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Spirit Moments

Last week the fairies of the universe needed me again, as I’m sure they often need you. Ducking the intermittent rain, I ran into the healthy grocery store, looking for Brazil nuts. Thought this would be a 30-second stop. I … Continue reading

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De-Light-ful  Books     / Death part 6

Coming to the end of this “death series,” we have yummy book suggestions.  If you’re not ready for a whole book, you will find appetizers online with these authors. Proof of Heaven –  Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander MD journeys into the … Continue reading

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Talking Through the Veil – Death part 4 

How many of us hear from our loved ones after they depart? Show of hands?  Please tell us your story. Multiple studies confirm that about 70% of the bereaved sense their loved one’s presence in some way. Our loved ones … Continue reading

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Departing or not:  Death part 3

Yes, morbid Diane here, with the death-word again. Not to confront global violence and carnage.  We grieve for them.  We send them compassion.  We refuse to let the Media grab us.   Look with me at a bigger picture, beyond … Continue reading

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