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Urgent – Please Chill Out Friendly – Sooner, Not Later 

Please relax now, today. Whatever is pressing you, let it go. Relax all week, all month, all year. Things on this planet are getting much too uptight. We must cool down. Any vibe of anger builds more anger, whether it … Continue reading

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Truth – You Are Spirit on your way to Joy 

Those moments when I’m at my best, a strong message comes through. I want to say: Your destination is beyond the body. There’s always more to come, more to discover. You are a spirit engaged in a human experience. A … Continue reading

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How Your Heart Goes Walking Around – Happy Mother’s Day 

The decision to have a child “is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone Yes. That’s the way I feel about my kids. How about you? Mothering grabs me down to … Continue reading

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More than Patchwork, a Story Adventure of the Heart

A fiction adventure previously published by Indiana Voice Journal. More than Patchwork by Diane Stallings “Come quick, Jewel,” my brother Jack told me on the phone. “Her mind is slipping fast. She might not even recognize you.” And that would … Continue reading

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Love Meditation? Steal this Flash Trip Now to the Seashore 

Take a quick trip to the beach. Breathe deeply into your belly, expanding it. (Belly breathing conveys extra oxygen, energy, and relaxation hormones.) Imagine standing barefoot in soft dry sand on a beautiful beach. Imagine roots growing from your feet … Continue reading

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If I Were a Ghost by Rod Drought

Deep thanks to my friend, poet Rod Drought, for this delicious guest post. This is a sneak peek into his next book of poetry. If I Were a Ghost I would not haunt, Rattle chains across your floor Instead I … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Give it Up, Love is Now

Can you imagine how much energy we waste in resisting unliked people, things, situations, politicians, cultural groups, all the rabble-rousers? Can you imagine how much it costs us to engage in our inner snarls, grumps, snappy comebacks (that finally pop … Continue reading

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