Strong Easy Way to Feel Better Quick – Central Channel Breath

As promised last week, here’s an easy method to increase the voltage of our personal energy field and know ourselves as energy beings.

Many of us have been feeling a bit thwarted and aimless.
Our old ways of doing things don’t work well anymore.
Our habitual approaches may fall flat.
At the same time, when we are fully in the moment, we feel new depths of love and enjoyment.

Are you experiencing this?
(I’ve been polling my friends. How do you feel?)

Living on the surface is losing its flavor.
Going deeper into the moment is easier and sweeter.

As my friend Isaac says, we have our horizontal life: practical day-to-day living.
But we also have a vertical life: our connection to something greater.

The other day I took somebody to Urgent Care (they did ok), and during our long wait in the lobby, I learned something.
Someone sat down near us and began to cough. A thick, moist, persistent cough. (I had a sensory flashback to working ICU, how it felt to lean in and suction such a cough, the odor and everything. Or perhaps I did not imagine the odor.)
A quiet moment would pass, but then the cough would spew again.
The person couldn’t help themselves.

Naturally this made me anxious and fearful for my companion and myself.
My habitual imagination saw those germs sailing past the masks and into our nostrils.

My automatic reaction was to hold my breath a little and wonder how to shut my nostrils.
A subliminal part of me said: don’t quit breathing.
Don’t “push against.”
The more we think about something, the closer it comes.
Our persistent thoughts magnetize it to us, whether we want it or not.

How many times have I let an illness latch onto me that way?

Right, I thought. Don’t push against it.
I want to take charge of my attention, take charge of my focus, and consciously create.
The imagination is quite strong at manifesting the next thing.

I remembered to do Central Channel Breathing – a method used in many traditions.

Inhale from deep in the earth, into the core of your energy being, into the central channel. Feel, sense, and imagine the breath coming up through the root chakra (tailbone) into the belly.

Exhale upward through the central channel, through the heart , the throat, the crown chakra (top of the head), and many miles up high into the heavens.

Inhale from far up high in the heavens into your crown chakra, head, throat, heart, into the belly.

Exhale down that central channel, down beyond your feet, deep into the earth.

Keep breathing full, delicious breaths from the Earth to the Heavens and back again, through your central channel.

Notice the sensations you feel.
(Tingly? Warm? Full? Wide? Grounded? Yes. Feel into your personal energy.)

If you’re an energy buff, you’ll feel yourself getting stronger.
(Even if you’re a novice, keep focusing. Feel, sense, or imagine it.)

You may feel yourself increasing in height and depth.
You may feel yourself expanding outward.
You may feel yourself radiating energy and light.

You grow larger, with an awareness of your larger self.
You become more secure, healthy and happy.

What are you feeling?

This practice always strengthens my field.
I am reaching deep into the earth and miles and miles into the heavens, like the true energy being that I am, that we all are.
Central channel breathing brings me back to Who-I-Really-Am.
We are big.
We are capable.
We are made of energy and light and love.

In that Urgent Care waiting room, after a few central channel breaths, I enjoyed sweet relief.
Electrical tingling, expansion, depth, groundedness, strength, vertical connection, radiating peace and love.
My energy bubble became so strong that all trouble (and germs) could not enter. They bounced off.

‘Ahh. Yes,’ I thought, ‘I’m back now, in my true home. Despite forgetting, as we humans do. We are immense energy beings.’

Yet again I remembered what I tend to forget.
I remembered that we humans hold the illusion that we are stuck on the surface of this planet, that we are limited to the horizontal view.
We sit in this layer of earthly suffering (or potential suffering), and we forget Who we truly are.

We forget the fact that we are always connected to Heaven and Earth.
When we acknowledge that and breathe into it, our whole energy being gets stronger.

We are reminded that we already have eternal strength and health (no matter how moist that neighbor’s cough is).

We don’t need to let our imagination (and manifestation) run wild.
Let’s focus upon our central channel instead.
Focus upon ourselves as robust eternal energy beings.

Horizontal life is not working the way it used to.
But vertical life is still with us, as strong as ever.

When I go deeper into the moment, I find myself.
I find my true self.
The self that is always and ever connected vertically.

Did you feel something from this method?
I’d love to hear from you.
Please comment below.

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  1. Tommi Becker says:

    Great blog Diane. I hadn’t really pictured our “vertical” connection in this way. But, I do often think about our connection with earth and the energy she provides. And then I think about heaven above and the energy we get from there. With this blog, I now see the complete connection from earth to heaven and I love it! Thank you!


    • Tommi! It’s great to hear from you! Glad you liked it. (You guys keep me going 😉 Yes, this is a great little practice. It brings strength, expansion, and more awareness of who we are beyond the body. I’m using it to relax into sleep. Using it when I’m caught in stress or an argument. It works well! Sending Hugs to you


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