy Healing, check out:

1 min self-healing: 4 Ways to Calm Your Vagus Nerve and Your Stress
1 min self-healing: Get More Natural Energy through Your Breath

2 min self-healing: 3 Quick Steps for Awesome Healing You Can Do in 2 Minutes 

5 min self-healing: How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

10 min self-healing: How to Heal Yourself (Free!) by Toning with Your Astounding Voice 

10 min self-healing: Balance and Energize with your Fingers (Jin Shin Jyutsu)

What are your favorite methods to drop anxiety and stress? Please comment below.

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, ancestral clearing, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching.
She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.
Make an appointment – virtual tele-visit – or in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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What if Your Memory is Stronger than You Think? What is Normal Anyhow?  

What’s that word? It’s on the tip of your tongue?
You’ll remember it at 2 a.m.
You’re not going crazy, right?

You’ll feel a whole lot better about your aging brain if you read:
Remember: The Science of Memory and The Art of Forgetting, by Neuroscientist and Alzheimer’s disease specialist Lisa Genova.

Genova shows us how our brain operates to create and retrieve our memories and knowledge.
Various kinds of memory are processed and held in different ways.

Learning data through repetition is called semantic memory.
That missing word or lost name is somewhere in your semantic memory – which is not the most reliable, as we age.

Muscle memory, created in your motor cortex through repeated muscle movement, is one of the reliable types of memory.

We hold our brain in high regard, and we tend to expect it to do everything perfectly.
But the brain was not designed to cover everything.

According to Genova, the brain is not designed to

  • remember people’s names
  • remember a list
  • remember to do something later (“prospective memory”)
  • remember the exact details of an important event in the past (“episodic memory”)
  • keep track of everything we ever encounter

Let yourself off the hook for all of the above, and understand you’ll have to help your brain with those.

Mark your calendar as needed.
Use checklists. (That’s what we do in surgery to keep track of all our tools, inside and outside the belly.)
Put up reminders, alarms, chimes for reminders.
If you need to bring along an item today, put it at the door (as you’ve been doing already, Ms. Brilliance).

Genova says it’s normal to walk into a room and forget what you came for (especially for persons of my age).
No need to worry yourself about that.

After all, there’s a lot more stuffed into your head now than there was, decades ago, right?

(Personally, I have never cared to remember the names of the latest movie stars, and my family looks askance at me. Ask me if I care. I have other priorities in my memory bank.)

Have you noticed that your memory stays strong on the topics you really care about?
If something is meaningful to you, you will retain it.
When you give your full attention to something, you will remember it.

To create a strong memory, you start with

  1. attentiveness – you care about this, whatever it is.
  2. Your prefrontal cortex encodes it.
  3. You then send it to the hippocampus of the brain to consolidate it
  4. and place it into a pattern of neurons, unique to that memory.

When you recall the memory, you use that pattern of neurons to retrieve it.
(You might even watch that happening, several tangents converging to firm up that memory.)

It’s true that the brain loses some of its sharpness as we age, but that does not mean we’re slipping into Alzheimer’s.
If you can’t find your car in the parking lot, that’s probably normal because you weren’t paying attention when you parked it.

But if you’re standing there holding car keys, and you don’t know what those keys are for, then you might have Alzheimer’s.
(That’s not a diagnostic test . . .)

And let us remember –
Forgetting is a great service the brain does for us, especially to release traumatic memories.

Finally, Genova gives us some great tips on:

How to boost a stronger memory and brain function

  • stimulating hobbies
  • learning new things
  • using your neural pathways and laying down new ones
  • sleep and exercise
  • healthy engaged lifestyle, active social life
  • hydration is vital
  • healthy foods – veggies, greens, olive oil, legumes, whole grains and fish
  • Chronic stress impairs the brain, so use meditation to de-stress.


Boost Your Brain, Get Clarity, Sturdy Mind, Reliable Memory
Sharpen Your Brain
Do You Know How Your Awesome Sleeping Brain Refreshes You?

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

brain n landscape 96d Gerd Altmann Pixabay

(Thanks to Gerd Altmann of Pixabay for this image.)

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How to Relax and Enjoy Life even in These Troubled Times – Dr. Peebles

What if you truly had a way to be happy despite the world crashing down around your ears?

Every week I get bogged down in one way or another.
But every week I receive awesome encouragement and a fresh start, a lighter heart, when I listen to Dr. Peebles through trance medium Summer Bacon.

I totally appreciate Dr. Peebles’ messages, his insights and his broad perspectives.
He sees what’s happening with us and our planet, more clearly than we can see (down here in the trenches).

He is always verbally embracing everybody, and bringing a lot more love to the planet.
He asks us to do the same, whenever we can.
He is for everybody.
He is not against anybody.
He is inclusive.
He and his heavenly friends love everybody.
He is true wisdom in action.
He is humble. He is but one of many in “the band of angels,” and he reminds us that he is always still learning, as are we all, on our eternal journey of love and light.

Summer asks a mere $10 for this hour of wisdom and beautiful insight each week.
She offers tons of remarkable archives and free teachings. She doesn’t ask you to sign up for a package or anything.
If you see an interesting topic, try that mp3, that’s all.
(You can even send in a question that may be drawn and answered.)

But all these recordings are filled with Divine Love.
All of them make me feel better and stronger in my spirit.

This is the way I’m getting through the many challenges of these pandemic years.
Dare I say years?
Well, when you hear the news from the higher realm, you’ll see what I mean.
And it’s okay.
All will be well.
At the same time, it is vital that we level up our skills at loving our self and others.

Dr. Peebles helps us bring more love into our hearts.
He helps our heart to teach our mind.

Is it strange to listen to a spirit?
I don’t find it strange.
It is a time-honored tradition throughout history, in the writing of sacred scriptures and many other areas of life.

The heavenly realms do speak with us, if we have ears to listen.
You see it in the coincidences of your own life.

So many coincidences, in fact, that you know you are receiving divine help.
It’s not your imagination.
It is beyond that.
Things unfold in clever and surprising ways.

Perhaps not every day, but often enough that you find yourself communicating with the great beyond, with a dearly departed friend, with the divine helpers who assist you, and with the Source of all, Who infuses you.
Yes, You.

I have so enjoyed transcribing part of his message each week, these many months (see those archives).

At this time, Summer Bacon’s dear friend and first transcriptionist, the delightful Bev Scott, is returning to her role in writing the weekly excerpts again, on Summer’s newsletter (sign up here in the pop-up).

Bev Scott is a wonderful healer. Check out her beautiful Simplicity of Spirituality website.

Bev has written awesome books on Toning: Channeling the Light Within to heal yourself (the book with mp3 is currently free!),
and Simple Spirituality – Your Guide to the 5th Dimension.

Welcome back, beloved Bev!

Since Bev has returned to her post, I might not report Peebles’ scoops as often as I did (or who knows, I might, as Summer graciously left that invitation open).
But for sure you’ll want to know about these past two weeks:

Dr. Peebles Speaks…
September 1, 2021 session (click to get it)
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

Every day is a gift, and you are the gift in it!

  • What happens to people (some) as they awaken
  • What happens energetically when you plug into happiness OR fear
  • Why it will be more difficult to remain negative in the new energy of our world
  • Children coming in to teach non-violence
  • How to work with the cells of the body (because they work for you)
  • New eating habits as we awaken
  • Human rebellion against robots and technology
  • The next minority on planet Earth
  • Why it’s okay (and important) to love yourself first
  • How to create a new reality
  • and so much more!

One part I loved from Sept 1, the part that keeps playing on my mind, is that every cell in our body is a spirit in itself, doing its best job for us. Every tiny being has consciousness of its own. I feel like I can talk with them more deeply now. (They are my peeps, my team of trillions – and yours!)

But this session, like all of them, is loaded with important info and inspiration.
Get the Sept 1 mp3.


Peebles Speaks…
September 8, 2021 session (click to get it)
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

From Summer: I always send these sessions to my Dad and Bev to listen to before I put them online. It’s a way to check for audio quality, and also to just assure me that all went well. Just minutes after my Dad started listening to Dr. Peebles’ part of the mp3, he called me and said, “Oh my God, Summer! This is the most important session Dr. Peebles has done so far!” I listened later, and I have to agree. This is…

A Very Bold message about our world affairs. Dr. Peebles doesn’t hold back, and speaks about:

  • Hang onto your hats! The energy is accelerating, and it will be wonderful (if you slow down)
  • People taking back control of their lives
  • Admission and administration of fear
  • Why you have charge over your destiny
  • New “viruses,” more lockdowns, uprisings and strikes
  • Why the human heart is stronger than any weapon
  • Creating a deep, personal and abiding relationship with God
  • Why you were sent to earth
  • Are humans smart?
  • Quality over quantity of life
  • How we have been conditioned to not love ourselves (and why we should, now more than ever)
  • meditation, and so much more!

I keep listening to this one, the past couple days, and I can’t begin to tell you which part is most awesome to me.

Like I say, Peebles helps me shift my attitude, my energy, into more love and bliss, every time I listen to him. He helps us to live in hope and faith.

The energy of our planet is now accelerating – challenges will abound.
We are feeling them already.
We are called on to help each other.
We need each other more than ever – and we always will, from here on out.

Hang in there and learn how to handle the changes.

If you are at all interested in Peebles, do not miss this one!
Get the Sept 8 mp3.

“God Bless You, indeed!”

Feel better . . . and don’t forget the free teachings available.


Peebles w cool blue scene

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Find some Fun – Here is a Crazy Surprise in Istanbul

In these crazy times, we need to find fun wherever we can.
I discovered some new-to-me comedy writers.
Sometimes I blow bubbles on the porch for a moment.
Or find a new route to walk.

What do you do for fun?

Since the pandemic started, hubby and I have enjoyed a daily story-time, based on our past travels. I read aloud from my old journals, and we both recall extra angles and memories from each long-ago day.

Here’s one of those days . . .

November 1980 – our Surprise in Istanbul

After a 36-hour bus ride from Athens to Istanbul, my husband Gary and I strolled through the Turkish city, past the ancient dark wood houses, into the courtyard of the famous Blue Mosque.

Here came a guy who wanted to be our guide for 100 Turkish lira (about $1.20). We decided to splurge on it.
(We’d been traveling on eight dollars a day for each of us, in that 1980 world of scrappy paper maps, no cell phones, youth hostels, and flop houses. We packed light, with only two changes of clothes and the shoes on our feet. Plus a pup tent and sleeping bags.)

Sultan Ahmet the First built the Blue Mosque between 1609 and 1616, said our guide. It is the only mosque in the world with six minarets.
It had a huge central dome flanked by four half-domes around the sides, all decorated with blue Iznik tiles.

The guide took us to the main entrance.
We removed our shoes and left them in the shoe racks with the men at the door (like we always did at the mosques, and the guys waited for a tip on our way out).

Under the great vault of the central dome, the guide told us all about the place, showed us the Turkish carpets on the floor, all of which are gifts (some are 400 years old). The floor felt cushy under our stockinged feet.

The walls and columns displayed the beautiful simplicity of mosaic tiles in geometric designs and eight-pointed stars. Small arched windows encircled the bottom edge of the massive dome.

He said that on Fridays, the holiest day of the week, the Imam (leader) stands halfway up the pulpit stairs (out of humility). The service consists of reading and explaining the Koran and praying together and alone.

The place was beautiful and nearly empty, this time of the afternoon.

We went out the main door again.
My shoes were missing.
My thickly cushioned, sturdy, soft and comfy snow boots.
Gone, disappeared!

Left in their place sat a pair of stiff curled-up old black leather shoes.
Had they been lying in the sun for months or years?
They were so curled up, I couldn’t believe anyone had been wearing them.
I thought this was a trick, a joke.

Gary and I searched all the shelves. No shoes for me.
The attendants acted like they didn’t understand, when we pointed to my feet and shrugged and hunted through the racks.

Did they want me to buy back my boots?
Did these fellows keep an assortment of old shoes to unload on tourists?
We couldn’t speak Turkish, but hey, come on, where are my shoes??

We told them to call the military police.
But they just looked at us with pale, nervous faces. (After the recent political coup, they were scared of the police.)

Soon we were yelling, commanding them to call the police.
We couldn’t understand Turkish.

Our English-speaking guide translated a little for us, but mostly he trembled.
He kept saying, “I didn’t tell you to leave your shoes there, did I? That man told you, didn’t he?”
His eyes darted around nervously, looking for an escape. He offered to return our 100 lira note to us.

We went back inside the mosque, looking for the shoes. Nowhere in sight.
Back to the doorway again.
The men gave me some black plastic slippers to wear against the cold cement.

The yelling steadily ramped up again.
We shouted that they were responsible.
They shouted that they were not.

One man said we should run through the adjoining park and look at people’s feet to find the stolen shoes.

The main man (possibly the caretaker) kept asking, “You want money? How much you want for the shoes? Do you want shoes or money?”

His words made us think this was a racket, but who knew?

“We want the shoes! Those same shoes! We bring the police here!”

Maybe shoe-stealing was a regular gig for them?
Every time I demanded the main man’s name and address, he just glanced around, a sheen of sweat on his face.

Gary prepared to fetch the tourist police, whose station was three blocks away.
I was afraid these men would split while he was gone. (As a woman I was not respected in 1980 Turkey.)

We kept demanding the truth.
They yelled who-knows-what at each other. (? Why didn’t you guard the shoes/ I needed the bathroom/ These were too expensive to steal/ I didn’t take them …?)

Gary picked up the shabby shoes which had been left in place of mine. The soles were worn down on the inside edges. Could these belong to a small pigeon-toed man? Should we pursue the thief into the park?

Were my shoes really gone, or did these men have them?
We couldn’t decide what to think.

We told them it would it cost $70 to replace my good boots (true).
We yelled that this main man in the brown coat was to be held responsible. He collected money to watch shoes, but neglected his duties.

We were getting nowhere.
Finally, we decided that I would fetch the tourist police, while Gary stayed to hold the men there.

Off I went, half-jogging down the street, trying to keep those silly plastic slippers on my feet.
A random man laughed and shouted at me.
I hurried to the tourist police station and up the creaky stairs.
I felt outraged and jittery.
They brought a policeman who spoke English.
I poured out my whole story to him.
The slippers on my feet were visible evidence.
They took me down to the office of the Chief of Police. They talked with him at length.
Then I was left there alone for a while, waiting for another cop.

Soon a big quiet cop and I strolled calmly down the street together toward the Blue Mosque. (No catcalls then.)

When we arrived, the cop spoke softly to the men, who responded with more arguing and shouting.
Too much yelling.

A gray-haired aristocratic-looking man offered to buy new shoes for me.
He had showed up while I was gone, and Gary assumed he was associated with the mosque.
“No way! We want my shoes!”

The loud crazy conflict escalated into silence.

I caved in and agreed to receive new shoes, although snow boots were an impossibility in this part of the world. My feet would no longer stay warm in the ice and snow. Those had been my only shoes for this long trip, and I loved them.

The cop, the gray-haired man, Gary, and I walked back to the tourist police station together.
I fumbled along with the slippery plastic sliders.

We all stood in the Chief’s office while they argued in Turkish.
Then we sat in another room, Gary and I by ourselves.
They were questioning the gray-haired man.
They asked us if we wanted to prosecute.
We said no, we didn’t want to delay our travels.
At this the police looked disappointed. We thanked them anyhow.

Was this a recurring tourist cheat, or did the police just want more action?
Were the shoes stolen by a knock-kneed person, or hidden by those mosque attendants?

The gray-haired man walked Gary and me to the shoe stores, where I acquired stiff hard-soled shoes, uncomfortable compared to stateside shoes.
The man paid for them and asked me to sign a statement to release him.
I gave him my black plastic slippers to return to the mosque.

The “little me” stayed mad.
The “bigger me” allowed that maybe somebody born to discomfort and lack would enjoy my beloved snow boots.

Gary and I wandered back to sit in the park, looking at the Blue Mosque and the absence of pigeon-toed men.

(For the record, we enjoyed many weeks of friendly Turkish hospitality after that first wacky day.)

One Crazy Day in Africa, Loss and Gain

Blue Mosque by Pedro Szekely on Flickr

(Thanks to Pedro Szekely on Flickr for this image of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.)

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How Does the Cosmos Surprise You and Care for You?

Early in the morning, facing the rising sun, I stood on our back porch, doing yoga moves and pondering the dream I’d just had. In this dream, a recently departed friend appeared. She gave me her gratitude for past favors, and said she was doing fine now on the “other side.”
Was that a real visit? Or was it my imagination?

On that thought, a hummingbird flew straight into our covered porch area, and stopped at twelve inches right in front of me. The hummingbird looked into my face for a moment. Just one full second it hovered, then zoomed away.

Well, there you go.
I smiled, inhaled the hint of coolness in the summer air.
Thank you, friend.
Thank you, hummingbird.

A message from the Beyond.

Oftentimes something in my head is confirmed in the outer world.
For instance, a sudden flash of light has beamed at me from another car, at the instant when I was giving myself a pep talk or understanding a new insight.
(Yes, I’m afraid it’s happened multiple times. Because it wants me to know that it is valid, and that I’m not crazy.)

My phone has dinged with perfect timing to accent a special thought that had just popped up.
Sometimes the shadow of a jet crosses my window and punctuates a passing idea.
I’ve learned to pay attention to this conversation.

For me these are great reminders that we are not alone, never alone, and that the Cosmos cares for each of us deeply.

What is your experience of this sort of thing?
Please share below.

(P.S. Hummingbirds never come into that porch – no foliage in there.)


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How to do a Sway Test to Access Your Wisdom, Your Truth
How to Energize, Cheer Up in 90 Seconds Now


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hummingbird eye ThomasWolter Pixabay 96d

(Thanks to Thomas Wolter of Pixabay for this mystical image.)


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Take Care using the Super Strong Little Net of Fear, says Dr. Peebles

Many a time I’ve caught something in my little net of fear and watched it unfold, to my detriment. Yes, I have caught a cold this way!
Have you ever noticed this happening in your life?

Dr. Peebles Speaks August 25 explores this idea and many other fascinating notions in a wonderful Q&A session that you won’t want to miss.

Questions are sent in from listeners (you can send one, too – sign up for Summer’s newsletter, and you will be in on the scoop next month).

Here is more about that net of fear, regarding EMF pollution and more:

Q: This person is asking, how can we protect ourselves from electromagnetic field overload?

Well you can, if you like, create a bit of a blue light around you, as a little bit of a filter. You don’t have to do much with that. You just imagine that you’re surrounded with a blue light which can act as a filter, to filter out some of the energies if it is bothering you, and that sort of thing.

Or you can take the alternative and say, “All right, if there are any frequencies that are coming my way right now, I allow for them to just simply pass through my body completely, without harming anything about my physicality. I’m just going to ignore them.”

The more you focus upon them, of course, the more you’re going to attract them.
If you’re worried about 5G and other things, you’re going to continue to attract it towards you.
“I’m so afraid of it. I don’t like it. I know I’m going to feel it. I can feel it. Oh, there it is, I’m feeling it really deeply now.”
And that’s because you’re focusing upon that.

Instead, change the frequency and say, “All right, I’m going to see what it feels like in my body right here and now. What does life feel like without 5G touching me whatsoever?”
Just imagine that. Close your eyes, relax, release, surrender. And imagine, no 5G, no microwaves, no radio waves, nothing coming through you, other than absolute 100% pure love, light, inspiration, and truth.

You are white light, my dear friends, you just forgot.
You don’t have to wrap yourself in it,  just remember who you are.
And then there is truly nothing to fear.

It’s when you worry about catching things, such as colds, that you catch them.
And you create a little way in which you can catch them in your little net of fear.
So, strive not to do that.

You have so many different frequencies coming at the planet Earth from other planets, from your sun, from so many sources.
If you could see it all with your eyes, it would – what is the terminology here? We love these words – “freak you out.”
It would freak you out, yeah?
God bless you indeed.
We had to search the library of Summer Bacon’s brain there, and we find, “freak you out.”
It would freak you out.
We like that, that’s funny.

                                   – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

Listen to more.

This Q&A session includes:

  • Into the White Light: A beautiful rainbow meditation
  • Every color is born from the Black density of Light
  • Tears in the Timeline and Disappearances: What does it mean? How do we fix it?
  • Reincarnation: Can we be anything at any time?
  • The God Light: What is it and how do we find it?
  • Transforming the side effects of the Vaccine: Yes, you can!
  • Simultaneous Lives: Why do we choose this?
  • Homosexuality: The choice and journey of the Soul
  • The Law of Attraction: Yes, it’s REAL, and how to use it.
  • Freedom from Travel Restrictions: Sooner than you think!
  • Freeing the Mind: Psychedelics in the early Church – was it witchcraft?
  • The vaccine: Helping our children feel safe
  • Handling Old Age: How you dance the dance is up to you!
  • Electromagnetic Fields: Do you need protection?
  • Will our Earth be restored to her former health, or not?
  • LOVE: It’s always the answer
  • The Bond between Jesus and Mary Magdalene: the Truth and the Fiction.
  • and so much more!

Dr. Peebles tells us, yes, this is a tough time now, and Earth is indeed “one of the toughest schools in the Universe.”
However, he says, many of us have endured much more difficult past lives than we are now experiencing.
Food for thought.

Take heart, flip your view to broad perspective, and find your fun each day.

I had a blast of fun listening to the enthralling topics on this August 25 mp3 – and I think you will, too! Be sure to get your digital copy.

Don’t miss all the wonderful material available from Summer Bacon.

Feeling Strange Energy or Pain? Here’s How to Birth It, says Dr. Peebles
How You Can Bring Your Magic Alive – guidance from Dr. Peebles
No Death – Drop that Fear and Dance, says Dr. Peebles

net catch Steve Crowhurst on Pixabay

(Thanks to Steve Crowhurst on Pixabay for this image . . . then a spark of fear sneaked in 😉

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