How to Brighten Up with Your Wonderful Heart Energy 

Your mood is a vital key to good health. Negative emotions damage and age our body, but positive emotions restore, repair and refuel us. Good moods keep us younger, stronger, more vibrant.

Did you know when we shift our emotions, 1400 biochemical changes occur instantly inside us? So say the scientists at HeartMath, who have studied stress, the heart, and the mind since the 1990s.
They tell us the heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. The heart has an intelligence all its own. We’ve all experienced this when we listen to our heart.

Negative emotions bring stress, and stress causes 98% of all ailments.

heart incoherenceWhen we’re stressed, the incoherence of our heart rhythm (measured on an extremely fine scale) shows a jagged erratic waveform. During these times, the hormones of stress are tearing us down. We don’t feel good. We’re uptight. We may be worried or frustrated. It’s part of the human condition. Yet we can do something about it.

When we take time to breathe, to appreciate and have gratitude, our heart goes into coherence, measured as a smooth sine wave of harmony. We feel harmonious. At that moment 1400 biochemical changes  are restoring us. Nurturing us. We can feel it. We feel good.
heart coherence feelgood DS
So here I am, in a moody state of mind. Rumination brings me down.
Descartes said, I think therefore I am. Nope. You are a whole lot more than your thoughts. Your thoughts can drive you crazy.
Thoughts classify, divide, separate, make your opinion superior, stoke your ego.
Logic is a fine thing, but.
Heart is something else entirely.

We need to go to our heart. Our heart can brighten us up.
Everything hinges on the moment we stop to notice: I am out of sorts. What can I do about this?  I deserve to feel good. I must have a tool here somewhere. Oh, yes, I have a heart that wants to engage with life in a good way. It wants to love.

Here is the heart coherence tool recommended by HeartMath:

1.  Place your attention upon your heart and breathe deeply, slowly. Imagine the air flows in and out right through the front of your heart. Feel whatever sensation arises at your chest.

2.  As you continue to Breathe Into Your Heart, summon up a feeling of appreciation for something or somebody. Gratitude. Count one of your blessings or accomplishments.
Next, feel the love you have for a pet, a person, a place, a memory. Focus on anything you love or appreciate.
Bask in this. Keep breathing. Notice how mellow you become. Stress is displaced, gone for the moment.

Did you try it?  Take a moment, test-drive it . . .
How does it feel for you?

Even 3 minutes of this heart coherence method recharges you. Do it a few times a day, or even once a day. It feels yummy. That’s how you know you’re ‘there.’ Yummy.

Our vibration, our mood, affects others.
So the side effect is that those around you may lighten up too.
This may look like a small thing.
It’s not.
It’s huge.
Vibrational effects are real.

Besides –Breathe stone flickr
In the face of enormous earthly repairs, I must start with myself.
What am I in charge of? Only myself.
So I put on my own oxygen mask before I help others.
Then I can truly, naturally uplift my surroundings.

Tell us – how does heart coherence feel for you?


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