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Maybe Not a Random Shot – another wild story

One random day Zeta was shot. Like a lot of other random people in the news, said her brain. Not like anybody else, said her heart. It had looked like a promising day. She woke up happy and didn’t know … Continue reading

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Spinster Phoenix – a story to Make you Smile

This blog offers healing, and sometimes a fun story can lift your heart or bring insight.  I’m feeling like sharing a story once a month. Let me know if you like this idea or not? The Flash Fiction Press online … Continue reading

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How to Get the Edge when Your Stress Sparks Up 

What am I Resisting? Ask this question to handle stress or pain or ailment. Trouble inside boils down to stress, and stress boils down to resistance against what-is. Recently I received an insult, or perceived it that way. (Don’t we … Continue reading

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The Curious Energy on Money

Here’s a cool snippet from Lyall Watson’s The Secret Life Of Inanimate Objects. Would paper money have a “secret life” or hold onto energy? (We’ve heard that a money exchange is an energy exchange, but we’re talking about a different … Continue reading

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Hard Reality Outside my Cushy Life

How often do we tell ourselves the grass is greener elsewhere? Well I went and took a look. There is not one blade of grass on the west coast of South America. Nothing but dirt and sand. Grass? Nope. Most … Continue reading

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