What is this 5D Shift to Your Heart, Love Yourself Better Thing?

For decades now, the spiritual esoteric community has been telling us we will shift into 5D – the fifth dimension of understanding.
(Hark! Remember The 5th Dimension musical group of the 1960s? I was 8 years old, and I wanted to know what all these dimensions meant. My schoolteacher friend couldn’t explain them beyond 3D.)

This 5D shift is upon us now.
Mother Earth is taking on the frequency of 5D, and so is humanity.
This means we are moving into our heart.
Moving into more love and acceptance for ourselves and for others.

Can it be that the human race is finally tired of fighting and pushing against each other?
Can it be that we finally see how the ego in our head does not serve us as well as the love in our heart?
Can it be that we now change our human attitude, after thousands of belligerent years?
It is happening, no matter what the world looks like today.
Change is afoot.

Have you noticed (as some of us have), that you are feeling more love for yourself and your neighbors?
That you are less judgmental?
That it’s easier to drop toxic emotions, like it’s just not worth your time to stew in them?
That you crave a frequent connection with Nature?
That many old ways of doing things simply don’t work anymore?
That you are operating from energy, that the tone of yourself and others has an energetic impact on you?
That your dreams are more vivid?
That more serendipities pop up in your life?
That you feel more connected to everything and everybody?
That you feel more supported by the Universe?

(Random optimism bubbles up in my heart sometimes for no apparent reason …)

The fifth dimension of understanding is to live in Love.
And we cannot truly love anything nor anybody else until we learn to love ourself.

The goal of psychology, dream work, and all manner of inner growth is to learn to love yourself, to love your character, warts and all. To make peace with your past and to love your life.

If we learn to do this even a little bit, life takes on a new shine.
All the things that used to drag us down now diminish.
Old traumas, anxieties, regrets no longer pull on us so hard.

It feels refreshing to drop all that garbage. Why carry it a minute longer?

It feels fabulous when we take the reins of our own life and say,
“I’m okay, and you’re okay (dear people).
I’m just here on the planet for a little while, and I’m going to be me.
I like who I am. I love who I am.
Everything I’ve done, all the light and dark of it, brought me to this day, and I love me.
I simply love me.”

The following is one simple method, one step to change your life from the inside out.
Dissolve your doubts and misgivings.
Drop your personal Kryptonite, no matter what it is.

For 3 seconds, morning and evening, look into your own eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you.”
It may feel embarrassing and strange when you first do it. But stay with this easy method, keep it going, because I guarantee it will produce great results in the long run.

I know we mentioned it years ago on this blog, but I must bring it up again, because it does provide the most bang for your buck of anything I have ever done. Believe me, I have used countless methods for inner growth. And this one is the bomb.

This one eventually (after 18 months) showed me my own brilliant eternal soul, looking through my eyes at me. Loving me beyond words, beyond time and space, throughout all dimensions.

This is a paradigm shift.
3 seconds.
Twice a day.
Go for it.

Have you used this easy love method?
Tell us your story!

Check out the most recent September 5th Q&A from Dr. Peebles – fascinating topics, and a special appearance from the Master of Love, with advice about loving yourself.

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(Found this unique mirror at a cafe in Phoenix.)

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