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Benefits of Biofield Tuning, Surprisingly Awesome Energy

I’m sharing this terrific post written by my teacher, the originator of Biofield Tuning, Eileen Day McKusick. This sonic style of healing energy work has surprised and impressed me from the beginning, and continues to do so with every client … Continue reading

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Scary Truth at the Super Market

What can I do when my diabetic hubby proudly comes home with 5 giant bottles of soda pop because they were 5 for 1, a screaming deal?? “Aaaargh!!” (I can scream.) I have been frightened of the supermarket for years! … Continue reading

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Quick Fun Puzzle Story: Escape the Maze

Escape the Maze Consumed with confusion I surfaced in one of my favorite places on the planet, God knows why. In a fog I grabbed for clues the way you do after a drunken night. Only I couldn’t remember drinking … Continue reading

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Get Your Reiki I and II, Saturday Sept 28

Calling all Lightworkers (yes, you) Get Your Reiki I and II instruction and attunements (and/or refresher attunements) Be a pipeline of healing energy without spending your own personal energy. Feel refreshed and renewed after running energy for yourself or others … Continue reading

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Urgent – Please Chill Out Friendly – Sooner, Not Later 

Please relax now, today. Whatever is pressing you, let it go. Relax all week, all month, all year. Things on this planet are getting much too uptight. We must cool down. Any vibe of anger builds more anger, whether it … Continue reading

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Soar Out the Colorful Doorway to Dreams

This doorway is clear, clean, glowing. Behind you, grey clutter. The dregs of the day want release. Before you, puffs and swirls. Colors rise like mist. Now orange, lime, lavender, baby blue. Gather and scatter the dreamscapes. Pave the way … Continue reading

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Got Water? How to Save us from Thirsting to Death

If we don’t handle this emergency, by 2050 more than 40% of our world population will be gasping to survive without water. Already cities like Chennai India are running out of water. But so are Melbourne Australia, Sao Paulo Brazil, … Continue reading

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