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Catch This Awesome Free Energy Healing Summit Now!

The Age of Energy Healing is upon us! I’m happy to help announce this FREE event on the web (Nov. 16-20), where you will learn more about your electrical body, and how your personal electromagnetic system interfaces and feeds every … Continue reading

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Heal Yourself Breathwork, A Sweet Free Gift

What if you could drop your troubles, clear out blockages, get a natural high, and feast on bliss by using the power of your own breath? When I tried Inner Awareness Breathwork (IAB) online, hosted by Michael Stone, it began … Continue reading

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Superb Energy Healing You Can Do with Your Heart

Do-it-yourself energy healing – yes! Because we are 99% nothing-but energy! Certainly you can heal yourself. As Spirit, wearing a human body, you have charge of your health. Body pain often shows us our own issues and concerns. As in, … Continue reading

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