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Revolutionary Shift –  Diversity is Our Strength

Who really bugs you? Bring them to mind. Automatically your armor is on, with spikes all over it. Can you feel it? Your sword is in your hand. Feel it? Defense, defense! Push ’em back, push ’em back, waaaay back! … Continue reading

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Blow Your Mind  with these Inspiring Byron Katie quotes

Our thoughts tell us things should be different. Things should be better. And we believe our thoughts. Thus, we suffer, says Katie. We resist what’s happening. We tighten up against it. We stress ourselves. We make ourselves sick over it. … Continue reading

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Is it You or Me, bugging me?

Why did I wake up grumpy? Oh, ‘cuz there’s a chronic grump inside somewhere? Wait, it’s that old grudge about X?  That thing so far under my skin , it’s like, invisible? And itchy? And I keep thinking it’s Their fault, so … Continue reading

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