After-life News to Charm and Enliven Your Heart  

What if there is no death?
How would life be different if we knew, in our bones, there’s no end to us?

We won’t feel so pressured. I’m not going to evaporate. I can relax. I have a larger life beyond.
We won’t grieve so hard for lost loved ones, because we will meet again.
We won’t spend those end-of-life mega-bucks, because people won’t cling so hard to their hospital beds. We’ll let go easier.
We won’t use death threats anymore. Death, where is thy sting? We’ll lose leverage in death-threat manipulations, political pressures, capital punishment. Because we can’t destroy each other, not really.

If death wasn’t ‘real’ to us, we wouldn’t take life so seriously. We’d see our body as just one stage of our long life. We wouldn’t obsess about our demise. We wouldn’t stress out. We wouldn’t fight each other so hard.
We can’t get rid of each other, so maybe we’ll learn to get along. Mend our fences. Forgive. Come together.

What do you think?
How would you react?
Why do I bring this up?
Because I want to tell you about a book where the ‘dead’ get to speak.

Afterlife Encounters by Dianne Arcangel shares research on communication beyond death. Arcangel has been a psychotherapist, chaplain, and hospice facilitator. (Yes, that is her name – it’s not just cosmic humor.)
She shares tons of data, surveys, and wonderful stories from people who were contacted by their deceased loved ones.
She also describes her participation in afterlife experiments with Dr. Gary Schwartz PhD.

Arcangel did a 5-year international survey of 827 people (mostly from the USA, and the study began with bereaved participants but then expanded to gather a more broad-based non-bereaved population).
The data showed that 72% had experienced an apparitional encounter.  (A few apparitions involved spiritual figures, historical figures, pets, or unknown people.)

Of those who had an afterlife encounter,

  • 98% said it brought them comfort.
  • 92% experienced it soon after the death of the loved one. Virtually all said it diminished their grief and brought lasting comfort from then on.
  • 82% of these encounters came unexpectedly. Survivors were not longing for an event. Not trying to invent one. Those spirits popped in anyhow.
  • 78% experienced more than one encounter.
  • 99% said they would want another afterlife encounter in the future.

Among those who hadn’t had any encounters, 89% said they would like to have one.

Afterlife Encounters is filled with fascinating personal accounts from the people who lived them. The most common type of encounter was a visual apparition, but some involved hearing, feeling, smelling.
(My mother-in-law wafted the aroma of baking cookies under my nose on several occasions. For our charming family stories, see Talking Through the Veil.)

If 72% of us are having afterlife encounters, we know our loved ones are intact, yes? And there is no death. Not really. Just a new phase of life outside the body. It’s like crossing the street.

Have you ever had an afterlife encounter?
Why don’t we talk about this stuff?
Why don’t we realize this physical life is only one stage of a longer life?
Why don’t we look forward to running around without a body?
Everybody chime in – what do you feel?


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