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Souls in Transformation by Rosie Carey

Here’s a lovely article from my friend Rosie Carey – holistic therapist and owner of LifeLight Center. (This piece was recently published in the Sentinel News, Keene NH. Shared here with permission.) Souls in Transformation We are works of art … Continue reading

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Let Nothing You Dismay – Shift the Heart

Does it sound cheesy to say, be merry, don’t be dismayed? My favorite Christmas song says relax, don’t be upset. Sounds impossible. Violence and mayhem spray the outdoors, indoors, even in churches when we least expect it. Fires devour our land … Continue reading

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Dissonant World, Narrow View and Broad View

FREE eBook today, tomorrow, and Tuesday (Dec 3 – 5) Here’s one more excerpt: Question: So much is wrong in the world. I don’t want to accept and allow the bad stuff. You say it will bring me peace, but … Continue reading

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Story of Karma, Higher Justice

Isaac told about a man who accidentally hit and killed a pedestrian. The pedestrian was an elderly man, maybe with Alzheimer’s, who walked out in front of the car. It wasn’t the driver’s fault, but he felt intensely guilty. He … Continue reading

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Pond of Stillness Meditation

When we talk about meditation, we often use the metaphor of a pond or a pool of water. We want to make our mind quiet, like a still pond. Every thought arising is like a stone cast into the water. … Continue reading

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