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Don’t Work Hard to Cheer Up a Loved One

You may know that I enjoy listening to Dr. James Martin Peebles. The other day I heard a teaching from years ago – bingo! Just what I needed. Deepest thanks to the wonderful woman who brought up this topic. (Unnamed … Continue reading

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De-Light-ful  Books     / Death part 6

Coming to the end of this “death series,” we have yummy book suggestions.  If you’re not ready for a whole book, you will find appetizers online with these authors. Proof of Heaven –  Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander MD journeys into the … Continue reading

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Mediums Open the Veil  – Death part 5

Months after my mother-in-law passed, I attended a gathering given by a medium.  My mother-in-law came through with a message of forgiveness and love for everybody.  This was important for me to hear, as I had taken on guilt for … Continue reading

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