Alert! Natural Cure for Tremors and Parkinsons  

Big news for those who have not taken dopamine-enhancing meds for more than a few weeks. Tremors and idiopathic Parkinson’s disease can be resolved without medication!
Yes. This supposedly incurable disease can be cured, if you’re willing to try something different, without pills.

Dr. Janice Walton Hadlock, professor of acupuncture and psychology, has made a huge pdrecovery coverimpact for people with Parkinson’s since the 1990s. She is the founder of the Parkinson’s Recovery Project, With five e-books, she teaches people how to heal themselves of this disease. (No acupuncture needed, and the books are free – donations accepted.)

Hadlock and her treatment team found that in people with Parkinson’s, some electrical currents ran backward (i.e. acupuncture meridian streams had reversed flows).
They verified two common factors which need to be cleared for full healing to occur.
– an energy block in a foot or feet, often from an old injury in childhood
– a neurological state that shifted the parasympathetic system into “near-death shock”

It’s not hard to repair the energy blockages in the feet. Even if you don’t have professional help, Hadlock’s books show how to do hands-on healing for the feet.

The bigger issue is the parasympathetic “near-death shock.” This occurs when the person encounters mortal danger, physically or psychologically. They go into biological dissociation, where they collapse inwardly, stop showing emotion, and stop feeling pain.
Some people remember a specific incident, severe injury, gigantic threat. Some remember dissociating and feeling like they were outside of their own body.

Others remember, as a child, it was dangerously unsafe to show their feelings. They made a choice to block their emotions, a self-numbing defense against extreme situations.

Let’s remember, in typical fight-or-flight, we use our sympathetic branch of the nervous system. The parasympathetic is our relaxed restful side. And yet threat-of-death and self-numbing can impair the parasympathetic. This condition turns off the brain’s ability to use dopamine even though plenty of dopamine is available.

In order to shift this chronic condition back to normal, the person must open up the striatum of the brain, says Hadlock. To do this, they need to feel deeply safe, deeply trusting, confident that they are loved by the universe. Then their brain repairs and their symptoms stop.

Through the decades Hadlock has tried many approaches to help people gain this sense of safety. Only one method has activated the striatum and brought full relief. This method is not easy for most people with Parkinson’s, because of their constant sense of danger and risk.

Here’s the method. Develop real communication with the higher non-physical realm. Speak silently or out loud, but gain a true relationship with something or someone who is totally loving, tender to you, dear to you, protective and powerful. They might be your late grandmother, or a saint, a totem animal, or your idea of God, highest Source. Whatever works for you.
Even if you don’t believe in it, persist, because eventually you’ll feel more safe, more beloved.
It is the sensory awareness of being safe, protected, beloved, which changes  the brain. This stops the numbness and shifts the parasympathetic system to normal.

This renewed sense of deep safety, along with energy repairs in the feet, has brought recovery to hundreds of people, documented  by the Parkinson’s Recovery Project.

However, DO NOT try any of this if you have been on antiparkinson’s dopamine-enhancing medications longer than 3 weeks, says Hadlock.
Because when the brain normalizes, these medications suddenly become extremely dangerous. Tremendous care must be taken to avoid insanity or death. Dr. Janice Walton Hadlock has written reams about this in her book, Once Upon a Pill.

In recent years special exercise programs designed for Parkinson’s have dramatically improved quality of life for people, whether or not they’re taking medication. These special programs help create new neural pathways. Five years of research data shows symptoms did not worsen, and in some cases improved immensely with these exercises.

Check out Conundrum of Parkinson’s yoga exercise program in Fountain Hills. It includes rhythmic drumming, stretching, strengthening, coordination, balance, voice strengthening and brain stimulation. Participants are singing its praises several times a week.
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Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills (Thanks to pixabay for the pic.)
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