Good Care for Your Fascia and Legs – Be Strong

Here’s an important self-care note, with thanks to my deep-tissue massage therapist.

As we age (beyond 50 or so), some areas of our skin cling to the tissues underneath.
The fascia (connective tissue) gets rigid, which can impair the muscles.

Eventually, thickened layers of fascia may inhibit our circulation, sensation, and nerves.
We tend to develop adhesions, muscle spasms, numbness, knots and restrictions, areas of pain.
Exercise becomes a struggle.
Workouts can make you feel worse instead of better.
Musculoskeletal misalignments increase, and the body can’t move efficiently or comfortably.

The front of the thighs is a common area for this stiff fascia.
If nothing is done, the quadriceps muscles may fail to hold the kneecap in place – which causes big problems.

To rectify this we need to loosen it – by pinching up the skin, squeezing and rolling it.(See photo below – pinch and roll fascia.)thigh fascia pinch

The pinched skin often has an orange-peel appearance.
It might feel crunchy between your fingers.
It may give you a burning sensation or pain when you pinch it.

Keep squeezing and rolling to knead it into smoothness.

This hurt a lot when I started doing it.
The flesh felt extra thick and stiff, even slightly numb.
(I’m an exerciser – how did this creep in? Ah, life.)

The fascia can be tight anywhere on the body, of course.
Check yourself out. If it hurts to pinch the skin, that’s a tight area.

You can do this pinch and roll method not only on superficial fascia but on the deeper muscle layers of fascia (as you grab deeper into the muscle).
The more you massage it, the looser the tissues become.

I’ve been working it for a couple weeks, but it needs more, so I’m going to try the Fascia Blaster tools from fascia guru, Ashley Black.

Take a look at her Fascia Chart – the signs of progressive tightness (including cellulite – and photos of restored healthy-again bodies).

Black says that when you pinch up the skin, a pinch thicker than ¼ inch (or 6 mm) is sticky fascia that needs to be worked out, for your comfort and health.

(BTW there’s talk that foam rollers don’t work very well for stiff fascia.)

My goal is to stay as loose and pain-free as possible in my golden years.

Loss of Balance is another issue of advanced age, causing falls, injuries, and brokentree pose hips.

Yoga teachers say we need to “use or lose” the balancing-muscles in our legs.
The suggestion is to do “tree pose” once or twice a day to keep your balance and strength.

  1. Spread your toes and grab the ground with your standing foot.
  2. Lift the other foot. (Put it anywhere but not against the standing knee.)
  3. Focus your attention on a stationary spot, to help keep you steady.
  4. Breathe and stay there for 10 breaths or so.
  5. Repeat on the other foot.

I think I’ll try tree pose while brushing my teeth (like the yoga teacher said, years ago).
Yoga stretches in general can help relax your fascia, too.

What do you think?
Any suggestions?
Let me know how it goes?

For more:
How to release fascia tension
Effective Fascia Stretches

Sweet Relief of Pain for Bones, Muscles, Ligaments; Foundation Training
Relieve Muscle Soreness after Exercise

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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Catch This Awesome Free Energy Healing Summit Now!

The Age of Energy Healing is upon us!
I’m happy to help announce this FREE event on the web (Nov. 16-20),

where you will learn more about your electrical body, and how your personal electromagnetic system interfaces and feeds every system of your body and mind.

You will learn methods to heal and balance yourself, release old trauma, improve relationships, and so much more.
Feel Better Now.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the masters themselves!

Many of my long-time heroes, master healers and authors, including Donna Eden, Jean Haner, Cyndi Dale, Lynne McTaggart, Eileen McKusick, Judith Orloff, Jonathan Goldman, Anodea Judith, Bill Bengston, David Feinstein, Bradley Nelson, Titanya Dahlin, Dawson Church, and more – 36 awesome energy medicine experts – will guide you to use your natural energies and uplift your wellbeing on all levels of body, mind, and spirit!

Yes, you do have the inner power to treat your illness, to feel strong and healthy, to stabilize emotions and return to harmony.

Sign up for this free 5-day course from amazing speakers.
Each one-hour event (8 sessions per day) is available to view FREE for 48 hours after it airs.

Register with your email here, so you’ll have access for these abundant offerings.

Energy Medicine Healing Summit Nov 16-20, 2020 

Here’s a few points from the host, Dondi Dahlin:

During this unparalleled 5-day gathering, you’ll discover:

  • The effect that energy medicine practices can have on gene expressionand your health
  • Fast and effective Qigong practices to process stress & regulate emotions
  • Sound healing tools to create healthy energy flow and daily detoxification in the brain
  • Advanced methods for training your hands to sense the subtle energy field
  • How to “raise your voltage” to open up a whole new world of possibility for improving health, solving problems, and accessing your full potential
  • An introduction to Logosynthesis®, a new simple and effective healing practice for resolving “frozen” energy in your system
  • How to bolster your health baseline and release energy blockagesrelated to stress, sickness, and trauma
  • Three specific types of light you can access to create better health and well-being
  • Ways you can use energy to deepen relationships
  • Remarkable research on the nature of healing intention, and how it can be captured, stored, and reproduced 
  • How your life lessons are reflected through vibrational energy, which shows up through color
  • Methods supporting the health of organs that are particularly vulnerable to stress
  • How to set much-needed boundaries as you delve into the realm of energy exchange with others 
  • And much more!



Have You Discovered Your Remarkable Biofield?
How about Your Delightful Streams of Info-Energy?
27 Blockbuster Insights that You are Made of Energy

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

Energy Summit announcemt
(Thanks to the Summit for the above images.)

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Your Natural Electricity and How to Be Safe from EMFs

As mentioned in our Earthing post, cellular membranes produce hydroelectric energy (electricity), used for both communication and physical energy in your body.
Even your bones and fascia use and transmit electricity.

Brainwaves are electric. Your brain sends out electrical charges that jump from one synapse to another. These electric signals are speedy and instantaneous.

Electric impulses run from your natural pacemaker (SA node) through your heart, producing every single heartbeat.

Every organ in your body has its own electrical field. (In the 1940s and 50s at Yale, Professor Harold Sexton Burr found that the electrical field of an organ will show imbalances before disease begins in that organ.)

You would not be able to move or think or live without this natural low-voltage electricity running things in the background.
You are indeed an electrical being, producing and handling your own electricity.

However, stronger man-made electromagnetic and radio frequencies (EMFs) have multiplied on the planet, to our detriment.

EMF Harmful Effects
Unfortunately, much is unregulated in the world of EMF.
A lot of new technology has been created without any regard for safety.

Some people may be adapting to these stronger EMFs (somewhat, so far).

Other people are quite sensitive to EMFs, with symptoms such as:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • poor concentration and memory
  • burning skin, itching, prickly sensations
  • pain in joints or muscles
  • nausea and digestive disorders
  • hormonal disturbances
  • asthma or lung problems
  • sinuses and throat either swollen or dry
  • heart palpitations
  • insomnia
  • male infertility

Researchers have found definite links between EMF exposure and:
hormonal imbalances,
depressed immune system,
diabetes, and
heart disease.

Electric, magnetic, and radio frequencies are of course invisible, and most of them can go through walls.
Their intensity fades with distance.


EMF Protection
To accurately determine your personal safety level in your home, use an EMF meter and check the frequencies, especially around your bed (where you spend 33% of your time).

I did this simple investigation at my house.

Faraday cage to block EMFsI was amazed at the sky-high Radio Frequencies near the Wi-Fi.

A metal mesh Faraday Cage is a great solution for this.

After putting the Wi-Fi router into a Faraday Cage, the router EMF was indeed reduced by a whopping 90% (as promised). Yay.

I was blown away by the crazy high Radio Frequencies of the microwave.
I now step away 25+ feet from the microwave when it’s on.
(EMF experts prefer to get rid of the microwave altogether.)

I’m now more aware of my home’s hot-spots – like the Wi-Fi extensions and areas where lots of electrical devices are plugged in.
I’m not in a panic about the hot-spots, but I’m not going to sit next to them either.

Now that I measured EMF in every room and made adjustments, I feel safe, with minimal exposure.

(Hey, if you’re local, you can borrow my new EMF meter to check your Electric, Magnetic, and Radio frequencies. I’m not an engineer – I simply followed the instructions. My meter is shown below.)

EMF meter

Cell phone safety

  • Cell phones damage the blood-brain barrier when they are chronically placed against the ear.
  • Don’t put your cell phone against your head but rather use your earbuds or speakerphone.
  • Don’t talk for more than 2 hours a day on your cell phone
  • Don’t carry a live cell phone on your body all the time.
  • Put it on airplane mode unless you’re using it.
  • Don’t use your cell phone when the signal strength is low (it pulls EMF harder).
  • Don’t keep a live smart phone next to your head at night. Turn it off.

Bluetooth wireless carries EMF (so it’s not a great idea to wear one on your ear constantly).

Cordless phones and their chargers put out tons of EMFs – avoid them.

Chargers – phone chargers and computer chargers often have the highest electrical fields, so stay well away from them when they are charging.

Laptop computer – Do not hold your laptop in your lap or on your body.

Wi-Fi safety

  • Don’t sit near your Wi-Fi router – stay 6 to 20 feet away from it.
  • Put a Faraday Cage around your Wi-Fi router – to block 90% of EMFs.
  • To be super safe, you would turn off your Wi-Fi at night to give your body a break while you sleep.
  • Some people need to make their computer and every device wired instead of wireless, in order to feel healthy and comfortable.

Avoid living near cell phone towers or big nests of power lines.

Smart Meters – Many power companies have installed smart meters on the exterior wall of homes. Do not sleep against the same wall where your smart meter is installed. (Better yet, refuse the installation of a smart meter.)

5G Controversy
In 2015, 200 scientists from 41 different countries signed an appeal to the United Nations to stop 5G technology.
By January of 2019, 26,000 scientists had signed the petition opposing 5G, saying it was harmful for humans and for the environment.
Big business was never required to prove the safety of 5G. They ignored all of the above. 

Scientists tell us that 5G messes up the electrons on the oxygen molecule, making oxygen behave differently than ever before. (5G, which is 60 gigahertz, causes the oxygen molecule O2 to grab an extra oxygen atom and become O3, which is ozone.)

This process affects the structure of water (H2O) as well as the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen in the bloodstream. (Hemoglobin can latch onto O2 but not O3.)

5G /60 gigahertz is an unlicensed frequency. This means companies can freely use it without paying for it. It’s “free,” so it’s super popular with businesses.

It may be difficult to stop 5G right now, but if we care about our Earth, wildlife, and our own health, we can and will remove it.


Your EMF Safety

When we ground to the Earth, we dissipate EMF and excess electrical charges, bring in free electrons, and restore electrical balance to the body.
See my post about Earthing/grounding – How to Make Your Electric Body Strong.

Expert Lloyd Burrell at goes into detail about how to use shielding materials (like reflective paint) and how to truly remove EMF from your life.
If you are EMF-sensitive, see his super helpful website.

Finally I’d like to point out that fear of EMF can do damage all by itself.
So learn about it and make some changes for your safety.

What do you think, and how do you feel about EMFs?

More about handling cellphone dangers See What you can do to Protect your Energy

Safe EMF levels are considered to be
<  3.0 mG for standard magnetic field
< 50 V/m standard electric field
<  5.0 mG weighted magnetic field (sorry I don’t know weighted
<  50 V/m  weighted electric field
<  0.2 mW/m2 (or 1.0 peak) for Radio Frequency

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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Easy Way to Escape the Madness, One Minute Meditation

This may be the easiest way ever invented to quiet the mind and take a breather.

Sit down;
press your hands on your legs and keep gentle pressure there;
breathe deeply into your belly for one good minute.

Observe how the mind calms down.

This is because you gave your mind a task, to keep your hands pressing on your legs (although any location will do).
The mind can do only one thing at a time, and it stays busy with that one task you gave it.

Breathe deeply now.
Allow peace to saturate you.

You might like to add the bonus of inhaling light/love and exhaling darkness.
(Exhale burdens, emotional garbage, worries and concerns.)

Blow off your stress.
Nurture yourself.
Feel your heart calm down.
Feel your tension melt away.
Feel refreshed!

Go a little longer and deeper if you wish.
Let us know how this feels for you?

Humor is another antidote to stress. See the previous post for a rollicking funny eBook (dark humor).

How to Meditate like a Boss in Bliss
Easy Way to Your Calm Safe Strong Soul – a Spine Meditation
Feel Better Now with this 10-minute Meditation


Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

easiest meditation 96 dpi

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Provoking, Poignant, and Hilarious eBook FREE this weekend

Here’s a cool eBook from our son, Levi Stallings.
Head Lines: Poems from the News is a rollicking, thought provoking and humorous look at the world as it is now, presented through clippings from news headlines.

Grab it free this weekend (Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2020)!  (Usually only $1.99!)
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BTW the Kindle app is free for your device.
(If by chance you feel called to write a quick review, please make it about the book itself, not about how you know Levi.)

Reviews say:
It’s taking a nonsensical world and reordering it to reflect back emotional truths. 

This book is poignant yet also hilarious, a fun time-capsule, and also gritty and gut-punching.

His humor and wit make a day bright.

an eye-opening dive not only into the headlines of contemporary world news; it’s an exploration into what we call “news” as a whole.

The book as a whole is inspiring, creative, sometimes dark, but most of all, it’s important!

It’s a curious reflection of our clickbait-saturated, insta-news culture, sometimes dark, often funny, always bizarre, just like the news-cycle.

resonates, gives you chills, and makes you laugh.

Head Lines cover

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Wacky Odd Fiction of the Dead Day

Happy Halloween / Day of the Dead . . .
Here’s a wacky odd fiction story I want to share –

Wylie, Back in THE Day  (by D.S.)

He had a good reason to be drunk, but dadgummit, Wylie had managed to hit the only other car on this whole lonely road, smashed it, a young mother and baby.

The mother filled his ears with “Feed my baby, feed my baby,” till Wylie clamped his hands around his head.

It was weird enough to feel looped and dizzy drunk after eight dry years, but the surreal sight of their crumpled Plymouth Valiant and the baby’s cries threw him into despair.

Sprawled in the yellow grass, he bound his handkerchief around his bleeding hand. One hip pained so bad, he thought he’d broken it, but he shifted around and managed to kneel.
On the gentle slope of small scrub pines, his ’65 Ford truck sat on its head, the cab squashed flat, the door hanging free where he had tumbled out.
Should have been killed, he told himself.

“Feed my baby!”

“Okay, okay,” Wylie answered.

Her car was fifty yards downhill. How the hell could she send her voice this far, this clear? Right in his ear.
He stood up shakily. His knees buckled. Every bone in his body ached.

“Come on!”

“Lady, I’m seventy-one years old. I’m going as fast as I can,” he yelled.

“If you weren’t so drunk -”

“I’m perfectly sober now, believe me,” Wylie shouted. He hobbled through the grass, stumbling on half-buried stones.
The funeral of his youngest son was the perfect occasion to get drunk, even after all his years on the wagon. He’d have to tell her that when he reached her car.
Despite Wylie’s rising sense of righteousness, the heartache and loss of Brett flooded his chest again. Worse, the horrible mess he’d made right here tormented him.

The baby’s cries grew louder as Wylie drew closer to the back of the car.
“It’s okay,” he called out, “I’m gonna get you.”
He saw the little one’s arms flailing above the back seat.

He leaned on the trunk and edged around the collapsed back wheel. “Lady, I am so sorry, you have no idea how sorry I am.”

“You are a sorry mess. I can’t listen to your apology. Just get my baby.”

Wylie glanced at the back of her head.

Frozen in the driver’s seat, she faced the shattered windshield. “Get Kimmy out,” she said.

The baby’s cries tore the air. Her tiny cheeks reddened with fury. Wylie leaned in to unbuckle the car seat.

“It’s time for her to eat,” said the woman.

“She’s moving everything, and she has one little cut on her forehead,” said Wylie. “Maybe I should get you out first.”

“I won’t be getting out. Just take her, will you? Take her whole seat. You’ll need it.”

Wylie wrestled with the seat belt. The baby screamed in his ear. He pulled the whole contraption out. She thrashed around.

“She’s fine, look.” He crouched next to the driver’s window so the woman could see.

The woman didn’t turn her head.

Wylie stared. Her chest had caved in from the steering wheel. Glass had cut her face and neck.

Her mouth didn’t move when she said, “I know she’s fine. She’s hungry.”

“Cripes!” he said. “You’re – you’re -”

“I’m dead. Yeah, I figured that.”

“Oh, God. Oh, God!” Wylie wept. His knees buckled.

“Don’t you dare drop my baby!”

“I won’t,” he sobbed, tilting the car seat onto the ground in front of him. The baby stopped her crying to watch him.

“Oh shit, oh shit,” he cried.

“Pull yourself together, Buddy, you have to feed my baby.”

“I will,” he said. “You should go. Go to the light, or wherever.”

“And leave a numbskull like you with my Kimmy? I don’t think so, not till I see this through.”

“Oh hell, Lady, I just buried my son.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“But this is even worse, what I did to you.”

“No shit. Apparently my number was up.”

“Why the hell did you take this road? Nobody uses this road anymore.”

“We were coming back from a picnic at Seven Springs. I like the back roads.”
Kimmy wailed again. She was barely old enough to hold her head up.

“Okay, Lady, you got a diaper bag and some bottles? I know how to feed the bottle. Lord knows I did that with my own son, after Minnie died. She left me with three little guys. Brett never knew a mo-mother except me.” Wylie smeared his arm across his wet eyes.

“The diaper bag is in the trunk. I don’t have any bottles.”

“What? No bottles?”

“She’s breastfed.”

“Oh, geez, how do you think I can feed her, then? Chrissake, in this day and age you got the convenience of bottles.”

“I don’t know, just find a way.”

“I’m fifty miles from anywhere,” he groaned, clenching his fists on her car. “I don’t have a CB radio, I got nothin’. Stranded!”

The late afternoon sun slanted golden across the scrub pines and junipers.

She said, “I’m trying to summon help for you.”

Wylie nodded briskly. “Oh, great. What do I do in the meantime?”

“I don’t know. It looks like help arrives tomorrow.”


“They’re working on it!”

“Good God, I thought you could get anything like magic on the other side.”

“Depends on the lesson or something,” she said tentatively.

“Your lesson or mine?”

“How do I know? I just got here. Do you think I know what I’m doing?”

Wylie rubbed his face with both hands.

Kimmy screamed.

“Guess I’ll get that diaper bag,” he muttered.

Trying not to look at the woman’s crumpled body, he reached around the steering wheel to pull out the car keys. His eyes strayed to her breasts, which looked like they held plenty of milk. “What if -”

“That’s not gonna work, you Dumb-shit, the milk won’t let down. It’s already curdling.”

“Okay, okay, relax, Lady.”

“My name is Jennifer.”

“Well, Jennifer,” he said, hobbling toward the trunk, “you put me in a bind here.”

“Excuse me?? I put you?”

“Well -”

“Didn’t you kill me just now?”

Nausea rose up inside Wylie. “I’m afraid I did.”
Bile in his throat. He spewed into the yellow grass.

“I know it was an accident,” she said.

“Nothing I can do to make it right,” he choked.

“It just happened, that’s all.”

“I’ll pay for it the rest of my life, I know it, I’ll go to Hell.”

“Oh, Mister, don’t cry. It’s just – fate.”

“Fate? Don’t tell me about fate. Minnie died at your age, from a butcher who called himself a surgeon. That was his stupidity, not fate. This here’s my own damn stupidity. You hate me, and I deserve it.”

“It’s strange, though – I don’t hate you,” she said.

Wylie opened the trunk and lifted out the diaper bag.

“You might just leave the bag in there,” said Jennifer. “The trunk is a good place to change her.”

Wylie saw she was right. A baby blanket lay ready for that purpose. He gimped back to the crying child and picked her up, car-seat and all. He set that in the open trunk and pulled her, squirming, out of her seat.

Kimmy screamed and windmilled her limbs in every direction. Her scalp reddened underneath her peach fuzz hair.

“Shhhh,” he urged.

“It’s okay, Honey, the man’s going to change you,” said Jennifer.

At her mother’s words, Kimmy cried even louder.

She wanted only mother, Wylie thought.
Last time he’d changed a diaper it was cloth, with pins. Her newfangled disposable held water so well, her skin wasn’t even wet. He grabbed a fresh diaper.

“Use a wet wipe, Mister.”

“Uh, right. Can you hear my thoughts?”

“No, I can’t hear your thoughts. I hardly know you. But I can see you.”

Wylie secured the new diaper and lifted the baby to his shoulder, patting her back. Her cry softened yet persisted.

“She’s hungry,” said Jennifer.

Wylie frowned. He felt useless. He patted her back and her bum. “You could have kept a bottle or two in case of emergencies.”

“We didn’t need that. I’m always with her. Ohhh, I feel like crying but I can’t. All I can do is moan.”

“Listen, wait,” said Wylie. “Maybe I can find a watering hole or a creek.”

“Oh, no you don’t, that water’s full of bacteria. Besides, water has no nutritional value.”

“It’s a damn sight better than nothing.”

“We have another option. They’re telling me right now.”

“Who’s telling you? Should I mush up sweet grass or something?”

“No, no, I can’t even hear them with you talking and my heart moaning. I have to listen. Be quiet.”

Wylie carried the baby to the shade of a scrub pine. Unsteadily he knelt, then sat down, still holding her as she cried louder into his ear.

His mouth felt dry as tree bark. He hoped Jennifer’s angels would find them a cow, or maybe a cooperative deer. That would be something, for a doe and her fawn to come offering deer milk.
He shook his head. Not in a million years. But anything was possible, he thought.
The sun sat low in the western sky. That baby blanket would help keep Kimmy warm. Maybe he’d curl up with her in the trunk.

“They have a plan,” said Jennifer. “It’s only for today, till help comes tomorrow.”

“Why can’t they just bring the paramedics faster?”

“I don’t know!” Jennifer snapped. “I’m telling you what they told me. It all hinges on you, if you can get outside yourself for one minute!”

“Okay, don’t get testy. How do I get outside myself? That’s a funny thing to say.” But even as he spoke the words, he knew his grief and his drinking binge had made him collapse too far inside.

“They want you to remember how it felt to care for three little boys, a month after Minnie died, when you finally had it together.”

“Yeah?” Wylie blinked, on the verge of tears. The weight of the baby girl in his arms felt like his infant son.
He remembered months of waking up twice a night to feed Brett and burp him.
He remembered how the older two would wake him at dawn again, wanting to play during the little slice of time they had before the babysitter arrived and Wylie went to work. He remembered how he couldn’t wait to get home again to those little guys, so they could wear him out all over again.

“You thinking about it?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah.” Wylie’s voice cracked.

“Feel anything?”

“Broken heart. Nostalgia.”

“Don’t get sappy on me, Mister. I mean do you feel anything in your flesh?”

Wylie did notice an odd tingling sensation in his chest. Right around his nipples.

“Whoa, wait a minute!” With his free hand he struggled to unbutton his shirt to look at himself.
His skin was starting to bulge. Maybe a couple gulps of milk under there, pooling up on each side?
“Goddamn, now just wait a minute here, fellas, I don’t think so!”

“I do, I think so,” said Jennifer. “It’s all we got, it’s what they have to offer, and Kimmy only needs a few ounces anyway.”

“But -??”

“Don’t struggle, you might wreck the whole thing,” she said.

“Holy moly. Holy moly.” He tried to catch his breath.

. . .

(Brought to you by Diane’s imagination.)
ghost story plateau-scrub pine Needpix

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Get More Natural Energy through Your Breath

In these difficult times, many of us feel we are choking – from violence, smoke, anxiety, conflict, exhaustion. So I’m sharing this blog post (revised since its original appearance in 2012).

Breath! Yes indeed.
We breathe all the time. Don’t let it get boring. Use it for the energy-source it is.

We are swimming in air, and we take it for granted. We can’t see it, taste it, touch it, yet it constantly nurtures and energizes us.
We’ve all had moments when just breathing felt satisfying.

But we tend to forget to breathe well.

We get stressed, tense, bummed-out. “Just gotta get through this, then maybe I can breathe.” We clamp our lungs down for any number of reasons.

Notice how we instinctively hold our breath when a tense moment arises, or when something is said that we do not want to hear.

We block that moment and resist it by stopping the breath.
Apprehensive, we take in smaller puffs of air, high in the chest, suffocating a bit.

When we relax and breathe deeply into the belly, we allow ourselves to hear and experience life more fully.

In a lifetime of stress, we may develop the habit of breathing only into the tops of our lungs, using a fraction of our lung capacity.
Less breath means less energy.
Biologically speaking, our cells suffer from lack of oxygen and the entire body feels weaker.

Metaphysically speaking, breath is literally filled with prana, chi, light, energy.
You can notice the difference within a minute, as you take a few good breaths.

Call it relaxation, ease, release: your body and mind feel better immediately.

As you develop a healthy-breathing habit, you will gain more physical energy and the ability to de-stress the moment you wish to do so.

Often pain decreases when you breathe deeper and slower. Anxiety and pain are tied together, and they loosen up together. We’ve all experienced this.

Belly Breathing is our first step toward more energy. Ever watch a sleeping baby breathe? Their chest doesn’t move. Their round belly is rising and falling. We all naturally did this as infants.
When the belly expands, the diaphragm pulls air all the way down deep, filling the entire lungs with sweet oxygen. If you’ve been in yoga class, you know belly breathing.

Place your hands on your belly now, and take a slow deep breath. Does your belly stretch outward? This is good.
The belly should expand big on the in-breath and collapse smaller on the out-breath. If this is not happening, it means you’re using only the tops of your lungs. You’re missing out on your full capacity.

If you tend to hold your belly in tight to look more attractive – is it really worth suffocating yourself? Be floppy and free!

You can easily teach yourself to belly breathe. Place your hands on your abdomen and engage your abdominal muscles. On the inhale, stretch your belly out expansively. On the exhale, contract it inward. Soon this will come naturally.

Your body will be happier and more relaxed when it re-learns belly breathing.

Belly breathe for all of the following methods.


Calm Breath Counts
Counting with the inhale/exhale is used in many traditions.
You don’t need a full second for each number – just count at your own speed – but make it a steady count throughout. Some methods have you holding your breath for a few beats.

Among the many “counting breath” options, here are two for calming down. Neither one holds the breath.
The long exhalations automatically turn on more relaxation hormones, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and relax the fight/flight response.
Just count steadily in, and out. Smooth.

In-breath: 1-2-3 Out-breath: 4-5-6-7-8
In-breath: 1-2  Out-breath: 3-4-5-6-7-8


Heating Energizing Breath Counts
These two breath counts are rapid, cleansing, and heating-you-up. They can bring in extra energy when you are fatigued.
They can also ramp up energy for hands-on-healing to yourself or others.
Always breathe from the belly. Do these heating breaths very briefly, because they can make you dizzy. Return soon to gentle slow belly breathing.

1:4 – one big full breath in, four counts out. Like so –  In: 1! Out: 2-3-4-5.

Fire Breathing – You’ve done this in yoga class: rapid in-out-in-out-in-out like a choo-choo train, as your belly moves fast out and in. Limit this to only 5 to 7 breaths. Don’t hyperventilate. Rest a moment before repeating.

Always return to gentle belly breathing.


Melting Breath is my name for a yummy breath style I learned from Brugh Joy’s 1979 book, Joy’s Way.
Melting breath feels soothing and energizing.
If you can feel, sense, or even imagine subtle energies, this melting breath may be quite delicious for you. (In fact it provided instant relief for my body while on-the-job in ICU.)

Brugh Joy MD simply calls it “breath control” and presents it as a ten-breath preliminary before deep meditation. You may want to use it that way, or try it for refreshment. It goes like this:

1- Take a long deep belly-expanding breath as you sense/imagine beautiful light completely filling your lungs.

2 – Hold gently for a count of 7.

3 – Place your tongue at the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth, and exhale over your tongue, out your mouth, making a soft hissing sound. (Can also be done without any sound.)

4 – This makes a slow drawn-out exhale, during which you sense/imagine all that beautiful light flooding into every cell of your body, in every direction.

I call it melting breath because it makes my whole body melt, easing every tight muscle.
(It’s fine to shorten the holding phase, if you like. It’s fine to relax your tongue for a silent exhale.)


Heart Breath is recommended by the Institute of HeartMath.
Use deep relaxed belly-breath, but imagine the breath flows directly into your heart.

Imagine bringing air in through the center of your chest, straight into your heart.
As you continue breathing into your heart, think upon a beautiful memory or someone you love. Amplify your sense of gratitude for these.

Stay in this loving appreciating space, as you continue breathing into your heart.

This is a de-stressing method that gradually dissolves chronic anxiety and enhances your life toward happiness.
The HeartMath site ( offers tons of scientific research showing how attitude impacts us biologically.


Whether you engage your breath to relax or energize or explore subtle prana life force, it is an adventure.

The more you play with breath and meditation, the more you will sense real life force moving up and down your spine as you breathe.
From there we begin to know there’s a whole lot more going on for us than just our physical body . . .

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Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, ancestral clearing, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching.
She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.
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Enjoy Free Natural Simple Stress Healing with Your Hands

Try this free self-healing, a quick easy way to relax and nurture yourself despite the chaos.

As you know, rivers of light-energy-information, known as meridians, flow through us.(Meridian points are used in acupuncture and other modalities.)
Each meridian corresponds to an organ, and also relates to particular emotions.
Some meridian beginning and ending points are located in our fingers.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have used an easy way to balance emotions and improve health. Jin Shin Jyutsu is the long name for this simple self-healing method.

Wrap the fingers of one hand around your other thumb.
Relax and breathe deeply, gently for a couple minutes.

You may feel a pulsing when the energy comes into alignment.
By holding your thumb, you reduce worry and anxiety.
You also improve the health of your stomach and spleen.

Holding your index finger, you diminish fear.
Keep breathing and relaxing.
(See the image below, regarding each finger’s meridians / organs.)

The middle finger – you guessed it – expresses anger.
Soothe it away by holding that finger and breathing deeply.

The ring finger reflects sadness.
Cushion it in your hand and breathe.

The little finger is about trying too much, efforting too hard, possibly feeling unworthy or judgmental.
When you wrap your hand around this finger and breathe, you literally nurture your heart.

You can also press and hold the center of your palm, which increases calmness and harmony.

Generally this practice begins with the thumb and goes in order to the rest of the fingers, as we have done. Then treat the other hand.
(But it should work fine, in any order.)

You can also treat one finger in the moment.

When you’re feeling anxious, grab your thumb and breathe.

Co-worker aggravating you?
Don’t give them “the finger,” but grab your middle finger and hold it.
Breathe. Then hold your other middle finger, just for safety’s sake.

It’s not vital to spend a full 2 minutes on each finger.
Even a little will help, a few easy breaths.

When you have plenty of time, a session of 10 minutes can really boost your well-being.
You will feel mellow, with more energy.

Easy shmeesy, right?

Tell us, how did you feel with this quick self-treatment?

(Thanks to my friend, Robin Farina, for turning me onto this easy form of self-healing.)

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hand Jin Shin Jyutsu 96dpi

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, ancestral clearing, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching.
She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.
Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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Why should I Care about my Powerful Thought Forms?

Your thoughts rule.
But you can rule your thoughts.

10 loose definitions of a thought form

  • a fundamental belief or opinion belonging to a person or a culture
  • an energy form composed of both thought and emotion
  • a vague or clearly-defined intention, belief, or feeling
  • mental imagery that fulfills a function (for an artist, novelist, anybody)
  • an obsession or fixation
  • magnetically attracts similar thought forms (tones, emotions)
  • arises spontaneously from a person’s thoughts/emotions all day
  • used intentionally or unconsciously by a person or a collective
  • runs your behavior when you are unaware
  • can and should be used proactively to enhance life
  • (and probably more descriptions too)

Let’s look at a few of these aspects here.

Surely, you’ve had a pain and noticed, the more you focus on it, the bigger it gets?
Maybe it’s a sore spot, a sprain, or a hang nail. You keep thinking about it.

Your thought-emotion, your focused attention, enlarges whatever it focuses upon.
Energy follows attention, and
Attention enlivens its object.

For instance: 10pm “my throat’s a little dry tonight” … 11pm “it feels scratchy” …  2am “oh no, it’s worse, something’s wrong!”
This “worry thought form” can bring on a sore throat.

Thoughts hooked to emotions become thought forms.
Thought forms are real and potent. They carry a punch.

Are they invisible?
Yes and no.
We tend to feel emotional vibes, not see them.
But some clairvoyants can see these thought-emotion forms in the air (in the aura).

More than a century ago, Annie Besant showed us pictures of personal thought forms (in Thought-Forms by Besant and Leadbeater).
Clairvoyants saw and drew these colorful shapes emitted by people in various states of mind and emotion.

The image that fascinates me the most is “sudden fright,” shown here as a spray of needles (shooting toward the right – and the secondary angry red crescents arose as the person got angry about the scare).
sudden fright 1901 drawing BesantThis image resonates with my felt experience.
For me, sudden fright occurs when a vehicle swerves into my lane and nearly hits me.
I feel a ton of needles zapping out from my face, torso, and arms.

Does this needle-sensation happen to you, in a scare?
I would be so curious to hear from you.

According to Besant and Leadbeater, we constantly emit these astral cloud puffs of emotional thought forms.

Meanwhile, other people’s thought forms drift into our field and affect us.
We attract more of them when we dwell on a particular emotion.
That’s the misery-loves-company experience. Misery attracts more misery.

Some sources say that up to 98% of our feelings do not belong to us, but waft in from others, or from the collective.

Collective attitudes/beliefs/emotions impact us tremendously, if we let them.
I feel these collective thought forms.
Do you?

I caught the virus early, when our regional panic first exploded.
That wave of fright flooded the land.
When I read detailed medical accounts from NYC, my fear intensified.
I felt scared for friends and family. (Thought I would be fine.)

But I fully felt the big scare, and my eyes heated up in an odd way.
A fever arose the next day.

As my ‘rona journey rolled on, my sense of fear ran high, amplified by the world.
But I could release fear, meditate it away, or tap it down using Energy Psychology (EFT meridian tapping).
I would go to bed feeling fine and stable.
Then at 2 a.m. the collective distress would hit me.
My fear surged again, hijacked by the collective terror.

We’ve all been affected by global fear, I think.

Stirring up fear is totally counterproductive.
We could blame it on the media (and turn it off) – however –

Each of us contributes to collective thought forms.

That’s why it is vital now to move our attention away from fear and anxiety.

Take control and focus upon what you love.
Grow more of that.
Every day.

It’s TIME to lighten up, in order to manifest a lighter and smoother world.

We need to tune our inner radio dial to the gratitude station.

You owe it to yourself and to all of us, to relax,
count your blessings,
love yourself,
bask outdoors in the beauty of the Earth,
phone your friends,
have some fun whenever you can.

The first step in shaping your personal reality is knowing that thought forms are real and powerful.

How have you noticed thought forms playing out in your life?


Love it! How to Shift Your World in Hard Times 

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  
Make an
appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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How to Repair Your Lungs after COVID – Visceral Manipulation

After my Coronavirus Journey, I felt deliciously strong, energetic, able to exercise and enjoy life.
I spent all summer feeling grateful to be “normal” again.

When my amazing advanced body work therapist, Valerie Revering, reopened her doors after quarantine season, I was eager to see her.
To my surprise, she said my lungs had the consistency of a hard rubber ball.
She also described them as rubber cement.
(Y’all know that lungs are supposed to be extremely soft and squishy, loose and airy?)

If you think it’s wild that Val could feel my lungs, then you may not have heard of Visceral Manipulation.

Back in the 1970s and 80s, Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. explored how visceral adjustments (of the organs and soft tissues) improve musculoskeletal alignment and good health overall.
He founded the method of Visceral Manipulation.
Since the 1980s Barral has taught Visceral Manipulation worldwide, for the benefit of millions of people.

Why massage your viscera?
Through time, injury, inflammation, lack of motion, our connective tissue (fascia) gets stiff and tight in various locations, which pulls organs and structures out of alignment.

(In my case the virus stiffened my lung tissue, unbeknownst to me. During the illness I had pain down the left bronchus, but I never had a cough. My mild shortness of breath was long-gone, and I felt fine. Some people have more severe lung impairment post-COVID.)

Tight connective tissue can tug, cramp, and impair any of the structures and systems of the body – bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, organs.
All parts of your body are designed to move, slide and stretch constantly.

For instance, your breath moves not only your lungs but your kidneys and other organs.
A restriction anywhere changes the normal healthy patterns, forces other parts to compensate abnormally, and can cause pain and dysfunction.

A Visceral Manipulation Therapist (who is usually skilled in massage and/or other modalities) feels for the decreased motion of the organs and restrictive patterns throughout the body.
The therapist applies gentle pressure, stretching and mobilizing the soft tissues to release restrictions and restore good motion and alignment.

The tissues, organs, and structures feel much happier when they can move freely, in alignment (such is my experience).
Pain dissolves. Better health is restored.

As you may imagine, Visceral Manipulation benefits all kinds of old injuries, whiplash, sports injuries, back pain, migraines, digestive troubles, pelvic pain, fibroids, adhesions and more.
Plus, 80% of musculoskeletal problems involve visceral restrictions. When these are released, lasting musculoskeletal alignment is better achieved.

Lungs_Anatomy Wikimedia

Let’s go back to my lungs – hard rubber ball? Rubber cement?
I didn’t like those words, but when she pressed on my ribcage, it was oddly immobile.

I trust Val. She and her group of therapists are remarkably skilled.

First, she loosened up my lungs from sticking to the walls of my ribs.
We saw, after the session, I naturally took larger breaths with bigger lung capacity.
(I think my oximeter reading improved too – more oxygen in the bloodstream.)

Usually Visceral Manipulation requires 3 to 5 treatments to get the full benefit for the area of focus.

In my second session, she said my lungs didn’t feel quite as stiff as rubber cement anymore.
She pulled the lobes of the lungs apart, and said it felt like Velcro separating.
Cool, I wished I could feel that.

Her hands went directly to surprisingly sore spots and applied pressure that felt super good to me.
(I didn’t know about those sore spots until she found them so easily. “Hurts so good,” I describe that pressure. My body likes the adjustment.)

After this treatment, my lung capacity measurably increased by 250 cc on the incentive spirometer DSspirometer. (See pic. Exercising the lungs by inhaling on a spirometer helps your recovery.)

My third visit was about a month after the first.
Now the lungs felt like bubble wrap, she said (a lot closer to normal).
This third treatment might be enough to finish softening them up.
Again her hands found all the good spots and stretched them into sweet relief.

At home my spirometer showed even a bit more lung capacity.
Feeling better than ever, now!

If you want to loosen up your lungs post Covid-19, check these few contraindications:

  • You need to have strong bone density for this rib work (not severe osteoporosis).
  • If you had Covid-19 blood clots (or any clots), don’t get Visceral Manipulation.
  • If you have any stents, this method cannot be used on you.

Val and her team at And Breathe wellness center in Phoenix have helped people increase their oxygen levels from 91% to 97%, sometimes in one session.  (Try them at 602 368-9880)

Find Visceral Manipulation practitioners near you.
(p.s. I am listed there, but I work only with the digestive system so far – Level 1 course.)


What to Do if You have COVID-19 Coronavirus  (includes supplements that proved helpful for me and mine)

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Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing.  
Make an
appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.

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