Feel the Harmony with Dr. Peebles, and Take Action with Care and Love

Check out the latest “Dr. Peebles Speaks” from March 4th!
As Summer Bacon says:

Dr. Peebles Speaks • March 4, 2023
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

In this unusual and powerful session, you can almost see Dr. Peebles, the great orator, speaking to the masses as he did when he was on the earth, as he takes us on a glorious, gentle, comforting journey to the heart. Alleviate tension, release fears, expectations, worries, and learn to let life in. You can change your life in countless ways. It’s time to take action.

Also in this session: Are we headed for World War III? Hear what Nostradamus has to say about that.

And, learn why we are already living in a world of perfect harmony.

Here is an excerpt:

My dear friends, take action with your life in ways that are constructive. Not only for the world but for you – to bring you out of depression and anger, distrust, fears that are really holding you back. Worries that really have no use in your life, if you’re not going to take action to do something about it.

My dear friends, you’re coming into a time period upon this school called planet Earth where you’re going to feel life in a more pronounced way. You’re going to look at life in a more pronounced way.

You are going to realize that you want involvement here in your world.
And that it doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be building skyscrapers, creating healing centers, or anything else.
But, my dear friends, it’s about the actions that you take here and now.

Are there little things that you feel you ought to do in your life?

Little odds and ends that you feel you should finish up, perhaps?
Why don’t you take action upon that today?

Micro movements.
Doesn’t have to be big.

Did you leave your coffee cup in the other room, and it’s been bothering you because you feel you must put it in the sink and wash it?
Well then, my dear friends, take that sensation of frustration about the coffee cup, and take it lovingly into your hands, and thank it for all that it has given to you, and take it into the kitchen. Talk to it, as if it is alive.
And say, “We’re going to give you a bath! How exciting, to give you a bath in this nice warm sudsy water.” And do it with joy in your heart.

It may sound silly. It may sound simple.

But, my dear friends, that is truly what the dance of life is about.
It’s about taking life into your own hands and deciding what you’re going to do with it.

If you want to be relieved of your struggles in your life, whether it be financial, whether it be within a relationship, within a work environment, whatever it might be.

Rather than dwelling upon it, think about the ways in which you can take action to make a change.
– Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon, March 4, 2023

I found this session to be especially inspiring and soothing.
I could feel the harmony, within and without. No matter what’s happening in the world.
Dr. Peebles takes us through a cosmic self-healing meditation and brings us so much comforting insight.

Don’t miss Dr. Peebles Speaks • March 4, 2023 – such a great mp3!

. . . And “march forth” to your heart’s desire!

love-globe-earth fm Public Domain w Peebles

(Thanks to Public Domain for this drawing of our beloved Earth.)

About Diane Langlois Stallings

Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach www.joystream.net
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2 Responses to Feel the Harmony with Dr. Peebles, and Take Action with Care and Love

  1. Niki Brown says:

    Hi Diane, yes this was a lovely message filled with so much love and things that we can create. Love all that you are doing!! Niki


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