B00ST Me Not – the Hidden Danger, and Maybe It’s Time to Stop These

My dad’s doctor and I were stumped. Here was a super healthy 92-year-old man with great blood work, no infections, and no diagnosis. A strong heart. He had run more than 60 marathons (at age 50 through 80). He continued to walk a mile or two every day.

But suddenly his body and mind suffered a rapid decline.
Dizziness, weakness, increased confusion. His legs would not move when he wanted them to. He began to have panic attacks.

We got referred to a neurologist, but that appointment was 10 weeks away.
I had already done tons of research (always) and had put Dad on supportive vitamins, minerals, and hydration.
My wonderful siblings and I took shifts at his condo to watch over him.

Within a couple more weeks, he was even worse.
No longer interested in reading his many books. Did not have the stamina to watch TV nor hold a conversation longer than 5 minutes. Constantly drifting to sleep.
At meal times he could eat no more than four bites.

He started looking like a hospice patient.
Darn it, was he really done?
He was so weak and so gone.
It had happened so fast.

We enlisted the help of hospice. I called the best-rated local company.
Thankfully the secretary put me straight through to the hospice director.
Both of us were nurses, so I cut to the chase, told her his good lab values and everything we had tried.
We simply had no diagnosis, but he was failing fast.

“We have been seeing more and more of this in the past couple of years,” she said. “Older people with no diagnosis are suddenly dying. I’ve never seen it happen like this before, in the past 20 years that I’ve been running hospice.”

“But he didn’t have C0V1D,” I said.

“And none of these people did, either.”

“He hasn’t been sick at all.”

“I hear you. It never used to be like this for the elderly. Everybody had a diagnosis.”

I was glad to hear that Hospice Services are 100% covered by Medicare. Hospice includes 24/7 medical advice (or intervention), doctor supervision, a weekly nurse visit, and an assisted shower twice a week. Plus, they would deliver any equipment we might need for his care. (And we didn’t need a doctor’s order to start hospice. No red tape.)

That very evening, the director brought paperwork and talked with me.
A nurse came the following morning to evaluate Dad while he napped in his recliner.

By then, Dad’s hands trembled. It was hard to get out of a chair and use the walker to creep to the bathroom. He was skinny. We discovered he’d lost 15 pounds in a month.

The nurse, Mark, returned a few days later for the first weekly visit.
Dad tolerated a brief assessment, but he was exhausted and soon went back to bed.

Mark asked for more details about Dad’s decline.

I recounted his vertigo, imbalance, difficulty moving and thinking, worsening appetite, sleeping 20 hours a day. No fevers, vitals stable. “And,” I said, “your director said the elderly are failing in a strange way, these past two years?”

“Did he get the immun1zations?” Mark asked.

“Oh yes, he’s up to date on everything, sec0nd b00ster in late April.”
Dad was eager to get all those sh0ts, so I took him, despite my own misgivings about them. The medical system would be proud of us.

Apparently not proud, Mark slowly shook his head. “Maybe that sec0nd b00ster takes another man down.”


“Do you know the date he got it?”

I pulled the white card out of his wallet.

“Oh my,” I said. “He got it one week before the onset of his weakness and panic. Suddenly he was dizzy, and he couldn’t move his legs very well, just a week after that shot.”

Mark’s sad expression deepened. “We have been seeing this pattern in the elderly. Worse health after the b00ster or sec0nd b00ster. These people were previously healthy. They have no diagnosis, nothing we can point to. Usually they die, I’m sorry to say. We don’t know why, except for this apparent correlation.”

“Geez,” I said. “In my gut, I did not trust this technology. It was rushed. Even the idea of trying to treat a v1rus this way was flawed, according to the science we have known for decades.”

Mark agreed. “Many of us nurses and doctors did not trust that sh0t.”

This conversation happened in June 2022.
(Wondering about my funny spellings? I hope to avoid cens0rsh1p, in this land of the free and the brave. We may never see the above info in the ma1nstream. But the hospice community sees it.)

I’m dismayed at the announcements of the next b00ster.
Haven’t we had enough now?
Hasn’t practically everybody pumped their immune system enough, through technology or good old natural response in the bloodstream (which does work better)?

I must wonder: if this thing impaired my dad, to what degree does it impair everybody else?
Who knows?

Now for the good news.
Dad slowly, slowly improved. I think it’s because he was so freaking healthy to begin with.
By late August he was again walking a mile a day. His appetite returned to normal. He regained all the weight he had lost. He is once again reading his favorite books.
Last week he asked if he could start playing pickleball again, so we practiced in the kitchen.

Many thanks to all my siblings for becoming such a great team, trading off our 24-hour shifts of watching over him. (We will continue, because he is still quite forgetful.)

Yes, Dad is stronger now.
He will graduate from hospice tomorrow. He doesn’t want any more b00sters.

What do you think and feel about this topic?
Please comment below.

To clarify: Dad had M0derna sh0ts (x4), but the hospice nurse said they have seen this pattern with both main types of the pandem1c sh0ts. More of it after 3rd and 4th sh0ts.
Yet they’ve been seeing this pattern “for two years” on people who weren’t sick. I’m guessing that even the earlier sh0ts may have damaged some people.
We have no clue as to stats, how many people wind up in trouble after the shots.
It’s just that the nurses have noticed a definite pattern, mostly in elderly people.

Serendipity – as it turns out, we gave Dad some of the supplements suggested to recover from the vacc1nes: https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/i-recover-post-vaccine-treatment/

Natural Immunity Wins the Day, Hooray, the Truth Shows Itself

(Here’s our Dad on his patio with some of his running medals.)
Dad Aug 2022

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17 Responses to B00ST Me Not – the Hidden Danger, and Maybe It’s Time to Stop These

  1. Matthew W says:

    It’s good that your father s better.
    You know all of the reasons, but it’s shameful as to what has happened/will be happening in connection with “the shots” in that we are not allowed to talk about it or do any real investigations into it.


  2. Sarah Burgon says:

    Oh my goodness thank you for sharing! I’m so glad your Dad recovered. It sounds like more stories like these are coming out and it’s sad. When my mom was in the hospital this last time, they gave her a bo0ster and didn’t let anyone know. The next day she was almost unresponsive when I went to visit. I asked the staff about anything that had changed and the doctors said it was because of sleep apnea. Oh my word. I found out weeks later she had received the shot and am still upset about it. Mom was so weak in the first place, and that really set her back. She has recovered thankfully but I was upset no one else was included in that decision. She didn’t even remember receiving it.
    I will not give it to my kids and did not want it myself but didn’t want to risk losing my professional license last year so I felt forced to. We’ve had the virus a few times and are doing just dandy! Such a hard topic though with lots of factors involved. So glad you still have your Dad!

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    • Holy Sh** – Aargh!!
      I have no words for this super frustration and feeling of violation.
      Thank You for sharing this, Sarah.
      90% of everybody I know has caught it, whether they had sh0ts or not. I feel like this is the general story for the planet, and we really need to sit down and relax now.
      Sending Hugs


  3. Mukesh shah says:

    Nice. I have lost my dad June 2021 at the age of 98.4 yrs. Had the first booster only. But cardiac issues n fluid in lungs took him in just over 2 mos -May and June 30th 2022. Glad you got a caring family and that dad is quite well for his edge! Spend as much time as you can with him. Good bless Him with a healthy long life. OM SHANTI! Peace peace peace! Amen,

    Mukesh shah Sairam Sent from my iPhone


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  4. Beth says:

    Your father is very very very lucky to have survived this COVID jab ridiculousness. Scaring and pressuring the elderly and the general public with this has alienated and divided Familys, friends. It is the saddest thing I d seen in my lifetime.
    There is ample proof that this is/has killed and disabled people. The manufacturers are not taking responsibility. People who are compromised already can’t survive the jab. This shot changes everything internally in our bodies. Now they are giving it to children!???? As young as 5 !!!

    No thank you.

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  5. Kelli Flores says:

    I’m glad your dad is doing better. Must of have been real scary for you all. Sending lots of love and hugs your way.

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  6. therealsummerbacon says:

    What a brave soul you are for sharing this. Thank you so much for speaking truth, Diane. I am so sorry your Dad and family had to go through such an ordeal. I’m so glad he is better. He looks like a joy to be around! He’s fortunate that he had you by his side through this, so that you could get the clarity you needed around his condition. Sending you and yours all the best, and many years of continued laughter, love, and pickleball!

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  7. Tommi says:

    First off, I am so glad to hear your Dad is improving! This story sort of sickens me to hear. It is something that needs to be acknowledged and reported on. Secondly, will you clarify if it was his 3rd or 4th shot?
    Thank you for sharing this Diane!


    • Hi Tommi – I’m always glad to hear from you 😉 Thanks for your good wishes.
      This was after Dad’s 2nd booster, so it was his 4th shot. He had Moderna (x4), but the hospice nurse said they have seen this pattern with both Moderna and Pfizer. More of it after 3rd and 4th shots.
      However, since the hospice director said they’ve been seeing this pattern “for two years” on people who weren’t sick, I’m guessing that even the earlier shots may have had a negative impact for some people.
      We have no clue as to stats, how many people wind up in trouble after the shots. Just that the nurses have noticed a definite pattern.
      (As you know, it just seems too wierd to sink without any known etiology.)


  8. Debra Neel says:

    Oh Diane, so sick what the govt has done to all of us. I did not get the shots, my kids did. It caused much turmoil in our relationships. Not only are young people getting heart issues, they are finding blobs and long strings in autopsies in the blood and in blood draws of people alive. I personally know of 3 people who died right after the vaccine. The death rates of people dying for no reason have gone up. My Mom got her shots and ,my gosh, she has become somewhat your Dad was. We gave her ivermectin and that helped her recover a bit. I lost my 94 year old very healthy, active Dad in April. It happened in 3 days. Covid related, his kidneys shut down. He rode his bike the day before he got sick. He had his vaccines as told. God be with us all as our young people get sicker and sicker. And all those kids and babies….crazy and wrong to vaccinate them. WE are all crazy now because the majority of people think we are uninformed idiots and they will not listen. Thank you for sticking with your Dad and getting him the best care. I sure hope he continues to feel like his old young self each day. I am so sorry this has happened to him and many more. Thank you for posting this and continue, please, to keep information coming! Sending love to you and your family!


    • Oh Gosh, Debra – I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your Dad. And that your Mom is also having ill effects. These are difficult times. I know what you mean about relationship tensions.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and updates here.
      Sending lots of Love to you and yours – Giant Hugs


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