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Thorny People: How the Angry Guy became my Friend

(Flashback to 3 decades ago. Relationships may be the toughest things on the planet. Such has been the case for me, especially in my 30s.) The question was how could I connect to my partner in this dried-up stalemate fight? … Continue reading

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Love is Listening and How to Do That Maybe

In this Valentine month how can we sweeten our relationships in ways that truly matter? Relationship can be the most challenging thing on the planet. It is not easy, especially for long-term relationships. I have found my best help through … Continue reading

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Start SHIFTing March 6

Our Phoenix meditation group has been enjoying various energy healing methods. In March we will do a series on Relationshifting, from a book of that name. (Thanks to Julie C.!) Our human life is a giant lesson in handling relationship, whether … Continue reading

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Heart Energy is more than Love

The Energy of Your Heart is more than Love by Rose Carey  (reprinted with permission) Our hearts are what connect us with others and allow us to feel compassion, empathy, courage and love. We have a physical heart as well … Continue reading

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