Love it! How to Shift Your World in Hard Times 

Here’s something I’ve been learning from my Dad practically my whole life:

Look on the Bright Side.

Since the pandemic started, Dad has been saying, “We live in amazing times.”
Yes, things are crazy in umpteen directions, but he doesn’t complain.

There’s plenty of mud here, but we don’t need to stick our face deeply into it.
The deeper you push your face into the mud, the less you can breathe.

I am not suggesting social irresponsibility.
I am urging us to truly take care of our own vibration.
Uplifting ourselves will uplift the world.

You cannot control anybody but yourself –
and if you can take your own reins, that’s awesome.
Lift your vibration.

As Abraham ( Esther Hicks) says,
“Your work is not to look for the perfect place where only the things you want exist.
Your work is to look for the things you want in every place.”

I heard this 25 years ago and thought I understood it.
But mental habits are hard to change.
So we keep using and practicing this concept.

To say it another way, no matter where we go, we notice what we like and dislike, the good stuff and bad stuff.
The dualistic worlds upon worlds are composed of positives and negatives, by definition.
We can’t get away from seeing both of these all the time.

But we can learn to channel our attention toward what we do like, what we do appreciate.

We can celebrate those things that feel good to us.
As we celebrate them, they become larger in our awareness.

Gratitude rocks.
Gratitude makes us feel good.
The more we soak in gratitude, the more blessings life sends to us.

That’s the law of attraction.
Like attracts like.
Feeling good attracts more feeling good.
Love attracts more love.

Wear your love-tinted glasses. Turn towards the things you love.
Whatever you enjoy.
Spend your time there as often as possible.
Harness your attention upon the bright good parts of life.
(Start with simple things, like “the sun came up today” – positive points will grow.)

This is the way to support yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your planet.

Because everything is vibration –
and your vibration, your attitude, is vitally important.
It’s the most essential thing for you to carry.

It plays the key role in your life. It impacts everybody around you, too.

On a good day, steeped in gratitude, everything around us gets better and better.
Blessings flow.
Lucky things unfold right in front of our eyes.

Have you had days like this?
I sure have.
Tell us about it!

(Yes the tiny lizard posed for this picture. It was a baby, half the size of my little finger.)

The Super Happy Habit that You Really Need
Secret Happy-Key: Skilled Attention
Boost Your Habit of Mind, Reset to Wonderful 
Make a Focus Wheel to Cheer You Up

Diane does Distance Biofield Tuning by phone as well as in-person sessions, and  Chakra Balancing, health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

lizard Abe quote 96 dpi

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Cheer Up with Donna’s Simple but Powerful Radiant Energy Methods

Through the decades I have learned SO much from Donna Eden, and she herself is a joy.
Donna Eden is a master of Energy Medicine.
She has created a quick daily practice to bring you energy, harmony, and clarity despite the chaos of our times.

You can learn it, Free!

Raise your vibration and feel grounded, balanced, and strong.
Uplifting yourself will help raise the vibration of the planet, too.

Refresh yourself each day for a few minutes and activate your Radiant Circuits (which are a vital part of your energy system, along with your aura, chakras, meridians and more.)

As Donna’s site says,

This routine works with the Radiant Circuits – an energy system that is primal and intelligent and can release old habits and thrust you into new, refreshing ones. This is a specific routine that works in balancing hormones, stimulating endorphins, and initiating healing. A bonus is that you will probably feel a lot more joy, without even trying.

If you can embrace joy, despite life’s sufferings, you can live a life brimming with even more joy and anchor it into your own emotional and spiritual life.

Doing these exercises is a great step toward more energy, vitality, and yes, JOY! As you continue on this journey with us, you will start to feel the ripple effect.”

Get into the swing of this with the 28-day Joy Challenge, a daily video featuring Energy Medicine teachers taking you through this 5-minute Radiant Energy routine.
Although the Joy Challenge began on June 9, you can jump in anytime and receive a daily email link, just sign up here.
(Email reminders continue through July 6.)

Be sure to see Donna herself on the Day 1 video. Her vibe is awesome and inspiring.

Don’t miss this wonderful free energy series.

You’ve got to try it and let me know how you feel!
See also Donna’s 8 Quick Energy Moves for Health and Happiness

Diane does Distance Biofield Tuning by phone as well as in-person sessions, and  Chakra Balancing, health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

Donna Joy Challenge

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Enjoy this Free Infusion of Light, Love and Energy

Sound healing is the rising star in the healing world now.
Would you like a delicious taste of it?
You can get this 30-minute group audio session mp3 for free,
thanks to my teacher Eileen McKusick, the founder of Biofield Tuning.

In this session Eileen uses sound and vibration in your field to activate and amplify the light and power in your system.
This brings you more physical and emotional strength, stability and balance.
All difficulty and stress will become easier to face, because your energy and vibration will be heightened.

For the past century, we’ve heard again and again that all matter is really energy.
From Einstein to Quantum Physics, we know energy is the basis of everything in our physical world.
When we improve energy flow, our body and mind grow happier and healthier.

torus shape labeled w human Clipart

In this free session Eileen speaks about and activates your 144 strands of electric potential, strands of light which run through your vertical core and throughout your personal field. (The human field is a torus shape, just like the torus of electromagnetic energy around a planet.)


This vibrational activation helps us to bring in more Source energy: the light and love that nurtures everything and everybody.
As we amplify This in ourselves, we automatically convey it to our home, to our neighborhood, to our region, to the whole planet.

When I received this activation, I felt an energy surge (as did many recipients).
I accomplished a lot that day. I felt stronger in my life for the following days (and still counting – plus I can listen again to receive more benefit).

Because of this energy surge, Eileen recommends listening to the session in the morning rather than the evening (i.e. not close to bedtime, or you may feel over-energized).
Also listen at a time when your stomach is not hungry and not over-full.

*As with every Biofield Tuning, drink lots of water before and after the session, do some earthing (put your bare feet on the earth) to ground your energy, and take an Epsom salt bath afterwards to release toxins and rebalance your energy.

We are living in an amazing season, unique in human history.

Humanity is truly changing and shifting into a new way of being.

Many of our man-made ways and institutions are crumbling in order to be rebuilt on the foundation of love and friendship.

Source energy, Love and Light are leading the way.

Amplify your light with this free activation.

Many thanks to Eileen McKusick for this Free audio healing and vibrational attunement.

Please share this far and wide – and let me know about the energy you feel when you listen to it!


Diane does Distance Biofield Tuning by phone as well as in-person sessions, and  Chakra Balancing, health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

See also Biofield Tuning: Amazing, Remarkable, the Next Great Thing for You
Benefits of Biofield Tuning, Surprisingly Awesome Energy
Special Key to Freedom from Burdens of Ancestral “Destiny”

bokeh-light-effects Wallpaperflare
(Thanks to WallpaperFlare for this image.)


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Easy Way to Your Calm Safe Strong Soul – a Spine Meditation

Take a moment and move to Observer awareness, the awareness of your Soul at your core, where all is contentment.
To go deep, let’s shift attention away from all exteriors and go into the spine, into the vertical core.

Find a comfortable position. Settle in.
Breathe and let your muscles go limp.
Inhale deeply into your belly.
Feel the belly expand and stretch.
Exhale like a balloon deflating.
Let everything go.
Nothing must be done.

Let yourself settle heavily into the Earth.
Feel the Earth underneath you, supporting you.
Connect to Earth.
Feel, sense, or imagine this deep nurturing connection.
You may feel Earth’s energy gently bubbling up into your body.

Breathe, and let all tension melt away.

Open the top of your head to the heavens, and allow light to come streaming into your head … down your shoulders … into your chest and abdomen … into your hips and legs.

Abundant light flows into every cell of your body.
Every cell softens and glows with light.

Now breathe deeply into your spine, into your vertical core.
Explore the sensation of breathing into your spine.
How does it feel for you?

Whatever you feel or imagine is fine.
Let your imagination play.

Breath brings energy.

Perhaps it’s a stream – a current – a tide rising and falling.

Perhaps it’s a radiant glow, expanding, contracting.

Perhaps a breath flows up from the ground, from your tailbone up to the top of your head.
Take a breath like this.

Perhaps a breath pours down from the sky, all the way down your spine to your seat.
Take a breath like that.

Feel each breath relaxing your whole body … deeper … and deeper.

Feel a flow of energy up and down your spine.

Your spinal fluid does flow with your breath.
The breath and bones coordinate naturally in the spinal fluid pump.
Upon the in-breath your cranium expands wider. The cranial plates stretch apart from each other ever so slightly. They open up, and then on your exhale they come together again.

Also on your inhale, the tailbone tilts backward, opening the pelvis, stretching long.
On your exhale the tailbone tucks forward, in and up.
Feel, sense, or imagine your tailbone moving with your breath – stretching backward with the inhale, curling inward with the exhale.

These inherent movements are part of the amazing miracle of your body.
The whole orchestra functions so well, easily and naturally.

The energy is real electromagnetic energy, coming from above and below, flowing through your core, nurturing you always, feeding every cell.
We are electric beings, more than we realize.

Breathe and stay here in your core, in your center.

Keep feeling and sensing the flow of breath and energy as it feeds, and repairs, and restores you.

Stay deep in your core, apart from all exteriors, all distractions.

Rest in the Innermost You.

Stay here in your Observer, your Witness-view, the deepest part of you,
the part of you that is content with everything.
All is well.
Underneath everything, all is well.
You have all you need.
You are fully supported and safe.
You are loved.

Feel the contentment here.

Your Inner Observer lives in contentment.
In Peace.
In Love.

Here your Soul says simply: I am.
I am enough … more than enough.
I am effortless.
I am blessed.
I am loved.
I am here.


Listen to an Audio version of this meditation on SoundCloud.


Diane does Distance Biofield Tuning by phone as well as in-person sessions; Chakra Repair and Balancing, health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

spine meditation seaside NeedpixThanks to Needpix for this image.


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Great Encouragement to Brighten this Crazy Season – Free!

Are you a fan of Dr. Peebles and the Band of Angels, like I am?

Recently I shared his Enlightening Perspective and his FREE mp3 through Trance Medium Summer Bacon.

In these crazy conflicted difficult times, the entire planet and all of humanity are shifting.

Our way of life is changing.

Some things are likely to get worse before they get better.

Still, we are honing in on what really matters.

If we hold onto love and inner balance, we will indeed bring a kinder world into being.

Yet we do worry.
Trouble abounds.
We get more turmoil for breakfast, much of the time.

Dr. Peebles shares a broad-perspective spiritual view (beyond our human view).
He puts your mind and heart at ease.
Download his free talks here.
You will find warmth, encouragement, inspiration, and hope. Plus lots of love.

Dr. Peebles Speaks about Current Times – May 13, 2020

Dr Peebles Speaks on June 3

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for freely sharing these amazing and inspiring recordings – the antidote for chaos.

In dark moments (of which we have many these days), you might like to try Dr. P’s suggested reset:
Take a deep breath and say –
“I open myself up to receive light, love, inspiration, and truth.”

I have truly enjoyed his talks.
Let me know how you feel about them?


Diane does Distance Healing by phone as well as in-person Biofield TuningChakra Repair and Balancing, health coaching, and gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make an appointment here.

JM Peebles wisdom


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The Indwelling – A Shift to Fourth World

In this age of transformation, this guest post is from my dear friend and colleague, Rosie Carey. Published May 20, 2020 in her Healing Perspectives column of the Monadnock Shopper News of Keene, New Hampshire – this piece describes our current shift into Fourth World, according to First Nations wisdom.


The Indwelling 

It has long been thought that our heart chakra is the home of the soul, or the indwelling of spirit in the body. Our consciousness, however, has been dwelling in the world of the ego. we have operated out of our ego, third world, third chakra for as long as history has been recording the acquisitions of man.

Our consciousness and our soul are not the same thing. They are different aspects of our whole being. Our consciousness is that part of our self that navigates the ordinary world and everyday life. It is the you that you most readily know yourself to be. Your soul is the essence of your higher consciousness, your divinity.

What is ordinary life without the essence of our being infused into every moment? Our soul and our consciousness working together to define our reality. And they have done this throughout the worlds in which we have lived. According to Native belief, we are now transitioning from third world into fourth world. That is the age of the ego, third chakra dominance, into the age of the heart, fourth chakra dominance. And with this transition, our soul will move from its home in the heart to its new home in fifth chakra, throat chakra.

Our consciousness will likewise move and enter its new home, that of the heart. As our consciousness dwells in our heart chakra we will learn to live as spiritual beings. Our consciousness will shift from being ego-centered to being globally aware. This trend has already begun. We are becoming less concerned for the individual and more aware of the all. Those attributes by which we knew our soul to be are now expanding into our ordinary consciousness. Our soul has prepared the ground for our consciousness to grow.

Your soul is eternal, but that does not mean it cannot and does not evolve. Each step-up in consciousness is an initiation for your soul. Your soul is on an evolutionary path as well as your consciousness. It evolves as your consciousness matures. And yes, your consciousness must mature for your soul to evolve.

The new home of your soul, your throat chakra vibrates at the color of the etheric body, an azure blue. It is multi-dimensional in nature incorporating the ‘air aspects’ of the physical and the ‘form aspects’ of the spiritual. Your throat is a physical point where your energy leaves your body through sound or breath. It marks the separation of physical and etheric energy. It sits above your heart chakra and below your third eye. The throat chakra is the first of the spiritual chakras. It uses the sweetness of your high heart which is the energy of transformation, and the insight of your third eye to maintain the health of your physical and spiritual bodies. In other words, your throat chakra generates renewal.

In fourth world it becomes easier for us to move between the spiritual and physical as we re-enter the realm of the divine. Our frequencies will become more and more refined. Our soul will express itself through all the attributes of fifth chakra. In third world we have known our soul essence to be compassionate, loving, empathetic, and courageous. In fourth world transformation will be the theme. We will perhaps be able to hear our souls speak. Chanting will more fully awaken communication with our soul. Increasingly, our etheric body and our soul work in harmony to bring perfection to life. Throughout this next age of man there begins a renewal of spirit that infuses our consciousness with the great task of embracing each other as one.

As these different worlds through which we pass, learn, and evolve are tens of thousands of years from one into another, the current shift is significant. We are witnessing events that form the mindset and shape the reality of the next tens of thousands of years. Yes, in this new fourth world we will learn to live as spiritual beings, we will become the divine beings we knew we were in third world. In fifth world yet to come, we will realize as divine beings that we are responsible for this world.

The basis of this article comes from teachings given by Cherokee Elder CJ White Deer in 2008.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, check out “Living as a Divine Being” at  Rose Carey is the founder of LifeLight Center at 206 Washington Street in Keene. She has 30 years of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies. She is sensitive to the energy fields within your body and is currently offering long-distance and over-the-phone healing sessions. Call for info and appointments at 603-852-8300.

heart-world Pixabay 

(Thanks to Pixabay for this heart-world image.)


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How Mind-Sabotage Attacks: Final Scoop, my Weird Coronavirus

Good news: I’m all better! Yes!
Health, strength, energy!
Joy overflows with the return of “normal” days.
I don’t take “ordinary” for granted.

I cannot thank you enough for all the good thoughts, healing vibes, and prayers you sent me!
Deep gratitude to you.
We are connected – I felt your support.

My virus took 9 weeks. (But who’s counting?)
Many people are in the same boat with similar lengths of time.

The symptoms are strange, confusing and variable.
Many of my friends feel they had this virus back in December or January.
My husband caught a bug then and was weak for a month, but I didn’t catch it from him.
Neither did he catch Coronavirus from me while I was going through it.
So maybe he did get it earlier and gained immunity.

The snotty part of me says, so how did he finish it in 4 weeks and I had to do 9? (Through the decades my immune system is usually stronger than his.)
Is it that his body knows how to be sick and lie down, whereas my body/mind never wants to lie down?

Or that he reaches straight for the aspirin and I do not, because I want “better” alternative options? I want root causes.
Maybe I should have done aspirin.

Hunting blindly for root causes, my mind raced like a hamster in a wheel.
My mind kept me awake.
My mind weakened me.

I was overthinking everything, plus reacting to the collective fear that choked everybody at the exact time when I fell ill.

If you get sick when the media is not saying you’re in grave danger, you would get over it quicker, yes?
If you’re minding your own business, and people are not flapping around emphasizing your death …?

My hamster-mind chased a lot of false leads because nobody knew how to treat this virus. (Do they yet??)
I kept trying to regain simple faith in the wisdom of my body.

Many late nights I pulled my hamster-mind out of her wheel.
I would tuck her into the soft coverlets of a hamster-sized bed.
Stay. Rest.

Day 57
Symptoms cycled up and down. On Mother’s Day I dropped into a ton of fatigue. I hoped to function in the evening when the kids were coming for a rare visit. (I had not been contagious for many weeks.)
Then the universe showed me again the power of love, the power of the spirit.
My daughter’s deep-heart hug (a surprise) perked me up 100% – literally a healing hug!
We enjoyed a fabulous evening, fresh and lively, with the young folks.
I felt amazingly good those hours and into the next days.

Day 60
Recently I received one high vitamin-C IV (Myers cocktail vitamins/minerals), a giant boost.
I’m feeling stronger with less fatigue.
Night sweats are slowing down, maybe one every third night. 
I also enjoyed a clairvoyant healing with a wonderful friend, which reinforced the message yet again that this experience is helping me shift my priorities.
It’s a transformation (and for all of us).

Day 62
Saw the story of one family who cured their Corona overnight by taking three aspirin in hot lemon water with honey.
Umpteen approaches, people use.
Some say this is a thought form? (In a way it could be, since all the world is projection.)
I cannot deny that fear kicked off my whole experience and kept playing a major role.
Background emotions and beliefs are much more powerful than we realize.

Day 63
Still going gently, because when I overdo activity, I’m utterly depleted.
Today my dear naturopathic doc straightened out my supplements and found those that strengthen me.

Day 66
I am pacing myself, but I’m feeling better, more energy and strength.
I’m doing chores and loving them.
I don’t suddenly crash into zero power (like I was doing).

A friend sent me a great medical-ecological video, an interview with Dr. Zach Bush. Bush gives a compassionate broad perspective on our situation. He speaks about the human biome and virome – vast communities of bacteria and viruses which always inhabit our bodies and fill the entire Earth. They play important roles. They blow through the air across continents and seas.

Viruses are essential to life on Earth, says Bush.
It’s time to work with our Earth, not against her.
I agree!

Well then.

As of today (day 70), I’ve had a full week of good strength and energy, no symptoms.
I say my roller-coaster on this virus is done.

Thanks for riding with me. Keep your arms inside the vehicle as we slow down and appreciate life, appreciate each other, more than ever before.

Please tell us your viewpoints on any of this.


See Part 1 and Part 2 of my weird coronavirus narrative (the crown is her corona)

3rd emoji pixabay world map pxhere

(Thanks to pixabay and pxhere for the above images.)

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This Wednesday Catch the Free Sound Healing

Hey Everybody!
Here’s an announcement from the Biofield Tuning team and my teacher Eileen McKusick.
This is the vibrational tuning I’ve been telling everybody about for the past 18 months or so, and you can experience it now FREE.

This Biofield Tuning sound healing regularly blows me away.

Sign Up!

Here is her full message:

Please join Eileen McKusick on Wednesday, May 20th at 8:30pm ET for a free, engaging and educating conversation (as well as 2 mini Biofield Tuning sessions) with Stephen Dinan, founder of the Shift Network, on the topic of Emotional Alchemy.

Emotions have been running high, and the truth is, most of us have never been taught what to do with them. Many of us grew up with parents who advocated a kind of “abstinence only” approach to emotions, leaving us with no tools other than suppression to manage them.

Effective emotional management is one of the key components of raising your energy levels and enjoying vibrant electric health. During this event, Eileen will share the essence of the practice of emotional alchemy while doing a group tuning on the emotion of fear as it resides and gets expressed in our bones.

If you have been feeling anxiety and fear, in yourself or in the collective, tune into this broadcast to learn how to feel through a difficult emotion into the natural arising of your own vibrational antidote.

Through this process we turn the lead of heavy and challenging emotions into the gold of pure electric potential.

If you’re unable to attend the scheduled broadcast, no problem! A link to the recording will be sent to everyone who registers.

Register Free Now

See you there!
Then please tell me what you felt and experienced!

BT event May 20

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Envision and Inspire Blessing on Your Brilliant Earth

We need you!
We need each other more than ever before.
You, me, all of humanity, comes together now for a few moments each day to envision a beautiful harmonious future.

Take a breath and see your circle of beloved ones.
See light and love streaming into them and filling them up.
See the animals around you, the trees and flowers, all vibrant with this light and love.
See the birds soaring and singing.
See the glow on everybody and everything, even the ladybugs.
See the glow of the mountains and valleys, rivers and seas.
Picture Mother Earth restored to radiant health, and all her beings bubbling with life.

Envision people of all colors, all cultures, all walks of life, young and old, dancing and hugging.
Look at them go!

Inhale this happiness and harmony.

In mid-April an inspiring video urges us to collectively focus upon health, happiness, and beautiful communities, in order to plant important seeds for our future.

In that video, awesome biologist Bruce Lipton says human behavior must change because “We are facing the 6th mass extinction” and (to paraphrase his words as closely as I can) –

“The most valid and tested science is Quantum Physics, which says consciousness creates our experiences. We manifest our reality through our consciousness. And there’s a collective reality through collective consciousness.

Magnetoencephalography measures your brain activity from outside of your head.
Our thoughts are not contained in our head!
Our thoughts are broadcast everywhere. Our brains are like tuning forks.
The more people who share a common thought, the more power that vibration is given.

The power of a vibration determines the unfoldment of life on this planet.

Put your thoughts into a world that is happy, healthy, evolving into a beautiful community, a garden.
These thoughts are important, because if we collectively broadcast these thoughts, the amplitude of many united thoughts will help change our evolution.

Your thoughts are not just a by-product of living.
Your thoughts impact the field around you.

Your thinking is an active agent, engaging change on this planet.

We must have new thoughts, not the fear that has been distorting us.

We must broadcast thoughts of health, harmony, and love.
When we broadcast this in large enough numbers, as has been demonstrated by satellite studies, it changes the electromagnetic field of the earth, which gives shape to the physical reality!

It’s a scientific reality:
Take our time. Focus our thoughts on health, harmony, and a beautiful garden.
Then collectively we will manifest those.”

Although that stirring video refers to an 11:00 moment the weekend of April 18,

my friends and I have continued to come together with our shared intent
at high-noon 12:00 each day
to see love and light pouring into ourselves, our circle, our pets, our community, parks, hills, lakes, places and people all around the globe.

We see the wonderful cooperative garden of communities and countries – and we hold that vision.

The cool thing is, when we tune in simultaneously, we feel each other, and we feel this sweet love/light vibration magnified stronger by our collective focus.
It feels delicious, yummy, refreshing.
We love doing it.
You are welcome to join us any day of the week. Or every day.
Share the sweetness.

We hold this space for 10 minutes, but if you can spare only 5 minutes, 1 minute, or even a passing thought – please join in.

We need you.
Your time is now.
We’re calling in all the favors you ever wanted to repay to anybody.
We need each other.

(Let’s not worry about time zones, although we are in Arizona, which is Pacific time at the moment. Rather, grab your friends to join you in your time zone at 12 or whatever time you like. The main thing is to be consistent. Make it a habit. Join forces and hold this fragrant vision each day.)

It lights up the whole world when we visualize things that we love, things that give us joy, all the high vibration brilliance.

Envision your new world, our new world, and how wonderful it will be.
How wonderful it will feel.
(If you need inspiration to visualize, scroll up to the top of this page again.)

We chose 12:00 because it fit into lunchtime, I think, but also –
When we were kids, they blasted a noon siren warning each day. (“Duck and Cover,” practicing for the atom bomb.)
Now we bring the noon love and light: soft and bright.

Join us, and let us know, can you feel the vibes?


children behold earth n stars PickPik lighter(Thanks to PickPik for this image.)

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Enlightening Perspective Brings me Tears of Joy

We humans are moving through these dark times into more light and love than ever before on this planet.

Cumbersome archaic structures are crumbling, which is good, because now we can build better, more humane systems to take care of ourselves and each other.

Look at all the love and care that blossoms in this grim season.
Look at the friendship and support for each other, all around the globe.
Look at Mother Earth breathing and restoring Herself, when we stop the smog.
Look at the wildlife, the abundance of birds and other animals now appearing even in big cities like New York (says my friend who lives there), because we humans are staying out of their way.

We see with new eyes what life could be.
We cherish kindness and touch.
We prioritize in new ways.
We love ourselves, our friends, our family, more than ever before.

What blessings come with this difficult time!

If you are at all inclined to step away from “business as usual” and welcome a truly new way of loving your life, then you’ll enjoy listening to my friend, Dr. James Martin Peebles.

What I love about Dr. Peebles is his all-inclusive love for everybody, his broad perspective, and his deep wisdom. I have been listening to him for many years.

This inspiring recording comes to you absolutely free, from the generosity of the beloved donor.

Dr. Peebles Speaks about Current Times – May 13, 2020

Peebles is a beautiful spirit (yes – he dwells in the spirit world).

Before you pass this off as Woo, consider, do you ever “hear” from a departed friend or relative? Because over 72% of us do have afterlife encounters with those who have “died” (although physical death is nothing all).

In the coming months and years, we will enjoy more and more contact with the non-physical realm.

I am beyond grateful to be here in this amazing season of change, of light, of love!
When I heard this audio recording, tears of joy and thankfulness poured down my cheeks.
I shouted Yes! Yes! Again and again.

The enlightenment and illumination we have craved is upon us!

A change? You bet. Into more and more love.

Sending my biggest deepest thanks to Trance Medium Summer Bacon for her generosity in sharing this FREE amazing mp3 to all. (Yes that is her awesome name – she’s a descendant of Sir Francis Bacon.)


(p.s. I’m feeling better every minute!  Thanks to Pixabay for this image.)
illumination-Japan Pixabay

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