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A Love Like That

We are called to keep on loving. Allow, allow, allow people to be themselves. They may not reciprocate. But at some level, they hear you. Like water, love wears away the roughness, little by little. If you’re tired, take a … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Shift –  Diversity is Our Strength

Who really bugs you? Bring them to mind. Automatically your armor is on, with spikes all over it. Can you feel it? Your sword is in your hand. Feel it? Defense, defense! Push ’em back, push ’em back, waaaay back! … Continue reading

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Not the Pushback

Sometimes we’ve got our face in the frying pan. We attach firmly to the-way-I-want-it, and others should want it too. We cling to our own judgments. The liberals hate the conservatives. The conservatives hate the liberals. Even in families, we … Continue reading

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Oy, Politics

Politics!  Yuck!  Aren’t we feeling it? I’ve never seen such a disappointing circus. My hand felt almost numb as I marked my mail-in ballot. Despite the situation, I hope we all vote. We don’t want to lose our voice.  Such … Continue reading

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Stand in the Love

I wrote a guided meditation my groups enjoyed recently (sit, relax, no need to stand): Scientists and Philosophers agree that all the world is vibration. Not only the vibration of molecules, but the vibrational tone of your mood. You have an … Continue reading

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Massacre every week?

Alrighty then.  What’s up with this, World? Another misguided madman mows down a crowd of people. What can we do? We’re not able to detain every dangerous person before they do damage. I guess every crazy has their own agenda, … Continue reading

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You are Large, don’t be small.

Few of us know how large, how precious we really are. We’re blind to our own shine. Dampened by long-standing habits. Will I unwittingly cave in to my usual grumble? Will I fall into my typical complaints on my drive … Continue reading

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