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How to Make Meridian Tapping Work the Best for You

Dive into the juiciness of your emotions, drop old baggage, and lighten up! Last week we gave links to videos of Meridian Tapping. If you view one, the following will be easier to understand. The videos are useful, but of … Continue reading

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 Why Should I Care About Meridian Tapping? 

How much chaos is yanking your chain these days? Relief is here. Meridian Tapping – also called Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, or just “tapping” – is easy, simple, free, quick, and effective. All you need is your fingers. … Continue reading

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How to Feel Good Now: Energy Psychology!

Feel better with EFT tapping. Tapping? Yes, using your fingertips to tap on meridian points. (Meridians are streams of energy in our body, accessed in acupuncture.) This method is also called Energy Psychology. Psychologists are using it with great success … Continue reading

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Woo Woo Event Sept 24-25

What a Deal!  Reserve your Spot now! Woo Woo Weekend Sept 24 – 25 at And Breathe wellness center call 602  368 9880 Celebrate the Equinox with psychic health, soul balance, and metaphysical adventures! We had SO many happy clients … Continue reading

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