When Do Angels Rescue You and Inspire Your Trust?  

Call it angels, or higher self, or Source, or the fairies of the universe, or even sheer coincidence, but tell me, when have you been literally lifted out of harm’s way?
I’ve heard amazing stories of mortal danger averted on the highway.
I’ve heard about a child blown out of the path of a speeding car.
I’ve heard of financial desperation met with a last-minute windfall of money.

What’s your story?
When did you know, without a doubt, that something caught you, cared for you, lifted you up?

Is it real? (Sure feels like it to me.)
Can we trust it?
Can we trust the universe?
Can we trust enough that we naturally open the flow of more miracles?

We often feel alone in the world, yet these incidents remind us that we are never alone.
We are cared for by something greater than our own limited powers.
So much happens behind the scenes, we can’t possibly fathom it.
And it’s not up to us to figure it out.
Yet help is given.
Ask, and it is given, sometimes even when we forget to ask.

When I was a small child, my mom taught me a guardian angel prayer which I dutifully said at bedtime. The idea was that my angel would help me through the night and the day, constantly watching over me.

By the time I was eight years old, I was a bit concerned about this angel standing in my shower with me.
Couldn’t a person get a little privacy?
At that age I’d lost my faith in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Was this angel thing real or fake?

But I couldn’t deny that when I climbed our backyard tree into the tippy top delicate branches, when those branches cracked and fell away, when I dropped through the air with my heart in my throat, Something caught me, rescued me.
It wasn’t just the tree. (Although I loved her a lot, and I knew she was my friend.)
Something else had grabbed me to safety.
I could feel it.
Other kids had broken arms and legs from falling out of trees, but I never did, despite many slips from those tantalizing top branches where I swayed in the breeze.

Mostly, I was glad to have a guardian angel.

Then again, we grow up and try to be smart.
Be logical. Be real.
If you let go of fairies, how can you hang onto angels?
I let go of the angels for a decade or two.

Then one night when I was a capable adult staying at a hotel, the marble bathroom floor slipped me up and crashed me down. My shower-wet feet swung into the air.
I expected an extremely painful landing.
Time slowed down.
Then it felt like I landed on a soft cushy cloud.
(I kid you not. It was remarkable. I know what you’re thinking, but my butt didn’t have that kind of padding, nor did my elbows. I had not been drinking. I wasn’t numb. I got no bruises.)

Daang! My angel was still showering with me.

What a shock – a really good shock.
I thanked her and asked her to stay close.

Years later when I learned energy healing, I began to feel divine intervention all over the place. It’s a delight and an honor to see my clients getting relief.

Life rolls on, through highs and lows.
On a fun day, sweet serendipities pop up, replying to what I need in the moment.
I may be driving along talking aloud to myself, struggling with an issue, and the instant I shift into a better attitude or decision,
a flash of light glints from something shiny into my eyes.
Sunlight sparks off a mirror, a bumper, a sign – to punctuate and confirm my mind and heart.
No, it doesn’t happen all the time.
But it is a repeat experience, so I take it as the super-cool encouragement that it is.

Life keeps showing me that the more you notice and celebrate these serendipity moments, the more they multiply.
They pop up most often when you’re feeling light and breezy.

It’s harder to connect with these messages when you’re feeling down.
But downers are part of life, so we just keep moving along.

A couple mornings ago I woke up from a restless night, at the end of my rope with an emotional situation. (Yes, of course I used my energy methods and prayed a lot, but I couldn’t shift.)

In a mood of semi-despair, you don’t feel like you’re getting any help.
There I was in a tangled heap, exhausted, trying to face the day.

But I voiced gratitude for the few hours of sleep I did get. And I groggily spoke Dr. Peebles’ line, “Thank you, God, for this beautiful day and all the pleasures, treasures, and wonders within it.”
I dragged myself out for my morning walk like I always do.

The uncanny thing was, shuffling down the empty street in my mental fog, I began to sense friendly presences.
The butterfly flitting up to my face was not just a butterfly.
The hummingbird who paused before it sailed over my shoulder was more than a bird.
The family of quail bustling from the bushes into my pathway told me: we are here, we are with you, don’t despair.

Honestly, these all felt like real people to me, real beings who wanted to soothe my troubled mind.
Real messages from Something greater.
(These pleasures, treasures, and wonders!)

Once again, I knew this in my bones:
we are never alone, even when we think we are.

Help is always reaching towards us.
When we ask for help, it will flow in.
A favorite way to ask out loud is – “Please lighten me up.”

You don’t need a name for the helper.
Heck, you don’t need to believe in a helper.
You need only to ask, keep an open mind, and observe what happens.
It may not be an immediate response.
It may take a day or two.
But when you see the response, celebrate it, give thanks, and remember it.
That’s how the phenomenon grows.
That’s how you know the universe is talking to you.

Okay, your turn.
When have you been convinced of divine intervention or inexplicable luck? Or so-called sheer coincidence?
Please share your story in the comments below.
(And how about that parking-spot-angel … ?)


Wing Nut Whispers – when license plates talk to you.
How Does the Cosmos Surprise You and Care for You?
How to do a Sway Test to Access Your Wisdom, Your Truth

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

windy-road fm Torah.org w angel sparks 96d(Thanks to Torah.org for this free image of the winding road, to which we added angel sparks.)

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You Have a Wealth of Delightful Opportunities, says Dr. Peebles

“Deeper and deeper the dreamer of love sleeps on a quilt of stones.”  – Paul Simon

It’s not easy, dreaming of love and kindness to fill up this difficult world.

The other day I told a couple of my family guys that we humans may soon see an end to war, because so many of us around the globe don’t want it anymore.
They laughed, disagreed, and looked at me with jaded eyes as if to say, “History repeats itself.”

But let us clarify that history has no power to repeat itself.
We humans, by our choices, perceptions, and beliefs, take actions that create history.

We can’t blame history.
We can’t blame ancestral grudges.
We can’t blame human nature,
because each human is an individual, making their own choices, moving toward love in whatever way they can, whether they know it or not.

We can’t blame the inertia of our old habitual patterns.

Here are some words from Dr Peebles. (April 10th Dr Peebles Speaks mp3)

Right here in this given moment, my dear friends, there are human beings who are asleep upon the planet Earth, who are out of body, doing wonderful works around the world, helping and consoling children on other sides of the world, when they are in their out-of-body state, when they are asleep at night.
Many of you are ones who do that sometimes.
That’s why you wake up in the morning so exhausted – because you were out working at night, being the angel that you are, being of service to the planet Earth, transforming it through a variety of actions and ways in which you can interact with planet Earth through interacting first and foremost with your ever-loving soul inside.

My dear friends, we love you so very much.
You have options here upon the planet Earth.
Stop believing that you do not.
Stop believing that this world is going to hell in a handbasket overnight.

Please, my dear friends, understand that the love that you are seeking is within you first.
You have charge and control of what’s inside of you.
That is always the case, always and forevermore.

 Unless you choose to buy into the lies and the deception and the conversations that you hear on your news networks and the sadness and such.

Unless you choose to listen to that, God bless you indeed, it will not hurt you.
It will not bother you.
It will not have to become part of your being.
It is through your choices and perceptions that you create your reality of sadness, of pain.
It is your choice to be sorrowful.
It is your choice to be in fear.
It is your choice to be and respond however you are in the world.
It is up to you.

And you can, if you dig deeper inside of yourself and do the work, dig deep inside of yourself to find that God-light within you, and adhere to that, and bring that light to the surface, it is there that you, my dear friends, begin to transform your own reality.

As you are well aware, you might be in terrible fear, and the person next to you says, “Ah, Dear, don’t you worry about a thing. Everything’s gonna work out beautifully. There’s a plan here. God’s in charge. God wins. Everything’s going to be fine. God’s love prevails no matter what.”

And yet you are fearful.
Well, my dear friends, it has nothing to do with the way things are in the world that you are fearful.
It’s only because you choose to be fearful of the things that are the way they are in the world.
That you choose to put your attention on those things that are scary rather than looking at the birds, rather than looking at the beautiful trees, rather than sitting in gratitude for the wonderful gifts of life. The breath that you breathe here, right now.

Take a nice deep breath.
Relax, release, surrender, my dear friends.
You are pure, unabashed love.
That is it. That’s what you’re created of.

That is not contingent upon whether there are wars in the world or anything else.
That’s just who you are.
That’s at the core of you.

That is at the core of every single soldier is hurting somebody right now.
That is at the heart of any politician who is lying to the public.
It is at the core of anybody who’s creating drugs and other things to calm humanity.
It is at the core of people who are doing horrific things.

That love is there.

They’re just finding ways to ignore it. They’re finding ways to run away from it. They don’t believe in it.
They have fallen away from God’s love, and they are striving to understand and to return to Source through a variety of actions. First, working from the outside in, thinking that’s going to make a difference.
But eventually they’ll find that all of those resources, trying to change the world around them, will be exhausted.

They’ll say, “This is just simply not working. Where else can I look? I’ve looked everywhere. I’ve tried every possible way of changing the world, making myself happy. I’ve acquired and accumulated as much money as I possibly can  …”

  • Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, 4-10-22

In this April 10th mp3 of Dr. Peebles, Summer writes:

Dr. Peebles speaks about how to journey to the heart, calmly and peacefully, despite the circumstances around you:

  • Why do you care so much?
  • What is at the heart of fear?
  • Are wars God’s fault?
  • How to be a good listener
  • How to respond to a platform you don’t agree with
  • You still have options! Pick one!
  • How to create a relationship with loved ones who have passed
  • People who leave in a horrific way: where are they now?
  • What is “truth?”
  • Are there rules we must follow from “above?”
  • There is no such thing as nothing
  • The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes
  • Resurrection is happening
  • And more!

Buy the April 10, 2022 mp3 NOW!

Also don’t miss Summer’s awesome delicious website, summerbacon.com, where you’ll find tons of inspiration, enlightenment, and freebies too!

Wishing you a Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!

purple-red-yellow-tulips Piqsels(Thanks to Piqsels for this image.)

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5 Ways to Cope with Weird Difficult Energies this Month

How about these energy swings?
This month of April we’re getting extra cosmic downloads of energy,
and/or extreme energy from all the crazy stuff on the planet,
and/or we’re facing up to our inner growth,
and/or we’re catching the energies of others.

We may feel whacked and fatigued.
Then sometimes the energy sweeps upward and we feel much better.

Have you been going through this?
My friends and I are feeling it.

We have countless tools to rebalance our energy,
but we may forget to use them.
Our vision narrows down to the problems.
We go into that narrow view, away from the broad view of universal love and light.

What to remember?

  1. Breathe, listen inside, and ask, “Is this my emotiondiffu or someone else’s?” If it’s someone or something else, say: “I now return this to sender, with consciousness.”
  2. If this energy or emotion belongs to you, then breathe into it. Allow yourself to feel it, and keep breathing through it. The emotion tends to rise, then dissipate within 90 seconds. (It may help to softly say the emotion – e.g. “anger, anger.”)
  3. Feel like whining, groaning, moaning? Go for it. Our voice wants to exhale the negative energy. Make time for Toning – breathe deeply and let your voice do whatever it wants. Make any sound that wants to come forth. Let the voice express tones without words. Keep it going. Your voice vibration is literally loosening up and dissolving the stuck energy. This may take 5 to 20 minutes. You’ll hear the sound lighten up. It will finish naturally. It will feel complete.
  4. If you’d rather not make any noise, you can diffuse the heavy emotional energy through your meridian system. Breathe fully and hold each finger for a while (2 minutes). This is a Jin Shin Jyutsu method. Each finger correlates to a particular meridian and emotion. Relax and drain those overwhelming vibes – easily.
    (Alternatively, massage the K27 meridian points underneath the collar bones. These K27 sore spots want relief, and they will bring comfort.)
  5. Salt dissipates negative energies. (I like salt lamps, but open cups of salt water can also reduce negative vibes in a room.) For centuries, people of India have washed the floors with salt water to remove sadness and tragic vibrations. According to Ayurveda, salt is absorbing and drying – absorbing negativity. Also salt is made of crystals, so its properties naturally amplify (any crystal structure is an amplifier).
    Drop the dense cling-ons with frequent warm Epsom salt baths (2 to 3 cups Epsom salt – add a few drops sage or lavender essential oil – option to add 1 cup baking soda too). If you have no tub, pour salt in your hand and use as a shower scrub. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, which soothes anxiety, muscle cramps, insomnia. (Plus most of us need more magnesium, and we can absorb it through the skin).
    If you don’t have Epsom salt, any healthy salt is good in a bath. Or swim in the ocean.

How have you been experiencing these times?
What are your favorite ways to cope?
Please share in the comments below.

These years are not easy, but we will get through them.
Be gentle with yourself. Get plenty of rest and nourishment.
Return to your connection with Mother Earth (get grounded and present).
Return to your connection with the Divine (whatever you conceive That to be).
Return to your gratitude practice – count abundant blessings with a focus wheel.

Meanwhile, take heart. These crazy times won’t last forever.
Keep your patience on.
The frequencies and energies on this dear planet are indeed shifting.
Shifting to 5D.
People are changing.
Each of us is going through exactly what we need in order to open our hearts and connect with our souls.
We are melting down, so that we can return to what really matters.

And, you guessed it, I can’t resist sharing more suggestions:

Listen to brain sync music, such as Gamma Stimulus.
Get a Free energy infusion from Eileen McKusick, founder of Biofield Tuning.
Drop Stress – soothe your Vagus Nerve – 4 quick tips.
See cosmic energy in the sky (and regain your trust in the universe).

Cheer Up in 90 Seconds.
Escape the madness with an easy one minute meditation.

Bliss out with 44 fun meditations in the Calm Comfort book.

Strange energy or pain – how to birth it, from Dr. Peebles

How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

man-tightrope Piqsels sm

(Thanks to Piqsels for this image. We all feel this way sometimes . . .)

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Why You Might Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay  

Calcium Bentonite Clay is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and in some circles controversial (see cautions at the end of this post).

Bentonite is great at absorbing toxins and bacteria. It attracts and soaks them up like a sponge. It carries all the garbage out, with itself, through the colon.

As mentioned before, I have used this clay intermittently for years, to reduce toxins.
Such as the toxins stirred up after a deep tissue massage (drink clay to diminish morning-after soreness and fatigue).
Such as toxic feelings in the belly when food doesn’t digest well.
Or to avert a food/sugar hangover.

Benefits of Calcium Bentonite clay include:
Relief of gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, IBS, diarrhea
Detoxification of the liver
Removes toxins and bad bacteria from the digestive tract
Promotes a healthy balance of intestinal flora
Boosts the immune system
Removes heavy metals and chemicals (especially after radiation therapy)
Supports efficient cellular respiration (to release wastes)
Reduces effects of hangover (alcohol or sugar), when taken soon after imbibing

Bentonite applied to the skin and allowed to dry, is good for:
Face masks
Skin irritations, rashes, poison ivy, bug bites
Skin infections

How to take Bentonite clay
Rather than buying liquid clay (expensive), most of us buy powder to mix in water.
I make mine about the consistency of pancake batter (but you can make it thinner).

I use a quart jar half-full of water, add 3 tablespoons of powder, then fill with water to about an inch from the top, in order to shake and mix it up. (Then – often it needs to sit around for a couple hours to fully soften the powder.)

My chosen dose is about a half-cup, but that can vary according to your preference.
Interesting drink, a bit chalky. It tastes bland. (Yes, like clean mud.)
If you’d rather not drink it, you can put the powder into capsules (or simply get Bentonite in capsule form).

Take clay 1 to 2 hours before or after medications or supplements (so you won’t diminish their effect).
You don’t need to wait any time with foods.
If you overate or have an upset stomach, a dose of clay will usually relieve it.

Cautions on Bentonite:

  1. Bentonite also attracts and may possibly remove some of your magnesium, potassium, and sodium. (If you have poor electrolyte balance, don’t swallow clay.)

  2. A few years ago, the FDA warned the public of two brands that contained lead (“BentoniteMe Baby” by Alikay and “Best Bentonite Clay” by a website of that name).
    However, Bentonite supporters point out that this lead within the clay is not bioavailable. It is not left behind in the body to build up.
    The FDA has not found any actual cases of lead poisoning from any Bentonite clay products.
    Plus, many natural foods also contain moderately high levels of lead, including nuts, collard greens, Brussels sprouts. But again, we find no reports of actual lead poisoning from that. 

From my perspective, Bentonite is gentler on the body than Activated Charcoal, which is a strong way to clear out toxins. (But other forms of Charcoal may be easier.)

I’m just here to say, Bentonite has been good for me – good for intermittent use, when needed.
As always, this blog does not prescribe anything. It merely offers ideas for you to explore. Take whatever resonates for you, and leave the rest.

Have you used Bentonite? Did it help or hinder you?
Please comment below.

This is my personal favorite Bentonite brand on Amazon – it’s a smooth tasting one, as clay goes. (No link because I’m not an Amazon seller.)
Bentonite Clay

Detox with Comfort
Overindulge? How to handle the ill Effects of Food and Drink
How to Avert a Toxic Hangover, Detox Safely – Bentonite and More

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

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How Love Actually Does Make your World Go ‘Round – Dr. Peebles

Catch the love superhighway frequency of connection, where everything else dissolves.

When I heard the most recent Dr. Peebles message (3-25-22), something clicked strongly in my heart. At times I want to laugh for joy, to envision this aspect of love.
(I used to feel: oh yes, love, that’s a good reminder, it certainly helps everything, builds better relationships, and makes life easier. But to live in love all the time? Just didn’t seem real. It felt like a burdensome effort in a difficult world. But maybe, just maybe, we are on the brink of a breakthrough, deep in our hearts.)

Peebles suggests to get on the wavelength of love and then you can go anywhere and do anything, connect with anybody. Effortlessly uplift everybody.
Pink cord of light joins our hearts.
Pink cord from your heart to every heart in the world.
Trouble literally dissolves.

Just like it dissolved years ago, when I would have a personal chat with Dr. P. on the phone. (“Your vibration is so sweet, everything feels fine now,” I would say.)
That is the unconditional love frequency (I believe).
Same thing, the time I sat in Abraham-Hicks hot seat – sweet energy overwhelmed me. My mind went blank. It was a powerful field of love.
Same thing when Byron Katie absorbed us all into love during her live presentation in my town.
Same thing in our meditation group years ago, when we would sing with Isaac and get into such an expanded state that we sat “with our crowns in our heads,” perfectly content, nothing ever wrong.
The sweet reality of real love.

Each of those times, I stepped into a palpable field of love.

And yes, we step into love with our beloved ones, when all is going well.
We step into love, perhaps, when trying to cheer up the grumpy cashier.

But might we also think of love as a vehicle?

We can step into it and drive it ourselves.

Love is a vehicle for us to ride upon.
Love is a broadband frequency for us to live in sweetness.
Love is a super highway that is always available.

This knowing enveloped me when I listened to the passage below.
Peebles speaks about the love thread that connects everything.

Dr. Peebles Speaks March 25 excerpt
Dig deeper inside of yourself and know that the single thread that runs through everything, wherein you can communicate directly with everyone,
even Mr. Putin or Mr. Zelensky or anybody else that you want to communicate within life,
you do it through love.

You just simply close your eyes, relax, release, surrender. And know, my dear friends, that from your heart to theirs, there is purity.

That is the line of communication that you want to ride, in order to help and assist people upon the planet Earth to awaken.

Simply, if you will, imagine that there is a pink light going from your heart to another. Whomever it might be.

Simply, without expectation or anything else, feel the vibration of love going into theirs.
You don’t even have to put words to it.
You don’t have to say, “oh please, please awaken, please, please, if you will, open your heart to receiving light, love, inspiration, and truth.”

Simply instead, my dear friends, just surrender and allow for that energy to go from you to them.
It belongs to one and all.

It is the blood that courses through everybody’s veins.
That’s why your blood runs red, God bless you indeed.
The color of your heart, the color of your soul, the truth of your nature.

You, my dear friends, are made of heart.
The love of God is within you.
Every single solitary one of you.

If you simply would unite and understand this, and understand that you are interconnected in this way, you would find that suddenly your planet Earth would really start to increase in its vibration of love. Even more so than ever before.

Let go of the things that you are watching on your news television and such.
Let go of the things that you are hearing from your neighbor, about the way life is, and the way it’s always going to be, and how terrible life is going to become.
Let go of your fears of food shortages and worries about gas prices.

Right now just don’t bother with that.
It’s not happening right here and right now.

Take a nice deep breath.
Relax, release and surrender as you’re listening to my voice.
Right here and right now, there is still an opportunity for love, and that is it.
That’s your sanctuary.
Because that is truth.
That’s the vibrational frequency that runs through everything.
Relax, release, surrender.
One heart to another.

Now can you imagine that you are such a magnificent creature, a magnificent spirit – Oh, how great though art – that you can allow for this love that runs from your heart to run into not just one single person, but imagine that you are indeed so magnificent that that vibration not only goes from your heart, but radiates out from you.

Above you, below you, to the sides of you, in front of you, in the back of you.

You’re a beautiful orb of bliss, is what you are.
And that energy expands further and further out.

And guess what, my dear friends?
Everything that you see, hear, taste, touch, feel and smell is filled with that vibration of love, from you.
As you stay in that place, my dear friends, of knowing that you are pure unabashed love.
That everything is interconnected.
That there is nothing to fear.

      — James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon – March 25, 2022

(Next, he guides you to stay in this vibration and bring in something or somebody you fear. Watch how the fear dissipates and melts away in the vibration of love. No matter what a person may present on the Earth as being powerful and controlling – all that is an illusion of separation. It is not real.)

In this mp3, Dr. Peebles Speaks March 25, among many topics, we find out:

The surprising past life relationship between Putin and Zelenskyy
How our reactions could be from previous lifetimes
How we are interwoven and interconnected
We are all in this together
We chose to be on earth at this moment, in this era
How to flip energy from negative to positive
How to heal yourself and others
Learn to dissolve the illusions of separation on a whole new level
and much more

Get Dr. Peebles Speaks March 25 for only 10 bucks.

Many thanks to Summer Bacon for her great clarity and generosity in bringing Dr. Peebles to us.
Don’t miss her wonderful website, including many free teachings.

Embrace all your Yesterdays, Move On, and Dance with Life, says Dr. Peebles

piqsels hands uplifting Earth

(Thanks to Piqsels for this image.)

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Make Your Happy Place Juicy, Bright, and True for You 

What can we do for a world of chaos and pain?
We can bring relief to situations in our own life. But for everything beyond us, all the horrors we hear about?
We can pray for their relief, donate, or volunteer – but realistically, the needs are far beyond our personal power.
As Mother Teresa said, “We can only do small things with great love.”

We need to bring more love to our own circle and especially to our own self-care.
We need to lighten up and laugh whenever we can.

Life is an inside job.
Get your inside aligned, and life flows easier.

When we’re in the emotional ditch of trouble and pain, it’s hard to see our way out of it.
The walls of the ditch block our view. We feel helpless.
In the ditch, we may need to attend to practical matters, but we don’t need to wallow.

One of our primary Earth lessons is to shift our view, lift our attitude, move the focus of our attention.
Find a better-feeling thought.

Bring hope to your life, despite despair.

Our attention makes things grow.
Our attention feeds whatever it looks upon.
Our attention literally brings more energy to that object/situation.

On a bad day, the worse things get, the worse they get.
Our attention is upon the trouble, so everything keeps going wrong.

On a good day, the better we feel, the better we feel.
Our attention is upon good feelings.
Life unfolds to our advantage.
Fun surprises pop up.

Learning to re-focus our attention is a huge big deal.

We could boil all this down to the old adage, “Go to Your Happy Place.”

But – be proactive and use your five senses to build a truly delicious Happy Place.

See it, hear it, smell it, taste it – that Happy Place.
Put all your feelings and visions into it.
Make it fun and juicy.
(Then build more Happy Places, so you can visit them all.)

Feeling-Vision (a.k.a. Happy Place)
Create your own images of brilliant fun, contentment, or the fulfillment of a sweet desire.
Infuse the images with your positive feelings.
Juice it up and be in that scene.

When you slide into stress (or slip into the ditch),
take a breath,
exhale the trouble,
and inhale your Happy Place.

Let’s create a luscious Happy Place right now.

How to Lighten Up: Build a “Feeling-Vision” Happy Place

  • Breathe deeply into the belly, soft and full.
  • Settle into the body, loose and limp.
  • Continue relaxed belly breathing.
  • Recall a fun event or invent one you would love to try. Go there. See it all in your mind’s eye. Feel the sensations. Go into the happy details of it. Hear the sounds. Smell the aromas. Feel the touches, or the sunshine, or the breeze. Amplify the good feelings of having fun in that moment. (Need an idea? See the pic below.)
  • Put together an image, a Feeling-Vision that brings in all the fun. Include everything you like. Fill in all the details. This image can be realistic or surreal or symbolic. Take your time. Get a juicy bright image, filled with delights.
  • Breathe deeply. Bask in this image and all of its sweet sensations.
  • Ramp up that fun inside yourself.
  • Breathe and float with it.
  • Stress dissolves.

Another Happy Place:

  • Go to contentment. It could be as simple as awakening from a good night’s sleep, embraced by your pillows. Or taking a walk on a beautiful day. Or dropping your workday and driving joyfully into the weekend. Or treating yourself to something special that you love. Or losing yourself in a beautiful piece of music.
  • Choose your own time of contentment and go into it with your sensations. What do you feel? Hear? What do you smell or taste? How do your surroundings hold you lovingly? What are the sights, sounds, sensations?
  • Take all the time you need to appreciate many aspects of this contentment. Let it fill you up, into your toes and fingertips. Pure contentment.

Or build this Happy Place:

  • Go into something you desire for the future. It does not have to be attainable. It only needs to be something you would love. Is it a new home? A fabulous vacation? Effortlessly scuba diving or hang gliding? Is it spending your fortune after you win the lottery? Maybe a fantastic sports car, or a plane, or a hot air balloon? A racehorse? Perfect health or strength or beauty? A perfect partner? Anything you desire.
  • Settle on just one yummy desire, and imagine you already have it.
  • How does it feel, to have this scrumptious desire fulfilled? Go fully into these feelings.
  • Make this image clear, colorful, and full of life.
  • Amplify the joy of it.
  • Soak up this Feeling-Vision of your desire fulfilled. You are there. It is yours. Relish it.

Hold and treasure these Feeling-Visions of fun, contentment, and a desire fulfilled.

Embellish them more, as time goes on.

When you get the blues, or you need some good sleep, shift your attention and bring in all the delights of your Happy Place.

Soon these images will pop up faster and raise your vibration wherever you are (even in the ditch).

Remember your Place.

Where is your Place?
My yummy Place is walking in the surf at the beach.
Please tell us more in the comments below.


Go Out of Your Mind for Happiness
How to Be Happy? Focus Your Attention
Secret Happy-Key: Skilled Attention

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

yummy ski ice cream cone Thomas Wolter Pixabay

(Thanks to Thomas Wolter of Pixabay for this yummy image.)

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Beautiful Spirit, You do an Awesome Job for this World, says Dr. Peebles  

Listen to this great encouragement from Dr. Peebles’ message of March 9th (two excerpts).

Take heart with the fact that you feel so deeply because you’re wide awake. Because you are aware of the things that really count upon the Earth. And it is very sad.

You’re upon a school called Planet Earth, and many of you are already in some of the highest top classes – not in terms of hierarchy, but in terms of your awarenesses.
You’ve been here many, many times, some of you, many lifetimes. And you’ve engaged in many, many ways with the planet Earth.

You’ve had many, many struggles with these people around you on planet Earth.

You’ve had to learn about love.
You’ve had to learn to love people that you thought were unlovable.
You’ve had to learn to love experiences that you didn’t like having, but realized that you grew from them. You’ve had to learn from so many hardships, many of you, my dear friends.
That’s why you feel so deeply.
That’s why you care so much.
That’s why you cry so hard.

We love you so very much, my dear friends.

We know that it is not easy to be wide awake upon this school called Planet Earth, when you look around, and it looks like everybody else is just walking around like zombies, here.
They’re not awake. They don’t understand the incredible power that they carry within themselves, do they?
That’s very hard to see, isn’t it?

Those poor children, my dear friends, of God. Those poor children who do not understand.
Pray for their hearts to open. Pray for God’s love, light, inspiration, and truth to pour into their hearts, to fill them up so that their cup can runneth over with that love.

Do what you can in any way, shape, or form, my friends, to keep that light burning brightly.

And also don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t feel like it. Because by golly, you are just simply a human being upon this school called planet Earth, and sometimes you just get downright exhausted. And you have every right to be, because you work hard, because you care so deeply, because you love so fiercely.

It is not easy to feel the pains of the world, as the empaths that you are.

So take heart, my dear friends.
You are a beautiful spirit, and you are doing all that you possibly can to help the planet Earth. You stay in alignment with your soul, what you know is truth – that you are made and birthed from love.
That is important.
Don’t give up on that. Don’t give up on yourself. Not ever, my dear friends.

We want you to realize that it is more important than ever to remember who you are, and awaken in the mornings – you can say something as simple as, “I am a child of God, and I’m here upon this school called planet Earth to share that love with the planet Earth.”

A child of God is not someone who’s not all grown up.
A child of God has simple awareness of what is really important.
A child of God likes to have a cookie now and then.
A child of God sees the things that really matter, that taste good, that are fresh, that are enlightening, that are inspiring.
To jump off the curb and feel like you’re flying, as you were when you were a little child.
This is a child of God – freedom and flight of soul.
Everything is exciting. You become curious. You say, “Let’s see what’s going to happen today. Let’s see how we can create more love and magic in life here today.”

Be aware that it’s all right for you to enjoy your life even when others do not have that promise in their day.
You, my dear friends, if you live somewhere where you actually can go out and go for a walk, and you can pet your puppy dog or your kitty cat, and you can have lunch with a friend, by all means do your very best to enjoy it.

Be that bright light shining.
You will find that the planet Earth will be uplifted by that, over time. You will see it.
Because again, that energy goes out forever more.

 So you think you’re just eating lunch with a friend and laughing. “Oh, that was a good time, wasn’t it?” Yes, it was.
Well, guess what? You just healed the planet Earth in that process, too. You brought more light, love, laughter to the planet Earth, that it desperately needs.

So don’t hesitate to be happy.
Don’t hesitate to be joyful.
There are people who are even laughing in times of war.
Certainly, my dear friends, because that’s the truth, the greater truth inside of every individual. You can’t escape that. You all want to feel that.
You want to feel the wonder of a small child who looks out at the world and says, “My goodness, isn’t it a beautiful day? Look at that beauty out there – of the sky, of the clouds, of the trees, of the birds.”

Look at the wondrous things that human beings have created with their hands, with their hearts. Even the technologies of the day – fantastic! These are human beings in action, here. Some for the good of mankind, some for not so good, but my dear friends, everybody is just learning and growing here. …

… For those of you who sometimes are scorned for who you are, as the healers that you are, as the lightworker that you are, one who believes in the invisible and such, knowing that it is very tangible and that you feel it, and you can see it, and you can hear it. And you know the truth of it in your heart.

For those of you who are oftentimes scorned for this, we say to you, my dear friends, you are courageous.
God bless you for being who you are, for being willing to be who you are. And for being willing to take the daggers and such that are being thrown your way.
To say, “You know something, that’s all right. I love you anyway. And someday you as well will be awake, and you will understand what I am seeing and hearing and feeling and knowing is truth.”

So you, my dear friends, be true to yourself.
What is that expression? “To thine own self be true.”
Hmm. What a wonderful time to do that, more than ever before. Because the world really needs it. And really needs you.

Because you’re awake.
You know something, you would not be listening to my voice right now if you weren’t.
You’re curious. You do have that wonder of a child.
“I wonder what Doctor Peebles is going to say today? Probably the same old stuff he tells us all the time, go and love the world.”

And you’re right. Why would I want to tell you anything else?

 Find countless beautiful ways to love the world, starting with yourself. by awakening to your heart.

Who are you?
Are you one to take up arms and fight in a war? Then do it.
Are you one who wants to go help the homeless? Then do it.
Are you one who just simply wants to eat grapes and sit on the sofa and look at the beautiful sky today? Then do it.
All of those things are important to the world.

All of those things are necessary because they’re necessary to the individual who is doing it, in any given moment. For their own personal growth.

There’s only, my dear friends, growth, always.
Even when it seems like there’s not, there is growth. Always.
We love you so very much.
You are beautiful spirits, and we encourage you to never give up.

Never give up on who you are.
Only you – and God – truly know who you are.
It does not matter what anybody thinks of you.
As long as you know who you are, that is all that matters.

                                          — Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon – March 9, 2022

Download Dr. Peebles Speaks – March 9th (only 10 bucks!)
For this mp3, Summer Bacon graciously offers unlimited downloads, so you may easily share it with your friends, at no extra cost.

Find an assortment of wonderful inspiring material (and many freebies) at Summer Bacon’s website.

Have a beautiful week.
Let’s keep bringing Divine Love to the planet!

Urgent: How to Use Your Heart to Cast a Wide Net of Love – Dr. Peebles
Embrace all your Yesterdays, Move On, and Dance with Life, says Dr. Peebles – Free

sunset hot air balloons Nicepik

(Thanks to Nicepik for this fun image.)

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How to Stop Long-Haul Covid and Feel Good Again

Those of us who had Covid might be still working out a few kinks, those crappy after-effects.
But we can return to good health.
We can feel great again.

It takes time to gather data and figure it out (which is why my dear MD hasn’t been much help, as they depend on studies yet to be done).
I have no research team, but here’s what I’ve seen so far in my own healing journey since spring of 2020. (Take it or leave it, as you wish.)

Some After-effects that cause long-haul Covid:
Histamine overload
Mast cell activation
Stiff sticky fascia which cramps the organs (and can potentially damage the lungs and kidneys, possibly gallbladder, liver, heart, and other organs)

Some Remedies for long-haul Covid:
Low histamine diet (Histamine intolerance causes much of the fatigue and other symptoms.)
Supplements (see FLCCC protocol list)
Rest, gentle self-care, great hydration
Visceral Manipulation therapy to restore the fascia to flexibility. Also helpful – stretching with myofascial therapy work and yin yoga.
For hair loss, try the fascia blasting method to regrow hair.

Last year I puzzled over strange symptoms that looked like allergies (except I did not have allergies – my sinuses were clear and felt fine). I had a teeny tiny post nasal drip, but mostly fatigue with intermittent nausea and weakness. Exercise was sometimes more difficult than it had been. (Because of hidden inflammation, it turns out. The fallout of this long-haul has been strange, because I had only a mild to moderate case of the virus – it wasn’t too horrible at the time.)

By August 2021 I realized the root cause was histamine intolerance – HIT. (Symptoms had appeared 6 months after I had the first-version Covid, then another 9 months to figure it out.)
I began a low histamine diet.
(I used antihistamines for a while, but that is hard on the body in the long run.)

Histamine is produced in the body but also is found in virtually all foods (some more than others).
Histamine is a major player in our immune system functions. (We need it.)
Histamine increases in response to an allergy, causing us to sneeze, cough, and feel bad.

Then we take antihistamines to feel better. (Just a few weeks ago, medical media announced that antihistamines do help with long haul Covid. But how long do we want that potentially harmful Band-Aid, instead of healing the root cause?)

After staying on my low histamine diet and taking Quercetin with Bromelain, I felt much better and wrote a post on it in November ’21. (Had to wait till it worked, to share it.)

Come to find out, the most common cause of histamine intolerance is Mast Cell Activation syndrome (MCAS).
Mast cells are white blood cells throughout the body. We activate more of them when we have allergies or infections.
Mast cells trigger the symptoms of inflammation and the allergic response. They bring in the histamine.
The mast cells then start repairing tissues after the stressor (i.e., infection or allergen) is gone.
This is a normal process for the body.

However, with Mast Cell Activation syndrome, a lot of other triggers can cause them to release inflammation and histamine. They go hyperactive with bodily inflammation, as it were.

(Thus the fatigue and other symptoms. But I didn’t want to claim that syndrome as my own. I insist that the body can heal itself, no matter what.)

The FLCCC front-line doctor group which has been the most proactive in seeking remedies for Covid, now states that “many consider post-COVID to be a variant of the mast cell activation syndrome.”

Okay – next:
Almost immediately after my November 2021 histamine post, the Universe handed me my new task, which was to prevent potential kidney disease.
A surprise in routine blood work showed that my kidneys were functioning at only 50% (GFR 50), which is considered to be third stage kidney disease.
(What?? Function had been a normal 80 in 2018.)

Thankfully, within a few days after that scary lab work, I was scheduled to see my visceral manipulation therapist at And Breathe wellness center. (You may remember in August/September of 2020, she opened up my sticky lungs after Covid.)

Now (Nov ’21) she found that my kidneys were stuck to the peritoneal wall and twisted a bit. The right kidney had somehow pulled away down low, out of its place, because of sticky fascia.
She brought my kidneys back to a normal position.
I then drank tons of water (and Emergen-C, on her advice).

Six days after the visceral treatment, my kidney lab work showed a magnificent improvement.
GFR was 88, compared to ten days earlier, when it was 50.
My kidneys were better than ever.
(I know, right?!? Kidney disease? NO, Thank you!)

Visceral Manipulation loosens up the fascia, which surrounds and encapsulates the organs and every part of the body like one big web.

A happy organ wants to be in its rightful place, gently moving in its own specific way, as it was designed to do.

As far as I’m concerned, Visceral Manipulation is a primary treatment after Covid.
I say this because the visceral therapists are finding that virtually everybody who had Covid in 2020-2021 (early version or Delta) has restrictions in their lungs and sometimes in other organs.
(Omicron and more recent variants do not seem to have that effect, say the therapists. But keep in mind, we are not a research team, and this is all personal observation. You may not need visceral manipulation if you have had only the recent type of Covid.)

Now for a purely speculative thought.
Fibroblasts in the fascia also produce pro-inflammatory cytokines.
We remember that “cytokine storm” was part of the Covid process, causing tons of inflammation throughout the body. Can it be that our fascia (which encapsulates and permeates every body part) has played a major role in the Covid inflammation?
I don’t know. (I’m not a medical scientist.)
I’m not blaming just the fascia, because we have mast cells throughout the body, too, likely to go rogue after this crazy virus, to propagate inflammation.

But we can calm them and rebalance them back into alignment!

Keep your sunny side up!
The body is a self-repairing vehicle, if we give it what it needs.

We can and we will regain our good health!
It is happening for me – I feel great now, with a more supportive diet and good hydration.

Health and Vitality can happen for you!
Go for it!

How goes your healing journey? Please comment below.

P.S. A couple weeks after this post, Eden Energy Medicine offered a quick easy self-care energy method to reduce long-haul and strengthen the life force. Check it out!

P.P.S. Even later now, I found the supplement “Moducare” (plant sterols) which is known to balance the immune system very well. (The histamine issue is an over-active immune system.) I’ve been using Moducare from Thorne company. The recommendation is to use it at least 3 months, as I understand it.
Remember we don’t prescribe anything here – just sharing personal experience.

(Full disclosure – I finished my histamine intolerance in November, and fully opened to the holidays, eating and drinking everything for the next 3 months. But then I fell back into histamine intolerance – back to a low-histamine diet now, with supplements I will do for 3 to 4 weeks, maybe a bit longer. I’m feeling good, but I will be more careful about my food choices for some time. Give the body whatever time it needs. Organic veggies are filled with photons, and what could be better than eating tons of light?)

Find Visceral Manipulation practitioners near you. (On the list, confirm that they have training in Visceral Manipulation – and talk with them about your issue before scheduling.)

Drop Long Haul Covid Histamine Overload, Get my Groove back, and Feel Better
How to Repair Your Lungs after COVID – Visceral Manipulation

See Doctor-recommended supplements for Long-Haul Covid
Histamine Intolerance – suggested supplements from an expert who has lived it for a long time.


Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT Tapping sessionsand/or Biofield Tuning on the phone or in-person, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

fascia tension Flicker Art of Contemporary Yoga - Copy

(Thanks to Flickr and Art of Contemporary Yoga for this fascia representation.)

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Claim the Calm Peace and Strength that Belongs to You in 4 Easy Steps

These are uptight times of conflict all over the planet,
in our own neighborhood,
maybe in our own home.

We all want peace.
We all want happiness.

We have been evolving toward a more peaceful world.
Humanity has improved and joined together, somewhat.

Remember how obtuse things used to be?

Popular culture has changed since my childhood. Last week we caught some Disney movies of the late 50s and early 60s. We cringed at the “joyful fist fight” scenes, where rabid grinning friends cheered on the protagonists.
Was that really a thing?
Our grown kids were appalled, and rightly so.

Unfortunately, I can remember when open bigotry was common.
You would bump into offensive jokes every few days. (Remember?)
Yes, it was sad.
It hurt the heart.
(I cannot even speak to the massive racial inequities and suffering.)

Eventually the phrase “politically incorrect” was born.
Eventually people became more respectful toward each other.
Eventually more acceptance and cooperation emerged.

But man, oh man, “eventually” is a freaking slow process.
We have a long way to go yet.

We feel helpless to enforce peace on the planet.

The only thing we have charge of is ourselves.
We can only and ever change our own behavior. Nobody else’s.

That’s why my friends and I looked again at The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

We need the reminder to relax and remember that we each have our own integrity.
We don’t need to encroach on others.
We need to respect boundaries.

In any given moment, we do have a choice to maintain our own truth and honor.
And our vibration impacts the neighborhood and world.

  1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
    Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions
    Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.
  4. Always Do Your Best
    Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

Take a look at Ruiz’s excellent insightful videos too.

Have you tried these Four Agreements?
What do you think and feel about them?

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.

Four Agreements in color 96d

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Urgent: How to Use Your Heart to Cast a Wide Net of Love – Dr. Peebles

This is a crucial pressing time on the planet.

Today Dr. Peebles (unexpectedly) came through with a serious vital message:

Right now we are standing in conditions similar to the outbreak of World War II.
Anxiety and panic don’t help.
It is imperative that we not repeat our history, but instead pave a new path of love for all humanity.

Each of us is asked to keep love alive in our own hearts, in our circle and beyond.
We are asked to love the unlovable, to the best of our ability.
We are asked to celebrate the diversity of all humans.
We are asked to cast a wide net of love around this Planet Earth, all of us together, linking our hearts and ramping up the love vibration in our daily life, especially today, especially this week.

It Matters More Than Ever, Right Now.

Summer Bacon kindly offers this vital mp3, free to share – it’s that important for Earth, for all of us.
Dr. Peebles Speaks Feb 25, 2022 mp3 download

Here is an excerpt:

Toughest class in the universe, and you chose to take it.
Laboring in love.
And now labor does not feel like labor anymore.
It becomes an experience that you look forward to each and every day.

How can I bring love to the world?
You awaken in the morning – how can I bring love to the world?
“Good morning, trees. Good morning, birds. Good morning, little spider in the kitchen, let me take you outside and offer you freedom. Good morning, my coffee machine, thank you so very much for this cup of coffee.”
Thank you to the beautiful things in life. There are so many, my dear friends.
And you focus on the horrors, yes, because you care.
And you want to help.
Sitting in fear and anguish and anger, trembling in a corner, is not really going to help.
It just means the other guys are winning.

Instead, my dear friends, awaken in the morning, put a smile on your face, open your heart. Hold your head high. “Thank You, God for this beautiful day and for all the pleasures and treasures and wonders within it.”

And then sit still for a moment, after you have a couple sips of your coffee, and pray for the world and the upliftment of those who are in pain. Those dictators and those warriors who are wanting to conquer. Who are living life in fear, not understanding the love that they are. Not understanding their true power.

Pray for them. That they may find the power within, the true power that will create freedom and flight of soul for them, and subsequently for so many others.

Put down your arms, Mr. Putin, please? And find the love within your heart, and give that to the world. And you [Sir], would find that the world would drop to your feet and kiss them in gratitude, and thank you for this greatness that you give to the world.

For any leader to want to be great overnight, it would simply take that sort of courage, to be that vulnerable.
And guess what?
To surrender.
To what?
To love.
That is the greatest strength, the greatest power that exists within each and every one of you upon this school called Planet Earth.

Do not give up faith and hope in God, my dear friends.
God is working tirelessly, constantly, saying, “I am here. I am here. I am here within you. I am the love within you. I am the love that creates growth, that brings unity, that celebrates diversity.”

God created you in His image, my dear friends.
What was his image? It wasn’t male or female. He created you in his image, meaning that he created you in love.

You, my dear friends, are beautiful spirits. Can you just simply drink that in for a moment here?
You are a beautiful spirit.

Say, “I am a beautiful spirit. I am a student of the Divine. I am a joy and a blessing to all I meet. I love to give love.
“And I pray tirelessly, endlessly, for others to know Who they are as well. That they are a joy and a blessing to the world, and they are made of pure love.”

And the greatest joy in the universe is to bring that love to the surface.

That is where everybody becomes the greatest creator, ever.
Creating love.
Giving it to the world.
Generating it constantly.

An endless flow of energy through which, united together, each of you with your unique abilities, you would find yourself, my dear friends, creating paradise here upon this school called Planet Earth.
Where no one would ever go hungry.
And everyone would prosper, and have a roof over their head, and not fear viruses or anything else, because they wouldn’t exist. They wouldn’t be needed to awaken human hearts.
                   – Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon on February 25, 2022

Download Dr. Peebles Speaks Feb 25, 2022

Please join in this wide net of Love we create together.
Keep Love on your mind and heart.
I’ll see you there!


holographic earth Flickr by Kevin M Gill w Peebles

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