5 Steps to Unlimited Peace in Your Gigantic Crown

Not everybody has a strong Crown chakra, but if you do, it feels fantastic. You feel the Universe supports you. You know help is always available. You sense you’re never alone. You are connected to Something Higher.

This 7th Chakra is on top of the head, corresponding to the soft spot fontanelle on a baby’s head. Its color is violet, for its spiritual tone, although some see it as pearly and iridescent, multicolored.
Tradition says it’s a lotus of a thousand petals with the potential to blossom into infinite awareness, unlimited consciousness, the Oneness of all.

Yes, that is a tall order, especially when many of us are rugged individualists, alone in the world, pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, “I did it all myself!”
Did you?
This Divine Conversation is a touchy subject. It has been tainted by some folks  pushing the Almighty down others’ throats. Let’s not go there.

Let’s go to where sages and meditators in every century, in every part of the world, after going deep into stillness, return to tell us of a Consciousness much greater than our own. A Benevolence underlying everything. A Divine Mind, if you will. Source of all.

Let’s go to your granny’s deathbed, when you wondered where she went, and later she visited you. What’s that about? Is there something beyond our human life?

Let’s go to tons of books on first-hand experiences of the realms beyond.
Let’s go to scientists who talk about Light flowing through us.

Let’s go to the meditation cushion 😉
How would it feel to relax into life knowing that Someone always has your back? Such comfort!
You can connect your crown or not, no big deal. Free will and all that.
(Oddly enough, Parkinson’s has been cured by developing trust in a higher power.)

Life on earth is tough enough without trying to go it alone. That’s my two cents. When toxic events intrude, I open my crown wider (if I remember), and I remind myself  everything arises from Source.
This event, too, is for the good, in the long run. We’re all learning.

5 Steps to Strengthen Your Crown

  • Daily Meditation – quiet the incessant mind.
  • Try a broad perspective, like looking down from a jet. Troubles shrink to nothing, and you allow all the flotsam and jetsam to be as it is.
  • Imagine you are immensely bigger than your tiny body.
  • Find evidence that the Universe has been supporting you well so far.
  • If you can’t believe in a higher power, then get in touch (talk aloud) with a departed friend, relative, or pet. Gain some connection with the next realm.


  • Meditate into such deep peace and surrender that your crown tingles.
  • After months of meditation, you may have longer stretches of silent stillness. Speechless expansive energy through the crown. No words can express it.
  • Experiment with Response Ability – the ability to respond, in the moment, to whatever or whomever comes up. Inspired action, fully appropriate now, may arise when we are wholly Present and aligned with our Divine Connection.

Who knew you were wearing a crown all this time?
Tell us, can you feel it?

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Bali crown chakra mask

This Crown-expression from Bali mask-carver I.B. Anom has inspired me since 2011


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