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Perpetuate the Past or Plug in to the Vertical

What I learned from Wisdom School: Remember the horizontal and the vertical. The horizontal life is the practical way we live our life, our jobs, our families. The horizontal is founded on the past. Because of our past, we think … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Unlimited Peace in Your Gigantic Crown

Not everybody has a strong Crown chakra, but if you do, it feels fantastic. You feel the Universe supports you. You know help is always available. You sense you’re never alone. You are connected to Something Higher. This 7th Chakra … Continue reading

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Grounded and Present Meditation

“Grounded and Present” is the experience of being fully right here, right now, at peace with what-is.  We embrace ourselves, exactly where we are right now. We are not puffing up or shrinking.  Rather, we each have a real place.  We … Continue reading

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