Miracle Energy Moment for a Baby Frog, and What It Means for Us

For 200 years we’ve been trying to figure out the electricity of the body.

Come to find out, every single cell is electric, like a tiny battery.

The old paradigm is to repair the body with chemicals, pharmaceuticals.
Part of the new paradigm is energy and electricity.
Because after all, we are energy beings.
Even the physical body is more space and energy than dense “solid” matter.

What’s exciting to me is the following story.

In September of 2009 at Tufts University, Dany Spencer Adams PhD and her team were trying to understand the ionic charges and bioelectric activity in frog embryos.

Part of the big question was, how does an embryo know where to put its body parts, and how to shape them, and in fact, how to shape the entire body in all of its diversity of tissues?
This has been a mystery.
While DNA provides codes such as eye color, it does not provide any information about where to place those eyes on the body.

Let’s look at that laboratory with Dany and her team.
These embryos were tiny little blobs under the microscope. Their cells were replicating in order to become a tadpole. But each of them looked like a simple ball.

The biologists injected the embryos with a sort of voltage dye, in order to see the voltage under the microscope. They would be able to see a brightness coming and going as the natural voltage flowed.

They did not yet know if the possible electrical signals in an embryo would be random or have a purpose.

So Dany was watching for whatever might come up with these tiny blobs under the microscope. (I imagine it was a very long day, and nothing was happening.)
When she prepared to go home, she decided to put the microscope on time lapse video photography all night. She knew she might not get anything, especially since these embryos were likely to begin moving and putting the camera out of focus.

In fact that’s exactly what happened with the footage. The image looked empty the next morning, with long blurry sections of film.
But being a good scientist, she patiently looked through the whole thing.

To her delight, on a clear image, she saw an electric shimmer arise on the surface of the tadpole embryo.
Not just a shimmer, but a white voltage representation of eyes, mouth, jaw.
It was a pattern! A face! (Like a blueprint.)

The wave of voltage, the pattern image, was brief.
But a couple hours later, in exactly the same shapes and locations, the eyes, the mouth, and the whole face began to form physically, exactly where that voltage had appeared.

So the electrical signal was telling the body where to put the face and exactly what it should look like, the locations and shapes of the eyes, mouth, etc.

It turns out that this electric blueprint arises to form all of our tissues before the genes even get turned on.

The next step for this team of scientists was to block the electric signals – and when they did, the embryos had multiple birth defects.
So this electric blueprint pattern really is important, to form the body correctly.

(Side note – 20 years ago, my energy healing group worked on bringing in each person’s original blueprint in order to repair the body in many ways. And of course we still use that method.)

Bioelectricity (electricity in the body) and the Electrome (the whole orchestration of the electrical properties of our cells and tissues) are being investigated in many ways now.
This has great implications for repairing and restoring the body.

Thanks to my friend Margaret for turning me onto this juicy story and the book, We Are Electric, by Sally Adee.
I will share more with you as I get into the book.

Have you tried any treatments with electricity?
For decades we’ve had TENS units to reduce pain.
Another friend told me several years ago about a high powered machine that was gradually eliminating her back pain.
(But even more fascinating regeneration is on the horizon!)

What’s your experience?
Please share below. 


Watch a 2-minute video on the above experiment (and the actual electric face).

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electricity n frogs by Creazilla

(Thanks to Creazilla for these images we combined.)

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3 Responses to Miracle Energy Moment for a Baby Frog, and What It Means for Us

  1. hardytardy says:

    Very interesting angle. Also interesting is that every cell in the body has the same set of instructions, but develop into different specialised cells. I learnt recently that this is due to epigenetics. Reading this article, I’m not surprised as our genetic instruction has molecules reacting to other molecules therefore giving off energy 👍


    • Thank you so much for your thoughts on this, hardytardy!
      Interesting point you make, about genetics putting together the energy.
      I wonder if the energy is there before the genetics kick in.
      But I need to read this book and learn more. I’ll post more on this.
      Thanks for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      • hardytardy says:

        I’m a novice, and I’ve only just started learning genomics in the context of healthcare (I believe this will be rolled out in mainstream medicine).

        Epigenetics regulate gene expression and control the fate of stem cells, that’s why I mentioned it 😊 certain genes in certain cells get turned on/off to create a specific type of cell. I’ve not done the module yet, so my knowledge is still limited related to it.

        I hope you find more enlightenment, and please do share your findings! I’d be really interested to know 👍


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