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What is a Chakra, anyhow?

Giant books have been written on this topic, but here are some Cliff notes on chakras ūüôā The word chakra means wheel or vortex. A chakra is a swirling energy station, like a wheel of energy. Each chakra reaches out … Continue reading

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Heart Energy is more than Love

The Energy of Your Heart is more than Love by Rose Carey¬† (reprinted with permission) Our hearts are what connect us with others and allow us to feel compassion, empathy, courage and love. We have a physical heart as well … Continue reading

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Strengthen First and Second Chakras to Survive and Thrive

For most of our population, upper chakras are stronger than lower chakras.¬† We are energetically top-heavy and we live in our heads too much.¬† We need to be more Grounded to the earth via the lower chakras.¬† Being Grounded also … Continue reading

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