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See What you can do to Protect your Energy

An ocean of frequencies flows around us and through us — not only from our WiFi and cell phones, but from the earth itself and from our own being. In 2002  biophysicist Dr. Beverly Rubik published her biofield hypothesis, backed … Continue reading

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Glide: Easy Meditation 1

Glide into comfort!  Enjoy this five-part series of five-minute meditations, a new one each Sunday. Five ways to ease the mind and float. Methods that have been used for centuries.Meditation relieves stress, uplifting the body, mind, heart, and soul. It … Continue reading

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Get Blissed with Meditation

Leave your mind behind.   Head-chatter is a source of stress.  Notice how the mind extrapolates, worries, veers off on disturbing tangents, blows things out of proportion.  We scare ourselves.  In many ways, the mind is not our friend. Step … Continue reading

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