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How to Energize, Cheer Up in 90 Seconds Now

Take a minute to calm, reset, and energize. Drop the burdens. (Rate how you feel before and after this sequence. And hey, if somebody walks in while you’re pulling your ears, just wink.) 7 easy steps to feel better: Deep … Continue reading

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Lift your Heart and Mind, Forgive this here Now

“Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.” – attributed to St. Augustine, Buddha, Nelson Mandela. Now is a great time to let go. Whatever the trouble was, let go. Forgiveness means that you quit drinking the … Continue reading

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How to Drop That Burden, Fresh Start Now

Refresh for 3 minutes: breathe into your belly. Sink into the earth with gratitude. Let the earth hold you, and feel her energy rising up into you. Inhale light into your crown and down through your body. Breathe. Go loose … Continue reading

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