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How to Get a Happy Belly – Curb Speed Eating

Anyone for Speed Eating? I confess, I’ve been shoveling it in too fast. (In a rush, eager for the next moment, not this one here.) Speed eating can make us overweight and malnourished at the same time. How? Chunky food, … Continue reading

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Clear the Sludge without Statins

Five generations ago people cleaned their blood vessels by fasting one morning a week on nothing but water until noon.  Their natural digestive enzymes cleansed the arteries.  It worked for them.  What an old-fashioned idea. * Cholesterol build-up begins when … Continue reading

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Carpal Tunnel Relief

Pain, numbness, tingling in the fingers or hands? You’ve heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be caused by using a computer mouse for years, or by any repetitive wrist motion.  Imagine your carpal tunnel as a ligament tube, housing the main nerve … Continue reading

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