How to Handle the New Year – Fun Advice from Dr. Peebles

We’re going to have a “topsy turvey” 2023, and yet everything is in right order, says Dr. Peebles, in his message of December 30th. He talks about the ups and downs we may go through.

We may find ourselves becoming more in tune with Spirit and with our inner mysticism. (I’m excited about that!)

Here is a beautiful encouraging excerpt from Dr. Peebles Speaks December 30th.

Look to your world and see that it is all you.
Then, what part of you would you like to heal today?
And there are parts of you that you’ve healed in the past, perhaps in past lives.

 You look to certain things, and you say, “Well, what’s wrong with me, doctor Peebles, is there something wrong with me? Because I don’t really care what’s going on in the rest of the world. There are wars and other things happening, but I don’t really care to see it, or talk about it, or do anything about it. I’m just going to live my life. I want to go paint my pictures.”

Well, perhaps that’s your experience of self right now, my dear friends.
That you’ve experienced the wars. You’ve resolved a lot of the wars within yourself. You’re not fighting yourself anymore. You’re not warring within and saying, “I should not be painting right now. I should be doing something more important.”

Suddenly you surrender to that experience of painting, because that’s what you desire.
And you discover that that is important.
Because it is important to you.
Because it is your truth. It is what you feel and need and desire to be doing right here and now. And you are settled within that.

 You discover the peace that surpasses understanding, by sitting and being within your own truth, and enjoying the process, and realizing that that is as important as anything else that anybody else is doing upon the planet Earth.

Human beings love to compare and contrast themselves with others. This person is a fantastic person because they can play the violin, and they can, if you will, teach classes, and they can heal the children, and they have stepped into a war zone and said, “I’m going to heal the people who are here.” They’re doing all these wonderful things.
Yes, they are, fantastic!
But in truth, my friends, if you are a painter and you’re painting, and you’re giving of your heart to the world in that respect, that is just as important.

If you are in alignment with your heart, and you are doing things from the heart, then you are not trying to manipulate anything. You’re not trying to force anything to fit.
You’re saying, “This is my role here,” just as the tree that is growing out in your yard is saying, “I’m just simply here. I am a tree. This is my spot. This is what I’m doing.”
No judgment.
Not saying, “Oh my goodness, I ought to be the bird.”
Just the tree being the tree, and the bird saying, “Well, I’m being a bird. That’s what I’m doing right now. This is my choice. This is my perception. This is how I’m creating my own reality.”

Everything in your world is rather magical, even some of the darkness …
– Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon on Dec. 30, 2022

Many thanks to Summer for this most recent transmission.
To find out more about humanity and 2023, download the wonderful MP3 of Dr. Peebles Speaks December 30, 2022.

The presentation includes:

  • The face of God is within you
  • How spirits continue to learn
  • When are we alone?
  • Our vital, simple, practical purpose, here and now, on Earth
  • Many interesting changes, coming in this year of 2023
  • And much, much more

How goes your 2023 so far?

We are continuing our 10-minute high-noon meditations to bless the Earth and everybody and everything upon her.
Join us in cyberspace – you may feel us together there – at noon, Arizona time, or anytime that is convenient for you.
There’s no doubt humanity and Spirit are always bringing in more Light and Love – you will feel the undercurrent at any time, when you tune in.

How to Stop and Drop Negative Mind Clutter – Good Advice from Peebles
The Natural Miracle of Using Frequency to Heal Yourself – from Dr. Peebles
Use Sweet Yearning Love to Reach a Spirit or Anyone, says Peebles 

New Year 2023 Public Domain
(Thanks to Public Domain for this image.)

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10+ Good Tips to Avoid or Reduce A-Fib and have a Stronger Heart

As we advance in years, some people develop atrial fibrillation.
The atria (top chambers of the heart) beat faster than the ventricles (bottom chambers of the heart) in a rapid, irregular manner.

Some people have no symptoms of this, beyond an irregular pulse.
Many have fatigue, heart palpitations, light headedness, dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness, fast heart rate, and/or chest pain.

People can also drop into A-fib and feel those symptoms briefly, then return to a normal sinus rhythm (heart rate). (The healthy pulse has a steady beat.)

Conventional medicine treats A-fib with medication such as beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, and blood thinners. They also use cardioversion (timed electric shock) and sometimes an ablation, which is a surgery to reduce the excitable signals in the atria.

Certainly conventional medicine is worthwhile, and often quite necessary.
But some people have corrected their A-fib using the methods below.

Studies within the last 12 years show success in using acupuncture to treat A-fib.
Effective points are:
PC 6 – Neiguan (between the tendons, 4 centimeters above the wrist crease)
HT7 – Shenmen (ulna, just above the wrist crease)
CV17 – Danzhong (sternum, between the nipples)

In 2017 the University of Minnesota study demonstrated that acupuncture had a success rate of 87% to 100% in converting heart arrhythmias back to normal sinus rhythm.

Dietary Tips to reduce/ avoid A-fib include:
– cut back or give up caffeine
– drink more water (even with a touch of healthy salt)
– drop processed foods and eat fresh foods
– adopt an anti-inflammatory diet with lots of veggies (A-fib is an inflammatory condition.)
– don’t exercise too hard (avoid high heart rate)
– don’t exercise longer than 60 minutes at a time
– take turmeric 500 mg per day
– take ginger 500 mg twice a day
– take magnesium (see below)

HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)
It is definitely worthwhile to look into your tissue minerals. Some people with A-fib are very low in magnesium.
But you need to check your personal mineral levels under the guidance of a professional mineral analyst, in order to truly correct this.
(Most of the population lives with an imbalance of too much calcium and a lack of magnesium in their bodies.)

None of the above remarks are meant to prescribe nor to take the place of your important medical provider. Seek consultation with your doctor, first.

Have you dealt with A-fib?
How did it go for you?


Conduction_System_of_Heart Wikimedia Commons

(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for this image.)

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Three Easy Ways to Raise your Baseline Vibe of Gratitude and Love

Did you know (you do!) that gratitude makes life bloom?
That we fall in love with our life as it is, via gratitude?

“Count your blessings every day.” – Grandma

“Gratitude is life force.” – Anonymous? (ubiquitous)

In self energy healing, when we take in a blessing/ a gorgeous place/ a wonderful moment, we place both hands on our heart and breathe into it.
Holding our heart, we fully enjoy this beautiful moment, this beloved one, this gorgeous scene, this wondrous music, this delicious food, this satisfaction.

Also – we can actively recall a blessing and hold our heart.
Try it with me.
Breathe into that delight.

The heart has the biggest energy vortex in the body.
When we place our hands upon the heart, we bring in even more sweet energy.
The more often we do this, the more we train ourselves into an ongoing state of gratitude and love.

That’s right! It becomes easier to shift into feeling good, the more we do this simple practice of holding our heart.

Another way to raise our baseline vibe (and feel good) is to keep a gratitude list.
Just before bedtime, write one line about the lovely thing(s) that happened to you that day.

(It is human nature that by the end of our day, we rehash the day’s troubles.
As we’ve said before, point your palms to the ground and intentionally blow out all the crap of your day. Blow out your troubles and everybody else’s troubles which are affecting you. Let Mother Earth compost and recycle those energies.)

Remind yourself that it’s time to celebrate gratitude.
Find the bright spots that happened today, and jot down the juicy one(s) on your list.

Recall the details of that juicy good moment.
Close your eyes and use your fingertips to tap your forehead between your eyebrows (your third eye).
Breathe deeply and tap gently as you review and enjoy this bright spot in your day.
How good it was, how much you appreciate it, how this part of life is so sweet.

Give yourself 15 seconds to tap, relive it, and fully appreciate it.
Then tap in the next delight.

You’ll go to bed feeling more relaxed and happy.
You’ll also have an ongoing list of your own delicious moments. It cheers you up, just to look at that list.

Tap in the good (into your 3rd eye) during any good moment or memory. This will lift your baseline happy vibration.
(If you don’t want to look obvious about it, you can do one quick brush of a finger or knuckle on that spot.)

How to Raise your Baseline Vibe?
Remember these three ways:

  • Hold your heart with both hands to take in a delight, or recall a blessing.
  • Keep a one-line gratitude list each day, right before bedtime. (First blow out your troubles.)
  • Tap your forehead between your brows and relive the good moment(s) of this day. (And touch it whenever you have a happy moment or memory.)

Bonus: Reverse Bucket List
In these tough years, we tend to dwell on the negative stuff. We forget all the good stuff. But we don’t have to do that.

Let’s actively feed our positive notes, to grow them bigger in our mind and heart.
Do a “reverse bucket list,” where you gradually list all the wonderful things you have enjoyed doing in your life. Your work, your play, your vacations, your learnings, your friends, your best seasons.
Think and feel and appreciate: I came to earth, and I did all these interesting things, difficult things, accomplishments, fun things. I learned what I came to learn.

Gratitude is the most important self-care in the world.
Faithfully, steadily, daily, put yourself into the vibration of gratitude.
You will feel better in your own life.

“Fall in love with your life,” as Dr. Peebles says.

Use Peebles’ line: “Thank You, God, for this beautiful day and all the pleasures, treasures, and wonders within it.”
You’ll be surprised that saying it out loud will draw lovely pleasures and treasures to you like a magnet, each day.

Tell us, what’s your favorite way to boost gratitude and love?

(P.S. Dr. Peebles gave a wonderful New Year talk on December 30th – check it out!)

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

smiling faces Flickr Gratitude(Thanks to Flickr for these joyous faces.)

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Peace on Earth through a Favorite Harmonious Healing Song of Love

What’s your favorite song that conveys the real (and impending, emerging) vibration of peace on earth?

I would love to hear about it.

Sound healing is an up-and-coming science that uses instruments – from drums to Tibetan bowls to tuning forks to all musical instruments, including the sound of our own voice. We may not understand sound healing fully yet, but we can feel the way a good song uplifts us and helps us feel better instantly.

I want to share one of my favorite songs here.
David Wilcox wrote the tune and lyrics – like a dialogue of encouragement for a friend who’s feeling bleak and hopeless.

Does that sound like anybody you know, during these strange, chaotic, heavy times? During these times when, even though we find positive moments, even though we take hold of our mind to focus on the positive, we still bump into plenty of people and situations that drag us down?

You may feel like giving up, like the world will never change, says Wilcox in this song. But if we go deeper into the foundation of our reality – (as we do in meditation when we feel the ground of being) – we find a benevolent love truly is supporting us, always.

We can feel It.
We resonate with It.
We recognize It in our hearts.
We remember It, from always.

Everything is made of love.
Love is Who We Are.
Love wins.

There is no doubt.
No matter what it might look like right now, love is running the show.
Love is showing the way.

Take 3 minutes to sit down, breathe, and fully listen to this beautiful song – “Show the Way” by David Wilcox. 

And then –
let’s share more inspiring songs with each other.
Which ones bring peace into your heart?

sun shining on earth by Kevin Gill on Flickr

(Thanks to Kevin Gill of Flickr for this beautiful image.)

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How to Stop and Drop Negative Mind Clutter – Good Advice from Peebles

Here’s some great stuff from Dr. Peebles’ latest Q&A session on Dec. 5, through the awesome Summer Bacon.
Take a look first at this excerpt from Summer’s newsletter:

You are the creator of your own reality! Enjoy a remarkable journey to the heart with Dr. Peebles, as he starts with a beautiful and encouraging 20-minute teaching about letting go of things that no longer serve you, and how to prepare for life in 2023 in this time of healing. In this session Dr. Peebles also answers your fascinating questions (at length). Plus, there is an unexpected moment when the telephone call with our wonderful MC, Liz Johnson, drops! Listen to how Dr. Peebles handles that moment. Dr. Peebles speaks about:

  • How, why and when to ask for help.
  • Caregivers: how to stay in peace while caring for others.
  • The spiritual side/meaning of dementia.
  • How to accentuate the positive side of life.
  • How our guides and angels offer insight through Dr. Peebles.
  • Do Souls in heaven cry?
  • Fear not the predictions of earth changes and others.
  • Animals: do they have Karma?
  • Bilocation: how to be here, there and everywhere.
  • There is a Son of God, but is there (or will there be) a Daughter of God?

In this chaotic and often violent world, it can be difficult to accentuate the positive, but here is Dr. Peebles’ advice on that topic.

Q: How can we maintain a positive attitude and rid ourselves of unwanted mind clutter?

You’ve got to stop it in its tracks.
When something comes in that’s not positive or is trying to drag you down, you just say, “Excuse me, but you have no permission to be here.”
Because sometimes it’s just a real spiritual thing happening, where you might be hearing some voices from the other side  that are very attuned to negativity.

And because you’re awakening, and you’re becoming more attuned to Spirit and God, and you want to delve into life more and more as a spiritual being, you might be hearing into other dimensions.
So be aware of that and just say, “Excuse me, you have no permission to be here, to tell me certain things about myself that really aren’t true. Because I know I’m a child of God, and God loves me. God’s love is real and constant, as it is for you, as well,” you can tell that spirit.
God bless you indeed.

There are certainly spirits of shame, spirits of anger, spirits that can infiltrate your consciousness if you will allow for it.
But when you awaken to it, and understand, and catch it, and stop it in its tracks, it becomes easier and easier.

We’ve said it before, but it can become habitual. Once you hear a negative thought, you say, “Huh! That was ridiculous. Get out! You have no permission to be here. There’s no reason for you to be here.”

And we’ve said it before that sometimes you are hearing and feeling the negativity of the rest of the world.

My goodness, your world can be extraordinarily negative at times, but we want you to know that it’s not all negative, and there are wonderful people who wake up in the morning, and they are laughing.
They might be living in poverty. They might be living in pain. But they awaken with a smile on their face, and they say, “Hey, at least I’m alive again, and I’m going to enjoy my life.”
And they laugh at the birdies, and they laugh at the trees, and they laugh at the clouds. And the clouds, the trees, and the birdies laugh with them. And it’s so beautiful, my dear friends.

So remember, you have the responsibility and the courage and the ability to change your heart and change your mind, change the way in which you are structuring your consciousness.

When you do this physically, your brain functions will begin to change as well. The mapping of your thoughts will begin to change and go along these guidelines that you give your thoughts, which is, “I want thoughts to be very positive.”

And sometimes, as you know, it’s not so easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, you see? That’s sort of what it’s like sometimes for these positive thoughts.

But you’re creating beautiful pathways for them to be expressed and to be felt and to be known, as you broaden your horizons, as you broaden the pathways by acknowledging those and saying to the others, “Ah! You don’t belong here. You just simply go somewhere else until you find your heart and find your love and your light, and you find the inspiration and truth that you can be for the world.”

And God bless you indeed, sometimes these negative thoughts and the sad thoughts and the anxious thoughts – they have certain purpose too. They can be great motivators for you.
You don’t want to be sad anymore, and the sadness shows you this.
You don’t want to feel anxious anymore, and the anxiety shows you this.
Or it shows you perhaps, I’m anxious about money.
And so you say, “Yes, I’m very anxious about money. I don’t want to feel it anymore. So I’m going to find ways to make money. I’m going to find ways to resolve my issues there.”

And so it gets you motivated.
It can really help you to restructure your life through the contrasts and such.

So these are not all bad things. These can be very, very constructive things to feel, if you understand that they are not there just to bug ya, but also there to help you learn and help you grow.
God bless you indeed.
And once again a beautiful question, thank you so very much.
                      – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, December 5, 2022

In this MP3 of December 5th, Dr. Peebles totally soothed my heart, on so many levels. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Have you already listened to it?
Want to talk about it? Please comment below.

Get Dr. Peebles Speaks Dec. 5 2022

busy mind fm Openclipart

(Thanks to Openclipart for this image which we brightened.)

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The Surprising Night We Discovered the Sweet Divine Whirling Dervishes

December, 1980

“A dervish?” Magical notions filled my head. “What exactly is a dervish?”
“I dunno, let’s go find out,” said my hubby.
“Absolutely! We’re not going to miss this,” I agreed.

We stumbled upon the dervishes in December 1980, when we explored Turkey on our own, tramping on frosty ground. At that time they had a shortage of electricity and heat, so various towns rationed it to two hours a day. At night we’d use oil lamps. To get a warm shower, we’d plan ahead for the two-hour opportunity of heat. (Otherwise, the showers gave us massive “ice cream headaches.”)
Turkey was charming in a thousand ways. The people were wonderfully friendly.

When we landed in snowy Konya, our guidebook praised the Seljuk architecture and ornate blue tiles everywhere. It spoke about a brilliant 13th century sage named Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, a Sufi mystic who ran an important spiritual school in Konya. (He was the poet Rumi – but in 1980, our western world had not yet celebrated the wondrous Rumi.)

We had arrived on the first day of the festival of the whirling dervishes. They would dance for two nights. (Back then, forty years ago, this was a much simpler event than it is now – see info on the annual December 11 to 17 Whirling Dervish Festival)

Here is my 1980 journal entry:

This “Mevlani festival” was held in the town’s basketball court, which looked like it belonged at a small-town grade school. Stadium seats, hard plank benches – we rented cushions. Sat there for over an hour, waiting for the performance to start.
They gave us a single folded page program which consisted of a couple of paragraphs, written in several languages. I have quoted the program several times below.

They started off with a full hour of two men reading speeches in Turkish and some of Mevlâni’s poetry, with fun music played by dervishes wearing tall black “tombstone hats” and long black capes.
(Years later now, I imagine they were speaking about how Rumi would fast for hours, meditate, and then begin to whirl, going into a trance dance for sublime divine connection and ecstasy. His followers gradually began to do the same, little by little, all over the region. These participants tonight had already fasted and meditated.)

After the speeches, they had intermission. Then . . .

Come, come, whatever you are, it doesn’t matter whether you are an infidel, an idolater or a fire-worshipper. Come, our convent is not a place of despair. Come even if you violated your swear a hundred times, come again.      – Rumi Mevlâna Celâleddin

At the head of the room on a red prayer rug sat the old white-bearded sheikh, wearing a black gown.
A line of 27 dervishes wearing long black capes and tall brown felt hats (“tombstones”) entered from the opposite end of the room and walked down the center toward the sheikh.
One by one they approached, bowed to the sheikh, and then stood along the wall. (27 is 3 to the 3rd powerand thus its significance, we figured? Or in numerology, it adds up to nine – completion. But maybe it meant something else entirely.)

The dervishes moved solemnly for these slow greetings while the strange Sufi music of flutes, zithers, mandolins, fiddles, and drums played onstage. A sense of reverence and devotion filled the air.

Next they all started walking in a circle around the perimeter of the room.
The sheikh joined their ranks. He represented Mevlâna (Rumi).

As each one approached the red prayer rug, he and the man in front of him bowed to each other over the rug.
(Empty rug apparently was the divine presence of God.)
In this manner, the whole circle moved quite slowly three times around the room, with three visits to the rug.
The music played, and the choir chanted hypnotically.
The circling three times symbolized “knowing God, seeing God, and being together with God.”

Now the dervishes removed their black tomb-like capes. (“They strip off their worldly troubles and slip out of their tombs,” said the program.)
(Later I understood their “tomb” is their ego. They are leaving behind their ego and their worldly life. The whirling dance is a meditation to open up divine connection and bliss.)

Removing their capes, they revealed their flowing white tunics and skirts (which symbolized their shrouds).
They crossed their arms over their chests, putting their hands on their shoulders. (The posture reminded us of corpses.)

One by one, they approached the sheikh and kissed his right hand.
He kissed their hat, giving each of them permission to dance.

Upon that kiss, each one started to rotate, with his arms still tight around his shoulders.
Then he gradually brought his arms out, stretched out with the right hand up, receiving grace from God, and the left hand slightly down, giving grace to Man.

They whirled counterclockwise around and around in time to the hypnotic music.
All twenty-seven of them filled the room, whirling around, around, mesmerizing themselves and the audience.
Some of them looked as if they were experiencing ecstasy, and others were slightly stiff (perhaps not as surrendered).
The effect was fascinating, the white skirts flowing out as they whirled and whirled.

Three times they stopped their dance, went back, lined up in single file to kiss the sheikh’s hand and begin the dance again.

They went spinning gracefully, arms stretched to heaven and to earth, round, and round, and round.

In the third dance, the old sheikh, still wearing black, rotated in the center. He symbolized the sun, while the dancers symbolized the planets and stars.

The effect was captivating, enthralling.
Circles upon circles, whirls upon whirls, an orchestra of divine grace, eternally unfolding before our eyes.

How blessed we were to witness these Sufis’ beautiful devotion to the Unseen, to the Source of all, to the Infinite One, to the awesome sacred light that is always pouring upon the world.


(Here’s my pocket-instamatic-camera pic of the dervishes on that basketball court, 1980, plus a postcard I bought the next day in Konya.)

Whirling Dervishes 1980 collage 96dpi

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Water Plus Good Salt is the Way to Stay Juicy and Enjoy Fabulous Health 

In the “as seen on TV” section of the hardware store, we saw a plastic egg for your water glass or bottle. It beeps at you regularly to drink more water. (Oy, like we need more beeps.) Or maybe it talks? I’m not sure. The motion of the water registers with the tiny computer, so it knows when you lift and drink, I presume?

If you need a reminder gadget, get one, but please drink plenty of water.
Your body feels so much better, when you do!

• Cold weather diminishes thirst by 40% and makes us more dehydrated, which brings headaches, fatigue, itchy skin, split fingertips.
• The older we get, the more suppressed our thirst response becomes. We get dry and super dry, down to the cellular level. This definitely plays a role in making us wrinkled, stiff and sick.
• Lacking lubrication, all body processes slow down to inefficiency.
• Even subtle dehydration saps our energy and impacts our organs.
• Dry mouth is one of the last signs of the need for water. Some of the first signs are foggy thinking, fatigue, and headache, because the brain craves water. (It lives in a bath.)
• A low level of water in the circulatory system means that the pump (heart) must pump harder and faster, to move it. We don’t notice, but it’s happening. Over the decades, the tissues get drier, and the system pumps harder, raising the blood pressure.
• Dehydration is one of the root causes in many types of cancer, diabetes, asthma, depression, hypertension, insomnia, and more. (See details on how watercure helps to avoid the diseases of age.)

For all these reasons and more, water is life!

We should drink at least a gallon of water (or more) each day.
Drink half your body weight in ounces. (For me, 140 lbs. means 70 oz. of water per day).
A larger body needs even more, to hydrate all its cells.
(Plus extra water when we’re exercising, sweating – and when drinking diuretics: caffeine, soda, alcohol, parsley-juice, and such.)

I like to add high-mineral Celtic Sea Salt to my water. (“Watercure”)
I put one teaspoon into each gallon. (When traveling, I use a quarter teaspoon in my liter bottle.)
It does not taste salty. It has a soft texture.

Healthy trace-minerals salted water hydrates the tissues better than plain water. (Plain water tends to run through the body without staying where it’s needed.)

I’ve been drinking like this since 2007. It keeps my cells plumped up with plenty of fluid. It helps all my organs, especially my brain. My good blood pressure stays low and happy.
I drink a liter when I first wake up in the morning. Then sips throughout the day.

Eleven years ago when we blogged about Celtic salt in drinking water, hardly anybody was talking about it. Yet its benefits have been known since the 1990s, through the writings of  Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. (See Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.)

In the past decade, this lightly salted water has become more prevalent, and is now recommended to help avert dementia.

We know that table salt is dead, with its added chemicals, aluminum derivatives, and lack of trace minerals.
Good trace minerals are naturally found in harvested salt, such as Himalayan and Celtic Sea salt. Himalayan salt is 98% sodium chloride. Celtic salt has only 33% sodium and 51% chloride. Both contain plenty of trace minerals – vital for good health.

How do you keep up your water intake?
Have you tried lightly salted water, as above and in Watercure?

[Note – this is not “solé water” (“solay“). Nowadays, some people are using salt water as a cleanse, a flush, with solé water. Solé water is a thick brine of a large amount of Himalayan salt soaked in water. They put a teaspoon of solé water in their water bottle. (I don’t know how much salt that is, so I can’t recommend it.) Do you drink solé? Do tell us about it.]

Sharpen Your Brain
How Does Watercure Help? 17 Benefits of Adding Celtic Salt to Your Water

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Ocean wave by DavidPu'uCorbis on Flickr(Thanks to Flickr and especially David Pu’u Corbis and/or Szecska for this water wave image.)

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How to Get more Free Scalar Energy, Chi, Prana, Divine Energy for Great Healing 

Although scalar energy always fills us and surrounds us, I am super excited to receive a free boost of it.
It feels delicious!

What is scalar energy?
It is the same thing as:
• Chi
• Prana
• Reiki
• Zero-point energy (in “empty space”)
• Orgone
• Tachyon
• Tesla fields
• Information fields
• Scalar fields
• Radiant energy
• Divine energy
• Universal energy
• Energy, light, and data that streams through our meridians and aura – and through all things everywhere (even in other dimensions).

Scalar fields (energies, frequencies) are the non-physical informational light-infused energies of all creatures and all matter.

Scalar is much different than standard electromagnetic energy, which powers our homes, buildings, and all of our gadgets.
(BTW the household appliances’ electric energy that surrounds us is 50 HZ, which equates to “apathy” on our emotional scale. That’s a good reason to get outdoors in Nature, hey?)

Scalar energy qualities:
Multi-dimensional – (Think 5D, not 3D) –
Nonlinear –
Faster than the speed of light –
Carries information and instructions –
Not affected by time nor distance –
May arise from starlight and sunlight –
Our intention guides it –
Ultimately, the Divine guides it.

Scalar energy also explains remote healing, because scalar goes beyond time and space.
It goes where it’s intended to go.
It has no limits.
It is ever abundant.
It will never, ever, dry up.
It’s raining from the sky every second. (How to see Chi)
It swirls around in a spiral.
(We can feel or see this swirling motion in many styles of energy healing.)

Despite the past 200 years of scalar-energy research by Maxwell, Hertz, Tesla, Hieronymus, and more, scientists still do not fully understand it.

Scalar energy sends out waves, yet it’s also a radiant standing-wave field.
(I think we must tap into that field, especially in remote healing. Yet we also pour it out of our hands when offering Reiki, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, etc.)

Scalar does not have the same waves as standard electromagnetic energy.

Scalar waves are like two intersecting corkscrews (a double helix, like DNA).
They carry information and instructions.
(I would say, they carry divine blueprints for health and well-being.)

We can feel this beautiful scalar energy in Prana and Chi.
We can use breath count meditations to increase it ourselves.
Sometimes we perceive this flow of Prana during group meditations.
Healing often occurs during meditation, too.
And remember, last week Dr. Peebles told us how to use the frequency of love for self-healing.

Various scalar energy products are offered these days,
from pendants that hold scalar energy to special amplifiers of scalar waves.

The computerized device SCIO uses Quantum biofeedback to balance your energy and your health. It has years of research and development behind it, plus many enthusiastic practitioners and recipients. It uses various bioenergy methods, including Rife frequencies and Scalar frequencies.

At present it’s hard to find any regulation or comparison of the effects of these various scalar offerings. Many show good testimonials. (Somehow, I doubt if all are equally good.)

When I researched it about 10 days ago, I decided to go with scientist/engineer Tom Paladino – who has done decades of research, from university onwards. He has a following of 10,000+ happy recipients. (Remarkable testimonials, including resolution of Lyme disease and other major problems. As always, the caveat that this is not a medical treatment, etc.)

At Scalar Light, Paladino offers a free 15-day Trial of his Standard Scalar Program. This is remote healing by using a picture of your face, which contains your unique scalar light signature.
The program takes a three-way approach:
dissolves pathogens,
builds nutrients,
balances energy and aligns chakras. (Why care about chakras?)

Scalar Light also offers specialized programs for addictions, minerals, hormones, fat metabolism, and more.

I signed up for the 15-day Free Trial of the standard program.
Here’s what I experienced in my first week of Scalar Light healing:

1st day – Thunderous sinus headache the entire day, which had to be detoxification from pathogens. (I rarely have headaches, and it felt like detox.) Plus a few body aches and fatigue.

2nd day – Woke up from an extra long and solid sleep. I felt mellow all day. Felt more energy and vitality throughout the day (more than just a good night’s sleep would bring). I tend to have a critical mind and resistance toward various things – I was oddly relaxed, compared to my normal pattern.

3rd day – I began to feel more connected to everything. I noticed that my intention was boosted. I mean, when I intended something, it happened easier than usual. (My spirit was communicating better with my body? This also showed up late in the day, when I got a belly ache from an aggravation. That does not usually happen, but it showed me the power of emotions affecting the body.)

4th day – Cheerfulness bubbled up for no reason.
I was starting to feel more love for everybody and more laughter.
I felt a strong shift, wherein I would “not sweat the small stuff” anymore.
(Despite my long-standing meditation habit, which helps enormously, I had not been able to achieve this attitude to the depth that I felt it now.)

5th day – Contentment! Still seeing the broad view, the aerial view, where the usual troubles do not matter. I had a new ache around my eyes, around my sinuses, which I felt was the next round of releasing decades-old anger. I think I’m learning to relax my critical eyes.

6th day – Happy for no reason. Kind-hearted, more so than ever. No discomforts at all.
True forgiveness of old baggage. Much smoother interaction with the difficult person in my life. Hugs.

7th day – Itchy ankles, related to old recurring mild psoriasis. I think it’s clearing out. Definitely more physical energy now, and stronger daily exercise. My “brain game” scores are rising slightly.

8th day – Woke up in contentment and continued my whole day with a very strong “can-do” attitude. It feels so good to feel good. I feel like I’m coming out of the doldrums from these past few years of worldwide inertia.

This new level of ease, contentment, and brightness has been with me all week.
Most Scalar Light recipients report more vitality, better health, less inflammation, deeper sleep, calm, alert, and “happy for no reason.”
Yes, I would agree with all of that.

So – if you are an energy fan, as I am – check out the 15-day free trial program. (They don’t even take your credit card or anything – just your email and your photo.)

I think, after 15 days of lightening up, a person might train themselves into this new mode of being.
Or they might want to enjoy more support as time goes by.

What do you think of scalar energy/ tachyon energy/ divine energy?
Have you tried any remote healing?

I have done – both giving and receiving remote sessions of Reiki and Biofield Tuning. I’m always charmed by how well they work.

(I feel blessed to serve as a pipeline for divine energy. Years ago my master energy healing teacher saw extra tachyon meridians in my arms. I did not fully appreciate what that meant, until now.)

The Natural Miracle of Using Frequency to Heal Yourself – from Dr. Peebles
How to Feel Your Invisible Energy in 2 minutes
How About Your Awesome Strong Intention Plus Divine Love?

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

green-and-blue-swirl Public Domain

(Thanks to Public Domain for this energy image.)

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The Natural Miracle of Using Frequency to Heal Yourself – from Dr. Peebles

Could we be, right now, on the brink of easing the multifaceted Public Health Crisis – by stepping aside and thinking outside the box?

Let’s go back to the primary cause of health: the spirit infuses the body.
The body and all of its cells respond to the spirit, respond to our attitude and beliefs, respond to the emotions and frequencies of the person inhabiting that body.

Frequency has a bigger impact on the body than anything else.
(Stress is the root cause of most ailments.)

As Bruce Lipton says, “Your brain is like a tuning fork sending out vibrations that not only impact the cells in your body, but also influence what’s going on in the world around you. Your energy is shaping matter.”

Recently Dr. Peebles has been telling us that “Frequency” will eventually replace conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals.

In Summer Bacon’s awesome November 3rd Q&A, Peebles shows us how to change our personal frequency to heal ourselves.

You can heal yourself by changing your frequency.
We’ve shared some of this before in the past, but it takes a tremendous amount of focus and awareness of self, that you are frequency first and foremost in a body, that you’re not your body.
Your body is in alignment with your spirit. and how much of “you” you are incarnating within this lifetime.

If you are afraid, or if you are experiencing frustrations, if you’re feeling galled by things, you will manifest certain issues within your gallbladder, for example.
That’s just one example.
There are many ways in which your thoughts affect your form.

And so, when you start to feel you are out of sorts, and you feel something in your body, you just allow for yourself to go into that place of knowing that ultimately your body can be released of this pain, if you are in alignment with your heart.
And truly in a place of love.

And if you can really stop worrying and being afraid – “What is this? Is it a tumor? Is it a cancer?”

Whatever it might be that you have, and just say, “All right, I acknowledge you, thank you for being here, what is it that you are teaching me?”
And you just simply sit with that feeling in your physicality.
And you say, “I thank you so very much. I love you, I love you, I love you.”
And you just keep sending love to that.

You can love a cancer to death, for example, by simply saying, “Thank you so very much, I love you, I appreciate what you are here to show me.”
And you don’t even perhaps even know what it is that you’re being shown,
but all of a sudden, things will start to shift. You’ll feel better in your body, and perhaps little awarenesses will begin to bubble up to the surface.
You’ll say, “Ah, I forgot about that memory from my mommy or my daddy or my sister or my friend.” Something that had happened in the past that really struck you hard. You stuffed it away. And you didn’t realize that you were stuffing it away for decades, perhaps.
And now it’s bubbling up to the surface.

And you go, “Ah, that’s what it was that was in there.”

And see it – rather than something that you have to dwell upon, see it as the joyful experience of a splinter finally being released from your finger.
“Ah, there it is! My goodness gracious, look how big it is! My goodness gracious, look how itty-bitty it is, and all the pain that it has caused here!”
You see, so you work with it in this fashion.

And that’s just one way in which you can do this.

But you really need to have very clear self-awareness that this is the reality.
You are a spirit in a body.
You are a frequency that is affecting the way your body is being shaped and formed.

And so it is a matter of learning how to truly love every part of the experience of being upon this school called planet Earth and the human form, God bless you indeed.

Another way which you can do it is to just simply sit with your entire body, and on a daily basis –  if you can do it for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, and simply using your beautiful imagination, letting your mind wander, and saying, “What would it feel like if my body was completely healthy and completely without pain, and no disease, no discomfort or anything?”

You start to imagine that.
You start to feel that vibration.
What you’re doing is really creating that vibration within yourself.
And then your body will begin to transform with that vibration that you create.
The longer you can do it, the better you will feel.

And eventually it’ll become habitual, where you are just saying, “Ah, I feel a little pain here – I love you so very much.”
And you create that vibration again, and it erases what is happening in your physical form.

And again, it does take practice.
So don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work the first, second, third, fourth time, or for years.
It can take a while to develop this ability.

And sometimes with total complete surrender and faith and trust, you can be healed in a nanosecond.
Your faith will make you whole, God bless you indeed.

            – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, November 3, 2022 

Listen to this and many more fascinating topics in the November 3rd 2022  Q&A – don’t miss it.

Have you noticed the way frequency plays a role in your life? In your health?

I’ve seen again and again that if I dwell on the negative, it gets worse.
But when I distract myself away from the negative and get involved in more positive thoughts and activities, then the problem dissipates.

What do you feel about this? I would love to read your comment.

Another tip Dr. Peebles gave me years ago:
when you’re concerned about a problem (in health or anything), use this mantra –
“Everything is in right order.”

This line has always brought me comfort.
It lifts my faith and trust that All Will Be Well.

Even when I can’t see any bright side to it, part of me feels that in the long run, things will work out.

Get Real, Our Belief Matters More Than Our Genetic Code
How to Feel Better Now: Use Your Vibes

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

some frequencies Public Domain
(Thanks to Public Domain for these frequency waves.)

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Stay Bright in the Mind – the Surprising Importance of the Gut-Brain Axis

Have you heard about the gut-brain axis?
About the way the gut and the brain communicate and support each other?
Scientists have renamed the gut “the enteric nervous system,” because they consider it to be a “second brain” which communicates with the brain and the spinal cord.

Lots of up-and-coming research tells us that a strong healthy digestive system means better cognition, memory, and thinking skills.

Our intestinal microbiota (gut flora) play a vital role in mental health.
Studies have shown that a good base of microbiota in the gut enhances the central nervous system, making us mentally sharper, less anxious, more energetic, and more courageous. (Plus it gives us a much stronger immune system.)

So, to stay mentally clear and bright, it pays to take excellent care of our digestion.

How the gut gets damaged:

  • infections, yeast overgrowth
  • environmental toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, BPA, Triclosan in toiletries and cleaning agents)
  • medications (antibiotics, pain pills, ibuprofen, aspirin, acid reflux meds, steroids, antidepressants, chemotherapy, etc.)
  • poor diet (eaten by most people in the modern world)
  • gluten grains
  • poor microbiota (get good microbiota)
  • lack of sleep, (get good sleep)
  • high stress levels (get relaxed)

Unbeknownst to most of us, 70% of us have leaky gut. We carry a lot of inflammation in the gut, which weakens our health, reduces our energy, and leads to the slow degeneration of the brain.

Most of us have no clue that our gut is leaky.
Symptoms include fatigue, eczema, sugar cravings, joint pain, anxiety, depression, headaches, brain fog, abdominal discomforts, poor immune system, subtle food allergies, and more.
But some people don’t notice any symptoms.

Blood tests and urine tests can be done to determine the presence of leaky gut. A naturopathic doctor can be helpful. But on the other hand, if one has the above symptoms, it doesn’t hurt to treat oneself for leaky gut, as it is so prevalent anyhow.

Poor gut health is now linked to brain conditions such as:
Multiple Sclerosis
and more

To improve gut health, we want to avoid eating too much:
sugar (feeds underlying yeast in the gut, destroys good microbiota)
alcohol (ditto)
soda pop
fruit juice (fructose, high in sugar)
processed foods
processed meats like salami, bologna, bacon, etc.
gluten grains – wheat, rye, barley, farina, spelt
non-fiber foods
antibiotics, pain pills, ibuprofen, aspirin, acid reflux meds, steroids, and antidepressants

To heal the gut and microbiota, we need:

  • a truly healthy diet of fresh foods, veggies, probiotics, prebiotics
  • feed the microbiota with 40 Gm of fiber a day
  • reduce inflammation with fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados
  • repair the inner lining of the intestines with L-glutamine and Yucca juice extract
  • stress reduction
  • restorative sleep

I know that all of the above has helped my gut and my brain – helped me to feel sharper and more energetic.
Have you explored your gut-brain axis?
Please tell us your story.

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Check out a report on the role of microbiota gut brain access in neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders.

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Gut-brain_axis fm Wikimedia Commons(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for this image.)

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