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Surprising After Life Scene of Karma and Heart

Flash fiction … Her Glowing Life Review When Davann suddenly passed from the Earth, she felt dismay that the crash ruined her shoes, relief to escape before old age wrinkled her, and eagerness for her reward in heaven. She anticipated … Continue reading

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A Love Like That

We are called to keep on loving. Allow, allow, allow people to be themselves. They may not reciprocate. But at some level, they hear you. Like water, love wears away the roughness, little by little. If you’re tired, take a … Continue reading

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Lift the Chaos, Send Love to Yourself and the World

Massacre?  “That ain’t gonna happen here in Arizona. We have guns.” I heard this snippet in a public place after last week’s installment of insane violence.  It’s a standard response here in the wild west.  As if your gun will … Continue reading

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