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Urgent – Please Chill Out Friendly – Sooner, Not Later 

Please relax now, today. Whatever is pressing you, let it go. Relax all week, all month, all year. Things on this planet are getting much too uptight. We must cool down. Any vibe of anger builds more anger, whether it … Continue reading

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Soar Out the Colorful Doorway to Dreams

This doorway is clear, clean, glowing. Behind you, grey clutter. The dregs of the day want release. Before you, puffs and swirls. Colors rise like mist. Now orange, lime, lavender, baby blue. Gather and scatter the dreamscapes. Pave the way … Continue reading

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3 Easy Steps to Tremendous Energy into Your Brilliant Crown

1) Ground yourself to the Earth 2) Open to the Flow 3) Inhale Light, exhale darkness – and let yourself Glow Settle into your chair. Let yourself feel heavy and limp. Take a deep breath and let go. Let go … Continue reading

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Why Is That Big Aggravation Stuck on You? 

Except for that one thorn in my side, life is fine, right? Why do I keep hanging onto that one thing that bugs me ? There must be a good reason around here somewhere. The “symptom imperative” is a term … Continue reading

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Ponder This ;-)

“Be happy and fearless. Remember that you are a child of Divinity. Loss and gain cannot even touch your shadow.” – Swami Rama Yes. Ponder this. Let it pop up on your phone as a reminder to re-set and revive … Continue reading

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Disturbed? Attacked? Don’t Collapse into Victim World

Don’t let the earthworms get you down. Some of us are quite sensitive to the disturbing energies around us. We live in a sea of vibrations, thought-forms, and attachments. If we feel like we’re being invaded, that’s a problem. I … Continue reading

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Love Meditation? Steal this Flash Trip Now to the Seashore 

Take a quick trip to the beach. Breathe deeply into your belly, expanding it. (Belly breathing conveys extra oxygen, energy, and relaxation hormones.) Imagine standing barefoot in soft dry sand on a beautiful beach. Imagine roots growing from your feet … Continue reading

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