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Easy Bliss, Peace and Love 10 min a day for You and Earth

Our cyber-space group meditation is a brilliant spot of bliss in my day.We “gather” at noon to spend about 10 minutes relaxing and sending divine love and light to Earth and all of its beings, including special intentions and healing … Continue reading

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How to Brighten Up with Your Wonderful Heart Energy 

Your mood is a vital key to good health. Negative emotions damage and age our body, but positive emotions restore, repair and refuel us. Good moods keep us younger, stronger, more vibrant. Did you know when we shift our emotions, … Continue reading

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Surprising Mysteries of the Heart – from HeartMath

Change your mood, change your life – we have scientific evidence of this now, from a wonderful heart-research organization known as HeartMath.  They sent me this Infographic to share.  You’ll enjoy browsing their site.  How refreshing to discover:  The heart sends … Continue reading

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