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Loving Heart Wants to Free Us from Hidden Self Sabotage 

How have we changed, these past two years? How has our spirit changed? How have our priorities shifted? We have been alone with ourselves, looking within. What an amazing time for self-awareness and transformation. I’ve heard of a meditation practice … Continue reading

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No Panic, More Scoop – One Weird Coronavirus Fading

Inquiring minds keep asking, “How goes the rest of your story?” Those of us with the longer version of the Mild Coronavirus are discovering that it cycles back, up and down for a while. (Yes, it is mild, not horribly … Continue reading

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The Super Happy Habit that You Really Need

Gordon the Grateful was 90 years old when he came to visit us for a few days. My husband had met him on a cruise across the Atlantic, where “the ladies of all ages were all over him.” Hubby thought it … Continue reading

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Boost Your Habit of Mind, Reset to Wonderful 

Do you ever wake up with the glimmering of a message inside you? A gift on the doorstep of your awareness, left by whatever happened while you slept? So I woke up realizing that 70% of my waking hours are … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Stop Grumping and Feel Good

6 ways besides beer, wine, cheese, weed, whiskey, chocolate . . . I don’t want to stay grumpy. It’s not worth it. My outlook affects my outside experience. The world reflects my own “grump” back to me. We know this, … Continue reading

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Find Joy?

One holiday season we were moping through the flu.  Ever feel bad when the world looks cheery and bright?   Feels like it’s all a lie, it’s not true. Because you’re not there.  You’re in the mope ditch.  It’s only … Continue reading

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Surprising Wing Nut Whispers – Can you hear Angels, and do you talk back?

Has the Universe been talking to you?  When we’re feeling good, things fall into place with surprises and good timing.  We feel guided to leave the house at a moment when the route is clear. Afterward the road gets blocked.  … Continue reading

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Step Out of the Box (Your Habit of Mind)

I got stuck again in the box of my own mind.  Habit-of-mind is unique to each of us, yet follows the pattern of our personality.   My name is Diane, and my Habit is Perfectionism.About 1 in 9 of us have … Continue reading

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Taking for Granted

“Days pass, years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles.” – Hebrew prayer There’s nothing like waking up in a world full of blessings that you’ve been ignoring.  I do it all the time.  I get distracted, bogged down, and … Continue reading

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