How to Lighten Up and Drop the Droop

Out of many ways, here’s a popular one, tried and true.
(You know this vibe. Let yourself go there. You can drop the blues.)

Imagine a small smile rising inside you.
Not that anybody can see it.
Rather, it’s the seed of a smile.
It’s the way you feel when you might smile any moment.

Gently tap the very top center of your chest, a couple of taps.

Let your upper chest rise and expand.
Let your shoulders drop down and back, with a little squeeze between the shoulder blades.
Rest in this position. Without effort.

And  breathe.
Allow the hint of the smile to expand if it wants to.
(Now is a good moment to recall one of the cool fun aspects of your life.)

Lungs open, chest expanded, shoulders back – this is the position you take naturally when you’re confident and happy.
All is right with the world.

It’s only when things are wrong, or we are caught up too much in the world, that our chest sinks inward and our shoulders round, drooping down.

Our lung space collapses.
We lose the flow of our life-giving air, our chi.
Garbage air gets trapped in us.
No wonder everything looks bleak.

We stop bringing in our refreshment, light-infused prana, chi, life force energy.

Believe me, I know the droop.
I focus on the irritant, and I totally forget the glad good grateful 90% of my world.

Can you find your 90%?
Does it feel more like 50-50, or 60-40?
We ourselves make these percentages grow and shrink, according to how much we mentally feed them.
It’s a simple human habit.

Louise Hay  writes that rounded shoulders mean “carrying the burdens of life, helpless and hopeless.”
Her affirmation is, “I stand tall and free. I love and approve of me. My life gets better every day.”

You don’t have to sugar-coat it, but maybe count your true blessings and let them grow bigger in your mind.

It works for me.
Does it work for you? Let us know in your comments.

Our lungs are as delicate as spirit.
When they are fully open, exchanging plenty of chi, our spirit soars . . .


Why Is That Big Aggravation Stuck on You? 
Disturbed? Attacked? Don’t Collapse into Victim World
3 Easy Ways to Lighten Up, Drop Bad Energies
How to Get True Healing – Unlock the Root Cause

Diane Stallings RN does Biofield Tuning, energy healing, health coaching, and gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  Make a appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix, and free meditation classes in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to Pixabay for this lighten-up image.)
balloon-candle hope fm pixabay

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Watch Out for the Crazy Olive Oil Scam

Until recently I was one of the many Americans who have not tasted the true flavor of 100% pure extra-virgin olive oil. What a difference it makes, drizzled over salad or pasta, in marinades and sauces, on fresh bread! Sautéed onions reach new levels of delight!
(Not to mention its super-food ability to lower inflammation, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, and more.)

Lest you think I’ve gone goofy – the reason it’s new to me is because most of the olive oil sold in the USA is fake. The olive oil in your kitchen might be 85% sunflower oil, canola oil, peanut oil, whatever, and you won’t know it. It says extra-virgin, but -??

I am slow to catch on, but –
Back in 2007 authorities busted 10,000 cases of “olive oil” that were mostly soybean oil (worth $700,000 as “olive oil”).
Welcome to the handiwork of the agro mafia.
Yeah, I laughed when a friend decried “the mafia,” but this is real fraud, not only in Italy but in many countries exporting olive oil to us.
In fact oils have been adulterated for centuries, cheaper oils poured into costly oils to increase volume and sales. Over 70% of our olive oil is cut with cheap oils or low grades of olive oil, outdated or rancid oil.

Like many of us at the supermarket, I had not been buying the $18 bottle of olive oil. I went for mid-range prices. (Now I know lower prices indicate fake oils.)
But no matter which bottle you grab, any or all of them may be adulterated, even the pricey ones.
We’re buying mostly vegetable oil with added coloring and aroma.
One popular brand whose front label claims to be “extra-virgin olive oil” is only 15% olive, under chemical analysis.
You wouldn’t know any of this, because most brands don’t bother to list their ingredients on the label. (How do they get away with this?  I don’t know!)

ARG! You can do a taste test, but it doesn’t mean it’s true!
Blind taste tests done by food experts turned out to be unreliable.
It takes a chemist to get the truth.
But we want to try our taste, don’t we?

At my house we experimented. I spent $18 on that fancy oil, which claimed to be made of four olive varieties in Spain. We compared it to my moderately-priced oil.
Poured each into a wine glass and warmed them in our hands.
The cheaper one was pale. The finer one was deep gold.

We swirled each one to look at their viscosity – did they have legs?
The cheaper one was more watery and didn’t smell like anything.
The finer one was thick and viscous. It smelled rich with olives.
It tasted far more robust than the cheaper oil.
We used it to fry onions and peppers, which became luscious with extra flavor. Remarkable full-bodied surprising taste!
Real olive oil matters.

Later I found gourmet hints on how to taste good olive oil:
You should “taste the fruit in the front and the pepper at the back.”
1 – Begin by smelling the oil. Good oil will smell grassy or smell like olives.
2 – Sip the oil and let it coat the inside of your mouth. Inhale a little through your mouth as if you were tasting wine. It may taste leafy, grassy, herb-y, spicy, nutty.
3 – When you swallow the oil, the secondary taste should be somewhat bitter, peppery, maybe catching in your throat.
(It should not be musty, earthy, or like vinegar, too acidic, stale, or rancid.)

How to Buy Olive Oil?

  • The industry standard is “extra-virgin,” so stick with that (fake label or not). Extra-virgin means cold-pressed. (Don’t buy “light” oil.)
  • Currently the highest-rated pure olive oils come from Australia, Chile, and California. You might still consider oils from Greece, Spain, Italy, Tunisia. (They can’t all be crooked, can they?)
  • Look for seals of approval like International Olive Council, EVA Extra Virgin Alliance, NAOOA North American Olive Oil Association (red circle with green olive branch), and COOC California Olive Oil Council.
  • Ignore the “Best By” date, and look for the “Harvested” date. Ideally you want to enjoy this oil within one year of the Harvest date.
  • Keep your precious oil away from light and heat, to preserve it. Refrigerate it in a dark container.
  • Best idea: find olive oil locally produced, and check them out thoroughly.

I’m sorry to say, among the dozens of brands at my local grocery store I found hardly any seals of approval. Only a couple of bottles were labeled NAOOA.
Also I must sheepishly admit (just now saw it) that my cheaper oil is labeled NAOOA, but as we know, it had no spirit, no soul, no real flavor.
Not to be a downer, but many bottles in my local store had only 2 months left until they were a full year beyond the Harvest date. Just saying.
Maybe the finer oils are going bad while we keep grabbing the cheap oils off the shelf.

Hey, I know this is a champagne problem.
But since I tasted the good stuff, I can’t go back.
I’m going to buy the truest extra-virgin olive oil I can find.
I got spoiled on our recent trip to Italy, where the food was vibrant and the oil was real.

Come with me, back to those amazing mouth-watering bites of fresh bread dipped in fine oil, those salads and ripe tomatoes drizzled in oil, those sautéed onions, those unforgettable sauces.
You won’t be sorry.

Tell us, have you found a delicious olive oil?

oil in wine glasses for blog


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Truth – You Are Spirit on your way to Joy 

Those moments when I’m at my best, a strong message comes through.
I want to say:

Your destination is beyond the body.
There’s always more to come, more to discover.
You are a spirit engaged in a human experience.
A human holiday.
You will move on to more experiences and fascinating new perspectives.
Earthly limitations will no longer bind you.

This is the ultimate prediction for you and everybody on the planet:
no matter what, no matter how it looks right now, in the long run you are destined for more and more joy, more and more contentment, more and more divine connection.

It is a happening thing.
Even though today you might feel like you’re in the ditch and all closed off, totally separated from the source of true happiness, you cannot help but learn and grow.
Through time, you will lighten up because that is your destiny.

It may take many lifetimes, but that doesn’t really matter, because you get to enjoy the ride.
You get to enjoy every small step, every stunning insight, every new awareness on your way back to increasing light, increasing laughter, increasing bliss.

That’s the name of this game.
That’s the message of spiritual traditions around the world.
That’s the real experience of sages and saints throughout our Earth’s history.
That’s the truth of ordinary people on the street who are mindful, who pay attention to their inner learning, who find themselves constantly evolving.

Open your mind and heart to serendipities, synchronicities, uncanny coincidences, messages from the universe that will delight you.
Entertain the notion that a strong coincidence or an instant timing or a brilliant intuition truly is meant as a personal message to you.
Because it is.

This is the happy truth I love to celebrate.
You are a spirit on your way to real contentment and joy.

(Thanks to Max Pixel for this awesome photo, which is a hint of your awesome spirit.)
Magical Night Alaska Aurora Borealis Space



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Get Your Good Sleep with this Simple Breath Count  

We’ve talked about acupressure points to enhance sleep
but have you heard about the Relaxing Breath Count which Andrew Weil teaches?

Breath of Calm    4-7-8 breath count for calm and sleep
Weil says to “place the tip of your tongue against the ridge of tissue just behind your upper front teeth and keep it there through the entire exercise. You will be exhaling through your mouth around your tongue.”
“If this seems awkward try pursing your lips slightly.”
(Or just forget about the tongue position, if you wish.)

This is the five-step Breath of Calm:

  1. Keep your tongue in place as described (or slightly purse your lips).
  2. Exhale completely through your mouth  (around your tongue), making a whoosh sound.
  3. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of 4.
  4. Hold your breath for a count of 7.
  5. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of 8.  (This expels more carbon dioxide and balances blood gases.)

Repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four cycles.
Weil emphasizes the most important part of this process is holding your breath for 7 seconds. This will allow oxygen to fill your lungs and then circulate throughout the body.  This produces a relaxing effect.

Do 4 cycles twice a day until it feels easy and natural.
After a month you can increase to 8 cycles at a time, but not more than that.
Use this breath to

  • fall asleep, even when you wake up in the wee hours
  • reduce anxiety on the spot
  • control food cravings
  • deal with uptight moments when somebody pushes your button
  • relax anytime you need to do so

Weil says that when you get accustomed to using this 4-7-8 breath, the results are stronger than anti-anxiety meds.

For a variety of breath counts, to boost energy or release stress, see my post of 2012,
More Energy Through Breath  – which includes energizing breath, fire breath, melting breath, heart breath, and this section on Calming Breath:

Among the many ‘counting breath’ options, here are two for calming down.  Neither one involves holding the breath.  Just count steadily in, then out.  Smooth.
Both of these will relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and stop the fight/flight response.

In-breath:  1-2-3    Out-breath:  4-5-6-7- 8
or try:
In-breath:  1-2        Out-breath:  3-4-5-6-7-8

Notice how all of these calming breath recommendations have a longer exhalation, short inhalation. This enhances physiological relaxation in the body and mind. Your body’s blood gases, hormones, and energy system naturally respond to this breath rhythm and bring you into ease and sleep.

Have you tried any of these?
I find the 4-7-8 breath does get me to sleep.

How about you?

See also 6 Remarkable Powers of Sleep and How to Get There

Diane Stallings RN does energy healing, Biofield Tuning, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing.  Make an appointment in Phoenix , now booking in July.  Free meditation classes in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to Linda Marklund at Flickr for this lovely sleeping baby 😉
sleep baby in flower Linda Marklund Flickr


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Sweet Relief of Pain for Bones, Muscles, Ligaments – Foundation Training

Got pain? Back? Low back? Neck? Head? Shoulders? Hands? Hips? Shins? Feet? Anywhere in your skeleton?
Modern habits – the way we drive, commute, work, sit, communicate, engage in media – all these reinforce the body pattern of curling up, curling inward, and not supporting our form in a healthy way. This can lead to pain in any body part.
In fact 80% of us will experience chronic back pain at some point in our life.
But we can reverse this.

  • Relieve pain in the back, neck, limbs and all over
  • End lumbar pain and weakness
  • Get stronger, able to meet the task at hand and lift heavier things
  • Diminish headaches
  • Ease joint pain and muscle soreness
  • Better breathing, more lung space
  • Healthier organs and digestion (more space)
  • Feel Better in your Body

Dr. Eric Goodman, after being told he needed back surgery, found ways to strengthen, align the body and release pain forever. You can do it too.
Pain is unnecessary, says Goodman.

Chronic pain is a warning signal to the body that it is out of alignment.
We have repetitive patterns of misalignment.
So we need to change that movement pattern and spend a few minutes every day to reverse it.

It all hinges at the hips, as you will discover when you explore Foundation Training, Goodman’s remarkable approach to strengthen your back and every part of your body, opening up your chest and your lungs.
Most of us tend to bend at the spine (not the hips). This sets us up for deterioration. This pattern alone can be the root cause of back pain and all kinds of body pain, from head to foot.

You want to reverse the typical curl-up posture that happens in ordinary life.
You want to open up the front of the body and breathe deeper.
You want to strengthen the back of the body.
Foundation Training will show you how to do this.
People are surprised and delighted with the effectiveness of these exercises.

Once you learn the principles, five or ten minutes a day over a few weeks can make a huge difference in the way you feel.
It does not matter how old you are or what kind of shape you are in, this stuff works.
The first time I attended a class, I felt markedly better in my body, stronger, more aligned, for the next three days.
My sister and I have not needed a spinal adjustment in two years, since we incorporated this core work into our daily routines. We are thrilled with steady improvement.
All my Foundation Training classmates have seen huge benefits in strength and alignment.

For great classes or personal sessions,
Contact Stacey LaPlante

You can feel better.
You can change your pattern.
You can get strong.

As Stacey says, “Make Movement your Medicine, Get Stronger and Move Better.”

(If this post sounds familiar, you might have read most of it 2 years ago, but I STILL LOVE THIS STUFF!  With Foundation Training you can get pain-free!!!!!!!!!! And strong.)

az core fitness




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Quick Fun Friendship Story: “Whirligig”

Here’s a fictional amusement based on my hospital years. (Originally published in The Flash Fiction Press March 9, 2017)


Bleary and weary Thursday at dawn, I lifted my hospital bag, locked the door of my house, and crumbled inside my chest. What the heck?  My heart trembled like a rabbit, but I was no rabbit. I was a strong veteran ICU nurse, saving lives every day, dammit.

Steady up. Take a breath and bear down. There. Stabilize. You’re fine, see?  Are you dehydrated?  All dried up from running twelve hours on the unit yesterday and the day before?  Is your thyroid whacking out?  Gotta find time to look into this.  Second arrhythmia this week.

I inhaled the cool morning air, grateful. Eased into my car. I hoped to see at least some of my old friends today.
Shirley?  Dave?  Jill?   Please be there – you lift my heart. These new kids are so freaking new, young damp chicks and roosters with their bouncy ponytails, all efficiency and computer savvy, but no experience. We constantly take them under our wings. They keep us way too busy. No wonder we’re all leaving if we can, overpowered by the invasion of youngsters.

I mourned the loss of Amy, Debra, Sam, gone to new jobs. Abandoned me, like so many before. Maybe I’d bump into them again. It could happen. That was the surprise in this field, this wide medical circle in our city. Always a pleasure to run into an old friend.
A friend. Somebody you could count on. Somebody who had shared your vital panic and frustration, drama, curses, caring, compassion. Somebody you could lean on, and they on you,  through another harrowing day.     |

In fact yesterday an elderly doc dipped into my patient’s room. He looked so much like Dr. Bambas, whom I’d worked with decades ago. But he peeked in so quickly and rolled away so fast, I couldn’t get his name.
Wouldn’t that be something, I thought, as I drifted up the ramp of the parking garage. Wouldn’t that be cool, if mellow Dr. Bambas came back to my circle?

I pulled my car into a space. My chest fluttered. Not out of love and friendship. It was my heart rhythm freak-out again. I coughed hard, tried to make it stop. Turned my key and killed my engine.
Deep breath. Bear down hard. Cough. Heart jumping. Getting dizzy.
Rub my carotid artery, new protocol be damned.
Bear down, bear down.
Whoa, okay:  again, bear down, cough.
Starting to black out.
No, you can do this, deep breath, bear down, you’re okay. You’re okay. See?

And I was. Thank You, I felt fine.
The morning sun sparkled upon the trees beyond the garage.
I made a mental note to hydrate a whole lot better today. No more coffee for me. Gotta quit that stuff. Lifetime love of the bean juice. Not good.

I strolled the sidewalk through the sweeping lawn of our campus.
Dozens of nurses and therapists funneled toward the door together. I expanded with gratitude for this place, these people. Each of them more precious than they realized.
Tough work, these 42 years, but worth it.
Every day we met crisis. Conquered it. Or not. I felt proud of us. Proud of me, too.

Should I mention my little episode to the charge nurse this morning?  Get checked in the ER?  But then we’ll be short a nurse.  Maybe I’ll just swig more water. I feel okay.

Chaos hit as soon as I stepped into the unit. The moment I passed Dave’s room, he yelled, “Grab the code cart, her eyes are rolling back!”

I dove for the nearby cart, but it was stuck.  Tiffany shoved it from the other side and we whisked it over to Dave. The room filled up with nurses, somebody pumping the lady’s chest, somebody bagging air for her.
Gosh, the guy doing CPR looked so much like handsome Peter, whom I knew years ago at St. Luke’s. He hadn’t aged a bit.
Tiffany slapped the extra monitor leads onto the chest and charged up the defibrillator.

I glanced up to see Dr. Bambas himself at the doorway. Not the guy from yesterday, but for sure it was Bambas, looking like he was still forty years old.

“We’re charged to 200 joules.”  Tiffany pulled the paddles and placed them on the lady’s chest. “All Clear!”
The zap slammed me to the floor.

What?  I caught my breath, rolled and stood up.
Everything around me dissolved. The patient, the bed, the walls, the staff. Except for Peter and Dr. Bambas, both grinning at me. I saw sort of a doorway to this odd space, and more light behind it.

In walked my old friend Kitty. I knew she had died years ago after a heart surgery. Now she traipsed in holding Dave’s patient’s EKG strip. “You saved her!”

“Am I . . . where am I?”

“Well Honey.”  She wrapped her arm around my shoulder. “Your body is still in your comfy car. But you were so determined to work today, we just went with it. One last whirligig.”


“Yeah.” She gave me that wink. “Okay, let’s show you around!”


(Thanks to Max Pixel for this pic. Looks nothing like a hospital, but hey . . . sometimes it’s all about the feeling.)

Whirligig Guatemala-September from Max Pixel



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3 Easy Steps to Tremendous Energy into Your Brilliant Crown

1) Ground yourself to the Earth
2) Open to the Flow
3) Inhale Light, exhale darkness – and let yourself Glow

Settle into your chair. Let yourself feel heavy and limp.
Take a deep breath and let go. Let go of everything.

Let your belly expand as you inhale. This is natural belly breathing, the way we breathe when we are first born.
Allow each breath to rise and fall effortlessly.

Shift into a feeling of no work, no effort. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing pressing.

Imagine roots growing from your feet down deep and wide into the earth.
The earth embraces your roots, glad to have you on the planet.

Again let your body feel heavy, loose and limp.
Let the earth hold you and support you.
Send gratitude to the earth for the many ways she nurtures us.

Imagine a powerful river of light pouring down vertically  into the top of your head.
Open up and allow this light to come streaming into your scalp, your brain, your eyes, your sinuses, your ears, down your throat.
This light relaxes everything it touches.
Brilliant light pours down your spine into the entire nervous system, into every cell of your body.
Light flows down your shoulders and arms.
Light flows into your lungs, your heart, your liver, all of your organs.
Light flows through your torso, your digestive system.
Light flows into your hips, your legs, your feet.

This Light is Limitless.
This light overflows from your feet into the earth.

Breathe deeply and let yourself feel that this is:
the most brilliant light ever,
absolutely abundant, boundless, never-ending,
easily available to you at any time – because it is.

With each in-breath more light flows into you.
With each out-breath you exhale everything that does not serve you.
Exhale all darkness, trouble, worry, anxiety, pain, garbage.
Exhale all that with every breath.

The darkness may dissipate in layers.
The light floods in.
The light wants to pour in and assist you.
Let go. Breathe.

Every spot of tension in your body melts away.
Every breath makes your body softer, smoother.
Your heart fills with comfort.

Keep inhaling light.
Take your time.
Every breath easily brings in light.

Feel, sense, or imagine how every cell in your body is truly lit up and glowing.

You fill up with so much light, it starts to shine out through the pores of your skin.
Feel, sense, or imagine tiny rays of light glimmering all over you.

Yes, you are glowing.
Yes, you are filled with divine energy.
Yes, this light soothes everything in you, effortlessly.

Remind yourself, “Everything is in right order.”

Breathe calmly, comfortably, sensing all of this.
Now you are so full and glowing that a layer of light radiates three inches out from your skin.

Take your time.
Imagine this light expanding 6 inches thick around you.
Imagine it growing 12 inches thick.
This beautiful capsule of light holds you gently.

Imagine yourself absolutely radiant, inside and outside.

Understand that you are enough, just as you are.
You don’t need to do anything to deserve this.
The universe loves you.
It has always loved you.
It always sends you light and love.


Check out more guided meditations. Use the search box for tons of options.
Diane Stallings RN does energy healing, Biofield Tuning, and gives you practical ways to enhance your wellbeing.  Make an appointment in Phoenix , now booking in July.  Free meditation classes in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to pexels for this yoga-girl, and thanks to the light.)
pexels-yogagirl w light flares oval white


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