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Let Nothing You Dismay – Shift the Heart

Does it sound cheesy to say, be merry, don’t be dismayed? My favorite Christmas song says relax, don’t be upset. Sounds impossible. Violence and mayhem spray the outdoors, indoors, even in churches when we least expect it. Fires devour our land … Continue reading

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After-life News to Charm and Enliven Your Heart  

What if there is no death? How would life be different if we knew, in our bones, there’s no end to us? We won’t feel so pressured. I’m not going to evaporate. I can relax. I have a larger life … Continue reading

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Death?  No such thing. part 1

So I was wondering, what happens after we die? I was 7 years old, wondering this.  It gave me a bellyache. Because I was told:  heaven or hell.  Forever. Even heaven forever gave me a bellyache. It was the forever … Continue reading

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