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What If You Weren’t A-Scared of Death?

My favorite bailiwick is to squash the fear of death. According to my dead relatives, “Death is like crossing the street, no big deal.” How does life change when we know for sure that we do not die? That we … Continue reading

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Want to Drop the Mask and Try Honest?

Romantic love has been a freaking confusion for me, I admit it. Decades ago I thought the appropriate thing was to adore my partner. I thought adoration equals love. But who can hold up under that much adoration? We’re only … Continue reading

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Love is Listening and How to Do That Maybe

In this Valentine month how can we sweeten our relationships in ways that truly matter? Relationship can be the most challenging thing on the planet. It is not easy, especially for long-term relationships. I have found my best help through … Continue reading

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How to Help Cracked Fingertips Get Better 

The colder it gets, the dryer it gets, and the more skin cracks on fingertips, knuckles, and heels. Basically the skin dries out and shrinks, opening up fissures and cracks. Dryness worsens when we deplete our skin oils by frequent … Continue reading

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Waking Up Sophie, a colorful story to Inspire You

Bleary-eyed, Sophie awakened from a dream where a ton of sweet soft marshmallows buried her six feet deep. Every pastel color and size, a delightful mushy smorgasbord piled up into her narrow rectangular space. Then they shifted from delight to … Continue reading

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The Three Sisters: Ovaries, Thyroid, and Adrenals

Originally posted on Jyoti patel MD:
On her annual visit, I chatted with a lady in her 50’s about concerns that many women have in their own lives. Over the last year, she has had more fatigue, weight gain, and…

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Strange Covert Eye Craves Fresh Freedom Fun  

In a dream detained in an upstairs room, life is busy, frantic as ever, all my duties, people’s needs, I push on till I’m ready to drop. Like a hamster wheel, run, run, run. I flop over the top of … Continue reading

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