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Just for Fun See the Cosmic Energy in the Heavens

Have you ever seen the swirling energies, the Chi, in the blue sky? It’s easy to do. I have never met anybody who couldn’t see it, although some skeptics pass it off as nothing. I don’t think it’s nothing. I … Continue reading

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How to Lighten Up and Drop the Droop

Out of many ways, here’s a popular one, tried and true. (You know this vibe. Let yourself go there. You can drop the blues.) Imagine a small smile rising inside you. Not that anybody can see it. Rather, it’s the … Continue reading

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Powerful Breath to Give You Delicious Energy

Chaos, constriction, or pain got you down? Out in the world or inside you? Try this easy meditation. You will bring beautiful energy into yourself. In India they call it Prana. In Japan, Ki. In China, Chi. In Polynesia, Mana. … Continue reading

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Have You Discovered Your Remarkable Biofield?

If you didn’t know before: you have an energy body, a Biofield.  Biofield is the term scientists use today for the electromagnetic system filling and surrounding our bodies with energy and light (biophotons). Scientists?? Yup.  In the coming weeks I’ll … Continue reading

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