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A few days ago, I was stunned when I bumped into a friend whom I had not seen in years, and she started praising me to high heaven because I had introduced her to EFT tapping.
She has just come through several years of major health challenges and time spent in the hospital.
She said when the chips were down, and her body was a total mess, and she was truly on the brink of losing her mind, tapping saved the day, the week, the year.
Her gratitude was boundless.

EFT meridian tapping is a humble but extremely effective self-healing tool.
(It is the tapping of specific points on the face and chest, with awareness, intention, and specific narrative.)

Psychologists use it with clients, because it works so well.
Olympic athletes use it to boost performance.
Schoolkids use it to calm down and do better with their classes.
PTSD can disappear permanently, after a thorough tapping session.

Tapping has helped people:

  • keep their sanity
  • reduce pain
  • improve relationships
  • drop old trauma
  • reduce addictions
  • alleviate allergies
  • balance finances
  • lose weight
  • get a stronger immune system
  • find Peace
  • and much, much more.

As I’ve mentioned before,

Research of the past two decades shows that tapping rewires the brain.
When we tap on a meridian point, it sends a calming signal and changes the brain’s neural pathways.
These adjustments reduce our struggles and bring balance to us.

Over 100 world-wide studies show tapping to be 98% effective for many issues.

Double-blind studies found that tapping decreases cortisol levels by 43% (better than talk therapy). (Cortisol is the stress hormone.)

You can sign up for the Free EFT Tapping Summit online which starts on February 27th, 2023 and goes for 10 days.

It can change your life.
No kidding.

Sign up Free for the 15th Annual Tapping Summit

How has tapping changed your life? Please comment below.

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