Amazing Brilliant Electric You and the Remarkable Energy in Your Cells

As promised, here are more fascinating scoops on the book,  We Are Electric, by Sally Adee.

Last week we saw the way bioelectricity spontaneously arises to tell an embryo how to take shape and how to arrange its face: Miracle Energy Moment for a Baby Frog, and What It Means for Us.

But did you know that bioelectricity, the natural electrical current pouring through all living things and supporting every single movement, has always infused life on this planet, since before it was a primordial soup?
After 10 years of research, Adee says that our bioelectric system is older than our nervous system (or any animal’s nervous system).
It is an ancient energy, and we are beginning to explore it.

If we can map the cellular electrical system, we might be able to use it for better healing.

Adee writes that each of our 40 trillion cells is actually a battery with its own voltage.
Our subtle electric currents are created by the movements of ions such as potassium, sodium, calcium (and more), through tiny gates (“channels”) in the cellular membrane. As the ions pass in or out of the cell, that cell’s elecrical state changes.

Different kinds of cells have different voltages. A skin cell, a lung cell, a bone cell, a tongue cell, all of these will be different. Each with its own electricity.

When healthy cells become cancerous, their electrical signals change. Their voltage begins to spike. The new cancer cell becomes different than the normal cells around it.
The cancer cells communicate with each other in unique electric signals.
Scientists want to disrupt those signals and slow down the cancer.
They are experimenting with ion channel drugs that affect the channels in the cellular membrane, and prevent some ions from passing through the membrane.
This will change the electrical state of the cell.
(Would it calm down the electricity of the cancer cell?)

Using an ion channel drug, scientists have been able to diminish tumors in tadpoles.
They’ve even been able to treat cancerous cells and convert them back to a normal electrical identity. Then those cancer cells turned healthy again!

Researchers have high hopes that they will be able to create an ion channel drug so that human cancer will not metastasize and move throughout the body (which is, of course, the biggest problem with cancer). This is expected to be on the horizon soon, we hope.

Scientists are also looking at using electric medicine to treat wounds.
A remarkable electric field occurs when the flesh gets wounded, even a little cut on the finger.
First all the ions flow out and create a “wound current” which generates an electric field.
The electric field attracts tons of repair cells to come to that area to fight the germs, form the scab, and heal the wound.
When the cut first happens, the wound current is a large electrical field.
As the wound heals, the current diminishes little by little. By the time the area is healed, the wound current has disappeared.

The theory is that we could speed up wound healing through electrical stimulation.

In other electric approaches, transdermal direct current stimulation (tDCS) applies the equivalent of about 9 volts of electricity to your scalp. Some studies have shown that tDCS sharpens the brain, increases focus and concentration, and decreases depression.

Other labs are using “electroceuticals,” which are electrical implants the size of a grain of rice. Working with pigs and rats, they clamp the electroceutical implant around particular nerves to stop signals.
In the lab animals, this apparently reversed diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure.
(Human trials in 2016 used these to reverse rheumatoid arthritis.)

Other types of electric brain implants (hard thin spaghetti-shaped electrodes) are treating Parkinson’s symptoms now.
Scientists are also testing these electrodes to see if they will help epilepsy and OCD.

Stimulators placed in the spine are helping paralyzed people regain the ability to walk.

Remarkable stuff, yes?

We are on the brink of a new form of medicine as we explore more about the “electrome” (natural bioelectricity) and how it interacts with all the other systems in the body. There’s so much to learn about the whole orchestra inside!

We’ve only just begun.
Who knows how far all of this will go?

What do you think about your electrome and bioelectric healing?
Please share in the comments below.

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Electric by Adee

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