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How Enneagram Changed my Life and Can Empower You 

I used to feel I couldn’t get “no satisfaction.” My hypercritical head would constantly pick apart whatever was in front of me to find things to fix or improve. What a torment, to walk around constantly criticizing everything inside and … Continue reading

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Sept 21 How to Expand Your Constriction and Feel Better 

It’s remarkable how our personality type offers clues for the locations of stress and blocked energy in our body. If energies are blocked long enough, they may become health issues. Each type tends to constrict with their habitual theme, and relax … Continue reading

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Tension – Armor – Relaxation

Tension is who you think you should be, Relaxation is who you are.  (–Chinese proverb)   I love this line. What kind of tensions do we wear? How long does it take to get tired of wearing them? Our personal … Continue reading

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Your Personality Cage (Enneagram) and Freedom For You

To get free, first you gotta see the cage you’re in (your personality type).Here’s a mouthful: Enneagram.  It means “9 drawing” but it’s Greek to us 😉Yet every day we bump into these nine personality types.  Soft bumps, hard bumps.  When … Continue reading

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