Grounded and Present Meditation

“Grounded and Present” is the experience of being fully right here, right now, at peace with what-is.  We embrace ourselves, exactly where we are right now. We are not puffing up or shrinking.  Rather, we each have a real place.  We each bring something important to the world, something no one else can bring. We need only to live as our authentic self.  Everything unfolds from this.

When we are well grounded, we will not be thrown off kilter by challenges or troubles.   No matter what may be happening in the world, we can return to alignment within ourselves. We are connected to the Peace underlying everything.
This is a way to go deeper into full faith and trust in the universe.  Deeper into a feeling of ultimate safety, security, and divine connection.

As you practice grounding for a moment each day, you will find yourself with more clarity, energy, and contentment in your daily life.  It will bring better concentration and depth to your meditation practice as well.

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The honorable Cherokee elder, Jeff Harris, taught me this grounding meditation.
It is a self-healing, energy flowing meditation.  It uses the imagery of your golden cord fastened into the center of the earth, and then golden light pouring in through your crown to each of your seven chakras.
Every morning I spend a couple minutes grounding myself in this way before I sit to meditate. My hope is that you will find great benefit from this practice too.

Gold Grounding Meditation
Practice each morning for 2 minutes, and it should keep you grounded 6 to 8 hours, unless you become stressed.  If stressed, stop and re-ground.
Feel your root chakra internally.  Take a strong cord of the finest gold and tie it firmly around your tailbone at root chakra.  Take the other end of the cord and secure it deep in the center of the earth. 

Now open the lenses in the soles of your feet.  Invite earth energy up through your feet, up your legs to your tailbone, and let it circulate down that golden cord deep into the earth again.  So it’s flowing down the cord, and earth energy rises back up through your legs. 

Next, imagine a pitcher of gold above your head.  Let it pour into your crown, right into your core, in two thin streams down either side of your spine.  When the liquid gold reaches your root chakra, it forms a golden ball, about the size of a tennis ball.  Take a thread or a portion of the golden cord and tie it to that chakra ball of energy.  (So Heaven is tied to Earth.)
Let the golden pitcher keep pouring.  It fills a golden ball of the same size at your 2ndchakra, then 3rd and 4th

After it fills your throat chakra, let that energy overflow down each of your arms, out the lenses of your hands.  Then bring a smaller amount of that heavenly liquid gold into your 3rd eye, the 6th chakra.

Finally bring a golden fountain from your root up your central core and out through your crown. It keeps fountain-ing and fills your whole aura with gold – soak it into your pores, into your flesh.
When you’re fully charged, lean forward and pour the excess energy out the top of your head.  Stretch your arms out.  Breathe.

What are your favorite ways to get well-grounded?

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