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Focus on Love, the Blessing of this Season

The mind can focus on only one thing at a time: why not make it Love? In this upturned season take a moment to let go of the craziness, let go of the fear-mongering news, exhale anxiety and take a … Continue reading

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Meditation Sit Joyfully Beside a Stream

Meditation is like sitting joyfully beside a stream, just letting it flow. You don’t scoop up a bucket of that water to keep it. It is flowing, and you get to be with it. You cannot hold onto it. It … Continue reading

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Go Out of Your Mind for Happiness

Every time I sink into a lower vibration, it’s my head. It’s my head full of stuff. How about you? What’s happening when you feel burdened? Busy mind drags us down. But we can transform. It takes practice to get … Continue reading

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How to Meditate like a Boss in Bliss 

1  One minute a day. Sit for just one minute, but every day. 2  Loosen Your Body. When the body is tight and contracted, energy gets blocked. A tense body makes it hard to go within. Scan your body. If … Continue reading

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See What you can do to Protect your Energy

An ocean of frequencies flows around us and through us — not only from our WiFi and cell phones, but from the earth itself and from our own being. In 2002  biophysicist Dr. Beverly Rubik published her biofield hypothesis, backed … Continue reading

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MeetupAmerica Nov 29 Come and Be Heard

Whatever we are feeling about our political climate , one thing is clear:  as a friend of mine said, “We Are The Divided States of America.” Many of us want big changes in one direction or another.  Many of us … Continue reading

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Stand in the Love

I wrote a guided meditation my groups enjoyed recently (sit, relax, no need to stand): Scientists and Philosophers agree that all the world is vibration. Not only the vibration of molecules, but the vibrational tone of your mood. You have an … Continue reading

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