Bad vibes? Distress? Unlock fresh Energy and Freedom

We have not been taught and most of us don’t realize we are tremendous empaths. We take on the emotions of others.  We feel for each other literally. We do it all the time.

It’s estimated that 98% of your thoughts and feelings do not belong to you. They may belong to someone else. They may belong to the Earth itself. They may belong to someone you saw on the nightly news, halfway around the world.

You may not notice this happening, or you may feel it a lot. Our sensitivity depends on many factors, such as the strength of our boundaries, the depth of our traumas, or the capacity to feel our emotions.

E-motion is energy in motion, as we know. It is vibrational energy.

If I walk into a situation that carries strong emotional energy, it pulls at me. The stress I encounter, the anger, fear, frustration, distress around me draws forth those same emotions within me. Especially if I have unresolved pockets of stuck emotions from specific events throughout my life.
These are memories I have not yet resolved or accepted – conscious or subconscious memories. We do carry cellular memories, and they do affect us, whether we know it or not.

Those who seem unaffected  may yet be impacted in subtle ways of which they are not aware. Maybe they think being slightly depressed, slightly bored, slightly stressed, slightly uncomfortable is their “normal.”

Yet the more we’ve healed our old traumas, the more we’ve made peace with the past, the less “sticky” we are in picking up and holding onto bad vibrations.

This is one of the big benefits of energy healing, which can clear out these blockages, stuck emotions, cellular memories, traumas, no matter how old they are or how many lifetimes we’ve held onto them.

Our world continues to ramp up with distress and misery. We need to understand we are living in temporary bodies in the world of duality — light and dark, yin and yang, sadness and joy. In earth-school we work with these opposites, these waves, up and down.

But here’s a key to help open the gate from duality to Unity, where all is One, where all is perfect as it is, where All Comfort abounds. Where nothing is wrong, nothing is lacking.
This key breaks the illusion of this world we live in.
Here it is:
There Is No Death.

Whatever happens to your body, it doesn’t matter. Your body is not you.
You cannot die, you cannot be extinguished.
We go on to higher realms. We don’t need to stress out over this physical realm.
Yes, here we have trouble. More and more arises every day, especially during these years when Earth Consciousness is shifting.
It will resolve eventually.
What you need to remember is, the body is not who you are.

Here’s another key, a practical approach for bad vibes today.
Access Consciousness suggests, when you’re feeling low, ask yourself:
“Is this my emotion or someone else’s?”
Tune in to feel the answer. If you feel lighter, more spacious, then it is not yours.
If it does not belong to you, say:
“Return to sender with consciousness attached.”

Delete it like an unwanted email, and let it drop. Don’t chew on it. It’s not worth it. Drop it.

If it does belong to you, and it’s persistent, come see Diane at Joystream Health.

Tell us, what is your take on bad vibes and how to release them?

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