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Pull Your Face Out of the Crazy Nasty Ant Pile

Gaining control of our attention is huge. It is your choice where to place your attention in any given moment. When you are caught up in chaos you may think you have no choice. Understood. But in that chaos, you … Continue reading

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Why Is That Big Aggravation Stuck on You? 

Except for that one thorn in my side, life is fine, right? Why do I keep hanging onto that one thing that bugs me ? There must be a good reason around here somewhere. The “symptom imperative” is a term … Continue reading

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What is Meditation? Fantastic Resilience

“What is Meditation, Really?” Meditation is adjusting your focus so you are fully present and going with the flow.  It is a tone inside, a position of listening, of receptivity.  It is a withdrawing from all other concerns.  It is … Continue reading

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