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Disturbed? Attacked? Don’t Collapse into Victim World

Don’t let the earthworms get you down. Some of us are quite sensitive to the disturbing energies around us. We live in a sea of vibrations, thought-forms, and attachments. If we feel like we’re being invaded, that’s a problem. I … Continue reading

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Love Meditation? Steal this Flash Trip Now to the Seashore 

Take a quick trip to the beach. Breathe deeply into your belly, expanding it. (Belly breathing conveys extra oxygen, energy, and relaxation hormones.) Imagine standing barefoot in soft dry sand on a beautiful beach. Imagine roots growing from your feet … Continue reading

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Unshaken Amidst the Crash of Breaking Worlds

Did you get to see the “Isaac books” yet? The “Walking the Bridge” series, based on spiritual discussions with my friend Isaac? Well, you’re in luck, because the Volume 3 eBook arrives today! Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well. … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Give it Up, Love is Now

Can you imagine how much energy we waste in resisting unliked people, things, situations, politicians, cultural groups, all the rabble-rousers? Can you imagine how much it costs us to engage in our inner snarls, grumps, snappy comebacks (that finally pop … Continue reading

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Blow Away the Veil to the Next World and Cheer Up

A couple decades ago shortly after my mother died, her sister said she talked with her all the time. Mom was helping her organize things at work. “Hmm, weird,” I thought back then. But now that I’ve talked with Mom … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic, Ride the Wave of Mercury Retrograde

Now is a great time to go Within. If you feel that we are influenced by energies such as the heavenly bodies that pull on the earth, then you might take advantage of this Mercury retrograde season (through mid- August) … Continue reading

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Deep Peace Forest Vortex Meditation

Breathe full and deep and easy. Let yourself settle, with your feet on the floor, seat heavy in your seat. Allow the Earth herself to support you. Every breath brings greater ease. All tensions soften and dissolve. You find yourself … Continue reading

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