Just for Fun See the Cosmic Energy in the Heavens

Have you ever seen the swirling energies, the Chi, in the blue sky?
It’s easy to do.
I have never met anybody who couldn’t see it, although some skeptics pass it off as nothing.

I don’t think it’s nothing.
I think it is life force energy always pouring, always filling the world, always available to us.

An elder Qigong Master taught a friend of mine how to see this Chi years ago; she taught it to me, and I’ve been showing people ever since.

How to See the Chi in the Sky

  • Look at a patch of blue sky (easy on your eyes, not looking toward the sun).
  • Breathing deeply, relax and let your eyes take in lots of sky, out to your peripheral vision. See the whole field of sky.
  • Soften your gaze. Relax the eyelids a little.
  • Look at the air between yourself and the far distance of the sky.
  • Soon you will see tiny bright spots swirling around. They swirl so fast, they appear to have tails.

If you look at the sky near a tree, you may be able to discern extra sparks coming and going from the tree.

Whenever I look at these millions of brilliant energy sparks, I feel awed, inspired, supported by the Universe.
This energy is flowing 24/7.
It just blows me away.

How about you?

(Yes, these sparks might remind you of something else, other tiny swirly things, filled with the great potential of life.)

I tried to imitate the concept in the picture below, but I couldn’t do it justice.

Oh, that jet plane with the bubble around it?
Soften your gaze and look at any airplane in the sky. You will see a bubble of energy around it that likely belongs to the lifeforms inside the plane. (The bubble around a cargo plane tends to be smaller than the bubble around a passenger jet.)

You can also relax your eyes and see the aura around trees, or even around the trunks of trees. The air closest to them looks different, a transparent layer of air that is a slightly different shade.
(Some people find it easier to see tree auras in the late afternoon toward evening.)

Try it and let me know how it goes.

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