How About Your Awesome Strong Intention Plus Divine Love?

Our healing group did an easy intention experiment that  blew us away.
It came from a book called Being at One with the Divine by Robert Fritchie. (Many thanks to the friend who showed me this book.)

In this quick experiment you’ll measure energy with your hands.
If you are a novice at sensing energy, see this link first for 2 minutes.

We are electromagnetic beings and it is only natural that we feel energy with our hands.

1. Take two similar water glasses that you will fill equally with water and place at least 20 feet away from each other. Hold your breath when pouring the waters and placing them so that you don’t affect their energy with your breath (in this  method).

2. Step back 10 feet, release your breath, relax, recover for a moment.

3. Inhale a deep breath and hold it. Go stand in front of the first glass of water. With your mind and your intention, send your personal love energy into the water.
Maintain that thought as you pulse your breath out through your nose (rhythmically blowing puffs of air out of your nostrils for one long exhale).

4. Step back 10 feet. Breathe and relax a moment.

5. Inhale and hold your breath again as you step in front of that same glass of water and use your palms to feel the energy emanating from the sides of the glass.
How many inches out does your personal love radiate?
Note your measurement, then step back, exhale, relax again for a minute.

6. Take a deep breath and hold it before you approach the second glass of water. Use your intention to send Divine Love energy into the water (which means  simply ask that the Higher Power pour in love).
Pulse your breath out through your nostrils as you continue to send the intention of Divine Love into the water.

7. Step back 10 feet, breathe and  relax.

8. Take another deep breath and hold it while you sense the energy coming from this glass of water. Let your palms measure how far the energy radiates.
How large is this field of energy compared to the first one?

Whaddaya see?? (She asked, grinning, because she is so freaking amazed at the way Divine Love rushes in, the moment we ask!)

Geez, if we had done this experiment at my parochial grade school, it would have had a stronger effect on us than all the speeches in religion class. I’m just saying.

(Note: this experiment will look even more dramatic if you measure the field with copper dowsing rods. Another thought – if you are super-scientific, you might check the energy field before any intention is sent to the water.)

Okay, did you try the experiment?

What did you feel?
Do tell!



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(Thanks to pixabay for this image of light.)
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