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Surprising After Life Scene of Karma and Heart

Flash fiction … Her Glowing Life Review When Davann suddenly passed from the Earth, she felt dismay that the crash ruined her shoes, relief to escape before old age wrinkled her, and eagerness for her reward in heaven. She anticipated … Continue reading

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Heavenly Mystery and Son Quick-start a Love World

G_d: Step out of the birthing vortex, JC, how are you doing? JC: Wow, it is so bright here. I feel utterly happy! But the light is too bright to see you, mister – ? Mister? G_d: Mystery. That’s me. … Continue reading

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Cut Loose, Cocoon with Mother Earth

There you were, a small child watching that honey bee disappear deep into the throat of a flower. It was the first time you had ever seen such a thing. You took in the bright rich color of that flower, … Continue reading

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