Is Your Ego Sandpaper a Blessing in Disguise?

Ever notice how the people closest to you sandpaper your ego?
I think it’s in the Plan, to smooth out our rough edges.
Merrily you roll until this abrasion sideswipes you.
Ouch.  Throws you into turmoil, as I know so well.

Ego defenses rise.  You’re only human.
You get to chew on this one again.
You get to digest this coarse emotion.
You get to listen to the tormented voice in your head.
Why do you give so much credence to that voice in your head?
It’s only your head.  Your head is not your friend.

But you think your head is you.  Just as I do.
It’s a case of mistaken identity.
Your particular habit of mind is calling the shots again.
Who left the mind in charge?
It’s an old habit of the old regime:  the head kidnaps the heart and soul.

Your heart is smarter than your mind.
Your heart wants to drop this conflict and simply connect.
Your heart knows you are Bigger than your ego, Bigger than your body, Bigger than you can imagine.

Your true Identity is not your ego at all.
Of course you know this.  It’s another piece of data in your head.
Until you experience it.
One night years ago I caught a glimmer, thanks to the sandpaper.
Of course I keep forgetting it.  Trying to remember it.
That’s sandpaper for you. That’s the way it goes, right?
Here’s my note from that dark night:

Desolate with anger.  Gnashing my teeth.
Can’t live with this situation.  How can I?  What can I?
Thrashing out of bed at 1 am, exploding.
Must get out of this place. My place.

Out to the darkness, past my neighbors’ sleeping homes.
How could it come to this?
Now that I see the bleakness of it all, the futility of my efforts, I rage inside.
Expectation thwarted.

Rage, rage, rage.
I’m cornered.
Can’t live with this.
Can’t stand for this.
It doesn’t work for me.

Everything is broken.
Can’t fix it.  Can’t fix it.  Can’t fix it.
Every step up this dark hill.
Kill.  Take my life.  Just take it, end it.
Honest to God, I cannot live This.
You can have it back.  Take it.
Despair.  Death.

It hits me:  this here is the voice of my ego.
My ego cannot tolerate the strain.
Life squashes my ego’s expectations beyond repair.
My ego rages, demanding its own death.

Well then.  Not such a loss, the ego.
Fine with Me.
I suppose I can walk back home . . .

So.  How has your ego blown its cover?



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How to Meditate like a Boss in Bliss 

1  One minute a day. Sit for just one minute, but every day.

2  Loosen Your Body. When the body is tight and contracted, energy gets blocked. A tense body makes it hard to go within. Scan your body. If you find tension or rigidity, consciously squeeze and relax those muscles.  Or start at your feet, tightening and relaxing in sections, all the way to your head. If needed, massage your head, your eyes, your shoulders.

3  Sit Tall but Relax. Sitting means you’ll stay awake and observe the “Calm You,” the Inner Witness, which is a way of Being. Let yourself fall into effortlessness. No work, no effort. No place to go, nothing to do. Nothing matters right now.
Take a giant cleansing breath and release it with a sigh, letting your jaw drop open. Let everything go.

4  Be Gentle and Easy. Be as tender with yourself as you would be with a small child. The mind is like a busy distracted child. Hold the hand of your inner child and return to the path.
Stay soft. There’s no wrong way to do this. We’re just playing around.

5  Focus. Use the power of your attention. Your attention magnifies whatever it rests uponzen-stoneface in leaves (including your chattering mind, so don’t go there. Pretend the mind-chatter is an old radio droning in the background.)
Now. Direct your attention to your chosen focus.
Your focus might be imagery, ambient sound, a ticking clock, a mantra or a phrase, a candle flame, your own breath, the energy at your heart.
Choose one focus and keep choosing it, to build Calm.

6  Return to your focus. Distraction comes and goes. It does not matter. The whole practice is to keep returning, deepening the Calm. You are building your Inner Witness.

7  Return again. Return to Calm. Repetition hones your skill and takes you further into comfort.

Maintain a daily practice for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes. Tasting peace each day builds this capacity for Calm within you. Your minutes may naturally grow into a longer time, but they don’t have to.

The main thing is to taste and see how good this feels.
Soon you may find calm everywhere.

Tell us, what is your experience with meditation?

Grounded and Present Meditation
Glide: Meditation 1
Secret Happy-Key: Skilled Attention
Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills  — now booking in May.

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How about Your Delightful Streams of Info-Energy?

Streams? We’re talking about your meridians, used in acupuncture, acupressure, and other forms of energy healing.
Does acupuncture seem strange? Chinese and Japanese doctors have accessed the meridians for a couple thousand years of healing.
Some people don’t believe in this stuff, but it is becoming more real all the time.  The evidence is growing.

Scientists have observed how the locations of the meridian channels  correlate to the fascial planes and partitions. (The fascia is the fibrous tissue enclosing muscles and organs.)
But are these meridians really physical?

In 1962 Dr. Bong-han Kim of North Korea reported rabbit meridian wikimediasuperficial vessels which he named Bonghan channels and Bonghan ducts (the ducts being acupuncture points).

In 2015 South Korean scientists including Dr. Kwang-Sup Soh confirmed Kim’s work.  With current technology, it’s easier to visualize and locate these tiny vessels, which they renamed the Primo Vascular System (PVS).

The PVS flows throughout the body like a fiber-optic network, using biophotons of light to carry information.

Studies done in Britain by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. David Knight concluded that meridians are liquid crystalline collagen fibers, forming an information network to orchestrate all the parts of the organism. This network functions independently from the nervous system but sometimes in tandem with it.

Dr. Joie P. Jones (Radiological Sciences School of Medicine, University of California) and his team did wonderful research on meridian points (acupuncture points).

In imaging studies, they found definite geometric reflections at the points. Each is shaped like a geodesic dome.

They discovered that when a point is needled, the point in the flesh rotates. The upper half rotates in one direction, and the lower half rotates in the other direction.

After a point is stimulated, the next points rotate sequentially down the channel. An extremely rapid signal is sent from the point to the brain, faster than the nervous system goes. (It may be the fastest biological speed ever measured. Neurotransmission blockers do not affect this messaging, so it is not part of the nervous system.)

And finally, the part I love the most:
Jones ascertained that meridian points change in size and shape according to the health of the person. When you are ill or you have a condition that needs treatment, the points get larger, easier to find. When you’re healthy, the points are small.
Tell me the Universe doesn’t take care of us every moment of our life?

So what do you think or feel about meridians?

Feel better! Diane does hands on healing for your meridians and chakras. She gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills  — now booking in May.

my meridian guy light burst K 27

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Your Bright Energetic Matrices, at the Speed of Light

Yes we’re talking about an energy Matrix.  A matrix is  a supportive structure or material where things can develop.   Many matrices serve our human body.

Dr. Helene Langevin, neurological science professor at the University of Vermont , determined that our fibroblasts right underneath the skin form a continuous system, extending throughout the skin. So if you touch one small spot of skin,  you’re actually touching all the skin.
Biologists studying bone cells found that all bones are entwined into a continuous system. So when you touch one bone cell, you touch all of them.

These matrices are systems that cover the entire body like that.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. David Knight, both at universities in the UK, looked at the body matrix ‘proton conduction pathways,’ that bring coherence to the body and produce a kind of memory throughout the body.
This body consciousness has awareness, memory, information, and communication.  Intuition and the subconscious may be located here. (I’m grooving on this, as it matches my experience with energy work of all kinds.)
Ho and Knight suggest that this body consciousness adjoins and connects to brain consciousness.
man within matrixTheir studies concluded that meridians are liquid crystalline collagen fibers, forming an information network to orchestrate all the parts of the organism, working with the nervous system or separately.

Imagine, we gather information from our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. This information from our senses goes into our body matrix and may affect anything in the body.

Scientists Jim Oschman and Maurie Pressman  describe four matrix systems that function faster than neurons. These matrices are embedded in each other and affect each other.  Repair in any one system benefits the neighboring systems.

These four energetic matrices (of many) are

  • The Living Matrix , which is like fabric that goes into every crevice of every part of the body, even inside blood vessels and nerves, inside cells.
  • Biophotons, a form of communication with light, able to travel at the speed of light. (In the 1970s Fritz-Albert Popp began these studies.)
  • Quantum Coherence, the coherence and communication that develops from spinning molecules in the body, including water molecules.
  • Wetware, described by Dennis Bray as the biochemical energetic informational pathways inside cells.

I’m fascinated with all these energy systems.  These matrices!
Often I’ve wondered at the high number of different alternative therapies to enhance our health. They all work!  Gifts from the Universe, I’ve always thought.

Now Science says these therapies work on different systems, yet they bring balance to the whole organism. Work on one matrix, you assist its neighbors too.
This is why resolving emotional issues can heal other issues, including physical impairments.

Sometimes in receiving energy work, I’ve felt the joy of my whole body matrix singing with energy tingles, at a new level of coherence.

How about you?  What’s your perception of your matrix systems?

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills  — now booking in March and in May.
Have you been Amazingly Energetic all this time?
What is that Awesome Light in You?
Have You Discovered Your Remarkable Biofield?

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Energy Medicine Research to Give You New Hope 

What is Energy Medicine, you ask? That “Medicine of the Future” Dr. Oz talks about?
It is healing with energy, including all types of energy — sound, light, electromagnetism, acupuncture, Reiki, Johrei, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and scores of other methods.  (Even “electroceutical” devices now, like the ARP wave.)

All bodies and minds are expressions of energy and are infused with energy.  Energy Medicine helps to restore and balance that life force energy.
It soothes a painful knee or a stressed mind .  It relieves an anxious heart or boosts the immune cells.
If you have received Energy Medicine, you know what I’m talking about.  It helps you feel good.  It might be inexplicable, but it seems to work.
Although we need another century to put all the data together, many of us have the lived experience that Energy Medicine is a healthcare blessing.

In the past few decades, scientists have seen Energy Medicine provide measurable improvements for pain, anxiety, dementia, and cancer.

Dr Shamini Jain PhD specializes in psychoneuroimmunology —  which shows how the body and mind communicate, and the connections between the brain and the immune system, brain and hormones, brain and gut.

Jain studied cancer-related fatigue, which is such a hindrance to those recovering from cancer.
This blinded randomized study compared biofield healing with mock healing for four weeks. Those who received  biofield healing  had a significant decrease in fatigue  and cortisol (the stress hormone).  As cortisol drops, our relaxation and healing hormones rise.

hand w light borders pixabay flare appliedProfessor Susan Lutgendorf in 2010 published a study of Healing Touch for women with cervical cancer who were undergoing chemo-radiation.  Usually chemo-radiation causes a decline in natural killer cells which fight cancer.
But in this case, the women who received Healing Touch maintained their natural killer-cell cytotoxicity, with no decline.  (The treatments did not impair their natural healthy immunity.)  They also had less depression than the control groups.

Gloria Gronowicz determined that Therapeutic Touch reduced metastasis in mice who were injected with a form of cancer.

In 2010 a systematic review of all the quality clinical trials in biofield therapy showed the strongest evidence for pain reduction in many populations, even with chronic pain.
Relief of anxiety is another reliable outcome of biofield therapies.
Evidence also suggests benefit for the restless symptoms of dementia.

When I worked in hospital, my own case studies showed Healing Touch to be calming for those with anxiety and agitation,  reducing high blood pressure, relieving pain, lending more vigor to the weak, and bringing peace to nearly everybody.

Scientist Dr. William Bengston, in 14 experiments at 6 universities in the past 30 years, used his version of hands-on healing to cure mice injected with rapid incurable mammary cancer.
Bengston describes himself as a skeptic, and he hired only skeptical students to treat the mice.  He didn’t want belief to play any role in this.  He taught the students to use his simple get-out-of-your-own-way method.
The mice, who previously had a 100% death rate, lived.  Tumors grew but then shrank and disappeared.  The healed mice donated blood to end-stage cancerous mice, and they were healed even without biofield healing.  The blood of the healed mice also conferred immunity on new mice, who were resistant to the deadly cancer.

With these kinds of studies, something surprising is bound to happen in cancer research, so long as we can keep our minds open and our communication flowing.

Tell us, what is your experience with Energy Medicine?

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills  — now booking in March; less available in April.
(Thanks to pixabay for the pic, now modified.)
Biofield: Healing the “Incurable”
What is Energy Medicine?

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Come on Over! Tap into Happiness March 18

How lucky are you?  You’ve seen this on Oprah!  You’ve seen athletes use it at the Olympics!  You’ve read about it The New York Times, Psychology Today, and more!  Now you get to try it yourself, right here in Phoenix!

Meridian Tapping, a.k.a. EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, sets you free from trauma, stress, anxiety, old habits, cravings, pains, and all manner of clinging residue.

At this workshop, learn more-effective methods than ever before, come and see!

Join us at AND BREATHE  And Breathe doorway
3201 N. 3rd St, Phoenix 85012

Saturday March 18, 1:00 to 3:00 pm

$25 with RSVP  –
Contact Diane:  (480) 246 2783             $30 at the door without RSVP

Diane Stallings RN is certified in EFT and has been teaching it to individuals and groups since 2008.
This workshop will be presented in Fountain Hills March 25th.


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I Feel You, but How to Restore my Good Vibes?

Release bad vibes, restore good vibes.  We need this skill now more than ever.  In this blog’s ten years, the most clicks always goes to Protection from Bad Vibes.
So. Can we talk?
We humans are highly sensitive to each other, more than we realize.  We are empaths.  To varying degrees, we feel and take on each other’s stuff.

Italian neuroscientist Dr. Giacomo Rizzolatti studied the neurons in monkeys’ brains – in particular the neurons that light up when they reach and grasp. Something surprising happened in his experiment. The monkey’s neurons fired when he watched a human reaching and grasping.  The same neurons lit up as when the monkey himself was reaching and grasping.

Rizzolatti then studied human beings.  He found our neurons fire not only when we watch someone perform an action, but also when we watch them having an emotion. The same neurons fire as if we ourselves are feeling that emotion or doing that action.
So we have copycat neurons. We basically merge with the people around us and feel what they are feeling, act what they are acting.  This helps us understand our world.

Rizzolatti says these mirror neurons help us mirror other people. We see their emotions, their actions, and we mirror them.   We truly are experiencing right along with them. I feel you, man!  It’s totally true.
This means my thoughts and feelings are a complex mix of everyone around me.
Mirroring happens not only between individuals but within a social network. Harvard scientists have shown how the people around you impact your state of mind, your mood, and your whole social group.
They say happy people are not selecting happy friends, but they are more likely to have happy friends because of the natural flow of Happiness among people.
This also occurs with negative emotions. Angry people are likely to have angry friends, because the anger vibe is flowing, so to speak. In some circles, fear flows; in others, hope.
Moods and emotions are contagious.  Science recognizes this ripple effect.
Our emotions affect not only us, but everyone in our group.
We’re affecting them, and they’re affecting us.
(Thankfully, one person who stays aligned can uplift many, energetically.)

Would you believe that possibly 98% of what we feel is not ‘our’ stuff?

What do we do with all the dross, the bad vibe stuff?

  • Ask yourself, “What is this? Is it mine, or did it come from someone else?”
    If it isn’t yours, say, “Return to Sender with Consciousness.”
    And let it go. Don’t get caught up in a story about how a particular person is always wiping a bad vibe on you.  No indeedy. Let it go. Move your attention to something else, something beneficial for you.
  • When someone’s bad vibe ‘sticks’ to us, sometimes it’s because we need to work with that emotion. Like, I started my day worried about xyz, and now someone throws me the worry vibe.  Try to see this as a good tip-off, to know what’s up with you.
  • Let’s remind ourselves: e-motion is energy in motion.
    Whether that emotion is sad, angry, happy, it is meant to Flow.  Flow in, flow out of us.  When we resist it and say, “I’m not angry, I’m not angry,” then our very resistance makes it cling to us.  (Believe me, I know this one very well.)
    Rather than digging in our heels and resisting the bad feeling, can we move with the flow of it?
    Can we acknowledge that the grumpy people at the store spread their vibration to me? So before I start my car, I breathe.
    I say, “Here’s a grumpy vibe.  Everybody grumps sometimes.
    Three long deep breaths while feeling the emotion is often enough to allow it to pass through us and be on its way.
  • At the end of the day (or whenever), point your palms to the Earth and send out your excess static energies. Allow all worries and concerns to flow into the Earth to be recycled.bath-lady-pixabay
  • Submerge your body in water. Hot baths with salts or Epsom salts help wash away stagnant energies.

These are but a few of many ways to restore good vibes. As mentioned in Protection from Bad Vibes, we have a long ladder of emotions, and we visit them all.  The best thing is to be skilled in knowing where you are right now on the emotional scale, and to find a better feeling thought.
Look for the silver lining on the cloud.

Move your attention to appreciate something, anything, in view right now.
Appreciation/gratitude is the engine to move you naturally to good vibrations.

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills  — now booking in March; less available in April.
(Thanks to pixabay for the pics.)
See What you can do to Protect your Energy
6 Ways to Stop Grumping and Feel Good
Have You Discovered Your Remarkable Biofield?

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