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How to Hum for Healing in 5 Easy Minutes, Delightful

I just learned conscious humming and I am astounded by it. Who knew that five minutes of humming could provide so much bliss, spaciousness, health and happiness? And you don’t need to be a “singer” – just make a sound … Continue reading

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Enjoy this Free Infusion of Light, Love and Energy

Sound healing is the rising star in the healing world now. Would you like a delicious taste of it? You can get this 30-minute group audio session mp3 for free, thanks to my teacher Eileen McKusick, the founder of Biofield … Continue reading

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Discover The Amazing Magic Of Sound Healing

I had the good fortune to listen to an interview of David Gibson, an awesome sound healing pioneer. He gave a simple and elegant explanation of how sound healing works: Everything has a vibration, a frequency. Dissonant chaotic sounds such as … Continue reading

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Sensational Sound Healing Summit, Amazing Bargain, Free Now This Week

Sound healing is the new frontier you’re gonna love! Everything on Earth (and off Earth) is made of vibration and is responsive to sound, including You! From music to drums to crystal bowls to tuning forks to the power of … Continue reading

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