New Year, New Me! Energy Session Gives You a Boost

What exactly is an energy session, and why would I want one?
Imagine yourself as a living network of energy streams. These streams of subtle light nurture every part of you, every tiny cell.
During anybody’s lifetime, injuries large or small, physical or emotional, may squeeze or block these streams. An energy healer can feel these blockages and clear them, assisting the natural flows to resume, bringing you greater health and happiness.

After an energy session your old chronic pain might be gone. A problem in the belly might go away. Trouble in the heart, lungs, kidneys, any organ might be eased. The recurring stress you felt in dealing with a particular person or situation might be lifted. The subtle grudge you carried against someone in your past might be dissolved. A fog or  confusion may shift into clarity.

You feel such freedom in dropping old burdens, known or unknown.

Throughout our life we pick up many aggravations. We acquire heartaches, headaches, body pains. These may be subtle or obvious. These difficulties do impact our streams of energy, impairing our physical health and our emotional well-being.

When an energy block is repaired it gives you a boost, a fresh start. Every one of my clients finishes the session feeling better than when they walked in.

This is not Psychotherapy, and you do not have to tell the story of your woes nor relive them.
We find a blockage here or there, we fix it.
If you’re sensitive you might feel it open up. If you’re super sensitive you might catch an intuition about what or who inspired that block. Let it go.

For the treatment, we chat briefly, then you lie down fully clothed on a soft table. I use my hands to access and repair the energy of your aurameridians, and chakras. I do hands-on healing and hands above the body. All you do is relax and receive. Later I’ll give you a before-and-after diagram of your energies.

After a session you may feel a lighter heart and more physical energy. In some cases this may last weeks or months. Everyone is unique. Each person responds differently. Occasionally a person may feel a detoxification, resolving within a few days.
Some people enjoy a monthly session, which steadily strengthens their energy body until it maintains radiant equilibrium on its own.

Let’s say we released an energy block belonging to an incident or a person in your past (identified or not). On a deep level, if you are truly ready to let that go, it can be gone forever.
But if some part of you hangs onto self righteousness, personal justice or revenge regarding that pain, it may return later. (In some cases that pain wants to stay until you get its message.)

From the moment of energy repair, you have a chance to maintain your new lightness.
You can keep letting go of things that trouble you.
Meditation practice helps to let go, increase your awareness, and nurture yourself.

Dozens of energy healing methods exist now.
Every human has abundant energy coming from the palms  of their hands. With practice this energy flow increases.
People can learn to do this.
People will learn to do this more and more in the coming decades.
Why would they not?
This Divine Light energy is constantly available. If you could assist yourself or someone else, why not?
(If you’re interested in our next weekly Fountain Hills night-class in basic energy healing for self and others, contact me, Diane.)

The precise benefit of any energy session is not predictable, yet many result in remarkable healing. I am awed and humbled to serve as a natural pipeline for this Universal Energy.

The spirit infuses and animates the body.
These streams of energy are linked to and respond to your spirit.
Your spirit has charge of your body vehicle.
When you raise your vibration, release blockages and return to your innately joyful spirit, then your body, mind and heart naturally come into alignment.

What is your take on any of this?
Have you experienced a boost with energy work?
Have you played with sensing energy in your hands?
Do you see us using more of this in the future?

Next time – Is my Pain Talking to Me? What’s the Hidden Message?

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills
Thanks to pexels for this picture –
daisies in her hair from pexels

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Wake Up, Mother Earth Needs Your Love

“What about all these icy freezing places lately, in the face of global warming?” I asked my environmentally aware son.
“It’s exactly as scientists predicted, Mom, don’t you remember this from the Inconvenient Truth movie? Our Eastern Seaboard and Western Europe freezes up. It’s part of the process. Here in Arizona we get hotter and hotter. We are well into the hottest years on record. California is so hot and dry they now have fire season year-round. Drought gets worse all over.”


“The warmer oceans are already causing more hurricanes. With the ice caps melting, low-lying places like Bangladesh are flooding now. Islands will start disappearing underwater.” (He could go on.)

Scientists unanimously agree global warming is here and we must deal with it.
Oil and coal companies sabotage and confuse the issue for their self-interest.
Politicians pretend it isn’t happening.

We can’t pretend anymore.

Happy New Year.
The world truly needs you to play your part.

We cannot go on assuming that we are powerless or that the government is going to take care of us. Politicians may be driven by power or money or a sense of purpose, but they do not have control of us.
A politician is a straw boss, lacking real authority.

External Authority is a lie.

The only real authority of your life is you.
Your heart, your conscience, your truth.

You have something to contribute. Listen and you will know it.
In some way your heart leads you to right action.
A small step or a large step, it doesn’t matter.
We each have the power for change, and if we come together, we’re invincible.

Life on earth is bound to get tougher.
Community becomes more important than ever.
Find your like-minded tribe. Where are they?
You’ll know them because it feels good to be with them.
Small groups are spreading light.
This is the way light grows and love flows.
We are moving into mutual support, cooperation, encouragement.
En – Courage.
Take Heart.

What can we each do for global warming?

  • The new green choice for lighting is the LED light bulb – uses far less energy, and no toxic substances.
  • Use less water and keep water sources clean. Avoid lawn pesticides, microbeads, and toxic household chemicals.
  • Reduce the plastics and the packaging. Use your own water bottle, your own grocery bags. Simplify your purchases with less packaging.
  • Eat locally grown food to reduce pollution from transportation.
  • Eat organic foods to reduce pesticides and chemicals on land and water (and in your body ;-).
  • Eat fewer animal products. Farm animals contribute to the greenhouse effect and require tons of resources and water to sustain them.
  • Turn off lights and unplug appliances when they are not in use.
  • Use cold water for laundry and other tasks when possible.
  • Insulate your home to not waste energy. Don’t overheat or overcool your home.
  • Use your car less. Walk, bike, bus and train more often.
  • Use solar energy, wind energy and other renewable energy sources.
  • Try this online calculator to measure and reduce your own carbon footprint.

Share your suggestions with us here!

(Thanks to Pixabay for this image.)
earth-fire global warming pixabay

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Anti-virus Strategies to Keep You Healthy and Strong 

Not a sales pitch, just a few strategies to avoid whatever virus is going around.
First a few ground rules.

  • good hand-washing especially in cold/flu season
  • stay well hydrated (drink half your body weight in ounces each day)
  • well rested
  • not over sugared
  • nurtured with veggies, healthy foods
  • stoked with some daily exercise (move your lymph – cellular waste)
  • stay alert to your body’s messages

Gotta hear what your body is telling you.
If you’re too busy to notice the beginnings of a sore throat, sinus issue, or achy body, then the bug can easily invade you.
These tactics work best if you jump into them at the first hint of illness.

Sore throat? Gargle with warm/hot salt water ASAP. (I have dragged myself out of bed during the night when I needed to do this, and it pays off!) Gargle twice a day or more to calm your throat.

Stuffy or drippy nose? Go to the sink, grab that neti pot of warm water (with a little salt and baking soda stirred in) and let it flush your nasal passages. If you have no neti pot, you can still do this with a mug of warm salted water, brought to your nose to carefully gently inhale a small amount into your sinuses, then release.
(It’s all about clearing the germs, folks!)

Here’s a common-cold cure a friend suggests:
A glass of orange juice with 2 packets of “Emergency” (Vit C powder) and 3 cloves fresh garlic, minced. (Garlic is nature’s antibiotic.) Drink it down without chewing – every two hours. You’ll be glad you did.

Go to an ordinary drugstore (or the web) to try my favorite  homeopathic medicines, pictured below. (I keep a stash on hand every winter because they work so well.)

These homeopathics are placed under the tongue to melt. This way they enter the bloodstream easily. Homeopathy presents a tiny amount of a curative substance to your immune system. It boosts your own immune system.

For Coldcalm, you’ll melt a couple tablets every 15 minutes for an hour, then every two hours for awhile. (Begin as soon as you suspect a cold coming on.)

In case of flu (body aches, hot tired eyes, headache), you’ll melt Oscillococcinum pellets under your tongue every 6 hours, three times a day for a couple days or so.
You won’t get the flu, if you have the awareness to nip it in the bud. How cool is that?
(Especially because this winter, the word is that the flu shot is not so effective this year. Not that I would suggest flu shots.)

Is the Boiron company paying $$ to advertise here?
NOPE. Their products have kept me healthy so many times, I want to spread the news.

I recognize that naysayers can be found on the web, criticizing such remedies. Those posts sound like the naysayer had waited until they had a full-blown cold or flu before they used the remedies.
I agree, most remedies do not work when your body has already succumbed to the virus. (If the virus slammed you: rest, drink lots of water and chicken soup.)

But. If you listen to your body and support it at the First Sign of illness, you will avert the virus! (Also Feed Your Microbiota)

Share with us your tips to stay healthy during this season?

Find more ideas in Prevent Flu and Colds ,  Immune Boosters
Boiron site FAQ on homeopathy ;  Wisdom of Homeopathy from Dr. Mercola

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills

homeopathic coldcalm oscillo

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Let Nothing You Dismay – Shift the Heart

Does it sound cheesy to say, be merry, don’t be dismayed?
My favorite Christmas song says relax, don’t be upset.
Sounds impossible.
Violence and mayhem spray the outdoors, indoors, even in churches when we least expect it. Fires devour our land and our homes. Earthquakes, floods, disasters.

If all that doesn’t throw us into fear, we could ponder the usual nagging stuff like global warming, drought, idiot politics, immature missile-launching leaders, failing health care, big pharmacy, and the misguided belief that we are at the mercy of our genes. (We are not.) We may fear our personal slide toward disrepair, atrophy, anxiety, depression.

What’s the easiest way to forgo fear, release worry, and not be dismayed?
*Recognize that everything is illusion. *

Take a look at Buddha and his long-eared wisdom. (His heavy earlobes signify wisdom.)
2500 years ago Buddha told us everything here is illusion.
Even our own body is an illusion.
He wasn’t the only one to say so.

How many delusions do we face right now?
How many lies are exposed?
How many secrets are revealed?
How much chaos is rising?
We’ll see more chaos in the next few years, but –

We have a choice to live in fear or to strengthen our inner world, our inner reality.
Stability begins here, inside me.
I do not have to be shaken and carried away with the bad news of the moment.
I do not have to be dismayed.
Okay, I probably will be dismayed when the next hit smashes, yet I remind myself there’s a greater reality beyond the human sphere.

What’s the biggest human illusion of all?
What drives so much fear on every topic?
What delusion pushes the biggest threat?
It is the belief in death.
It is the belief in personal annihilation.
It is the belief that I am my body – that when the body dies, I dissolve.
This is just not true.
This is an illusion.

This is the illusion broken by that Guy who is born on Christmas, in our tradition.
He tells us,
There Is No Death.
Hey, folks, it’s just a body.
You are So much More than your body.
This is one of His biggest messages, addressing our most pressing need, which is to have no fear.
Most of us fail to hear it.

If you can convince yourself there is No Death, if you can convince yourself that you are so much more than a body, if you can convince yourself that your being has other places to go, if you come to know that this dramatic earth plane is simply an arena of learning for each of us, then your dismay with everything will naturally lighten up by several notches.

Meditation helps you gain perspective and balance.

In other words, let go.
Let go again.
Chaos, yes, but it has a purpose in shifting the earth, in shifting the human heart, in shifting our deeper awareness.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy. Yes.

Death No Such Thing
Conversations with Jerry and Other People I thought were Dead

(Thanks to my daughter who set up this photo-op, and my friend who gifted Buddha to me 😉
buddha santa

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Meditation Sit Joyfully Beside a Stream

Meditation is like sitting joyfully beside a stream, just letting it flow.
You don’t scoop up a bucket of that water to keep it.
It is flowing, and you get to be with it.
You cannot hold onto it.
It pours. Crystal clear water.
It is Light.

You are made of it.

You are made of this Light.
You cannot contain or manipulate it.
It is what you are made of.

In meditation we allow everything to be as it is.
We’re not trying to stop thoughts.
We’re not efforting and grunting like a little kid, trying to prevent every thought from emerging. No.

Rather we are allowing sensations and thoughts to pour through and go downstream.
We are removed from stories.
We simply let the senses arise without a story.

Go to the basic sensations of seeing, hearing, feeling.
Notice each in turn and allow each sensation to just be.
I see what I see, in my mind’s eye. Let it be. No story about it.
I hear what I hear. It wafts in and out.
I feel what I feel. This arises and falls away.

Your inner Witness lives in the Light and watches the senses do their thing.

Meditation simplified is:  just Let Go.
Let things be as they are.
You brought your character here today, you sat it down.
That was your job.
Then you left it sitting beside the stream.
You let go and float.

(My teacher Isaac provided these words to me, or something like them, years ago. See more meditations in Walking the Bridge vol 1)
(Thanks to Pexels for this river pic.)

yellowstone-national-park-sunset-river by pexels

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5 Powerful Ways to Prevent Holiday Pounds

Here come the holidays, sweetness, expansion!
Want to avoid holiday weight? Try this:

  • Minimize your Carbs and eat only your favorite ones. Like who cares about bread when you can have one moist chewy brownie? (This is my philosophy when I go to a party.)
  • Eat your few Carbs by themselves or with Veggies.
  • Eat meat and proteins with Veggies only. (Without Carbs!)
  • If you love fruit, eat it by itself in the morning. Your belly will thank you.
  • Forget about dairy products for a while. Generally we are over-calcified and it’s not doing us any good.

That’s it?
Yes. These graceful guidelines are your Gift to Yourself!
And you won’t be so sleepy after lunch.
AND your belly will feel better. You will have less bloating, burping, and gas, because these food combinations are the easiest for your body to digest.

When we throw all types of food into our mouth at once, digestion is more difficult and builds up toxins and weight gain. Sometimes we acquire so many toxins from poorly digested food that we retain water weight in our tissues to balance out the acidity.

Glance at those 5 points once more. They are your pocketful of power. Notice you’ll get plenty of vegetables as ever. At any meal, fill more than half your plate with veggies.

I came upon this food combining approach one December years ago. To my surprise, I lost weight during the holiday season instead of gaining!
Have you ever tried it? Let us know how it goes for you.

Food Combining Feels Great
See Dr. Mercola’s take on this topic.

Curious about that spiritual book we sent out last week?
Go to walkingthebridgewisdom for the next post on those themes.

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain HillsAlso check out our meditation groups – Tuesdays in Phoenix, Thursdays in Fountain Hills.
(Thanks to pixabay and pexels for the images in this composite.)
Holiday weight watch

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Dissonant World, Narrow View and Broad View

FREE eBook today, tomorrow, and Tuesday (Dec 3 – 5) Here’s one more excerpt:

Question: So much is wrong in the world. I don’t want to accept and allow the bad stuff. You say it will bring me peace, but at what price?

The price is to give up narrow view in favor of broad view.

This world of duality always holds dark and light. We always have both. And we have our opinion of both. We cling to those opinions. We tell ourselves the dark should not be here. But it is an intrinsic part of the show. It’s not going to leave.

What we really need is a bigger mind, a broad perspective.

Have you ever watched an ant hill, or maybe two ant hills in conflict? A lot is going on down there, right? But you have a broad view, and that scene is only one small part of your reality.

In meditation, we hopefully let go of opinions and find a tone of peace with everything. We go to “big mind,” and we’re able to take in everything, including the negative stuff, as part of the whole beautiful world.

Or imagine yourself coming into the theater of life, to watch stories take place on the screen. You’re going to need darkness. The house lights have to be dim in order to see the movie. It’s the darkness that puts you into the illusion of the story.

Within a short while, you feel you yourself are inside the movie, don’t you? Things are happening. Your heart is speeding up or slowing down, according to the story. It’s all an illusion, but you buy into it. You’re impacted by the darkness in the theater as well as the stress and drama of the story.

The darkness, the difficulty, has an important role in this earthly world.

Good music contains dissonance, and is richer because of that dissonance.
Listen to a beautiful chord of many notes on the guitar.
But take only two of those notes – B and C played right next to each other. They grate on the ear. They sound scary.
Yet with the whole chord, beauty.

In the same way, the incense of the old temple held eleven fragrances, one of which was a stench by itself. You would never want to bring that into the temple. Yet when added to all the other smells, it produced fullness. It gave more body to the whole blend. It made the whole orchestra of fragrances complete.

In our own memories, we might see how some negativity in an event adds to the whole experience. Those are surely the best life stories we like to tell each other, aren’t they? Life was so tough, look what we went through, but we made it.

See the Whole picture, instead of narrowing your vision down to one negative thing.

The moment you focus on one thing, that’s your doorway into time, into duality, into the loss of the panorama.

When you get hooked into narrow view, try to back up into broad view.

These words are from my spiritual teacher, now anonymous. This is an excerpt from Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1
To stay in touch with this book series of several volumes, go to

(Soon you’ll see new topics again on this joystream blog, most likely 😉
Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain HillsMeditation class – Tuesdays in Phoenix, Thursdays in Fountain Hills.

WTB incense post

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