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Lift your Heart and Mind, Forgive this here Now

“Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.” – attributed to St. Augustine, Buddha, Nelson Mandela. Now is a great time to let go. Whatever the trouble was, let go. Forgiveness means that you quit drinking the … Continue reading

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How to Get True Healing – Unlock the Root Cause

Have you noticed how life speaks to us through our symptoms? Sometimes the message is obvious. (My foot hurts and I don’t want to “take the next step.”) Sometimes it’s not so obvious. (What’s up with my sore teeth?) Sometimes … Continue reading

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You are Large, don’t be small.

Few of us know how large, how precious we really are. We’re blind to our own shine. Dampened by long-standing habits. Will I unwittingly cave in to my usual grumble? Will I fall into my typical complaints on my drive … Continue reading

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