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What is a Chakra, anyhow?

Giant books have been written on this topic, but here are some Cliff notes on chakras 🙂 The word chakra means wheel or vortex. A chakra is a swirling energy station, like a wheel of energy. Each chakra reaches out … Continue reading

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Heart Energy is more than Love

The Energy of Your Heart is more than Love by Rose Carey  (reprinted with permission) Our hearts are what connect us with others and allow us to feel compassion, empathy, courage and love. We have a physical heart as well … Continue reading

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Strengthen First and Second Chakras to Survive and Thrive

For most of our population, upper chakras are stronger than lower chakras.  We are energetically top-heavy and we live in our heads too much.  We need to be more Grounded to the earth via the lower chakras.  Being Grounded also … Continue reading

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