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How to Energize, Cheer Up in 90 Seconds Now

Take a minute to calm, reset, and energize. Drop the burdens. (Rate how you feel before and after this sequence. And hey, if somebody walks in while you’re pulling your ears, just wink.) 7 easy steps to feel better: Deep … Continue reading

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Make a Focus Wheel to Cheer You Up

The mind is a dictator. Our attention sticks to the difficult, worrisome, dangerous, messy, unfair, uncontrollable, heart-aching, confusing, painful.  Our mind tries to resolve the issue. So we hone in deeper, stiff-necked and determined, without realizing our focus is making … Continue reading

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Spirit Moments

Last week the fairies of the universe needed me again, as I’m sure they often need you. Ducking the intermittent rain, I ran into the healthy grocery store, looking for Brazil nuts. Thought this would be a 30-second stop. I … Continue reading

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