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How Enneagram Changed my Life and Can Empower You 

I used to feel I couldn’t get “no satisfaction.” My hypercritical head would constantly pick apart whatever was in front of me to find things to fix or improve. What a torment, to walk around constantly criticizing everything inside and … Continue reading

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Tension – Armor – Relaxation

Tension is who you think you should be, Relaxation is who you are.  (–Chinese proverb)   I love this line. What kind of tensions do we wear? How long does it take to get tired of wearing them? Our personal … Continue reading

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Your Personality Cage (Enneagram) and Freedom For You

To get free, first you gotta see the cage you’re in (your personality type).Here’s a mouthful: Enneagram.  It means “9 drawing” but it’s Greek to us 😉Yet every day we bump into these nine personality types.  Soft bumps, hard bumps.  When … Continue reading

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