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Why Is That Big Aggravation Stuck on You? 

Except for that one thorn in my side, life is fine, right? Why do I keep hanging onto that one thing that bugs me ? There must be a good reason around here somewhere. The “symptom imperative” is a term … Continue reading

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Float to Big Mind, Relax into Spaciousness

Breathe deeply. Let your belly expand with each inhale. Allow yourself to sink into your seat and rest heavy in the earth. Let the earth support you as she does. Imagine your feet are ankle-deep in rich dark soil. You … Continue reading

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Churning Mind, Churning Belly – Brain and Belly Impact Each Other

Y’know how the ruffled ridges of the brain look like the folds of the small intestine?  They have a similar appearance because both maximize their surface area for good processing.  The brain processes information; the small intestine processes food.  Hmm … Continue reading

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