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The Curious Energy on Money

Here’s a cool snippet from Lyall Watson’s The Secret Life Of Inanimate Objects. Would paper money have a “secret life” or hold onto energy? (We’ve heard that a money exchange is an energy exchange, but we’re talking about a different … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Thin Skin, How to Handle It 

Ouchie, skin tears are no fun. As we age we tend to get thinner skin, especially on the arms. We casually bump into something, and it rips. What’s up with that? Skin thins out from age, dehydration, sun exposure, and … Continue reading

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5 Places the Mind Goes – a Meditation

A busy mind can drive us crazy. To get a handle on it, notice how the mind goes to only five places. Sorting your mental stuff into these five categories helps you – find the quiet space – become fully … Continue reading

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Powerful Cure Yucca Juice? Worth it! 

It tastes so bitter you want to shiver. Slug it down without a frown. It soothes your guts of all the cuts. Food allergies gone, a brand new dawn. Yucca erases your pain – You have everything to gain! What’s … Continue reading

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Inhale the Frequencies You Like – It’s All You  

What does it mean that this is a holographic world, and you are holographic too? It means every part of the universe contains all the parts. You contain everything in the universe. Mind-boggling, yes? Just go with it for a … Continue reading

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Cut Loose, Cocoon with Mother Earth

There you were, a small child watching that honey bee disappear deep into the throat of a flower. It was the first time you had ever seen such a thing. You took in the bright rich color of that flower, … Continue reading

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Hard Reality Outside my Cushy Life

How often do we tell ourselves the grass is greener elsewhere? Well I went and took a look. There is not one blade of grass on the west coast of South America. Nothing but dirt and sand. Grass? Nope. Most … Continue reading

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