Go Out of Your Mind for Happiness

Every time I sink into a lower vibration, it’s my head. It’s my head full of stuff.
How about you?
What’s happening when you feel burdened?

Busy mind drags us down.
But we can transform.

It takes practice to get out of our head and into our heart.
To be alert to our own shtick and make a fresh choice.
To take a deep breath and allow life to be what it is.
To take a deep breath and step back.
To take a deep breath and let it go.
Refocus. Put attention on breath or heart or appreciation, gratitude.
Shift attention and notice the good stuff.

This picture says it all. Mindfulness. Being here now.
The happiness we feel when we’re staying in the present moment.
Become as little children . . .

. . .
Want a boost to empty your mind?
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. . .
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(Many thanks to flickr for this picture!)
mind full or mindful by flickr altered



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