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Strange Covert Eye Craves Fresh Freedom Fun  

In a dream detained in an upstairs room, life is busy, frantic as ever, all my duties, people’s needs, I push on till I’m ready to drop. Like a hamster wheel, run, run, run. I flop over the top of … Continue reading

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Unshaken Amidst the Crash of Breaking Worlds

Did you get to see the “Isaac books” yet? The “Walking the Bridge” series, based on spiritual discussions with my friend Isaac? Well, you’re in luck, because the Volume 3 eBook arrives today! Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well. … Continue reading

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How Enneagram Changed my Life and Can Empower You 

I used to feel I couldn’t get “no satisfaction.” My hypercritical head would constantly pick apart whatever was in front of me to find things to fix or improve. What a torment, to walk around constantly criticizing everything inside and … Continue reading

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Quick Odd Story on Survival

Lord, have Mercy: Mercy spent all of two days just trying to breathe, her ribs aching, her flesh exhausted. Then Dr. Dumas came in to say he was out of tricks. Tricks are for kids, she would have replied, but … Continue reading

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Maybe Not a Random Shot – another wild story

One random day Zeta was shot. Like a lot of other random people in the news, said her brain. Not like anybody else, said her heart. It had looked like a promising day. She woke up happy and didn’t know … Continue reading

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Spinster Phoenix – a story to Make you Smile

This blog offers healing, and sometimes a fun story can lift your heart or bring insight.  I’m feeling like sharing a story once a month. Let me know if you like this idea or not? The Flash Fiction Press online … Continue reading

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How to Get the Edge when Your Stress Sparks Up 

What am I Resisting? Ask this question to handle stress or pain or ailment. Trouble inside boils down to stress, and stress boils down to resistance against what-is. Recently I received an insult, or perceived it that way. (Don’t we … Continue reading

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