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The Natural Miracle of Using Frequency to Heal Yourself – from Dr. Peebles

Could we be, right now, on the brink of easing the multifaceted Public Health Crisis – by stepping aside and thinking outside the box? Let’s go back to the primary cause of health: the spirit infuses the body. The body … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Calm Your Vagus Nerve and Your Stress

The vagus nerve is a hot topic because it reflects our level of stress, and stress degrades our health. To take care of your vagus nerve, the bottom line is to reduce your stress and take care of yourself, your … Continue reading

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Superb Energy Healing You Can Do with Your Heart

Do-it-yourself energy healing – yes! Because we are 99% nothing-but energy! Certainly you can heal yourself. As Spirit, wearing a human body, you have charge of your health. Body pain often shows us our own issues and concerns. As in, … Continue reading

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